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Asteroid Update: September 23, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 12:39
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(Before It's News)

Dr. William Mount posts here sometimes.  Some of his recent videos on his youtube page:

Asteroid Kill Zone, 23 Sep 2015:

Update from a few days ago (at 1:53 in the video below):

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  • I’ll be back to troll on the 24th. :D

  • is that not the same place that killed all the dinos of and if so what are the odds of a same zone impact ???????

  • William Mount is a turd that won’t allow comments because he’s full of crap.

    • The secret to freedom is to ALWAYS allow comments no matter how absurd or stupid post is :lol:

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: and……..

      Eat More GMO :mad:

    • NM156

      How the hell can one of his articles that’s 2 weeks old still be in the top 5 without anyone being able to comment???? Even the number of reads is fake. BIN= Bullchit infected news

    • William Mount : Invents a whole pile of fear mongering superstitious BS. posts it to BIN (bs injected nonsense) and cowardly runs away because he/she knows it is a total LIE.

      Designed to plant the seed of doubt in the faithful.
      The idea that,Throw enough mud and some will stick.
      Anyone promoting fear and lies is not a trusted good person William Mount.

      Oh and thanks for letting me in there Cluck. Well done ,well said!

    • Just like those Alex Jones articles we are not allowed to comment on. :shock:

      • That’s because Glen Canady is a douche bag. He should take his stories and stick them up his butt. Then they will be in the proper place.

  • His psychiatrist should try some other treatment.

  • An Observer

    I hope all you date setters are ready for October

    And I hope no one in the comments let’s you forget.

  • You have only six days left to live in fear, how cool is that?

    Just think ,you will be back at work in seven days with a whole new attitude to all this superstition.

    Hopefully no one gives another final date before this comes and goes, that would throw a spaniard in the works orrighty.

    • Coming back here today, I am amazed at the amount of people that wasted precious time watching a total fear mongering BS video.

      The video watchers must all be new here or have very short attention spans.
      This source, who calls himself Dr.(you would hope he isn’t a medical doctor) always posts total BS. He is the one who needs the Doctor, sick in the head with all his superstitious fear ! So many on this site now !
      And his mate Cann seems to have no discernment of lies versus truth until he/she is brought to task in the comments section.
      Both of you are wasting peoples’ time.

  • Tim

    I find this video to be pretty comical. If by chance he would happen to be right, I don’t think stored food and water is going to do much good. I would list myself in the skeptic category, but it was entertaining.

  • Tim

    I find this video to be pretty comical. If by chance he would happen to be right, I don’t think stored food and water is going to do much good. I would list myself in the skeptic category, but it was entertaining. I like the second video better because we would survive where I live. That would be a plus for me.

  • Anyone who posts unfounded predictions that don’t come to pass on the date they specify will be banned from future posts on BIN. Well, I guess we can’t ban them. But we sure as heck can stop reading them, commenting on them or giving them any consideration whatsoever.

    • If this doesn’t come true, then I will stop posting stuff from him, I guarantee you.

      • let me save you the wait and tell you to just stop now

      • konanigan

        If it does come true will you stop posting then also?

  • I like how he immediately tried selling his products right after his little spiel. Took me off guard to be honest haha.

  • This information is down right demonic. I hope that people realize that they are responsible for every word that comes out of their mouth whether they believe in God or not. He may be telling the truth…. who knows now a days. Anything for a story it seems…. or anything for a click…..

    I just don’t understand where he thinks we are going to run and hide to. According to him the United States is done. We have to get on a flight to Australia right now. He is asking us to pray….I can do that. Many a prayer has saved this country, but like it or not we are living on borrowed time….our prayers will go unanswered, and mercy comes to an end.

    I live in the Kill zone per say. I’m not going anywhere, not hiding, and not running. I will just have to perish with the rest of my family and friends. The lunatics will have their day. Live one day at a time and don’t allow anyone to steal your hope, peace and joy. Never cease praying and never cease loving.

  • First problem with first video: In the first minute, he points to the SR-71 and says we developed it in 1970 and that it flew around the Moon.

