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President Obama Builds up to ‘Extraterrestrial Disclosure’

Friday, December 4, 2015 4:07
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Obama Alien 1

I’m sure I’ll regret saying this, but since stumbling across this article, I have a new found respect for President Obama.

To anyone who reads this through and watches the videos, I’ll be waiting for your thank you. This will be one of the most exilerating articles/blog posts you’ve ever read in your life, I assure you.

As for my respect for Obama, In all fairness, the amount of respect I have is on par with the amount of common sense he exercises in a given day, so no need for anyone to get carried away about my change of heart. 

Nonetheless, that is infinitely more respect than I’ve had for him the last 7 years.

Forgive me if the cynic in me thinks the only reason Obama wants to come clean on the Alien/UFO Disclosure is to stick it in the face of Christians, but I’ll refrain from the unpleasant talk and get to why this article is FASCINATING on so many levels.  

First, to TRULY  grasp the significance of this article, you really need to either be quite a UFO enthusiast, or at least have some background knowledge about why this is the FURTHEST thing in the world from a joke, so let me attempt to provide some background here.

In a previous post titled, Largest Reason Hillary Will Never be President: The Rockefeller Initiative (Videos), a wild and crazy Clinton Scandal (go figure) is revealed to exist, however we know very little about it.

What little information IS known, is taken from the official  Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Clinton Presidential Library via the Freedom of Information Act, so I assure you, this is not a prank. 

Since this post is about Obama, and not Hillary, there will be links to more on Hillary at the end, but the following is the crucial information: Laurance Rockefeller, of the famed Illuminati family the Rockefeller’s went to Bill Clinton during his presidency, and requested/demanded that all information pertaining to UFO’s and Aliens be disclosed to the general public. The following is a copy of the initial document:

Rockefeller Document

From what I understand, or what I remember, Hillary became the “go to person” of sorts in the administration on this while someone, presumably the military tried to work out details about how disclosure could be made. The point is, Hillary was up to her eyeballs in aliens, whether it was through conversation or books. 


In later life, Rockefeller became interested in UFOs. In 1993, along with his niece, Anne Bartley, the stepdaughter of Winthrop Rockefeller and the then-president of the Rockefeller Family Fund, he established the UFO Disclosure Initiative to the Clinton White House. They asked for all UFO information held by the government, including from the CIA and the US Air Force, to be declassified and released to the public. The first and most important test case where declassification had to apply, according to Rockefeller, was the Roswell UFO incident. In September 1994, the Air Force categorically denied the incident was UFO-related. Rockefeller briefed Clinton on the results of his initiative in 1995. Clinton did produce an Executive Order in late 1994 to declassify numerous documents in the National Archives, but this did not specifically refer to UFO-related files.[4]

Mr. Rockefeller, developed a talent for chasing down a scientist by the name of Dr. Gibbons, who was a very significant figure since he was Special Assistant to President Clinton for Science and Technology. In one exchange he was noted as having said:

“There is a belief in many quarters that the government has long held classified information regarding UFOs which has not been released and that the failure to do so has brought about unnecessary suspicion and distrust. Many believe that the release of such information, if it exists, on a basis consistent with national security considerations, would be a significant gesture which would increase confidence in government.”

If you understand who the Illuminati are, who the Rockefeller’s are, understand that a Rockerfeller was more or less trying to strong arm the President of the United States into disclosing information about aliens, you realize that this is a story few movies could keep up, but this is all very real. 

Mother Jones Reports:

Over the next three years, Rockefeller and his associates corresponded and met with officials in the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, according to documents released as part of a records request filed by Cameron. The effort, known as the Rockefeller Initiative, helped push the Air Force to produce what it characterized as the definitive report on Roswell. (UFO activists were not satisfied, to say the least.) The initiative  also may have helped spur a 1995 executive order that declassified millions of records, of which the vast majority were not UFO-related.

