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It’s over. They’re done.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 4:05
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  • The whole system is stacked against the people, it’s gone beyond the realms of acceptable, the fix is in…..


    • The spirit of truth has been released on mankind. The seeds are sown, they are many, and the fruits of this labor will cleanse this earth of dishonesty, and rebuild. Treat each other well, take care of earth. Hell is about to be unleashed on those who refuse kindness.

      • Those who are the seed of Abraham are the seeds of truth.

        Those who are in Jesus are in the truth.

        Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. – Joh_14:6

        This world will be destroyed and a new kingdom will be brought in by Christ.

        Hell is about to be unleashed on those who are not in the Christ.

        • don’t be so dumb,you religious bully.

    • Homeowner Of Record

      I challenge anyone in the media, FBI or DOJ to investigate this.

      Please forward this link on social media to raise awareness.

      There is abundant evidence that Ohio’s top three Republicans, Governor Kasich, Attorney General DeWine and Chief Justice O’Connor have sanctioned aggravated theft and racketeering crimes against Ohio residents. Their corrupt judges while hiding financial conflicts of interest have been illegally seizing thousands of family homes without due process under color of law for a mega-bank that had billions of dollars in business with Kasich’s last two employers. Counsel for this Plaintiff violate civil procedure and federal laws daily without any accountability whatsoever. Defendant objections to these acts are totally ignored as if non-existent and jury trials usurped to cover it up.

      An investigation of these crimes was repeatedly demanded of multiple state agencies, including the governor’s office & refused by all. Financial disclosures for all nine judges involved with this one case were requested numerous times, yet withheld in violation of Election & Sunshine Laws. Crimes in this case are still on-going including Stark County Recorders making multiple changes to Case Filing of November 10th & also adding four pages seven days after it was recorded to favor this same bank managing their pensions. It can be clearly seen on CJIS Docket. Refer to Case # 2011CV03288. Lehman Brothers legacy lives on in Ohio with its Governor who is running for president that coincidentally wants rid of the U.S. Department of Commerce.


  • - We are slaves, we all have to stand up, buy some land, live off the land, throw out all materialism and protect the ones you love. Survival. This isn’t living, this being slaves to murderers, and thieves.

  • Well Dean, I guess since you said the Hell with the system, You’re copy Right and don’t share policy is out the window, Right.

  • Someone is telling these cops it’s OK to blow the public away, the agenda is to make the public start gunning cops down on sight and in all honesty they deserve it, but to do so just plays into the hands of the Elite, A world wide strike, non compliance, I like it, but I think the only way to end this nightmare is a world wide french style revolution, take their heads before they take ours.

  • That was excellent. We are mad as hell, and we are many.

  • You can’t copyright content through 2016 — WHEN IT’S 2015! Just mindless drivel… Is there a problem? Yes. So, who’s ready to start this rebellion? Just more rhetoric.

    • b4

      you can get a 5 year copyright of your material–just means next year he will have to refile–

    • Exactly, trying to read and understand something before you run your suck moron.

  • I think Mr. Dean needs to go watch the video of that incident again, the guy DID have a gun, you can see it plain as day. My only beef is that you are supposed to know what is BEHIND YOUR TARGET. Those cops should be fired for reckless endangerment.

  • Hillary doesn’t have to pay taxes but she’ll RUBY RIDGE you if YOU don’t.

  • THEEEEERE are not cats in amerika and the streets are lined with cheeeese! xD ja, the rebellion, please, the whole world is ALREADY in rebellion against the Most High, so i am not worried aboot ze rebellion, zere is no rebellion.

  • He makes a great point, you cannot be a living breathing human being and also be a dead fiction aka a corporation. Pseudo corporate courts are a fictions and can only deal with dead fictions. I too do not consent!

  • I agree 100% but as long as the vast majority disagree, there’s nothing that can be done
    by avoiding the system except hurting yourself.
    It’s just not going to change and our lives are not long enough or powerful enough
    because we will always be a tiny minority.
    It is best to just adjust as best you can and choose where to live under the laws of that place.
    If it means moving to another country then that is still better than living as a criminal.

  • this guy has definitely gotten a bit heated about the edges… but he has made a point of truth that should not be ignored! Trump is only a false hope meant to prolong the agenda of tptb…… it is time……. Wake Up Everyone!!!!!!!


  • The US citizens have no representation in the US government.

    Our elections are nothing but a facade and a farce.

    We are ruled by corporations who are above the laws of the land.

    The USA is a dead man walking.

    • Isn’t everyone though? I mean people like you are just assuming that you know whats going on and because of articles like this you think you know. And people like you are so prone to the idea that you’re right that everyone else must be wrong. America may not be the best country economic wise and we often argue with ourselves but we are the country that helps those in need. Sure we can’t help everyone or we’d risk destroying ourselves but we do what we can. Maybe you say America is screwed but I still have hope that this country will pull together when it needs to and help make itself better in the long run.

      • By the way I realize that when I said everyone it could be considered confusing. When I said everyone I was implying that every country is a ‘dead man walking’ not just America. Every country has their problems.

  • +1 Cheers!

  • You can tell he probably has never listened on a police scanner radio.
    Eat More GMO :mad:

  • I had to pause this video about 1:45 in, to type this comment. At this time, Dean Clifford, mentions how we must give weight to our words. This is very important. The only way to give weight to our words is to speak the truth, because any foundation that is built on lies and deception will inevitably crumble under the weight of the truth. I believe we are at a point in time when a critical mass in the collective consciousness of our species is being reached, with regards to understanding that the institutions and establishments we have been lead to believe are on our side, have actively been working against us.

    The truth of this matter has been known by some for a long time and at first, those who tried to warn us were ridiculed, then they were violently opposed, and now we stand at a precipice where large numbers of the population are beginning to accept the warnings and explanations given by those who were once ridiculed and opposed, as the only obvious explanation as to why things are the way they are. These are the three stages of truth. Once this critical mass in the collective consciousness is reached, there will be no turning back, and nowhere for evil to hide it’s repulsive face. The golden rule will reign supreme.
    So be it.

  • Must of been good. They yanked the video.

  • You removed the video. I guess this is where you write a follow up article and/or video claiming the powers that be removed whatever you posted because you exposed them? lol :lol:

  • And yet another post removed, so why can some people swear and not others.

  • Finally some justice, but still your posted content contains verbal atrocity’s, why allow that, still seams one sided, foul language is a valid form of communication and a lot of the times expresses best the way a person feels, if your intent is to keep the site clean then at least control your video content, lest it just another US and THEM and as you often demonstrate, US don’t matter.

  • so’s your article.

  • I see Youtube is showing it’s true colors again and have removed it

    Did the trees in the background contain copyrights or something Youtube

    Keep it up because your days are numbered because people don’t like to be told what they can and cannot see

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