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A New Biblical Plague Has Risen Which Homosexuals Are Catching By The Droves And Is More Brutal And Violent Than HIV And Aids Which NO CONDOM Can Stop It

Saturday, November 7, 2015 9:45
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(Before It's News)

By Walid and Theodore Shoebat

Just when man thought he was smarter than God by inventing condoms, God looks down and creates a new biblical plague worse than the HIV Virus and AIDS. Welcome toPapilloma.

Years ago, the only Papilloma I knew was a Greek old time song I listened to when I lived in Israel. But today, Papilloma is a deadly virus that no matter what condom one uses it will not prevent from catching the sexually transmitted disease which predominately infects the LGBT community. God from above made it that not only intercourse spreads this disease (since man thought he was smart by inventing a condom), but regardless if these sexually diviant reprobates use condoms, they still get the disease through genital skin to skin contact causing the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) to spread to new people making the LGBT’s ubiquitous condom rendered completely obsolete.

There is no escape from God. Even the best experts tell us that HPV is the main cause for some serious genital warts while they still promote the “condom”:

“Risk factors for genital warts are similar to other sexually transmitted diseases: sexually active young people with multiple partners, lack of circumcision, lack of condom use, homosexuals.”

Today anal HPV is widespread which no “safe sex” education can prevent. Sure, one should still carry an umbrella even though the sky is hailing fire and brimstone.

While there is no need to show a ‘before’ photo, here is an ‘after’ (excuse us for doing this for medical reasons) to show what to expect when you listen to the promoters that one “must experiment” with some homosexuality:

Any questions? And while the LGBT loving society encourages sex change telling men to “snip it”, with HPV “snipping” could be for other reasons than getting a ‘sex-change’ and ‘good bye condoms’ or ‘practice safe sex’ too is out the window. 

Currency War! China Yuan Currency Direct Trade With Switzerland! 

5 Darkest Accidental Photos 


Nearly every case of cervical cancer, one of the deadliest types of cancer which is the leading cause of death in women, has been linked with HPV infections. According to even the pro LGBT National LGBT Cancer Network sodomites and lesbians are doubly more infected than heterosexual with cancer that results from HPV:

Even less well known is that these cancers disproportionately affect LGBT people based on lifestyle factors and screening habits more than their heterosexual counterparts … HIV-positive gay or bisexual men have higher levels of both HPV infection and HPV-related disease than heterosexual men… An estimated 61% of HIV-negative and 93% of HIV-positive gay and bisexual men have anal HPV infections, compared to 50% or less of heterosexual men.Men who have sex with men are also at increased risk for anal cancercompared to the general population …Compared to heterosexual women,lesbians may be at greater risk for HPV and cervical cancer due to health and lifestyle factors

And God did not only defeat man’s attempt to hide his sexual sin behind a condom in order to prevent HIV, but this new disease has become one of the most common, most infectious and dangerous diseases we have ever encountered that dwarfs HIV. It is the ISIS of diseases that is caused by a group of different viruses getting together to attack your skin in a horrific way. It infects membranous areas like the mouth, throat, cervix and other.


Some statistics show that around 65% of every woman will contract HPV in some period of their lives. This is a worrying fact to how infectious HPV is. Of course, what makes HPV so horrible is the way it manifests itself. HPV can easily be spotted by horrible warts. But, do not think that if you catch HPV, these warts or other symptoms will be visible right away. HPV is like the Islamic epidemic in the West, it has a way of keeping its head down for quite a while and some symptoms might be hidden for a few years even. This makes HPV even more dangerous. It is a group of more than 150 related viruses, sort of like having cousins and relatives coming together. According to WebMed:

HPV can infect skin not normally covered by a condom, so using a condom does not fully protect someone from the virus. Also, many people don’t realize they’re infected with HPV and may have no symptoms, so neither sexual partner may realize that the virus is being spread.

So now all this education about “safe sex” is out the window. It is not only that, the guise to spread  homosexual education under the excuse of preventative measures is also out the window since the only preventative measure is abstinence from such weirdities. High-risk HPV strains include HPV 16 and 18, which cause about 70% of cervical cancers.

At times this disease can have some really weird symptoms. Dr Anthony Gaspari, a world expert in dermatology, from the University of Maryland travelled to Indonesia in order to attempt to diagnosis Dede’s mysterious condition. He took skin samples for biopsies back in the USA and now believes he may have identified Dede’s condition as Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in conjunction with a rare genetic fault.

Dede 01Indonesian+Tree+Man+Continues+Treatment+Human+OoWTnYrWCMrl

The fools argue “HUMANITY IS NOT (read NEVER) THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION FOR HOMOSEXUALITY”. This is only true because humanity will never become 100% homosexual. What is even truer (since not all humanity wants to convert to homosexuality) one can argue that “without the normals homosexuals are threatened with extinction for homosexuality”. No mathematician can argue against this. As it turns out, the homosexual and open sex communities have become a pain in their own you know what, and with Papilloma, God doesn’t have to wipe them out, they will wipe themselves out so we one day can return to the good old days where Papilloma was just a good old Greek song:


Reposted with permission

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  • Has Obama started displaying signs of infection yet?

    • more to the point has his wife , he seems to take it she / he seems to give it

    • Pat Robertson Says Gays ‘Want To Come Out And Stick It To The Christians’


    • I bet old Bonner is getting nervous now.. . Maybe that the reason he really retired.. LOL!
      Yes “Homo-In-Chief”
      Why doesn’t this foreign national, criminal, coward, POTUS come out of the closet.. or this is is just another of his million lies that he and his ‘race-bating’ MSM want to keep hiding.

    • The White House must be fumigated and wherever the sodomite slept, ate, sat or put up his damn feet must be thrown out and burned.

