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Patriotic Americans Send Open Letter To Donald Trump Investigate Corruption Now

Monday, October 19, 2015 23:35
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Donald TrumpPatriotic Americans [The Concerned Citizens of the USA] send open letter to Presidential Candidate Donald Trump in an effort for him to push for an Investigation into the ongoing corruption taking place in the US Government. I as One American agree strongly that a real investigation needs to take place on several events and issues that have taken place since at least 1994 and maybe even back a few more years.

In my military years as was a trouble shooter on a few occasions. Called into fix departments that where not running properly. I have an eye for detail and I do not like it when pieces of a puzzle do not fit. When One must beat the *#%*%* out of a piece to get it to go in place or apiece that just is out of place in a sequence and especially missing pieces. When you have any of this regardless of what the public is being told something is not right. Like the commercials for products that say they are great and wonderful: The One has a page of small print that One can not read. The US Government, Shadow Government, Dark Agenda, Cabal what ever term One wants to use is not even putting in fine print. They put out the story and then say Trust Us we have everything under control. Also Mr Trump if you truly want to “Make America Great Again” and solve 90% of most concerns Americans have: Push for and restore “The Constitution For America” back to the Original One “1787″ even if it must be done with and Executive Order on day one. There is no way to Fix what is going on. The Corruption must be taken out and The Constitution Restored. The and only then can All Americans say “It’s A Free Country” and it be true. I ask that everyone Like, Share, Recommend this article and letter until not even the MSM can ignore call of Americans for a Real Investigations on Corruption and regardless where the Investigations lead All are brought to Justice.


“At times truth is hard to accept because of the pain and reality that comes with ones eyes being opened. One must travail through the pain to achieve TRUE FREEDOM that comes from the Truth obtained.”