In August 1995, Rockefeller met with Hillary Clinton, and perhaps Bill, at his Wyoming ranch. In a memo, the then-director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Jack Gibbons, warned the Clinton;s about Rockefeller’s agenda before the visit. “[Rockefeller] will want to talk with you about his interest in extrasensory perception, paranormal phenomena, and UFO’s,” he wrote. Gibbons said he’d tried to persuade Rockefeller “not to bother you with this issue” and to focus instead on the administration’s science and technology policies.

In August of 1995 the Clinton’s made a trip to Rockefeller’s JAY Ranch near Jackson’s Hole, Wyoming.  Many speculate that UFOs and ETs must have been a subject of conversation during the visit.  However, there has never been any proof of this, until now.



Rock 1

Hillary Clinton and Laurance Rockefeller walking at his Wyoming Ranch

(image credit: Clinton Library)

Rock 2

Hillary Clinton and Laurance Rockefeller walking at his Wyoming Ranch

(image credit: Clinton Library)

In these famous pictures of Hillary and Rockefeller walking on a wooded path during the visit, Hilary is holding a book.  For years researchers have been trying to figure out which book she is holding, to find out if it would provide clues as to the nature of their conversation.  Finally, Tonio Cousyn (known as elevenaugust at Open Minds Forum) has figured it out.  He discovered that the book is Paul Davies’ Are We Alone? Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life.  The images below show how he discovered this.

Book 1

Front cover of Paul Davies’ book

Book 2

Back cover of Paul Davies’ book

Book 3



Close up of the book in Hillary Clinton’s arm. Click the image to go to a book cover comparison created by Tonio Cousyn.

Amazon describes the book as: “The authentic discovery of extraterrestrial life would usher in a scientific revolution on par with Copernicus or Darwin, says Paul Davies. Just as these ideas sparked religious and philosophical controversy when they were first offered, so would proof of life arising away from Earth. With this brief book (160 pages, including two appendices and an index), Davies tries to get ahead of the curve and begin to sort out the metaphysical mess before it happens. Many science fiction writers have preceded him, of course, but here the matter is plainly put. This is a very good introduction to a compelling subject.”


Now things get even more bizarre. I’m sure few remember but Hillary was asked about the Rockefeller Initiative during her 2008 Presidential campaign, however since Barack wasn’t privileged to the information yet, the topic never got off the ground. Rest assured, sources I have heard speak inside the GOP, are well aware of the initiative, and Hillary’s role in it, and they plan to attack her on that issue immediately once she has the official nomination and can’t weasel out like in 2008. 

Experts in this field, like Stephen Bassett have been working for full government disclosure ever since the Rockefeller initiative, and Bassett claims, that by the time a new President is elected, there will be full disclosure… that it’s unavoidable. Hillary will be forced to disclose information, but that’s only if she gets the nomination. Many a “Conspiracy Theorist” could argue all the leaks about Hillary’s Benghazi email etc., are really a well masked disguise to prevent Hillary from getting the nomination, and therefore keeping the knowledge she possess safe. 

The only problem with that theory, is that by itself would not contain the secrets. In a stunning Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) report on Prime Minister Medvedev’s agenda at the World Economic Forum (WEF) stated that Russia will warn President Obama that the “time has come” for the world to know the truth about aliens, and if the United States won’t participate in the announcement, the Kremlin will do so on its own.

I promised to give background to the article below, and I have done that. Volumes could be written on this topic. For those reasons, and countless others I have not covered, a great many in the UFO/disclosure community have predicted that Obama will be the disclosure President. If Obama is the president who discloses Aliens, I imagine history will be very kind to him. Nothing he ever said or did will matter, except the content of the speech that announces we are not alone in the universe. It will rank up there higher than, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!”