    We started development in the 1950s and it was flying in 1964. It was being seen, in the mid-60s.

    It has jet engines, not rocket engines. Combination ramjet-turbojet engines. It needs oxygen from the air.

    And it was never a bomber or cruise missile platform. It was a reconnaissance aircraft, a spy plane.

    You know, the Apollo capsule was launched with full sea level pressure inside the cabin, and in 8 hours by leakage the pressure was at 3 psi. (3 psi pure oxygen)

    And the SR-71 is famous for leaks of its own. “The component parts of the Blackbird fit very loosely together to allow for expansion at high temperatures. At rest on the ground, fuel leaks out constantly, since the tanks in the fuselage and wings only seal at operating temperatures.” (

    Not a great choice for a space flight. If you could get it into space.

    • First problem with the second video: at 6 and a half minutes, he says Purim instead of Yom Kippur. He seems to think they are the same thing.

      Who IS this guy? Is this a comedy routine? Purim was in March. It has nothing to do with Yom Kippur or the High Holy Days.

      • Second and third problems: he says Jesus was crucified at Purim. And that Purim lasts 3 days.

        Jesus was crucified at or about Passover, and both Purim and Passover are one-day holidays.

        • Thanks for your input Lifels. I like to read the comments section, but 80% of the comments on BIN are at 3rd grade level. Some people like you have real insight to contribute.

    • Also, he mentions “Pastor Lindsay Williams”, I can’t count how many times hes been wrong in the past, and maybe one time he was right. “Buy his DVD” he always plugs too. There’s been a few more people who have mentioned it than him I’ve seen in other videos/places.

  • Did Goldman & JP Morgan hire this guy ? …They must be getting real desperate over at the Comex.

  • Whoopee I can’t wait!!

  • If nothing does happen, at the agreed-upon date, I do hope to God that he and his suppliers face all the appropriate social sanctions.

    But, if the continent will really get torn in half, and then some, you’ll be glad you had your toilet paper… :neutral:

  • This video was like being stuck at an Amway meeting.

    • That’s brutal.

    • But, you left out the charismatic angle –

      1. Engage the right-fighters and charitable.
      2. Imply that, if they don’t buy/sell hard enough, they don’t really deserve God’s love.
      3. Sales is the great commission.
      4. Take this sales pitch, and save everyone.

      :!: :smile: :shock: :neutral:

  • I hope Cern gets to open that portal first before the asyeroid hits…Rumour has it that Joan Rivers will be flaunting a gorgeous outfit…Can’t hardly wait for the moment she steps through.


  • The 23rd technically starts on the 22nd in the States. I’m going to have so much fun on the 24th it will be stupid.

  • I read somewhere else that Houston Texas was he kill zone . If so then this explains why they have moved many of our army guys down to the areas of Jade Helm . This will destroy our troops that protect America and our vehicles they also moved . My nephew just arrived in southern California a few days ago being relocated by the navy . So the plan is to destroy our boys and allow foreign troops to take over America ? Like the russian troops that are starting the fires in the west . Evil is not the word for these guys . There has to be a word worse than that . We will also have to worry about the nuke reactors like Japan . What do you say in a case like this except , GOD help us !

  • its a tremendous amount of disinformation and speculation about what might and might not happen
    its less than one percent chance something globally devastating will happen in our lifetimes it might be propaganda for nwo takeover if hasnt already happened decades ago
    a lot like 2012 all over again

  • Where are the gifted psychics and RV’ers when you need them? It’s only a few days away right? Someone has to be able to see something if there’s incoming threat

    • Actually I remember Courtney Brown from the Farsight Institute (with “military grade remote viewers”) talking about an incoming asteroid that would hit the water in the future several years ago. A few months later that asteroid hit Russia, then he came out and said their remote viewers were possibly viewing an alternate timeline where the asteroid hit the water instead of on land, but maybe this is what they were seeing or some other future event, who knows.

  • Another Asteroid?? I missed the several ones back in 2012. Did CERN open portals yet???

