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Egypt’s Great Pyramid at Giza Not Oldest Pyramid on Earth Anymore (Videos)

Sunday, August 16, 2015 9:55
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Have you ever stopped to ask, “What If Everything You Were Ever Taught Was A Lie?” If not, I encourage you to start asking yourself. All across the surface of our planet, from the most barren deserts, to the most fertile jungles, and even on the ocean floors in-between, gigantic ancient megalithic structures continue to be found that defy the establishment’s ridiculous explanations. We know from carbon dating that countless artifacts have been discovered that far pre-date the myth that modern man has only been around roughly 5,000 years. When you see things like Ten Mysterious Ancient Civilizations Modern Science Cannot Explain, or 5 Shockingly Advanced Ancient Buildings That Should Not Be Possible, surely even the most staunch skeptics don’t REALLY believe the explanation that longhaired cavemen in loin cloths who hadn’t even discovered the wheel yet were able to construct buildings so magnificent that modern man, even with all our technology cannot duplicate even today? Why then does the “establishment” continue to print LIES in the history being taught to our children? Perhaps that discussion is best left for another day… enjoy this fascinating discovery for now. So, if we know we are being lied to, and we know longhaired cavemen in loin cloths did not build these structures…


In the first video, listen to an interview with Semir Osmanagić, who discusses the five 30,000 year-old pyramids named the “Pyramid of the Sun,” the “Pyramid of the Moon,” the “Pyramid of the Dragon,” the “Pyramid of the Earth,” and the ”Pyramid of Love,” which have been verified by satellite and aerial photography. Some will be quick to point out in the first few minutes that Semir Osmanagić admits he is not an archeologist, and use that as an excuse to ignore the fact that since the FIVE pyramids (the largest one being larger than The Great Pyramid at Giza) have been discovered, Dr. Semir Osmanagić and his TEAM of over 200 interdisciplinary scientists have spent over 400,000 man-hours in archeological excavation, sample testing, and radiocarbon dating at the site. Those who exercise contempt prior to investigation put their ignorance on full display for all to see. The plot only thickens when we learn that like the Great Pyramid at Giza, these pyramids are also suspected to have had or been used as a power source themselves. 

The Bosnian Pyramids Mystery





In the second video, the mystery only deepens when we learn there is an elaborate underground system of tunnels and labyrinths that have been in existence for 30,000 years. This recent discovery blows the doors off conventional teachings. Simply put, if we are to believe the “establishment’s” teaching, then we are supposed to believe that a civilization that predates the wheel by 20,000+ years somehow created the largest megalithic pyramid on Earth that has survived 30,000 years by dumb luck and with no assistance? PLEASE! That doesn’t even come close to passing the laugh test. The underground tunnel complex alone could rewrite human history to reflect the fact of the existence of technologically and spiritually advanced human civilizations in the distant past.

Why does the “establishment” continue the lie, and persist in indoctrinating us and our children with the lie, rather than face reality, open their minds and accept the evidence that long extinct, highly advanced civilizations, have preceded our own – maybe more than once…..

Read the article below written by Graham Pick to learn even more about the pyramids, as well as a genuine map drawn in 1513 by Piri Reis on gazelle skin. The map was drawn from a compilation of ancient maps available at the time, and it documents how the ancients KNEW of Antarctica BEFORE it was covered in ice. Are we to believe ancient man with pulley’s and ropes figured that out too? 


Bosnian Pyramids A Tour of Prehistoric Ravne Tunnels Labyrin


Graham Pick writes:

During our recent past there have been numerous archaeological discoveries made, that defy any rational explanation, based upon currently accepted beliefs regarding the history of mankind.

According to conventionally acknowledged historical wisdom, the first signs of a “civilized” society appearing on this planet occurred approximately 5,000 years ago around 3,000BC in a land known then as Sumer (present day Iraq). From this original hub of early civilization sprang forth modern day cultures and societies, and since then a documented account of conventional history has been formulated and established.

But what if our historians got it completely wrong?


The Piri Reis Map

In 1929, a group of historians, whilst searching old documents in Constantinople, found a map on a dusty old shelf hidden away in the archives. It had been painstakingly created on a piece of gazelle skin.

