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Tuesday, July 21, 2015 11:57
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Dr. A. H. Krieg


We all remember the story of Pandora’s box; all the evil of the world was within. When it was opened it poured out onto the world, horrified she slammed the box shut just before Elpis (Hope) had a chance to escape. The Greek situation is many things to many people, democracy, sovereignty the collective community and work, the last being paramount. Some claim it is about collective punishment; it is not that. What the Greek situation is about is a population that is jointly state dependent, will not pay their taxes, is socialist and communist to the core and expects the rest of the EU membership and America to continue into the unending future to bail them out of their mismanaged economy.  

Astonishing is the position of EU member states, whose legislative bodies along with European media are fine with the continuing bailouts, that have become the hallmark of European finance. The populations, especially in Germany, are diametrically opposed to further bailouts. The roaring silence of opposing commentary in media and academia is deafening. The socialist nature of EU makeup may well have something to do with that. Sadly however the IMF, that is in large part funded by America, is a major contributor to the Greek bailout. The message being sent by various governments is that, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Illinois, New York, California, and all the rest of the irresponsible government managers may continue to live above their means because the rest will bail them out. Not a very intelligent position. TAX and SPEND, is the motto of the day. 

Economists in a frenzy of Cultural Marxism (PC) have concluded that austerity is too hard a pill for the Greek Population, after all, most are either employed by government or have retired at age 50, it should be unnecessary to remind the rest of the world that everyone else retires 15 year further on. It’s a no brainer that a government that has 30% of its population as state workers and 40% on state largess, will eventually go belly-up. Forcing Greeks to the same or similar standards, as the rest of the free world, is not cruel and unusual punishment or collective punishment; its common sense. Oh, how clever the Swiss were not to join that EU catastrophe. 

The present Greek government omitted, just consider that previous Greek governments hired Goldman Sachs before they went broke as their financial advisor. Within the Euro-zone Greece has the highest government sector employment, and the worst tax collection history within all member states and the lowest retirement age. Greece has purchased more military equipment from Germany than they need, but that has kept the Germans on their funding side. Government flunkies in Greece by cronyism pay little or no taxes. Business in Greece keep three sets of books, one for the owner, one for the government and one for the union. I don’t feel the necessity to explain how those books are kept. 

The mistake made in the Eurozone is simple to comprehend. The industrious and hard working North-Europeans judged the South-Europeans on their own values of hard work, a drastic mistake. Instead of admitting this, their governments go full-tilt with further funding of their failed South-European economy models.  If this will eventually drag the entire Euro-zone into the same financial sewer as the result, is something we will have to wait to find out. Someone must agonize, so to be fair, (CM) we will all suffer together. The concept is biblical in conception. The criminal is not to be punished their transgression is at fault, the entire society must suffer; a bizarre application of Cultural Marxism. By baling out Greece yet once again the message was sent to all overspending socialist and progressive entities; keep it up the stupid hard workers will bail you out again and again. This is not a Greek problem it is a world problem. That problem is socialism and communism and the mentality of it. As the old saying goes, you can rob from Peter and give to Paul until Peter is broke, at which point you will all jointly suffer together, the eventual outcome of all socialist societies, that’s why they all fail. . 

All this is based on the concept that government can afford to pay for this. Not so, I’m afraid, government produces nothing and everything it gives to anyone must first be collected by taxing someone else. The concept of socialism/communism is false, running contrary to human nature and honest economic concepts. It is based on the something-for-nothing idea that simply does not wash. Unfortunately once people are drugged by this lie, they become, like heroin addicts, hooked on an evil. Thereafter they will vote for anyone who promises more of the same. The socialists that sell this lie will through distortion of fact, false promise and subterfuge convince their newly acquired constituents that all is well in never-never land and that an infinite pile of fiat funds is at hand to support their spending habits. 

Verification may be found in all those promises made by Obama. Cleverly, they were all disguised in a storm of words; FORWARD, CHOICE, HOPE, OVERCOME, EQUALITY, all of which carry meaning differing in understanding by every listener.  They all heard what they wanted to hear, not what would happen. Just for those who don’t get it let me site some American economic facts. 

Our American statistical unemployment means of compiling facts have been repeatedly changed, presently, government reported unemployment is 5.5%, U.3 used previously 10.9% and U.6 used before that is 23.1%. Actual numbers of total employed has fallen for the last 7 years; today we have by 340,000 fewer Americans working than we had in 2008. First quarter 2015 indicates we have entered a new expanding recession GDP has contracted for the second consecutive quarter. Money supply (Quantetive Easing) for the first quarter was 5.8%. Inflation is a constant 8% higher than reported and is now just under 10%. (ShadowStats ®) US Gross National Product (GDP) has fallen from 1,6454.7 to 1,6396.9 (Kirkus ®) The Fed is continuing pumping $55 billion in quantetive easing into the economy (Reported by FRS) every month continuing the massive market bubble. (From 2008 to 2015 $ 4 trillion). This has resulted in the rich getting richer the poorer going on food stamps (47 million now) and the Middle Class disappearing. and the capital markets bubbling up. Our national, on the books debt continues to expand and now sits at $ 18,311,752,420,508. Federal spending is at $3,642,714,344,309 while our tax income (Collected by government taxes) is $1,660,261.202,408, a shortfall of over one trillion dollars a year. (US Debt Clock) The civilian labor force participation rate is 63.4% having fallen from 66.2% in 2008. (U.S. Dep. Of Labor Stats.) By the way all statistical employment reports from private as well as governmental agencies are negative. The situation in the European EU economy is worse, especially in Southern Europe where unemployment for working aged citizens now borders on 50%. We won’t even discuss Japan or China. 

In my estimations the Greeks have opened Pandora’s box, locked up hope and the key, and are enjoying the fruits of their indolence at least until the entire pyramid collapses, possibly this October. We have become part and parcel continuing to believing in the 1944 created Keynesian economic lie of fiat unbacked money. 

In my estimation all this was planned out in 1944 at the Breton Woods Conference in order to consolidate banking under one single monopoly. The elimination of fiat currency and its replacement by credit cards, resulting in total control of all governments and all citizens. Rothschild said it best, “Give me control of the currency and I care not what form of government they have”.  Total financial control and governmental oversight of all finance, is but a moment away from conceptualization. 

Hello New World Order! 


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