      Then a Rabbi and/or a Christian Minister must invoke blessings on the rooms again.

      I would like to see this happen and the negro and his husband watch it take place. That’s better than a punch in the mouth one would think.

      • You might like to note that the rabbis you seem to like so much are renowned for their practice of sucking on young boys’ penises after they have circumcized them.
        Blood is then spat into a wineglass and consumed with relish.
        The Talmud informs us that sex with boys is “nothing”; and the same with three-year old baby girls.
        Judaism is riddled with perversion of all kinds; not least of which being the sexual kinds.
        Wise up.

      • Question for you: obviously you hate blacks, but what will you say IF Ben Carson gets elected?

    • Obama’s sores on all over his soul and only God can see them.

    • The Apocalypse has broken.

      Google it
      Full Apocalypse Smackdown: Court Rules Against Antichrist Obama. Choose Your Side. Be Saved In Heaven Or Not

  • and oddly this becomes prevalent right after they start hpv vaccinations.. how convenient!

  • Is this a new propaganda for the HPV vaccination that may may even cause the infection and furthermore more or less sterilizes the girls (to fight the population explosion)?
    It is known that many women do acquire the infection at some point in life and then completely recover from it.
    And who made the virus? God – or man (in a laboratory)?

    • Interesting point; “Who made the virus?”
      God made the virus. It would not have assumed epidemic proportions without sinful and reprehensible behaviour, though.
      If a man goes in unto a woman, he is married to her in the eyes of the Most High.
      This is safe sex.

      • Such a “God” is a DEVIL!

        • At least one virus, found in the permafrost, may result in a longer life.

          They may have served some useful purpose, in a once-perfect world, corrupted by man.

  • More zio-fag bullsmack. D$ck cheese.

  • mitch51

    Jesus H. Christ, this God is a mean guy. My God is much nicer than your God. Thank God.


  • May your god smite you for relishing in disease. You claim he is all powerful yet spreads disease. You claim that he is just then lets millions of children before the age of three die of malnutrition, desease, rape by “Religious” genital mutilation.

    ANd now you want to claim some high morality based on that psychpathic diety you claim to be “good”?

    it is called cognitive dissonance, and it is whay the religious are some of the most evil and wretched scum on this planet.

    Jeebus said that we were to love god and love one another as he loved us. THat was the whole of the law. Your speech and this article is the absolute opposite of what JEsus said.. But you must be better than him because you hate hate hate and then relish in others suffering…

    • Satan rules this world not god

    • The spreading of disease is due to man’s wicked denial of the truth of God. He thinks he can flout the commandments with impunity; he cannot; there is a price to be paid, as with all sin.
      This price is death.
      The commandments are:
      Thou shalt not commit adultery.
      Adultery is sexual intercourse with a woman who is not your wife; your wife is the first woman you go in unto.
      Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind; for this is abomination.
      No more needs to be said about this matter.
      And if you recall; when our God walked the earth, He spent a great deal of His time healing all that were sick; neither He, nor we, delight in disease.
      Quite the reverse.
      The deaths of the millions you refer to are occasioned not by God, who forbids killing, but by satanic agencies such as the United States government, which spends huge amounts of your freely-given funding to enable this crime.
      Please do not refer to the Son of God in the disrespectful manner you use.
      Be it known unto you that you will answer for this disrespect at the Day of Judgement.
      And further understand that the love you speak of is also manifested by the unequivocal condemnation of sin, but not of the sinner, whom Christ died for.

      • “The spreading of disease is due to man’s wicked denial of the truth of God.”
        Seems a little extreme, no? Kinda like getting beheaded, for a parking ticket.

        “The deaths of the millions you refer to are occasioned not by God, who forbids killing, but by satanic agencies such as the United States government, which spends huge amounts of your freely-given funding to enable this crime.”
        Yet God continues to let it happen?

  • hideous pictures…

  • It seems we need to take care of ourselves more than ever as time goes on…This looks like very nasty sh*t…I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of this is a ‘by-product’ of some of these vaccines…Let’s correct that…we’ll call it a ‘symptom’. Whether ‘natural’ or man-induced, you can be assured their is a program in effect to maximize PROFIT here. Stay smart…Be Real & Stay Real.

  • OMG, have you actually, publicly displayed a photo of a diseased penis next to the title of your report? Diseased or not though, this image is insanely inappropriate and highly disgusting. TMI! I think most of us here are intelligent enough to imagine what this condition would look like on external sexual organs without you having to force all of us to look at it! Please change the image NOW! Or AT LEAST have the decency to include the word *GRAPHIC* at the beginning of the report’s title, so as to let people know you’ll be showing disturbing, graphic images! OMG, this is going too far!

    • Good comment!

    • Conservatives were once forced into the twilight zone of moral relativism, where everything is negotiable.

      So, liberals are now being forced, to be literal. Noone is willing to coddle you with euphemistic language, anymore. Deal with it. :neutral:

  • This article has much deception in it … in that the word “homosexual” was made up out of whole cloth … in the year 1868 by Karl Benkert.

    The invention of this word … makes people think there are two different classes of people “heterosexuals” and “homosexuals” … it’s all 100% demonic haze.

    I have a short write-up on Benkert at > >

    Scriptures that God … does not “make them that way” … on Sub-part C-1 and C-2 … ar URL …

    - – - – - – - – - -

    Section 26.1 of the site is excellent … 45 Scriptures on converting from a life of sin …

    Catholic writing of Romans 6:19
    “For as you have yielded your members to serve uncleanness and iniquity, unto iniquity; so now yield your members to serve justice, unto sanctification.”