An OPEN LETTER To Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump, Greetings from the 50 States and other Territories. We acknowledge your unrivaled courage and honor your many initiatives to reveal the facts. Thank you! We extend our sincere gratitude to you and your family for being a source of truth and light in the political darkness of falsehood and deception. First and foremost we are addressing you as the only open and honest presidential candidate throughout the current campaign season. This nation has not seen any presidential aspirant so transparent and forthcoming as you have been. Please know that were it not for your quite politically incorrect posture, this letter would not have been written. Many Americans have been particularly impressed by your willingness in the past to challenge Barack Obama on his ‘missing’ birth certificate. Only through your persistent efforts did the ‘president’ finally post a forged and fraudulent copy of his fake birth certificate on the official website. In so doing he and his co-conspirators have committed a number of serious felonies. As you well know, this criminal matter was professionally investigated by Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He and his officially appointed Cold Case Posse determined that the copy of Obama’s posted birth certificate was a categorical forgery and fabricated document. This final and irrefutable conclusion was made by a number of highly experienced electronic document experts whose forensic investigation of this matter has not been contested by a single professional in the field. Obama Birth Certificate Confirmed Fraudulent By Arizona Investigators, Amateur Document Was Obviously Forged And Fabricated Now, here we are almost one year away from President Obama completing his second term. You know that we have a proven imposter in the White House. As you have repeatedly pointed out, not only has he profoundly betrayed the American people, his actions in Syria smack of outright treason. That’s right, most of us firmly believe that funding and arming ISIS is both unlawful and treasonous. Especially when the ISIL terrorist network routinely executes Christians and wipes out Christian communities across the Middle East are Obama’s criminal actions all the more reprehensible and traitorous, deplorable and outrageous. This brings us to the purpose of this open letter. President Obama has demonstrated that he is simply incapable of leadership. It has become painfully obvious to most that true presidential authority has not been invested in him; therefore, he is unable to execute the responsibilities of his high office. His real masters will not permit him to do so. Consequently he is being methodically used to execute an agenda that is intent on destroying the United States of America. This clandestine plot must be exposed before he leaves office. Not after; rather, BEFORE HE LEAVES OFFICE. This is imperative for a variety of reasons. Why? What is so critical that the next president cannot address and remedy. Let’s be very real. Those who selected Obama decades ago to be the President of the USA during this crucial period of the American Republic installed him to implement a very specific and covert agenda. They are getting dangerously close to the completion of that agenda with the unlawful passing of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). Negotiated with the utmost secrecy, both of these trade agreements, together with the TPA (Trade Promotion Authority), have greatly undermined U.S. sovereignty and betrayed the American people. Obama Betrays The American People, Undermines National Sovereignty With Secret Trade Agreements Surely you know where we are going with this. The Republican side has only abetted Obama in the passing of these disastrous trade agreements. Hence, the only way to show the U.S. citizenry that they have been terribly deceived and wronged by the President and the Congress is to use your campaign platform as the Republican front runner. No matter who is elected president in 2016, they will essentially be powerless to revisit these scandalous trade agreements in 2017. Which brings us to the real reason that we are writing this letter of support and encouragement. You were recently quoted whereby you pointed out that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 occurred on the watch of George W. Bush. As you well know, the Bush Administration not only covered up the U.S. Government conspiracy which perpetrated those false flag attacks, there are now volumes of evidence available which prove their direct complicity. There are those key members of the previous Clinton Administration who also appear to have helped lay the groundwork for that highly consequential false flag operation. Let’s face it — it all comes down to 9/11. Everyone knows that that day’s events have radically changed the destiny of this nation, as well as of the world-at-large. Just look at Syria … at Iraq … at Afghanistan … at Pakistan … at Libya … at Yemen … at Egypt … at Palestine … at Lebanon … at Iran and at the Ukraine. Look at most of Africa, where resource wars dominate the landscape. Each of these naked wars of aggression has been waged by a Noble Peace Prize winner. It has even been reported that the world has seen the first instance where one Nobel Peace Prize winner has bombed another prize winner! And, that the US Military knew exactly what they were bombing in advance—the Kunduz Hospital in Afghanistan. That Awkward Moment When One Nobel Peace Prize Winner Bombs Another That’s exactly where we are at this late date in 2015. An extremely sad state of affairs indeed. All because of the 9/11 false flag attacks perpetrated by rogue elements within the U.S. government. You know exactly who they are as their names and roles have been splattered all over the internet. Just like you knew Obama’s birth certificate was a complete and total fraud. The key issue regarding 9/11 is that a worldwide War on Terror was fraudulently declared by Washington. The world community of nations has subsequently felt the wrath and warmongering unleashed by the CIA, NSA, DIA and U.S. Armed Forces. Needless to say, it is the USA, along with its close collaborators throughout the Anglo-American Axis (AAA), which has been responsible for maintaining and promoting a regime of state-sponsored terrorism across the entire planet since 9/11. In other words, the CIA created Al-Qaeda just like the MOSSAD created ISIS. ISIS = ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE What’s the point? Because the mainstream media (MSM) has also conspired to cover up the numerous crimes of state-sponsored terrorism committed on September 11, 2001, the 9/11 Truth Movement has had a difficult time raising the awareness that is necessary for the truth to break out into the open. The further away we get from September of 2001 the more challenging it will be to present the legal case to the American people. However, this upcoming election has presented a unique opportunity for you to disclose some of the most significant facts … necessary details … and inconvenient truths. Donald, you’re a New Yorker at heart. Is there a single fellow New Yorker who doesn’t seriously doubt the 9/11 Commission Report?! Virtually every U.S. citizen, who still possesses critical thinking skills, knows that the official government 9/11 investigation was the biggest coverup in U.S. history. Even those who say they still believe the government’s utterly ridiculous conspiracy theory now have their nagging doubts and serious misgivings. 