Finally, before getting to the article below, it is important to understand who we mean when we say “Disclosure Community.” We are not referring to a group of fruit loops running around in tin foil hats. Dr. Greer of all people, who was also heavily involved with talks between the Clinton’s and the Rockefeller’s at the time, began what is know as the The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, which really began picking up steam in 2001.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was an unprecedented event. Researchers, activists, and military witnesses representing ten countries gave testimony in Washington, DC to six former members of the United States Congress about events and evidence indicating an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. With over thirty hours of testimony from forty witnesses over five days, the event was the most concentrated body of evidence regarding the extraterrestrial subject ever presented to the press and the general public at one time. 



Citizen Hearing On Disclosure




At this point you know as much as you NEED to know, to understand the significance of the article below. There is no limit to how much further you can explore this topic, because every door takes you somewhere amazing. To get a better idea who Stephen Bassett is, and his role in all of this, the following video is fromDavid Whitehead – Truth Warrior, who has Stephen Bassett on his show as a guest. The two hour show will literally take your breath away and leaving you thirsting for more, so it’s well, well, well worth listening to! I’m warning you! Do NOT start it if you don’t have 2 hours. You will NOT want to pause it! It’s AWESOME!

AWESOME Steven Bassett Interview

The following is a video made my Dr. Greer, more or less the founder of the The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, and a Dr. heavily involved in those disclosure conversations with President Clinton. In the full-length movie, the Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. What we have learned from them about energy propulsion can bring us to a new era, but those in power have suppressed this information in order to keep us at their mercy. It is time for you to know… and this documentary will let you in.

Sirius Documentary




Last Saturday night(25th April 2015), President Barack Obama gave a joke filled speech at the annual White House Press Correspondents dinner. The news station ‘Fox News’ covered a few of the zingers Obama threw at all and sundry across the partisan political divide. At the very top of Obama’s top ten jokes, according to CNN news channel, was the President’s own personal list of recent executive actions, which he humorously suggested was his (rhymes with) “bucket list” intended as an act of defiance against political opponents to his administration’s policies.  Obama signaled that his ‘bucket list’ of executive actions would grow in the remaining 21 months of his Presidential administration revealing the depth of his frustration against political roadblocks to his policies and legacy. It is very interesting how Obama very randomly visited Stonehenge when he was last over in the UK, which again he put this down to the fact Stonehenge is on his very own Personal Bucket list! (Perhaps his thoughts were on the Aliens at the time and their origins here on earth!?)

Stonehenge Obama



Obama’s recent ‘surprise’ visit to Stonehenge.

Obama and one of his former senior advisers, John Podesta, have recently publicly stated that among the administration’s political frustrations is a lack of progress on the release of classified UFO files concerning extraterrestrial life and technology. These recent statements signal that among the executive orders Obama is contemplating to help establish his Presidential legacy, is decisive action on extraterrestrial disclosure.

At his Saturday night Press Conference speech, Obama said:

“I am determined to make the most of every moment I have left. After the mid-term elections my advisers asked me, “Mr President do you have a bucket list?” I said well, I have something that rhymes with bucket list. Take executive action on immigration? Bucket. New climate regulations? Bucket. It’s the right thing to do.”

Obama Alien 2

A man in the know about to come clean!?

Back in March 12th 2015, Obama revealed live on the Jimmy Kimmel show that his and previous Presidential administrations have been prevented from releasing the truth about extra-terrestrial life and technology, saying this with a look of a man telling the truth but not meaning to come across like he is. In response to Kimmel’s interesting question about “how he would seek to gain access to UFO files and Area 51 if he were president”, Obama went on to claim:

“The aliens won’t let it happen. You’d reveal all their secrets. They exercise strict control over us”

When Kimmel then went on to protest that President Clinton said he had looked into Area 51 and found nothing, Obama then replied, “That’s what we’re instructed to say.”

Immediately after the show Obama’s comments were pretty much dismissed across the globe as a joke by the mainstream media. HOWEVER, Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent, conducted an in-depth forensic analysis of Obama’s body language and speech, and immediately concluded that ‘he was showing great stress in revealing some uncomfortable truths’.