    - – - – - – - – - -

    C A U T I O N: The Catholic Church has had *zero* … physical properties, priests, and bishops since 8 December 1965 … because of the Sources of Dogma on automatic excommunication for heresy.

    Mountains of proof >
    Photographic proof >
    Abjuration of heresy to become Christian >

    • 90%+ Catholic Priests are gay.Which makes sense since the papacy is the antichrist.

      Antichrist, and the men he controls will not have a desire for women.

      Daniel 11:37, “Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.”

      The Vatican boldly declares in their catechism…

      “Celibacy is the renunciation of marriage implicitly or explicitly made, for the more perfect observance of chastity, by all those who receive the Sacrament of Orders in any of the higher grades.” (For the ENTIRE document in the Catholic Encyclopdia, see this )

      Absolutely every person on earth knows that the Roman Catholic priests, bishops, cardinals, and popes are not married. It is also well known that the majority of these men are gay.

      • Let’s call them what they are; sodomites.
        I detest this repulsive euphemism they use.

      • Amminadab claiming 90% of Catholic priests are “gay” and the pope the antichrist is the most insane packs of lies I’ve ever heard and the most irrational.

        Based upon zero evidence of any kind, it’s just an opinion from a nothing nobody fraud with flea-brain level intelligence. And that goes for HereAmi, too.

        No wonder the sun — the nearby star that sustains all life on earth — is at this very moment beginning to explode.

        See: “Blast waves in the sun’s atmosphere” [ News 2015]

        • Louis, the Christian backward inbred Bible-Tumping hicks think the Pope’s the Antichrist (or Trump!!!!), the New World Order is the Devil and Obama’s the Messiah and Jesus.
          But in reality, it’s that they’re the Minions of the Devil aka the Antichrist Obama and they serve him.
          Not rocket science.

          • still trying to seduce Christians to go to Heaven with you by saying that Obama’s some antichrist by insulting them and treating them as bible-thumping hicks – incredible.

          • Google this: Obama the Antichrist is in freefall finally and good riddance on the way out.
            To Deport 4,3 Million Illegals: Obama Starting Now (Video) Appeals Court Rejects Obama Deceit On Illegal Foreigners

            He’s been blocked from doing his wish on aliens.
            The Revolution has sarted and we’re the Paul Reveres of the Apocalypse.

          • If you were a REAL MAN, you’d cross the pond and take part in what’s going on…

            But no, you’re cowering from your mom’s basement, letting others do the dirty work for you.

          • You don’t realize the game is over.
            It’s over.
            You fundie hick inbreds have lost and Jesus said to not follow you in the Bible and not follow your God and Saviour the Antichrist Obama that you worship as the Lord.

          • Yeah you homos think you’re REAL MEN because you are brave enough to come out of the closet as you said.
            I don’t know if you’re real men.
            Is haveing 95% of HIV/AIDS being real men?
            I heard you homos rival to give each other HIV as a kind of way of braving the fear of death.
            Homos want to brave death by having unprotected sex.
            I read that that’s their mind set.
            Homos are crazies.

          • Geir, you keep throwing out these ridiculous statistics, as if there’s only so much HIV or Syphilis, to go around. You’ll get your STD, soon enough.
            End result: You’re an idiot, with HIV, Syphilis, and Galactic Space Herpes.

  • I had no idea I was so behind the times. I’ve heard of HPV but I had no IDEA it was associated with alternative sexual lifestyle and not preventable with condoms. And I had NO idea it could do such wicked stuff to people. Those pictures look like something out of a nightmare! :eek:

  • When you practice the devil’s sex you will begin to look like him.

  • Thank God I never have sex. Jesus H. Christ diesel dikes don’t even deserve that.

  • There goes Hollywood and the ‘race-baiting’ MSM

  • Only psychopaths believe in psychopathic deities.

  • For those angry at GOD and think that the righteous are glorying in this we are not . But the cramming of homosexuality down our throat when the majority was against it , this brings a feeling that GOD has not forsaken HIS people . This is what they are glorying in , not hat another human is suffering . Now about GOD . He has told us that homosexuality is wrong . And that those that don’t will invite Satan into their lives to kill , steal and destroy them . When we arogently do what GOD has said was unhealthy then Satan is allowed to claim our sins . As we go deeper and deeper it gets worse and worse . But when we repent and ask GODs forgiveness then our healing can begin . Satan then has to start giving up what he has robbed you of . These pictures are horrible . But what really bother me is our government giving out HPV vaccines . In order for a body to form anti- bodies it has to be exposed to the virus . If it is a dead virus then your body will throw it out as junk . So it has to be live . But if it has been formed in a lab then they have mutated it , then the body cannot make an antibody to fight against it . This disease be it GOD or the lab still has fallen on those that intend on disobeying GOD . GOD told man to go forth and multiply . Homosexuals cannot do that . Satan hates man . He is jealous of man . So it would only be natural that he try to destroy mankind in anyway possible . But GOD told HIS people follow HIS commandments and it shall be life unto you both mentally and in body . So GOD is keeping HIS words . Your choice is to chose right and have life or chose wrong and have death early . But the choice is still yours . GOD or Satan ?

    • I hate when some of my words are changed . In my statement I wrote those that do it will invite Satan . Not those that don’t !

  • I hate to be the one to have to tell you this, but the truth is about to come out, that most of these horrible diseases plaguing mankind have been developed and weaponized by your people (the zionists). With targeted populations. Talk about a godless bunch.

  • Even worse than HPV is the fact that these folks are all demonic. This explains the promiscuous lifestyle. If you watch these folks carefully you will see them shapeshift. Starting to get pretty scary!