9/11 Commission Report: The Most Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory Of All Time When every NYC firefighter and policeman knows that the Twin Towers could only have come down by way of an inside job, who in the Big Apple doesn’t know the real deal? Hence, you know that the greater New York metropolitan area would support your call to reopen the 9/11 investigation—NOW! The rest of the country would then follow suit, as many are now livid with rage and beside themselves with frustration. That countless career criminals within the U.S. Federal Government were allowed to get away with the 9/11 false flag attacks, and then use that false flag operation to terrorize the world community of nations, is simply too much for most to bear. They’re pissed and getting more peeved by the day. Certainly you and your team comprehend the sheer enormity and profundity of this unresolved tragedy. Look it, the American people intuitively know that it all comes down to 9/11. It is the ultimate litmus test for every politician now and in the future. You can either be the one who blows it wide open or consign yourself to being another untrustworthy politician. If you fail to open the case of 9/11, you will fail to earn the respect of your biggest constituency. Who among us does not know practically every detail of the 9/11 scam and betrayal after 14 years of research and investigation? 9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators Our Best Recommendation: Just like Ron Paul has used his presidential campaigns to educate the American people about the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the USA’s perpetual war economy, you can likewise enlighten the electorate about 9/11. While Congressman Paul has functioned as a 21st century version of Thomas Paine, you might issue an indictment much like Thomas Jefferson did with the Declaration of Independence (DOC). Most are unaware that the DOC is perhaps the most scathing indictment of its kind issued against the British Crown and King George III, in particular. Whereas Ron Paul became an “internet pamphleteer”, you might shift your focus away from attacking your current competitors and direct your accusations toward the current monarch—the despotic King Obama. His entire administration is every bit as tyrannical and oppressive as the English were in the 1770s. They have also acted with a lawlessness and impunity never seen in U.S. history. Quite frankly, many feel that the Obama regime must be prosecuted before they take the unprecedented initiative to repeal the 2nd Amendment. As you are fully aware, that is their next goal. Mass Shootings Are Being Staged On College Campuses To Enact Gun Control Legislation You must know by now that if you proceed down this road of using your powerful (and God-given) platform for substantive revelation, the American people will stand behind you. The MSM will only tear you down more, but who cares. They’re just as guilty for deliberately covering up the crimes of 9/11. There are still those few patriots in the MSM who will use every method and device to disseminate your truth-telling, should you really go full-bore on 9/11 and other unspeakable truths. 9/11 VERDICT: Mainstream Media Guilty Of The Biggest Cover-up In US History Lastly, we would strongly suggest that you speak to your daughter Ivanka about the upcoming Year of the Fire Monkey. She is fully aware that 2016 is not only the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey, but also that Pluto is still cruising through Capricorn. The last time that these two events occurred in the same year was in 1776, and it only happens once every 245 years. She will fill you in about how the powerful energies of the whole universe are now converging to assist those who stand in integrity by telling the truth. And, by acting for the greatest good of all. Look at President Vladimir Putin if you want to see truth in action. The boys in D.C., especially the G-men at Langley, don’t know how to deal with his righteous governance and wise approach to international affairs. Putin completely befuddles them by simply acting in the best interest of the world. That — right there — is Putin’s secret. If you resolve yourself to govern in the best interest of the global community the Universe will support you. If you don’t follow this Golden Rule of good government, you will be heckled and hounded at every turn. And you know it will be a heckuva lot more difficult sitting in the Oval Office than it is right now, as you’ll be in their cross-hairs (both literally and figuratively) every moment of every day for four long years. Therefore, the single best way to turn the tables on these duplicitous turncoats and homegrown terrorists is to go on the offensive … just like Putin did in Syria. Look at the massive revelations that have emerged from Russia’s relentless bombing of The Three Stooges — ISIS, ISIL & the IS. Yeah, everyone knows they’re the exact same entity funded and financed, armed and equipped by the good ole USA! The point here is that by going ballistic on the whole DC-coordinated scam, Putin’s Russia has blown it all up. Putin Goes Ballistic In Syria, Obliterates The USA’s Secret ‘Mideast Strategy’ Dear Donald, do you now get the strategy that is being highly suggested? It is time to go ballistic. You know the best defense is a “shock and awe” offense, just like Putin is doing in Syria. Obama & Company is now essentially powerless in the Mideast and will be for the foreseeable future. The whole Mideast geopolitical chessboard was completely rearranged in just a few days time by Putin et al. With other Republican candidates now trying to take you down — HARD — like Rand Paul, the intensity will only ratchet up by the day. Now, or very soon, is the time to turn the tables on them. You’ve dealt with many sociopaths long enough throughout the Manhattan real estate market. You know that you’re dealing with a group of hardened, criminally insane psychopaths that only understands one language. Only by the grace of God were you gifted with such a career to learn their language. It took the Kremlin many years to understand this, partly because of their vastly different language, but once Putin’s team got it, they’ve never looked back. An OPEN LETTER To President Vladimir Putin By the way President Putin would be utterly powerless without the support of the Russian people. Conversely, you can be made powerful — in the most righteous way — with the genuine support of the American people. How to obtain that support is as easy as speaking the unvarnished and unadulterated truth, when it is absolutely appropriate to do so. If you leave this “OPEN LETTER To Donald Trump” with just one takeaway, it is this. When the time is right, the power of the TRUTH is simply overwhelming and unstoppable. It is your secret weapon in this campaign war. The more you rely on the truth from this point forward, the more you will be supported by the American people. Only the truth will set US free at this point … only the truth. So use it. USE IT NOW! 9/11 Truth is the Lynch pin — It will be ‘pulled’ at the perfect time Truly, the pen (and the spoken word) is far mightier than the sword, my friend. Truthful language has destroyed more armies and collapsed more nations than all the weapons in existence. It is time to use this secret weapon as only you know how to wield it. Ivanka can show you the way. And the rest of US will support you with our blogs and websites, with our Facebook walls and Twitter accounts, with our YouTube videos and Instagram photos, with our email blasts and smartphone texting in ways that will both stun and startle, shock and awe. CAVEAT: If you do not quickly move in a purely positive direction toward revelation and truth-telling, then a national citizen’s campaign will commence which is intent on boycotting the 2016 presidential election. We will no longer vote for the lesser of the two evils. Such a citizen’s initiative will surely siphon off votes from your ticket, and would only be undertaken in the event that your campaign no longer holds out hope. We trust that your Chief of Staff will also receive this urgent message. Grassroots Movement Forms To Boycott The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election In closing there is only one more thing to say: The American people will stand behind you. However, until this can happen in earnest, you must show that you are willing to stand behind the American people. The only way that you can demonstrate this is to stand for the truth. Therefore, we will leave you with some sage advice that was published somewhere on the internet.