Ben Hansen Ex FBI

It’s important to remind you guys (previously posted before HERE!) that on Feb 13, John Podesta, Obama’s counselor for energy policy and the environment tweeted:


That now Famous Tweet!

Podesta’s clear frustration and annoyance over the inability for the Obama administration to gain access to classified UFO files appears almost certainly shared by President Barrack Obama….something which appears clearer and clearer as each day goes by.

Podesta’s now famous statement makes it appear very clear the full context of Obama’s later space alien comments on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Obama’s direct comment that the space aliens “exercise strict control over us” and Presidents are “instructed” on what to say about alien life is clearly no joke. Obama was making an extremely clear/important admission about how Presidents have been regularly frustrated in their efforts to find the truth about extra-terrestrial life and technology.

Unsurprisingly, there was a few remarks during the White House Press Correspondents dinner reminding the audience about Obama’s March 12 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Comedian Cecily Strong, who followed Obama’s speech with another humor filled speech before the assembled Press corps, said:

“Mr President, thank you so much for taking time away from being on Jimmy Kimmel to be here.”

Was Cecily Strong simply making a cheeky wry comment about the time Obama spent covering a wide range of topics in his Jimmy Kimmy Live appearance, or perhaps, was she tipping off the audience that such appearances are when Obama humorously reveals his true position on the REAL true important issues? The remark was likely coordinated with Obama speech writers who knew what she would say; or even perhaps asked her to insert the remark to allude to the policy significance of his appearance.

What with the Obama administration soon to be winding down over the next 21 months or so, the President has now officially and publicly stated his intent to move forward with executive actions on very important policy issues that he has been frustrated in resolving through the normal legislative process!!

Podesta’s UFO Tweet and Obama’s alien comments on Jimmy Kimmel Live, combined with the President’s April 24 speech, are all very clear signals that Obama is very much contemplating an ‘executive order’ that facilitates disclosure of classified UFO files concerning extra-terrestrial life and technology…..whether you love him or hate him, THIS is what the world wants and needs.




 The Truth is coming?

U.I.P Summary

President Obama started off as a man that was going to offer America a new chapter in their History books but sadly his Presidency has not really come to much and he is one of the more disliked Presidents the US have had for a while (U.I.P will sit on the fence here with this).  Perhaps, just perhaps, Obama feels that by bringing Alien Disclosure it will make him the most recognized President EVER…..and lets be honest with ourselves it would be an incredible achievement for any President/Government to bring about Alien Disclosure!

All of the above is an even greater reason why we ALL need to keep pushing for the truth on a daily basis…..the more we push and put pressure on those in Power, the more chance we have of those so-called Leaders of ours wanting to ‘Become the one that TOLD THE WORLD THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ET BEINGS!

Either way we will discover the Truth people…



Pt. 1: Illuminati Infiltrate NASA, Conceal Largest Lie in History, & Will Depopulate

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Pt. 17: How Do the Illuminati Control Politics, Music, the Media, and Hollywood? (Videos) 

Pt. 18: The Illuminati’s #1 Tool Used To Keep The Masses In Line 



UFO Activists Excited About Hillary Presidency Because of NWO “Rockefeller Initiative” 

Largest Reason Hillary Will Never be President: The Rockefeller Initiative (Videos)

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Blackholes – #9 Seems Impossible! 

4 Weird “Clues” That Parallel Universes Exist









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  • Why would this be a stick it in the face to Christians ? As far as I know the bible speaks of other life forms beings etc … It also refers to most of them as fallen angels so if Christians are aware of this because of what the bible speaks of what has been proven ?? Only proves to me all the scrolls, bible, ancient texts, archeological discoveries etc etc are right in these are fallen angels at it again so to speak ! None the less very powerful very advanced yada ya … But good thing the warning was already given so if anything Christians have been ready for this for quit some time now … Which means they are aware of what is next after that and so forth! If anything this also proves to me it wasn’t God lying during science and history class but gee wiz it was Hillary Clinton lol ;)

    • You are correct. There is indeed a false rapture/alien invasion coming. many have received visions/dreams and prophecy about it…. I have had four dreams about it myself.

