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To Those Who Claim That Flat Earth Is A Psy-Op.

Thursday, April 21, 2016 8:01
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Is it your contention that all of the amateur balloon and rocket footage shot without a wide angle (fisheye) lens that demonstrates a completely flat earth and that the videos of the path of the midnight arctic sun were faked by the cia or someone or is it your contention that the flat horizon and the path of the midnight sun do not prove the earth is flat.

Let’s not forget the footage of the ships that disappear over the horizon that reappear when zoomed in. Is that faked too? Or the Chicago sky line being seen from 60 miles away, is that also faked?

I’m just wondering how you can look at the evidence and come to any conclusion other than the earth being flat, unless the evidence is faked or you don’t understand the implications of the evidence of course.

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    • No, it’s proof positive that you are a shill.

    • The path of the midnight arctic sun disproves the globe. No oval no globe. This should be the end of the discussion for anyone that has the ability to understand the implications of what is viewed from the arctic circle.

      If the earth were a globe rotating on a tilted axis as we have been taught, then from inside of the arctic circle near the outer edge where the sun is visible 24 hours a day in the summer time we should see the suns path as a clockwise rotating oval, not the up and down that is observed.

      The sun supposedly travels east to west across the sky because of the direction of the earth’s rotation. At night in the arctic circle we would be moving in the opposite direction in relation to the sun, so if we could see the sun at night (which we can from inside the arctic circle) then the sun would appear to be traveling the sky from west to east.

      So what we should see if the earth were a globe is the sun traveling from east to west then slowing and lowering and eventually changing direction to form an oval. This is not what we see. So the globe is debunked.
      I will go with what is proven, not what I was told by a bunch of lying freemasons.


      If the earth were a globe aprox. 25,000 miles in circumference, a plane traveling at 300 mph in a straight forward east west trajectory at the equator would be gaining altitude at a rate of 8” x 300m x 300m = 6000 ft. an hour = 1.14 miles an hour = 100 ft. a minute = 1.67 ft. per second.

      This rate would increase exponentially the further north or south you get away from the equator due to the smaller circumference of the globe earth near the poles when traveling in a strictly east to west direction.

      So unless pilots are constantly adjusting for curvature and pointing the nose slightly downward in order to compensate (which they aren’t because the earth is flat) they would be constantly gaining altitude.

      If we were on a spinning globe then people in north America should be being pulled slightly southward (northward in Australia) by the centrifugal force which would be pulling us outward at a 90 degree angle from the axis of rotation which from our perspective would be slightly south. We would always be a little of balance.

      This force should be easily detected and measured if it existed but it isn’t and it hasn’t because it doesn’t exist.

      Lunar eclipses sometimes happen when the sun and moon are both visible in the sky, this proves that it is not the earth’s shadow causing the eclipses.

      If we were on a spinning ball orbiting the sun that is orbiting the galactic center that is traveling through space at high speed, (which is not a uniform motion) we would be constantly changing direction, speeding up and slowing down and it would be noticeable.

      Not to mention that the constellations could not have remained the same for thousands of years in that scenario and that the stars closest to us should appear to be passing by faster than the ones that are supposedly billions of light years away just as a nearby tree appears to pass by much quicker then one in the distance when travelling the highway instead of them all appearing to move at the same speed regaurdless of supposed distance.

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