“The time is now to stand in your own truth. This can only be done by taking back your power … from everyone and everything that takes it from you. When you are ready, and called upon to do so, begin to speak your truth to power. Act out your own truth in the midst of worldly power. And be the true power — the sovereign human being — that you are meant to be.” (Source: Wise Words From Beyond The Matrix)

May God bless you and shower His grace upon your valiant efforts. Very sincerely, Concerned Citizens of the USA October 17, 2015 P.S. There was a very prescient article recently posted on this site that you may want to read in full. If you don’t have time, make sure your Chief of Staff reads it and reports back to you about its critical content. As follows: Donald Trump Is In Serious Trouble…If He Really Is His Own Man P.P.S. In the event that you are unaware of what really drives American foreign policy, the following article will greatly inform your understanding of the Great Game being constantly played against Russia and her allies. If you read just one article today, let this be the one. STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination P.P.P.S. In light of your expressed wishes to collaborate with President Putin in the interest of establishing an enduring and genuine world peace, the following exposé on Putin’s Russia has been identified by many heavyweights as a “Must Read”. Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’ Secret History Revealed — Putin Played Critical Role After The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR) Attachment A complete copy of “An OPEN LETTER To Donald Trump” was emailed to his campaign and Chief of Staff on Saturday, October 17, 2015 as per the screenshot shown below. It is also being forwarded to other key members of this family and staff over the course of this weekend _______________________________________________________________________________________________ References: /alternative/2015/10/critical-message-sent-via-an-open-letter-to-donald-trump-3230094.html?currentSplittedPage=0   SIGNATURE     Free Will Donation          

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