      Here is an excerpt from one of Linda Newkirk’s prophecies about what is coming….

      “They shall come at a terrible time in the earth and at a time when many feel hopeless and in great despair, at a time when many think that they will escape such terrible times.

      Through vast mind control techniques, they will gain control over the minds of many! The curious and the spiritually weak listen and many of them will obey the commands and they will willingly go and enter into these ships. And, many, who believe what is called the “early-out rapture” will believe that these ships are of Me; for their thinking is twisted and they will fall for the great mind control, which will come at them from many directions.

      Many televangelists will be used, and preachers will be used, as mind controlled stooges at the hands of Satan and these very evil creatures; and these preachers, and even certain prophets, will trumpet the arrival of Jesus for His people.

      Great lies, storms of lies, will beat down on the people; and such lies will seduce the weak, as great numbers, even millions upon millions of people the world over, will agree to enter into these ships.”


  • DJ

    Inter dimensional beings are no surprise to Bible believing Christians. Jesus cast out legions of them from a helpless humanity during His time on earth. “Do not be deceived” were the words of admonishment from Jesus concerning the days that we are now living in. Their ” disclosure” is intended to create a paradigm shift in the way people now think, so that they are willing to cast off all belief systems in favor of the lying narrative that these inter dimensional beings perpetrate in order to get the world on the same page. There is nothing new under the sun.

  • 1الإسلام مجد

    The population of the planet had been prepared by Hollywood and the media and I do not think disclosure on its own will have any significant impact on society and religion. The vast majority of the population already believe we are not alone. The Pope even said he wants to baptize them when they arrive.

  • Aliens are demons that are orchestrating a grand deception to get people to accept their coming world ruler–the antichrist.

    • I don’t click on your stories because you disable the comments. When someone doesn’t want people openly discussing their articles it makes it look like they are just making stuff up. If you enabled the comments you would get more readers. Just something to think about.

      Also, it comes across as rude when you don’t allow comments on your stories but you comment on other peoples’.

      • There are many reasons why I do not allow comments. For one, my time is extremely limited and I do not have time to answer or refute many of the erroneous ideas that people post and may harm other individuals. Another is that in the past many have blasphemed God of which I do not want on my articles.

        If you choose to not read an article because they do not allow comments, you have that choice. If I choose to comment on a story that allows comments, I have that choice.

        If I choose to not serve french fries in my restaurant, but go to a restaurant and order french fries, that has nothing to do with rudeness.

        BTW I am not out to get numbers–I write for a different purpose.

        • “If you choose to not read an article because they do not allow comments, you have that choice.”

          This is true. It is a choice I will gladly make.

          As for the french fries thing… apples to oranges.

          Good Luck with your writing,


        • “There are many reasons why I do not allow comments. For one, my time is extremely limited and I do not have time to answer or refute many of the erroneous ideas that people post and may harm other individuals.”

          Thanks for looking out for me, oh wise one. What would I ever do without you?

          By the way thanks for your writing, I enjoy a good laugh.

          • Yeah I can’t help but wonder… if his time is so extremely limited then why does he use it to come up with the jibberish in his articles?

        • “I do not have time to answer or refute many of the erroneous ideas that people post and may harm other individuals.”

          Erroneous ideas? You mean like the thousands of outlandish and now discredited prophecies you have made and posted?


          Posting commentary to other people’s articles does not make you a connoisseur of French fries. It makes you a hypocrite.

          Carry on, Master of Divinity.

          • Right. The point I was trying to make was that if you deny the patrons of your restaurant french fries they will likely go somewhere else to eat where they can get those delicious golden wonders.

        • A large universe, and god only creates the life on earth (but only for the past 6000 or so years, right?), angels, and demons? That’s some crazy christian thinking right there.

