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International Population Migrations

Saturday, October 10, 2015 7:50
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International Population Migrations.

Dr. A. H. Krieg                                    October 2015

Are they refugees or is it an invasion?


Just because you don’t have a illegal alien neighbor

Doesn’t mean the Democrats won’t put one there tomorrow. 


The concepts that migration of millions of legal and illegal aliens and refugees benefit the society or are necessary due to the gaining age of indigenous population and labor requirements is an inaccuracy. The statement by progressives claiming that immigration is a benefit to the nation is a lie. Firstly refugees already here are about 1.8 million, this administration plans to allow additional 70,000 this year and an additional reported 200,000 from Syria alone. (Statement by John Kerry) All of them are placed on welfare the minute they are geographically located in America. The present federal tax cost of those here already in the country is $ 10 billion annually. Furthermore all refugees are able to bring in additional family members after one year. The present social cost of illegal aliens is $338.3 billion with the added cost of $ 90 billion for prisons, because 30% of all prison inmates (about 750,000) are illegal aliens. These figures do not include education of minors, and medical care costs that local taxpayers cover. The basic situation in America is, 2 million refugees, 5 million green card holders, 17 million illegal aliens, and about 1 million legal immigrants annually. It is an undeniable fact that illegal aliens and refugees cost economies into which they move about 4 times what they actively produce for those economies. Extensive studies in the EU verify that. (1)

The entire world economy is stalled; the claim by progressives and multinational corporations, that we need the labor to be provided by immigrants is a lie. (2) The actual economic fact is, that the EU as well as America and China are overproducing and that only FRS “quantetive easing” is preventing total world economic collapse. The further claim by the National Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable that we require H1B visas for special talented workers is another lie, it has been proven that large corporations like Microsoft simply use these work permits to reduce their labor cost offering H1B visa holders salaries 40% to 60% lower than the American workers who previously held those positions. This fact is worldwide but especially prevalent in Europe and North America. 

Makeup of migrants as reported in media in America as well as Europe is false. In America the government and media report that many illegals are children, this is not so most are over 16 with the largest segment between 18 and 25. In Europe total refugees are 52% from Syria, most of the rest from Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon and 76% male between 18 and 45. This indicates that these are not social migrations but an invasion of military aged males. The primary Islamic teaching is to conquer the world, which is Hijrah (immigrations) as the instrument of supplanting the indigenous population and the introduction of the Sharia legal system and takeover of the society. 



Due to technological advances in manufacturing and the use of robotics we in fact need fewer workers not more, and those who work should have their daily hours of labor cut. All developed and advanced developing nations are overproducing everything including foodstuffs. This is all part of the world economic slowdown. This then directs us to present unemployment levels that are manipulated by all governments in effort to make themselves look better than they are. In America per example we had the original unemployment statistical system by which we today have a 11.7% unemployment rate, then we have the one now reported with is 6.4% and then we have the actual unemployment level which is 23.7% (3) We should further consider real labor and pointless labor most probably a larger segment than real labor; per example business advisors, tax collectors, social and government workers and lawyers. One must realize that people seek employment and migrate to places where they assume to be able to earn the best possible standard of living. For this reason migration is always to those nations that are the largest industrial producers. This was certainly the case before the expansion of the socialist progressive movement from the early 19th century until about 1970 when social benefits began their explosive growth. 

By the late 70’s Europe was turning to socialism which today has spread to the entire EU and that we call Eruo-socialism. In America the progress of socialism has been slower, however beginning in about 2,000 it also exploded. The benefit packages available to people from the Balkans, and North Africa in Europe and Central Americans and Mexicans in America, became a magnet for mass population migration that is literally exploding in all Western nations. These new migrants do not come seeking employment; they are here to collect welfare benefits from government at the expense of the indigenous populations. The means to grow socialism is to promise the electorate free things. 

On Syria, that is so much in the news, we just heard from bishop Jacques Behnan Hindo who represents 500,000 Christians in Syria. “There are no moderate rebels in Syria, and if Assad goes, Syria will end as a nation state, just like Libya!” His comments, those of a Roman Catholic prelate were directed at the United States, especially at the CIA as well as the Mossad, which is behind much of the Syrian insurrection. Bishop Behnan Hindo has seen over two million of his flock run out of Syria by the Sunni Wahhabi Caliphate. The only nation to help Christians in Syria has been Russia; on October 8th we learned that China will now also aid Assad and that a new coalition in support of the legitimately elected government of Syria (Assad was re-elected in 2014 with a 88.7% plurality) consisting of, Iran, Russia, Syria and China. The Bishop went on to say; “Western propaganda speaks of rebels that factually do not exist. In the realm of these galaxies the armed soldiers of the rebel army can only be located with the aid of a jewelers loop. All other rebel factions have assimilated with Al-Nusra, Al Qaida, and the Caliphate inside Syria. Do these people, (John McCain, etc.) actually think we are so unintelligent that we don’t know what’s going on in our own nation?” Hillary Clinton, spent $ 500 million equipping a rebellion that did not, and never existed, and whose financial aid was terminated on the 9th of October 2015.  The money we spent went to equip the Caliphate army to which all our less than 100 trainees deserted. Then we hear from the Bishop of Aleppo, Jean-Clement Jeanbart in an interview with Vladimir Putin clearly stating, “The Russia’s incursion into Syria is the last hope of the remaining Christians in Syria”. 