  • Man

    This whole post is just to gross people out and to do fear porn

    everyone who is sexually active has HPV. the virus is as common as the common cold or herpes.

    only a few strains out of the 52 are cancerous or cause warts. most of them are inactive, don’t cause cancer and all are fused with the cells dna. so that it never goes away.

    and heterosexual women have more problems with HPV than any other group. as they have high risk of anal and cervical cancer.

    The only thing that protects people is the HPV vaccine. which i am guessing the writer doesn’t support.

    So the cancerous HPV will be gone in a generation…

  • I hate homosexual behavior much as the next normal person.
    For us It seems for the grace of God go I.
    You never know It could have been you when born!!!

    None of us really know what the pains are for people trapped in another body.
    To me It is perverted,to others It Is normal.

    All I know Is if you stick to the code of life,you have nothing to worry about.
    Nature will sort out what needs to be done.
    There are no such things as demons and religion
    Love Is the key to the Universe :cool:

  • DK

    I am looking at at least 2 photos her which have nothing to do with HPV, one is a common verruca, the other is a man from Indonesia by the name of Dede Koswara who had an immune disorder and caught the virus from a knee infection after a fall when he was 15 – HPV also exists in the environment, there are an almost infinite number of variations just like the common cold.

  • Papilloma Virus has been around for a very long time. I don’t know why they are making such a big deal about it at this time.

    • Because it’s taken them this long, to tie it to Homosexuality. Sometimes, they’re slow on the uptake, and didn’t realise that they could use it to bash Gay people.

      • Did you say you’re gay Lyle?
        That’s OK but the homosexual agenda is not OK.
        You homos account for 85% of the deadly Syphilis.

        • You’re the homo, sham king.

          • No Clucker I’m not homophobic.
            Obama’s US gov diesease-control website ‘CDC’ has figures that say black on white that you homos are responsible for 85% of Syhilis and 95% of HIV/AIDS and you die 20 to 30 years earlier than us, the straights.
            His own website says it’s old black homos like Obama that are most at risk of passing on deadly HIV and Syphilis.
            Your deadly homo agenda kills people Clucker.
            STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Trump will annull and and repeal all the homo agenda did for seven years.
            Hideous Beast Obama will be in jail for consecutive life terms for the birth certificate.
            Trump said Obama’s a Kenyan yesterday on SNL and Ben Carson said the media are guilty for not asking about Obama’s sealed records.
            Obama’ll be in jail for Xmas, I bet.

            Obama’s the Antichrist 150% proof.
            Spread that news and you’ll be saved. Otherwise you’ll burn for all eternity in the hottest hells.

          • Hey tadpole

            Why don’t you admit it – that homosexuality is your devil’s advocate??? There are a lot of rumours about you in the dark web….

            So why don’t you shut up and let others live their lives as they wish??
            Too much to ask from someone claiming to have an IQ ‘digne’ of the Mensa League… I suppose.

            We’ve got a gay man in my building – he’s a sweet heart and I’m sure that you wouldn’t close to him – civility wise…

          • Doggoneit’s a criminal. I got him banned for making death threats to me. The FBI under Trump NOW will track him down and arrest him for impersonating an FBI agent online.

        • Are you capable of reading, Knobshine?
          Didn’t think so. Maybe Jaywill can read it for you. You know that Syphilis isn’t actually deadly, right? Penicillin is a wonderful thing.
          Wait… Now it makes sense. Yours hasn’t been treated…. It’s so obvious now. You got Syphilis from a gay man, and you didn’t get antibiotics, to fight it. Now, your brain is rotting away. I can’t believe I didn’t see it, earlier.

          • Nobody’s bashing homosexuals Lyle, I don’t get why you should be defending them.
            The point is that it’s homosexuality which is evil not homosexuals.
            Homosexuals are responsible for 95% of HIV/AIDS, I don’t think there’s anything more to add to that figure (quoted from Obama’s US gov disease-control website CDC.)

            People are waking up that Obama’s the Antichrist. Why are you so pro-Obama? You’re suspicious. One can’t support PURE EVIL like Obama. No one can support the Devil Incarnate like Obama.

          • I’ve NEVER been pro-Obama, Rump Chisel. I’m just very, very, VERY anti-stupid.
            As usual, you missed the point entirely. Your Syphilitic brain is misfiring. You may want to get that looked at, before you swallow another schwantz.

          • Obama is not God and NOT the MESSIAH.

            He’s too imperfect to be the Messiah.

            Those who hate my saying Obama’s the Antichrist are suspicious and also very imperfect because none of those have any level of intelligence.

            For example I’m a scholar in Tibetan language and translation and a Buddhist meditator with extensive experience.

            But the hecklers trying to block me at BeforeItsNews are sub-level intelligences and haven’t even broached one time my field of competences.

            They’re backward Bible-thumping hicks.

            It’s incredible. They’re backward inbred fundie hicks.

            I did 5 years at the Paris “Ivy League” classified university Paris Dauphine but I didn’t imagine that after the university I’d end up conversing with/contesting backward, retarded Christian fundies. But sometimes you end up with the lowest rung of soceity and with the simple folks with no attention span and low levels of learning skills.

          • “I did 5 years at the Paris “Ivy League” classified university Paris Dauphine ”
            As what? A lab rat for LSD trials?

            “but I didn’t imagine that after the university I’d end up conversing with/contesting backward, retarded Christian fundies.”
            That’s bound to happen, when you never leave the house. Get a job, Slapnuts.

            “But the hecklers trying to block me at BeforeItsNews are sub-level intelligences and haven’t even broached one time my field of competences.”
            That’s because we don’t care about your expertise in donkey husbandry.

            “For example I’m a scholar in Tibetan language and translation and a Buddhist meditator with extensive experience.”
            You’ve yet to prove any skill in Tibetan language, and as for being a “Buddhist meditator with extensive experience”, that’s called sitting on your arse, and thinking. There’s millions on welfare, who can now call themselves meditators with extensive experience. Good job, di*k cheese.