        • You sound very one sided, and argument, and leave no room for debate, just like most dictators are one sided. Refute that….LOL

        • FACE IT @ William Frederick, M. Div. Clucking Bell owned you! Get carried ahahahahah ye! :evil:

    • blow me down with a feather I bet your a so called fake Christian ,the only reason you think aliens are demons is because it don’t fit in the bible ,you lot want the bible in a nice box with a ribbon all shiny and new
      I have news for you Aliens have been around long before Jesus was even thought of in daddies eyes
      if they wanted then could have ruled the world after WW1 or even WW2 in fact they could have just tugged a comet on to earth years ago but have not how would you feel if ET had a god and he is the one true God ? I bet you would pee your pants and then call then evil or demons Ho wait did you say they was :grin: well its more likely Jesus was an ET

  • They will save this disclosure to use against the stupid people who either don’t believe or don’t think about it. They are already here, demons disguised at humans who sometimes let their manifested bodied souls turn into their disgustingly ugly demon manifestations. They are the fallen ones. Don’t be fooled, I’ve seen it happen right in front of me. These so called leaders are ‘them.’

  • Disclosure, aliens – very likely they exist, but the idea also fits nicely into starting a New World Order, a great questioning and departure from religious faith causing the great apostasy, and fits well with end times prophecy of an Antichrist dictatorship:   Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

  • mitch51

    Dear Brothers,

    WTF? I did not see one comment in that article speaking towards religion. Aliens have nothing to do with a bibble study group. Aliens could not care less what the bibble says. I don’t see what religion has to do with this article whatsoever.

    God Bless A Religious Slant On Everything Everywhere Including Aliens

    • ‘Religion’ is a man-made concept!
      The Holy Scriptures are among other things a book of history, anthropology and philosophy…
      In scripture, the Lord is quoted as saying He “has other flocks, in other places”.
      Isaiah writes (in Chapter 13) what the Lord described, if required to express His anger with humanity:
      He is going to bring in His “sanctified ones”, His “mighty ones”, His “eminently exultant ones”.
      “They are coming from the land far away, from the extremity of the heavens…”
      Boom, there it is right there.
      Other flocks in other places!
      ‘Religion’ hasn’t been able to make much sense of some of the Bible for centuries – but today we can better decipher the ancient riddles with our understanding of technology…
      The vast majority of humanoid life in ‘the heavens’ is extra-terrestrial. Not of this Earth.

      • you are surely AWAKENED one. so great to see

      • The Bible is the greatest story of all time. OF ALL TIME. :evil: sorry if I went all nigga Kanye West on you lol. :evil:

      • I agree with you that “Religion” is a “man-made” concept, in that I also believe that Religion is Mans (or Mankind) Way To Reach Up To God!…and Christianity Is God Reaching Down To Man (or Mankind)!

        According to the Bible “All Scripture is Given by Inspiration of God, and is Profitable for Doctrine, for Reproof, for Correction, for Instruction in Righteousness:”…2 Timothy 3:16 (KJV)

        In scripture Jesus says “And other sheep I have which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold (flock) and one shepherd”…John 10:16 (KJV) Has nothing to do with “Aliens” in other places!

        In Isaiah 13:3-5 (KJV)…Isaiah the son of Amoz has a vision and God says to him: Verse 3: “I have commanded my SANCTIFIED ONES, I have also called my MIGHTY ONES for mine ANGER, even them that rejoice in my highness.” This scripture has nothing to do with God Expressing His Anger with Humanity! Verse 5 says “They come from a Far Country, from the end of Heaven, even the Lord, and the weapons of his indignation, to destroy the whole land” There are No “Aliens” coming from “Outer Space” in this verse, all activity here is happening on Earth…God’s Battle Against Babylon!

        OOPS There it is!…The Bible says “Study to shew (show) thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth!”…2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV)

        Yes my Brother Don’t Rely on Religion but Trust God’s Word and “Let God be True, but every Man a Liar;…” Romans 3:4 (KJV)…God Bless!