Research has since confirmed that it is a genuine document drawn in 1513 by Piri Reis, a famous admiral of the Turkish fleet during the sixteenth century.

His passion was cartography. His high rank within the Turkish navy allowed him privileged access to the  Imperial  Library of Constantinople, from whence he obtained ancient source maps which enabled him to compile an archaeological wonder, today known as the Piri Reis Map.

The Turkish admiral admits in a series of notes he wrote on the map that he compiled and copied the data from a large number of source maps, some of which dated way back to the fourth century BC and much earlier.

The Piri Reis Map

The map was of immediate interest as it accurately portrayed the coastlines of South America and Africa, at their correct relative longitudes and latitudes. As the map was dated 1513, only 21 years after the official discovery of the Americas by Columbus in 1492, it seemed improbable that the map was compiled from cartographical data obtained by Columbus. The legend on the map itself in fact, gave it a source far older than 20 years, revealing that it was a section of a world map composed from more than twenty source maps, some drawn in the time of Alexander the great.

Despite the mystifying problem that the map included accurate longitude measurements – a task deemed impossible until the invention of the chronometer in 1760, there was something else displayed on the map that made its origin and history even more perplexing.

The Piri Reis map, in addition to accurately charting the coastlines of western Africa and eastern south America also included a third continent in its cartography. This map accurately portrays the coastline of Antarctica – a continent supposedly undiscovered until 1820, over 300 years after the maps creation!

However, the mystery doesn’t end there. Not only did the map illustrate accurately the coastline of Antarctica, it illustrated the coastline when the continent was ice free. Only recently, with the aid of satellite technology and GPS mapping, have science and cartographers managed to accurately plot the actual coastline of Antarctica minus the ice. However, if one were to superimpose the Piri Reis map over a modern map of an ice free Antarctic coastline, one would find the outlines almost identical.




But this presents a massive problem for historians. According to recent geological surveys of ice samples taken from Antarctica, the last time it was free of ice was between 6,000 and 12,000 years ago. So whoever created the source maps used by Piri Reis, must have had detailed knowledge of not just the area during this period – a period when, according to mainstream historical accounts, advanced civilisations did not exist – but advanced knowledge of navigation, cartography, and sophisticated mathematics.

Furthermore, not only did the source maps accurately depict latitude and longitude, but also included a mercatorial projection. A mercatorial projection is a geometric formula used to account for a 3D globe being represented as a 2D image. Such high levels of geometry had not been seen since the time of the Greeks and it was not until the work of Gerald Mercator in 1569, that European’s began to include a projection for the curvature of the earth into their maps.

In all probability, the discovery of the Piri Reis map should completely discredit mainstream historical accounts of the origins of modern civilization. Moreover, historians of integrity should be questioning official accounts and investigating the possibility that hitherto unknown highly advanced societies most likely existed thousands of years before our current historical accounts were formulated.

But perhaps they need further evidence….


The Bosnian Pyramids

In 2005 Dr. Semir Osmanagić, head of Anthropology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina, travelled to the town of Visoko, northwest of Sarajevo, Bosnia. Whilst there he became intrigued with a strange geometric shaped hill overlooking the town.

A strange geometric shaped hill near the town of Visoko, Bosnia. Or is it more than just a hill?

Dr Osmanagić Gathered together a team of scientists and archaeologists and returned to the site a short while after, and began excavations at the site of the hill – some 220 meters high. What they discovered has had the scientific and archaeological community in a quandary ever since.

This wasn’t just a hill, it was a full blown pyramid, overgrown with vegetation and hidden from view for centuries.

Further investigations of the area, including satellite and thermal imaging technology, has since determined that the area is home to not just one, but up to five ancient pyramids.




Two of the three largest perfectly symmetrical hills turned out to be the largest pyramids yet discovered on the planet.

Since its original discovery Dr. Semir Osmanagić and his team of over 200 interdisciplinary scientists have spent over 400,000 man-hours in archaeological excavation, sample testing, and radiocarbon dating at the site. In addition to the five pyramids, a labyrinth of tunnels and underground caverns, and even a huge underground lake, have all been discovered beneath the complex, along with many artifacts and an unknown form of hieroglyphics or runes.

The largest of the three pyramids – The Pyramid of the Sun, is 220 meters high. Next is The Pyramid of the Moon, at 190 meters. Both of these huge structures eclipse the Great Pyramid of Giza, which weighs in at a mere 147 meters high.