          • “I did 5 years at the Paris “Ivy League” classified university ”

            Is that what their calling the insane asylum these days?

          • Obama’s not the Messiah and God.
            The backward inbred hicks who claim Jesus will return have this to learn about what Jesus said about their kind.
            Jesus said all those coming in his name and claiming to be Christians would be frauds, fakes, “false christs”.

            All the commenters trying to oppose me in the comments are the false christs Jesus talked about.

          • Isn’t “Dauphine” the feminine word for Dolphin? You made that “University” up, didn’t you, Krapachakra? You sneaky little ponce.

          • I’m calling Trump and I’m telling him that you’ve cracked your nut…then he will stick you back in that ” Paris “Ivy League” classified university insane asylum. ”

          • No Dauphine is the name of my university in Paris classified in the top 50 worldwide along with Oxford, Yale and Harvard.
            But backward Bible-thumping inbred hicks from the sticks don’t know what the top universities are in the world. Idiots! You’re ugly freaks!
            Go drink your moonshine moron and do your “Deliverance” sequences you moronic sodomites.

          • You backward fundie Bible-thumping hick-farmers are the Minions of Satan, warned against by Jesus.
            He said to not follow those coming in his name as Christians.
            You’re the false christs of the Bible and your God and Saviour Barack is the Antichrist.
            You’re doomed, cursed beings from hell and demonic beings.
            I’m a scholar and you’re perverted homos.

          • Don’t worry, Geir. I’m sure there’s other gay “scholars”. You’ll just have to keep looking…

  • Isn’t there something that can be done for that poor man in the photos. How horrible for him, I don’t care what people do, no one deserves to have to live with such an infirmity.

    • DK

      He underwent treatment in 2012 and most of the growths were removed, he undergoes surgery 2 times a year to keep the growths in check. We still have very limited antivirals.

  • Leo

    serves them right :lol:

  • Blake054

    What a load of BS! Shame Shame for re posting articles like these!

  • What has a medical condition which affects men and women got to do with God? Will even get none believers and straight people.

    • Shush, you! They’re busy throwing around words like “Abomination”and “God’s Wrath” . :lol: :lol:

  • Any one of these lepers would have treated healthy people like the outcasts.

    Well, if you can enforce Biblical plagues upon people, then you can enforce morality.

    I am a masculinist, in favor of Christian patriarchy.

  • Combine and Journalism with an Idiot with Christianity, and this is what comes out of the Blender. LOL. What a psychopathic society in which we live.

  • Is this a backward way to scare them into accepting the HPV vaccine?

    • Anon said, “Is this a backward way to scare them into accepting the HPV vaccine?”


      Vaccines are physically dangerous, contain unethical ingredients, and only cover minuscule percentage of all the possible HPV strains.

      As well as condoms, vaccination also resembles the saying about carrying an umbrella, even though the sky is hailing fire and brimstone.

      • Vaccines are no more dangerous than working in an aluminum plant or eating out of styrofoam plate than if you smoked crystal meth.

  • Whooaah! Now that’s graphic! Where’s is the false messiah King of Shame? He would love to trounce on this! He’s not known as the King of Shame for nothing.

  • The condition of the penis shown on the photos is known as figwarts or condyloma. Nothing new. A frequent problem during 19th century too, homeopathic literature abounds with recommendations for figwart infections.
    not only homosexuals but all people who practise promiscuity or go to prostitutes, i.e. all who practise any impure sexual behavior pattern with others, are at risk of acquiring figwarts.
    The condition of that Indio guy is something different, traditionally called cornu cutaneum, less extreme cases are found sometimes in the elderly and in those cases the “horns” are removed surgically, being pre-cancerous. The cornu cutaneum has nothing to do with figwarts and is not sexually transmitted.
    There are also some photos of ordinary warts in the article. They too are no STD. They can be acquired in public saunas, swiming pools, solariums, gyms, during sports lessons at school, i.e. wherever many half-naked, barefoot, moist, sweating people walk over the same ground and touch the same items.

    • Morale of this story: Men wash your penises after you’ve dipped them God only knows where…

  • Obama’s the Hideous Beast of the Bible aka the Antichrist also called the Abomination which means homosexual.
    Spread the news.
    You fools are running out the clock for time and that’ll send you to hell.
    Don’t wait. Hurry!

    • Donald Trump just called Obama a phoney from Kenya.
      Do you fools not know that will lead Obama to jail?
      Wake up!

      Google it
      Donald Trump Gives SNL Biggest Ratings In Years (Video) Tears Into Obama: He’s A Kenyan. Cannot Be Eligible To POTUS

      • Look I conjured up the false messiah King of Shame to appear! You couldn’t resist could you Kok boy? I see your still committing treason to the U.S. President by talking out of your @ss :smile: Peace

        • No you’re committing treason to the USA.
          Obama’s got no birth certificate and that makes him the greatest criminal in the history of the world.
          Trump said Obama’s got no birthc ertificate and said it on SNL yesterday so you Obots are getting nervous.
          Trump’s FBI will investigate you and track you.

        • Ben Carson and Trump are saying Obama’s records and birth certificate are phoney.
          Google it
          Ben Carson ramps Up Story Obama’s Birth Certificate/ All Records Are Sealed (Video) Short Time Left For Fraud-Obama

          • AllRoadsLead2NWO

            This is true. But you know what will happen. Magically Carson will suddenly get sick and die of some ‘unknown disease’ and Trump will magically end up dying in some strange accident. That is is how your anti-messiah obarry works. But he won’t be jailed for you know that no prison cell can hold the anti-messiah -o’barry.