  • Finally the truth about what is going on in the Mid-East, Yes.

    Now you know why they have been evacuating Syria. During archaeological digs, at one site they uncovered a Master Stargate with Many other ancient advanced Alien Technology. This Chamber led into a underground maze of underground caverns. It got really strange, Lights, and control panels started lighting up, the scientific group was ambushed by Aliens, that are living underground through out Syria.
    Immediately the Syrian Government informed Russia, and asked for help, Russia put together an Alien Reactionary Force, went on expedition fully armed with their own reverse engineered Alien weapons platforms, they was ready for a hellish fight, by the evidence, these Aliens was very hostile.
    These Aliens wanted their Stargate back, and pist about it too.
    As the Reactionary team reached the 2nd level of the Alien Underground facility all hell broke loose, it was a fight like no other, could not tell who was shooting at who. This fight lasted only a few minutes but seemed like hours, as body parts lay around, the smoke cleared, and the reactionary team was clearly out numbered by the Aliens had to retreat to the Surface.

    Now NATO, and countries are working with Russia, and any minute now under the guise of War will commence Pounding the Aliens to shreds.
    They stated these are the most Evil Alien Species ever encountered, and all must work together to defeat them before they take over the world, They Code Named this Alien Species “IS”
    They also found evidence of the most gruesome horrific experiments ever documented
    The whole Operation is Code Named Operation “Save Global Earth”

    Please do not get to emotional, they will try their best to contain these Aliens Within The Syria Area, Although these Aliens May go Berserk, and attack globally as noted these Aliens have single, and double disc type craft with lasers, and other armament unknown types.

    Any Minute now, The Global leaders will be announcing this.

    • Update:

      Russia has the master Stargate, and stated they have it working.
      Also the Western Eastern Coalitions working together, Captured a group of these Aliens at a Electrical Power Station.
      They stated these Aliens are able to shape shift to most any form, only at night. It is also noted these Aliens do not like the Sunlight, and use special lenses to void out light.
      Now it is feared that these aliens may have infiltrated the upper echelons using their shape shifting capabilities.
      The Coalition has the greatest scientific minds, along with all world organizations Special Forces teams, cracking codes, and inventing platforms to expose these Alien Infiltrators.
      Beware, ground penetrating Radar shows the Aliens Staging for what could be an Alarming event.
      Do not Fear your Governments are on high Alert, and not in their bunkers.

    • What convinced me is the great evidence you included. It doesn’t sound like wild speculation of a rambling mad man at all

      • That would be really wild if it was true. I have to say that I didn’t read the whole article or watch any videos. But I do have to thank the Unsilent one though, because now I understand why Obummer wants to take our guns away so bad. When disclosure happens and the aliens show up, Obummer doesn’t want us Americans shooting his brothers.. :cool: :lol: :lol:

    • Source?

      Also, if some alien life form had the technology to make it to this planet their weaponry would be so much more advanced than ours that there wouldn’t really be much of a fight or a chance of containing them.

    • UpDate:

      Just in, NATO has ordered more War Ships, and ground troops to counter the Alien Threat Code Name “DAESH”
      Also the Brits now Have Fighter jets in the Area, although highly Disorientated by some distortion beams the Aliens fired upon them.
      These beams totally disrupts the pilot thinking, one Brit Pilot was on the radio screaming gibberish, and ejected for no reason.
      NATO may have ordered 30-40 thousand ground troops to Syria, as DAESH has said to use their shape shifting capabilities to look like refugees, and have now entered other countries.
      Just yesterday the Swiss stated 14,000 refugees disappeared, now they have reason to believe these was actually aliens code word “DAESH” Intel states they shape shifted to covertly infiltrate the Swiss government, and take over.
      Now there are many global hot spots, although they are still trying to disguise this as terrorist, and work place violence as not to alarm the Mass Public.
      There is a lot of Argument, and protest going on between global Leaders, and Most Politicians. Some want to inform the Public while others want to keep the Alien Invasion secret.
      They are very Scared that the Public will cause chaos , and harm themselves if told the truth.