Not only is the Pyramid of the Sun much higher than The Egyptian pyramids, it is also more accurately positioned. It’s orientation to true north is near perfect with an error of 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 12 seconds. This orientation is far more accurate than that of the Giza Pyramid which, has an orientation error of about 3 minutes of arc, 15 times greater! Even today, with the advent and assistance of GPS satellite technology, it would be nigh impossible to construct a building with such accurate orientation.

The other pyramids are also oriented with respect to true north. The three largest pyramids, the Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon, and the Pyramid of the Dragon are each separated from one another by approximately 2.18 kilometers with an error of less than 2 percent, to form the three apexes of a virtually perfect equilateral triangle.  Natural mountains simply don’t arrange themselves with this kind of precision to form such geometric patterns.

The main structure of the Pyramid of the Sun is constructed of a concrete made from a gravel conglomerate that was mined from a flood conglomerate layer that underlies the pyramid and adjacent area.  Evidence of this excavation is the existence of a vast  network of many kilometers of tunnels present in the region surrounding the pyramid. This concrete has been laboratory tested and been determined to be of an artificial, not natural origin. Tests have shown that it has a hardness and resistance to water penetration equal to the best concretes achieved in this 21st century.

This adds more fuel to the fire regarding the ancients technological ability. Mainstream archaeology and history would have everyone believe that just a few thousand years ago, man was extremely primitive with zero industrialized capability. The discovery of man made concrete, used in the pyramids construction, challenges this official concept to its core.

But there is a further mystery connected to the Bosnian pyramids. A mystery that appears to support a theory proposed by engineer and author Christopher Dunn, who authored ‘The Giza Power Plant’, published in 1996. In his book Christopher proposes that pyramids were some kind of huge ancient electrical generator, used by pre-historic civilizations.

Archaeologists and Egyptologists ridiculed and scoffed at Dunns concept, calling the notion ludicrous.




However, several teams of physicists and electrical engineers from around the world have gathered in Visoko to investigate the site, and what they discovered completely vindicates the ancient power plant theory. Researchers have detected and measured an energy beam – electromagnetic in nature – exiting through the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and the characteristics are remarkable. The radius of the beam is 4.5 meters with a frequency of 28 kHz and a strength of 3,9 V.

According to researchers the beam is continuous and its strength grows as it moves up and away from the pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of nature, physics, and technology, and appears to be the first ever tangible proof of non-herzian technology found on Earth.

Additionally, an ultrasonic beam is also emitted from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. This beam has a radius of up to 10 meters, and a frequency of 9,3333 Hz with peaks up to 28.3000kHz. By the end of 2012 the source of the beam was located over 2 kilometers beneath the Pyramid and, according to researchers, it has an estimated power requirement of over 10kW.

This phenomena however, is not unique to just the Bosnian pyramid as beams of light have recently been recorded coming out of the Mayan Kukulkan Pyramid located in Yucatan, Mexico. Furthermore, In China, there have been reports of strange beams of energy exiting the Xianyang pyramid, and allegedly even the Chinese government has begun monitoring this.

The mystery deepens when one considers the enormity of these allegedly unconnected anomalies. Here we have Pyramids dotted around the globe, separated by thousands of miles, constructed by stone age cultures who supposedly had no contact with one another and no technology, yet they share almost identical characteristics. We have energy beams being emitted from American Pyramids, Asian Pyramids, and now, the biggest known Pyramid in the world, that also discharges this mysterious beam of energy.

Could it be that Christopher Dunn was correct in his assertions in his book ‘The Giza Power Plant’, and that all of these ancient edifices were in fact connected, and formed part of a worldwide power grid, utilized by the ancients?

An artists impression of the energy beam emitted by the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

There is one aspect of the Bosnian pyramids however, that has mainstream archaeologists and historians in a real tizzy. So much so that they have even attempted to discredit the discovery by calling it a hoax. They have refused to visit the site of the excavations, instead preferring to rely upon the cognitive dissonance that is so clearly pervading their mindset.