          • That’s not what the Bible says.
            The Bible says the Antichrist self-destructs. None of your scenario happens in the Bible, you’re just making it up as you go along.
            Obama’s won’t do a thing againt those who are defeating him.

        • You’re treasonous Donovan, for not criticizing the POTUS Obama aka the fraud and alien undocumented illegal Kenyan.
          Teddy Roosevelt said anyone who doesn’t carry out his citizens’ duty of criticising the POTUS will lead to Tyranny and therefore that person is a traitor.

          • @King of Shame,
            You need to repent and stop claiming to be the Messiah Jesus Christ before its too late! As hard as this may be the American people voted this man into office and as a Hebrew Native American, prisoner of this prison called Egypt Assyria America I have to pray for our LEADERS! Christian Americans should also be praying for their leaders because they are the family of the Lord Jesus Christ, therefore they become Hebrews as well.
            I pray for our Presidents well being and that Jesus Christ will give him discernment to help the AMERICAN PEOPLE!
            Hebrews 13:17 Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that [is] unprofitable for you.

          • You can’t force me to do what you say Dionovan, whether you’re Jewish or not. You’re not the Soviets who force people to obey. The Soviets are a Cult. You’re a traitor to the USA because Roosevelt said anyone who doesn’t carry out his citizens’ duty to CRITICISE THE POTUS IS A TRAITOR.

          • @King of Shame,
            I am not a Jew numbnuts! I am saying if you don’t repent from claiming to be the messiah, when the real Jesus Christ returns you will have to suffer eternal damnation. I am saying that the American Christians have become the seed of Abraham through their faith in Jesus Christ. The American Christian by doing God’s will have become the family of Jesus! Obviously nobody sees you as the messiah, so give up the ruse! You are only fooling yourself! :smile: peace

            Mark 3:31-35 31There came then his brethren and his mother, and, standing without, sent unto him, calling him. 32And the multitude sat about him, and they said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren without seek for thee. 33And he answered them, saying, Who is my mother, or my brethren? 34And he looked round about on them which sat about him, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren! 35For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother.

            1Timothy2 1-2 1I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, [and] giving of thanks, be made for all men; 2For kings, and [for] all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

          • Donoovan’s a false christ. Jesus said he’s a false christ because Jesus said “Many will come in my name in the end times so don’t follow them because they’re not me.”

            I’m Jesus and the Messiah because I’ don’t say I’m coming in Jesus’ name because I’m a Buddhist the highest form of culture in the world.

            Jesus will not come back as an intolerant fundie-Bible-Thumping hick inbred from the sticks like Donovan the fundie freak, Jesus will come back AS ME.

            What part of that is hard to understand and you can’t get your heads around?

      • I was wondering when you’d come out of your hole…. Can you get HPV from common Donkeys?

        • You homos are responsible for 85% of Syphilis, Lyle.
          Obama’s disease-control website CDC says so, not me.
          Your homo agenda has to be stopped because you’re killing millions by it.
          It’s our duty to inform the public that homosexuality kills people.
          Don’t do sodomy.
          Bill Lyle says it’s good.
          Don’t listen to him, he’s a homo.
          Obama’s CDC website says homos like Lyle die 20 to 30 years earlier than us the straights.
          Don’t listen to Lyle.

          • Homos are responsible for 95% of HIV/AIDS and old black homos like Obama are most at risk of passing it on to their partners.
            Obama’s the Hideous Beast and Antichrist of the Bible.
            Watch out this is Deep Evil at it’s pinnacle! It’ll lead you to hell to follow these evil, evil people.

          • At what point did I ever endorse sodomy? Come on, Numbnuts. Back it up. Quit trying to put words in my mouth, when you try to deny putting penises in yours.

          • You seemed to be pro-homosexual.
            Now you seem to have changed.
            My bad: I thought you supported Obama and the homosexual agenda which kills people.
            So you’re like me: you say the homosexual agenda is murderous.

          • The day I’m like you, Geir, is the day I eat a bullet.
            I’m not pro-homosexual, and I’m not anti-homosexual. I don’t care what anyone does, in the privacy of their own home. It’s none of my business, until it’s brought to my doorstep.
            What is my business, is when brain-dead morons, such as yourself, bash others, for no reason other than pure bigotry.

            By the way, Brownbelt, sodomy can occur between members of the opposite sex.
            End result: You’re an idiot.

          • You really want this board to talk about your sodomite habits you pig.
            You backward fundie Bible-thumping hick inbreds are the false christs Jesus warned us against.
            Don’t follow perverted homos like Lyle and follow me, I did university research and I’m not a primitive hick like them.

          • Lyles just a rancid bombing fundie pervert same as you Sham.

          • Wow. That’s one hell of a job description, DamnEl. Sounds to me, like you’re a little backed up. The High Colonics not panning out for ya, or was the last prostate milking uncomfortable? Next time, you may want to consider a milker with smaller fingers.

            A “fundie, bible-thumping hick”, you say? You just don’t get it, do you, Geir? Of course you don’t.
            End result: You and DamnEl are both worthy of some time away, in a nice place where you can’t hurt yourselves…

        • I understand you’re a homosexual Lyle, but old black homos like you and Obama, The Hideous Beast, are most at risk of passing on HIV/AIDS and Syphilis.
          Watch out.
          You kill people by furthering your homosexual agenda all the time. You’re killers. Just sayin’. You’re evil as hell and bound for hell therefore.

          • Blah, blah,. blah, salut le crisse de connard! J’espère qu’il fait beau à Les Ventes…

          • Donald Trump just revealed Obama’s a Kenyan.
            Obama’s not God and he’s not the Messiah.
            The Obots will be tracked down by Trump’s FBI now.