      The Russians was already set to have a meeting with their Alien Counterparts on about 21 Dec 2015, Now they have put in an emergency call, thru strict intergalactic channels asking for emergency help to defeat DAESH Aliens.
      Also a High Alert is going out to all Global Command Centers.
      Satellite Communication Listening devices picked up a distress call, and request for back up by the DAESH Aliens, this was some how routed through Turkey.
      This signal routed through Turkey leads NATO to believe that Turkey has been Totally infiltrated by the Hostile Cannibalistic Reptilian Aliens Code Named “DAESH”
      As of this time no further info coming through as now a black out is initiated due to DAESH infiltration of Turkey.

    • Somebody is hitting on what the whole Middle East thing is all about. Quickly! Somebody change the topic or something. We’ve got a live one here! Put simply, we cannot have people talking about this stuff.

  • The Vatican is about to beat everyone to the punch! They are gearing up to not only offer full disclosure, but they will introduce an alien Messiah and will cause millions of people and some Christians to re-think their religious beliefs. This is called the great deception, and is spoken of in the bible.

    • These pricks are sitting on most of the world’s occult informations..all confiscated in the name of their religion (and finding that elusive Grail)! And this doesn’t even come close to the amount of materials (e.g. entire libraries) that they have gone to great lengths to destroy! Who knows what the actual expense was in human lives?

  • This article might stick it to the face of sleeping Christians, maybe they need to re-read Genesis 6.

  • Lets see here an article about Skull and Bones and Rothschilds, right off the bat this sound all propaganda to bring in their Satanic Alien – Satan… THE NEW WORLD ORDER KING OF THE AIR.

  • Just because a life form is not from earth does not automatically make it a “fallen angel” or a “demon” pull your heads about of 2000 year old stupidstitions and grow a clue… stupid ass bible babble…

  • Word Cloud ~ Crowd Loud
    Word Clouds ~ Words Could
    Words ~ Sword
    Words ~ Dr. Sow

  • jdp…He better do it before he is impeached or it won’t matter.

  • This sounds interesting but I’ve been heavily disappointed anytime I read an article on BIN where all the text is bolded. Plus, the phrase “This will be one of the most exilerating articles/blog posts you’ve ever read in your life, I assure you” seems like this writer is desperate to have your attention, making them appear less credible. Truth speaks for itself, it doesn’t have to be bolded.

  • What the heck are the pendants hanging off of Shillary’s neck???

  • Wow! so many brothers and sisters know exactly whats going on here ….. Praise the Holy Ghost for leading us all to real truth! he is a great teacher.

  • Oh no …our secret’s out…..there……………….. :mrgreen:

  • Your headline — “President Obamas Builds up to ‘Extraterrestrial Disclosure’ — is not even literate.

    It should read — President Obama’s Build up to “Extraterrestrial Disclosure”

    Furthermore, who even cares what BO thinks about UFOs? The odds that UFOs or alien civilizations exist are zero.

  • Children get ready to kick some alien ass! :evil:

  • Yeah, let’s trust the Rockefellers and out of control government for our info. /sarc

    Seriously, aliens are just demons sent to destroy your souls, don’t be misled.

  • Of course there’s alien life. Our own First Lady is Chewbacca’s brother.

  • Knew damn well he wasn’t an American.

  • I was right with you until you put common sense and Obama in the same sentence. Just let me know your one of those wacko Kool-Aid drinker.

  • GD, you are an idiot.

  • I think we should make it clear to the ass hats up top that the sooner they disclose the better, for them. If someone else has to do it, or we have to rip it by the roots from them, we WILL lock them up for the rest of time, in a small dark stinky cell!!!!!!! No planet in the verse will they be able to hide.

  • Void all post that calls this lying, foreign national, criminal… President!

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