    Eat More GMO :mad:

    • GMO and GITMO. Eerily similar. :eek:

    • Our GMO on earth,
      hallowed be your name,
      monsantos kingdom come,
      the sheeple will be done,
      on earth, as in heaven.
      Give us today our daily GMO.
      Forgive us our collective stupidity,
      as we forgive those who kill us.
      Save us from the time of organic food,
      and deliver something SubBKFMCD western like.
      For the kingdom of evil and idiocracy,
      for now and til next hidden reset of humanity.

      Am|ericas en|slavement

  • All hypothetical.

  • Heeey Cann,
    Darn thing BETTER come, cos I believed you and went and bought a Ferrari, a motor cruiser with a helicopter, leased six ladies too poor to afford clothes, a weekender by the sea….. and a duck.
    And It’s not like I can afford the repayments on any of that lot….get my drift?
    Ok. Maybe the duck. :sad:

  • very interesting and informative, as always, Dr.Mount…the trolls are out in full force…you must be a real insider gone rogue…thankyou for that!…blessings to you sir…L. :idea:

    • What exactly is informative about someone reposting a hoax video that is based on pure fantasy?

    • Are you retarded?

    • “A real insider gone rouge”

      Really, Layna?

      Dr. William Mount. The Ambassador…

      You’ll believing thing…

      And, you’re a troll. :idea:

  • untill i see unusual animal activity because they know when something is up i dont even want to read all this dumb stuff

  • mitch51

    The world will end in September. No, the world will end in October. No, the world will end in November. No, the world will really end in December. The world will end in 2015. No, 2016.


    I think I’m getting the hang of this, finally.

  • Whether the asteroid/comet/meteor or whatever comes next week or not shouldn’t matter if you’re gounded in Christ. Judgment is coming, and very soon.

    The ONLY person who can save the world is God. We are about to suffer God’s judgment for systematically shutting him out of every aspect of our lives, and expect him to go away silently because “we” decided that “we” can run the world better than him???

    The world is about to undergo a shaking like has never been felt in the Earth’s history. Our only hope is that we repent of our sinful lives…

    TRUST IN JESUS CHRIST, God’s only begotten Son.

    John 3:16. “For God love us that he sent his only begotten Son, that whosoever would believe in him would not perish, but have eternal life.”

    Yes, he was sent to the sinful world to save it from destruction. God loves us so much that he sent his son to the Earth and all we had to do to be saved was/is to believe that he sent his Son to die on the cross for all of our sin. For the wages of sin is death and no one can work their way out of sin in to forgiveness.. WE HAVE TO SHED BLOOD FOR THE REMISSION OF SIN… JESUS LOVED US SO MUCH THAT HE LAID DOWN HIS OWN LIFE FOR US DYING ON THE CROSS AND SHEDDING HIS OWN BLOOD FOR US…. FOR YOU!!! And all you have to do is BELIEVE and ACCEPT that he did as a FREE GIFT from God. Then repent of your sinful life.. God will send the Holy Spirit to dwell in you and comfort you.

    • You’re a stupid gay and a loser. All you do is lose in life because you’re a stupid and a gay. Put head in microwave for a long time then you can go to heaven.

  • test

  • what a bunch.
    love vs fear.

  • Drill here is same as nuclear bomb. Place head between knees and kiss rear end goodbye. Me I am too fat so I will have to die without kissing rear end goodbye. But won’t be for some time yet….
    Only time I would think twice about what these clowns say is if they publicly stated that they would give their house and car to charity if wrong, in a sworn statement filmed and witnessed by a lawyer and other verified independent people from the charity who then took possession of the car and house papers with the lawyer.
    If what they said was correct would have no use for them after the date as DEAD with rest of us….
    It will NEVER happen….

    • Keep doing those stretching exercises, folks, i have it on good authority that only those who, can actually, kiss their butt will be saved.

  • When nothing happenes, he will claim the prayers is what saved us.

  • Less than 30 hours until nothing happens!!

  • So ummm…when does it hit? There’s like 7 hours left of today.

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