Migration in North America is now at about 34 million when everyone is counted. Far be it from the government to ever count every non-citizen, they only do that for the census. This number of immigrants represents about 12% of the population, however it is the policy of the Department of State and the Obama administration to increase that percentage at warp-speed. The executive branch has concluded that every immigrant will vote Democrat, in line with that are using various branches of the government to register new immigrant voters even before they attain citizenship. What we are witnessing is the purposeful and planned destruction of America as a republic and to convert (We will fundamentally change America) America into a socialist dictatorship with only one viable political party. 

Europe on the other had will be converted into an expansion of the Caliphate.  France now has 7.5% Muslims, England 4.8%, and Spain 2.1%, Italy 3.7%, Germany 5.8%. It is wise to remember that the American revolutionary war began with 3.5% of the population wanting separation from England.  In every major revolution in history the start had less than 5% of the population in support. About 200,000 Afghan Muslims will enter Europe monthly beginning in 2016, this should give all cause to think and worry. The very worst effect of this is the massive increase of crime. About 30% of convicted felons in America are first generation immigrants, legal, and illegal and refugees. In the EU the average crime rates for immigrants and refugees is on average about 26.8% of total crime or on average 7.5 times higher that the indigenous population. In Switzerland the crime rate of refugees and immigrants is 600% above that of Swiss citizens. The cost of that crime statistic is never reported by the supports of refugees and expanded immigration policy. 

Western civilization is on the verge of disintegration. It may be expected that within the immediate future of our children, we will witness the change from a White Christian Europe to a multicultural state comprising North African Blacks and Muslims. In America the change will be to a Mestizo and Muslim nation with the present indigenous population marginalized. Birth rates of the invading migrants is up to four times that of the native peoples and when we couple this with the over one million new immigrants per year we can visualize that the native population will be overtaken in population numbers by 2030. We will have done to ourselves exactly what we did to the American Indians, no doubt we will also wind up living in reservations, if by that time, they can find any land as poor as what we gave the Indians. 

The prime arbiter of this globalist philosophy is the UN. It has, for too many people, become the be all and end all of man’s hope. It is the gospel of the community, the savior of man, and the creed of ignorance to which we have aspired. In the Christian Gospel of St. Paul we learn, “For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie; and worshiped and served the creature (UN) rather than the Creator”.  The UN was founded in the 40’s some 70 years ago; there have been no less than 169 major conflicts in just 70 years. The United States have been at war for 39 out of the last 70 years. With that sort of record, the supporters of this costly UN mistake can only amaze. From the tower of Babel in NYC to the remnant of the League of Nations in, Geneva, billions of people have been induced by the agencies of the UN and the thousands of diplomat “clergy”, their bishops that the UN are man’s best hope for the future. What a sad joke! Think of: the first Indochina war, (46–54) Greek civil war, (45-49) Paraguayan civil war, (47) Indo Pakistani war, (47-48) Israeli Palestinian war, 47- 48) Arab Israeli war, (48-49) Costar Rican civil war, (48) Burma civil war, (48) Malayan emergency, (48-60) Operation Polo, (48) Korean war (50-53) Chinese invasion of Tibet, (50-51) Tunisian war, (52-60) Mau Mau war Kenya, (52-60) Cuban Revolution, (53-59) Laotian civil war, (53-75) Algerian war, (54-62) Sudanese civil war, (55-72) Hungarian revolution, (56) Suez crisis, (56-57) Vietnam war, (59-75) ETA terrorist campaign, (59 ongoing) Congo crisis, ((60-66) Guatemala Civil war, (60-96) Bay of pigs Cuba, (61) Eritrean war, (61-91) Goa Invasion, (61) Angolan war, (61-75) North Yemen war, (62-70) Sino Indian war, (62) Indonesian/Malaysia war, 62-66) Dhofar insurrection, (62-75) Shifta war, (63-67) Sand war Morocco, (63) Rhodesian war,(64-79) Colombian conflict, (64- ongoing) Mozambican war, (64-75) Israeli/Syrian war, (64-67) NE Indian insurgency, (64- ongoing) Dominican civil war, (65) US occupation of Dominican Republic (65-66) Indo Pakistani war, (65) and from 1966 onward to ’89, 49 more. Just one question what the hell do we pay these diplomats for, obviously they are total failures in their claim to make peace. 



P.S. The latest news is that the Democrats will be running Joe Biden, so the Democrat ticket will by the three C’s (CCC) a Criminal, a Communist and a Clown! 


(1) Andreas Popp

(2) Federich Vogt 

(3) ShadowStats ® 


For more information go to: 

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