          • And now I’m old, black AND gay? HMMMMM. Interesting. I wonder if my mom knows I’m not white.

          • Being an Obot shows mental illness.

            Google it
            Warning – Obama Now being hailed as the Messiah. Ben Carson Just Brought The Elite To Their Knees. Attention

          • Did you know that “Obot” is a family name and NOT a descriptor?

            My last name is NOT Obot……donkey boy.

          • Fundie backward inbred Bible-Thumping hicks here support Obmaa thinking he’s the Messiah or some crap like that.
            Jesus said to beware of the false christs passing off as Christians like Crowpie.
            I’m the way and I’m the truth becaue I rely up on the miracle of the lottery draw of 666 in Obama’s hometown the day after election-day.

  • There should have been a warning about those pictures….can’t un-see that!

  • Just when man thought he was smarter than God by inventing condoms, God looks down and creates a new biblical plague worse than the HIV Virus and AIDS.

    • For Christ’s sake GOD’S NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!! You are NOT responsible for your own sexuality that CAN happen (notice my use of the word CAN)… Don’t sleep with prostitutes, do not prostitute yourself.

      ENJOY SAFE SEX. One does not need a phu-king PhD to figure that out.

  • There is ONLY ONE WAY, and that is through Jesus Christ. Please accept Christ into your heart and repent of your sins. Admit that you are a sinner and do everything you have within yourself to turn away from those sins. Jesus will not let you go once you give yourself to him. He sacrificed himself for ALL of us. Of course its not always easy.  Ephesians 6:12 ” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.  Accecpt the way of the light, grow your faith in Christ, stand in your faith. These are the last days and WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR SOULS! Love you ALL! GOD bless and may he have favor with us all!

  • You are a clinical moron.

    PS SaneVax Inc. proved that the HPV vaccine INFECTS the INJECTED with two different genetically altered/modified lab created papilloma viral types attached to a carrier agent across all lots tested.
    Anyone who gets injected then tests positive for papilloma virus and is NOT isolated to the LGBT community.
    Hence, the vaccine is the infector mechanism of TWO GMO papilloma viruses

    • It’s not homophobic.
      The public must be iinformed.
      Obama’s US gov disease-control website CDC says homosexuals are responsible for 85% the deadly disease Syphilis and 95% of HIV/AIDS.

      • The public can inform themselves without your pendejo interjections.

        • Just read Obama’s US government disease-control website CDC that says you homosexuals die of deaths 20 to 30 years earlier than us the straights Crowpie.
          You’re a freak of nature.
          This is Pestilency of Horseman of the Apocalypse announcing the end.
          People should beware of you because you’re a demon Crowpie.

          • Sooo fruitcake,what is the answer to the problem of STDs which seem to HAUNT YOU… You’d prefer to make love doll of which ever sex is available in your local sexshop than with a human being (with protection of course

            If so, that says a lot about you, nitwit

          • I got the homos Crowpie and Doggoneit banned for making death threats to me.
            Trump’s got their numbers now.
            His FBI will arrest them for supporting Obama the Antichrist and they both passed off as FBI agents, impersonating as FBI agents which gets 50 years in jail and $150 000 in fine.

            I don’t get these freaks.
            Why are they so mad that I say Obama’s the Antichrist. They think Obama’s the God like Oprah says Obama is?

            These are severely impaired mental people.

          • Sooo you don’t get us freaks?? I guess I could mirror that question…

          • And B stop talking that TRUMPY’s got anyone’s number as Bill mentioned earlier: DONUT TRUMPY hasn’t been elected and HE’S GOT ABSOLUTELY NO (read the phu-king word dick*ead – NO) hold on the FBI/CIA/CSIS/INTERPOL (that one’s too bad ’cause interpol could lock you up)…

          • Obama’s not God. Obama’s not the Messiah. The only quality he has is he’s black and has no identity; otherwise he’s 100% a fraud and criminal. Actually the greatest criminal in the history of Humanity.

          • I got you banned for making death threats and closed my comments because you revealed my private information online.
            I’m wondering why you make threats to me.
            I think you don’t like me saying Obama’s the Antichrist and you protest a whole lot about that so that’s suspicous as hell.
            It makes Obama look he’s the Actual Antichrist. You’re the one making him look like it.
            Why would you bother otherwise unless you wanted to hide it?
            Yeah, the ruckus to block me is suspicous. It makes it look like you Obots are nervous. You’re as nervous as HELL.
            You’re afraid Obama’s seen as the Antichrist.
            That shouldn’t worry you. Unless you’re hiding that he is indeed the TRUE ANTICHRIST.

          • :lol:

            Gerry said, “Horse.”

          • Geir, you closed your comments, because you’re a gutless, turd burgling, donkey rapist. You’ve had no one banned for death threats, because NO ONE HAS MADE DEATH THREATS, di*kweed.
            Trump-chisel doesn’t have anyone’s number, with the exception of his blind hair stylist.
            We don’t protest you saying Obama’s the Antichrist. We protest your unbridled stupidity and arrogance.


          • Obama’s the Antichrist.
            All of you will go to hell unless you reveal Obama’s the Antichrist.
            That’s your last chance.

          • Did you just give moi a last chance?

            Whatever shall I do?


          • Last chance, before what, Geir? Is that a threat?

          • Bill,

            I think you should have Geir banned for death threats.

          • You should call Trump he will get his FBI to investigate.

          • Bring on The Geir-stapo… :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

          • :eek: OH NO! NAZI Geir-stapo! :lol:

          • Jesus warned against false christs claiming come in his name as Christians.
            Obama’s not the Messiah and God as Crowpie and Lyle say.
            Obama’s the Antichrist and I’m the way and I’m the truth because I, alone in the world, reveal both their lies and who Obama is i.e. the Antichrist.