Even Wikipedia has been utilized to endeavor to discredit the discovery. If one visits the Wikipedia webpage for information on the Bosnian pyramids, the very first sentence proclaims;

“The Bosnian pyramids  are a pseudo-archaeological claim promoted by author Semir Osmanagić, that a cluster of natural hills in central Bosnia and Herzegovina  are the largest human made ancient pyramids on Earth”.

The page then goes on to offer junk science and wacky theories, in an attempt to debunk the reality that the Bosnian pyramids are authentic. Further down the page is the following declaration, made by seven so called ‘Leading European Archaeologists;’

“We, the undersigned professional archaeologists from all parts of Europe, wish to protest strongly at the continuing support by the Bosnian authorities for the so-called “pyramid” project being conducted on hills at and near Visoko. This scheme is a cruel hoax on an unsuspecting public and has no place in the world of genuine science. It is a waste of scarce resources that would be much better used in protecting the genuine archaeological heritage and is diverting attention from the pressing problems that are affecting professional archaeologists in Bosnia-Herzegovina on a daily basis.”

Let that sink in for a while. Whilst hundreds of renowned scientists and researchers have visited the site, taken part in excavations, conducted scientific tests, and concluded that the Bosnian pyramids are very real and a true enigma, Wikipedia (and many other supposedly scientific web sites) prefer to accept the declaration from mainstream debunkers that the pyramids are a hoax. Perhaps these are the same hardcore, closed minded scientists, that would have us all believe that global warming is real!




But why the overwhelming fervor by the mainstream to debunk Osmanagićs discovery? Surely, if the pyramids are a genuine find, archaeologists worldwide would be chomping at the bit to get a piece of the action, and be queuing up to take part in the excavations, wanting to be the first to make an earth shattering discovery. Maybe there is some other agenda influencing their mentality?

Or perhaps it has something to do with the fact that an earth shattering discovery has already been made!

Organic matter, deposited between two layers of concrete during construction, has been radiocarbon dated by numerous research institutes. They all came up with the same date. As Dr Osmanagić himself asserted;

In summer of 2013 we analyzed a piece of organic material discovered between two concrete layers. The age was released in September 2013 and it shows 29,200 years. This finding confirms that the Bosnian pyramids are also the oldest known pyramids on the planet”. 

For mainstream historians and archaeologists to accept the existence of the Bosnian pyramids, and their age, or even the Piri Reis map, would require the abandonment of the core principals of the indoctrination they have thus far received. It would necessitate the re-writing of almost every western history book in existence. It would completely annihilate the carefully assembled theories of early civilization presently accepted and advocated by them. It would completely obliterate the status quo.

The organic material, extracted from the excavation, and dated to 29,200 years old!

The existence of the Piri Reis map proves without doubt that an advanced civilization, capable of sophisticated navigation, cartography, and mathematics, existed millennia prior to accepted historical accounts. The map is ignored by historians. They just pretend it doesn’t exist and nonchalantly proclaim their version of events as correct. The Piri Reis map is a thorn in the side of mainstream history and archaeology, but it doesn’t distress them excessively.

However, confronting the reality of the Bosnian pyramids presents a whole new kettle of fish.

Admitting that they exist, and accepting the possibility that the pyramids are associated with technology at least as advanced, if not more advanced than our own is probably more than most mainstream archaeologists would be willing or able to handle.  They would  likely suppress the whole matter from consideration, pyramids, tunnels, and all, no matter what supporting proof was presented for the pyramid’s authenticity.  Because, to admit its existence would mean they must step into what they consider to be “woo woo land”.




Show them evidence that there was organized human civilization building pyramid structures during the mid Ice Age period and they become suspicious. Show them evidence that this civilization may have been technically highly advanced and they become very angry.

But ultimately show them a power source that has continued to function for 30,000 years? They just can’t seem to get their head around that one.

Indeed that thought may give anyone the chills. If this power source was indeed incorporated at the time of the pyramid’s construction, this would imply the existence of a high tech fuel-less generator that has been functioning uninterrupted for almost 30 millennia!

More than anything, the denial by mainstream archaeologists reflects on their own psychological limitations when confronted with what to them is utterly unknown or impossible.

They prefer to continue the lie, and persist in indoctrinating us and our children with the lie, rather than face reality, open their minds and accept the evidence that long extinct, highly advanced civilizations, have preceded our own – maybe more than once…..

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