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Ex-HAARP Engineer Reveals Links Between HAARP, CERN, Wind Turbines, Fracking and the Space Fence

Friday, April 8, 2016 18:50
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The post WOW! Ex-HAARP Engineer Reveals Links Between HAARP, CERN, Wind Turbines, Fracking & The Space Fence appeared first on Kev Baker Show.

Ex-HAARP Engineer Reveals Links Between HAARP, CERN, Wind Turbines, Fracking & The Space Fence

Elana Freeland comes back to The Kev Baker Show and she brings with her someone dubbed “HAARP man”, Billy Hayes, to discuss the electromagentic lockdown that is underway on planet earth. From HAARP to CERN, throw in some FRACKING & WIND TURBINES, we connect the dots to bring forward information that is critical to learn at this time.



Billy Hayes, Ex-HAARP Engineer

Billy Hayes has been in high demand for years due to his knowledge, without realising the extraordinary price he has had to pay for just that expertise gained. Known as “The Haarp Man”, Billy was a tower erector, shadowed by the US military & the defence contractors that worked for them.

In this interview Billy takes us back to 1985, Sacramento, and the erection of a test antenna in the presence of one Mr Bernard Eastland, the inventor of the technology and the man behind what would become known as HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. 

Billy literally built HAARP, and talks about erecting the first “quad” of antenna’s at the site in Alaska. We discuss just how much he was told, and this is where we get into the compartmentalisation of this project and how this is vital to maintain secrecy on a program so classified. Elana also adds to the discussion at this point, explaining how its a “need to know” basis, and if you dont need to know, well, you dont get told. This is how no one person can blow the whistle as to what is going on. Billy himself thought he was just building another antenna, totally oblivious to what it would become a part of.

We then start to get into the science of HAAPR & ionospheric heaters.


What they are doing is transforming the atmosphere into an electrically charged plasma for various military uses, from weather manipulation to surveillance, potentially down to the rearranging of our DNA!

We talk about how all of this is intertwined with the chemtrailing operation that are on-going around the planet at this time, with the metals being used to create the charged atmosphere they desire.

Elana then talks about this transformation, describing it as turning the sky into a battery, or an antenna.

The metal particulates, and the nano-tech contained within, are being inhaled by us and we discuss just what the intentions of the controllers are.

Our natural environment is being changed into an artificially construct, swimming in elecromagnetic signals, with all of us slowly being integrated into this matrix forming around us. We discuss just what this means and where we are heading

Elana explains how all of this is integrated into something called The Space Fence, brought to us be Lockheed Martin.


We also discuss CERN and how it connects into this electromagnetic grid around us. Billy explains how the process of firing particles close to the speed of light around the 27km ring is the same as what they are doing in the plasma atmosphere above. Add to that the torsion field produced, and a magnetic field 100k times stronger than the one produced by the earth.

We discuss the cyclotronic resonance that is produced when they play with the atmosphere and how this is exactly the same as what they are doing with magnets down below at CERN.

CERN is also being used to manipulate the magnetic field of the planet, and its all connected to the space fence/prison planet system around us!


Billy and Elana then get into the fact that wind turbines & fracking is actually all part of this same system. They will explain how these form the ground element of the space fence and everything associated with it.

The public are told that wind turbines are nice and clean, renewable energy sources, but that is only a very small part of their function. Billy explains how the turbines are involved in the ionisation of our atmosphere.

Fracking is another component to this system. We discuss just what happens during the fracking process and just why they are doing it.


Elana Freeland is currently working on a book that will disclose all the details of something that is being called “The Space Fence”

Lockheed Martin are the ones behind the design of this system and on the face of it seems pretty harmless. Heres what Lockheed have to say about the Space Fence on their own site…

Lockheed Martin is currently developing its technology solution for Space Fence, a program that will revamp the way the U.S. Air Force identifies and tracks objects in space.

Space Fence will use S-band ground-based radars to provide the Air Force with uncued detection, tracking and accurate measurement of space objects, primarily in low-earth orbit. The geographic separation and the higher wave frequency of the new Space Fence radars will allow for the detection of much smaller microsatellites and debris than current systems. Additionally, Lockheed Martin’s Space Fence design will significantly improve the timeliness with which operators can detect space events which could present potential threats to GPS satellites or the International Space Station.

Space Fence will replace the existing Air Force Space Surveillance System, or VHF Fence, which has been in service since the early 1960s. The new system’s initial operational capability is scheduled for 2018.

With more than 400 operational S-band arrays deployed worldwide, Lockheed Martin is a leader in S-band radar development, production, operation and sustainment. The Lockheed Martin-led team, which includes General Dynamics, AT&T and AMEC, has decades of collective experience in space-related programs including sensors, mission-processing, cataloging, orbital mechanics, net-centric communications and facilities.


So, nothing to worry about right? 


The Space Fence, HAARP, CERN, wind turbines, fracking, smart meters & smartphones are just some parts of a electromagnetic prison being formed invisibly all around us!

Elana spoke of this the last time she visited the show and Ive included that interview below and the article can be checked HERE


Chemtrails and the metal particulates and other filth contained within are an essential ingredient to all of this. The metals, barium and aluminium, are required to turn the atmosphere into an ionised plasma, just what is required for all of the above to be possible.

We were recently joined by film maker Michael Murphy to discuss geoengineering and his new project UNCONVENTIONAL GREY. The information contained within this interview is vitally important if we are to gain an understanding of the bigger picture and how all of this fits together


All of the information on this show fits together with everything we have been covering with Anthony Patch & the CERN data. It also brings together the synthetic DNA that we have spoken of before, and on top of all that, we are doing all this at at time when the Gates to Baal are being erected!




Over the years, Elana Freeland has been a Rudolf Steiner school pioneer, teacher, lecturer, storyteller, and writer. She has written for alternative publications, edited the stories of survivors of MK-ULTRA and ritual abuse, and is still ghostwriting books on diverse topics. During her undergraduate days, she studied biology. In 1996, she was awarded a Master of Arts in Great Books and honors for her thesis on historiography at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In June 2014, Feral House Books released Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth. Recently, the Australian magazine Nexus published her article on invasive electromagnetic weapons. Freeland is also the author of a fictional American history series called Sub Rosa America about the “deep politics” behind the downfall of the United States since John F. Kennedy’s assassination. She has now begun the sequel to Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, which will be about the next phase of the global chemtrails-ionospheric heater technology: the Space Fence, a world Smart Grid enabled by the ionized atmosphere we now breathe. Humanity is to be neurologically herded toward a Transhumanist future inside the Space Fence lockdown. Freeland now lives in Olympia, Washington.

The post WOW! Ex-HAARP Engineer Reveals Links Between HAARP, CERN, Wind Turbines, Fracking & The Space Fence appeared first on Kev Baker Show.


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  • i have been researching all this for a long time.i have a family member that is an ex employee of nasa.she is a chemical engineer.i cannot make anyone believe me but what info i am privy to i know is fact.the silent weapons for quiet wars document is 100 percent real.this goes deep.dna,mind control,genetic modification etc.we are all in serious serious is downright sick and diabolical.people really need to get off the tv and quit watching sports and quit worrying about your kids missing sports practices etcthis and other programs effect every area of everyones lives.this is as simple as i can say it everything you think is off the wall or scifi or its insane is quite the opposite.the craziest things that you may think are not possible are.this is a world conspiracy.

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    • Neo

      Forget to take your meds? Go back to sleep. Seems like the ‘fear porn’ has you in a bad state of cognitive dissonance. So much that you can’t discern the signal from the noise.

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