          • So I’m a demon too, now?

            According to you I am a dangerous backwoods Fundie Hick that drinks moonshine and does the deliverance dance while pretending to be a false Christ and passing off as a Christian in drag that never heard of a university in my life all while hiding the fact that I am a demon.

            Are you having any other symptoms, Mr. Smith?

          • At one point Mr Smith you mentioned that only 144,000 would be saved IF they agreed with you – how many have you got now??

          • Yes, crowpie you’re a backward Christian fundie and Jesus warned to not follow you because you’re not representing Jesus.
            He said you’re Minions of Satan. Those are his words.

        • Say Jeff! They’re on their own. I’m not a cult gathering members. That’s what you inbreds do.

          In the Apcaolypse people will recognize each other.

          While you homos are here busy heckling Obama’s just been rebuffed on his Executive Amnesty so he’ll not be able to protect 4 million from deportation.

          Trump’s called him a Kenyan on SNL and garnered 10 million viewers and more on You Tube.

          Ben Carson’s reaching sratospheric pollings for asking the media why they don’t ask abouit Obama’s sealed records.

          It’s you backward fundies will go to hell NOT ME.

          • So now you’re no longer trying to recruit for your Messengers of the Apocalypse??

  • Problem is Americans need to make stuff again, use their ingenuity to compete with the big global corporations.

    If you have product that you can produce and source locally to make it, then we keep the money “in country” the economy would then improve overnight.

    The problem is the small businesses are squeezed out and middle class destroyed.

    We produce items right here in Maine and sell all over the country, support each other with a few dollars and watch things turn around….vote with your dollar!

    Get the Rosemary Kelp Mint Salve it work miracles with winter dry cracked skin.

  • There are Obots in the comments here who revere Obama as being God and the Messiah.
    They’re in a pitched battle to defend Obama for it.
    But Obama’s not God and not the Messiah, in fact he’s not even got a dam* birth certificate: he’s a Nobody.
    I’d go further.
    He’s the Antichrist.
    Oprah Winfrey says Obama’s the messiah and so does Louis Farrakhan, two of the most misguided and twisted people in the media.
    Doggoneit and Crowpie too are unconditional Obama fans. to them he’s God and the Messiah. They have no doubts.
    But Obama’s not God and not the Messiah.
    So, he can’t be both unconditionnally perfect and not be God. That’s impossible. It’s “either or”. But Obama can’t be imperfect and be God. And he’s imperfect that’s for sure.
    The Obots who are unconditionnal Obama fans are in error and misguided.

    • Gerry you have no idea whether or not I like Obama. All you know is that I disagree with your hateful rhetoric.

      I could disagree with everything Obama does all day every day, and still disagree with everything you say and do.

      Two wrongs do not make a right.

      • Don’t ask him to try to do math, Ms. CrowPie. He can’t afford any more confusion. :wink:

        • Beg Pardon. :oops:

          • 1 wrong + 1 wrong = ?
            It just flusters him, when he has to do addition. :lol: :lol:

          • I forget occasionally and treat him like he is into human girls.

          • Nope, just hermaphroditic donkeys, and the occasional goat. :lol: :lol: If hermaphrodites aren’t available, it’s strictly boys.

          • Crowpie and Lyle are backward fundie inbred hicks: Jesus warned to not follow those coming in his names as Christians.
            I’m the way and I’m the truth because I ,alone reveal Obama’ sthe Antichrist.
            And to do that I rely upon the miraculous heaven-sent proof of the lottery draw of 666 the day after Obama’s election in his hometown.

          • Like Bill said, ” a gutless, turd burgling, donkey rapist.”

            Open the comments on your own articles chicken liver.

          • You’re a demonic Minion of Satan-in-Person aka Obama the Antichrist.
            You’re a backward fundie inbred hick: Jesus warned to not follow those coming in his names as Christians.
            I’m the way and I’m the truth because I ,alone reveal Obama’ sthe Antichrist.
            And to do that I rely upon the miraculous heaven-sent proof of the lottery draw of 666 the day after Obama’s election in his hometown.

          • Luckily, Geir, I’ve never claimed to be a Christian. Anyone looking to follow me, can go ahead, if they so choose. I offer no spiritual guidance, or redemption. A couple of laughs, is all I got for yas.
            Hey, it beats listening to Geir…..

  • It’s a virus you moron! You Bible thumpers are one mean spirited nasty bunch of people to gloat over someone’s suffering.. Whatever god that dwells in you and makes you that cold, I want no part f that deity…ugh… There have been gay people since the beginning of people… Shame on you for your cruel attitude. :sad:

  • A horrible subject for an article, yet regrettably true. But terrible diseases afflict many other sectors of society for the many other sins that are out there…
    Adultery, fornication which is any sexual act outside of marriage, lying, stealing, idolatery and many others.
    How widespread is the guilt?
    We are ALL affected.
    Those men and women infected by this terrible disease and enslaved to these lusts, I urge you to call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Confess your helplessness and your desperate need for mercy and pray for the miracle of deliverance from sin and the healing of your mind and your body.
    Read this FREE ebook that helps identify the curses in your life and how you can be set free:
    Contact me through the website if you are serious about getting healed.

  • papilloma disease is known for a long time, specifically for causing uterus cancers.
    Pictures below are pictures of the tree skin disease.

    Religious or not, stop being so vengeful on people who have done nothing to you.
    Preacher or not, you’re no one to judge.

    Perfect example of biggot.
    Isn’t the bible who says “judge not if you don’t want to be judge” ?

    • Preaching to the wrong audience here! These bible-nuts are nothing other than full-fledged judgmental bigots.

  • Barry has one of those sores on his nose!

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