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Here’s the Real Reason Trump’s General Flynn Lost His Job

Monday, February 13, 2017 20:21
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  • Personally, I do not have anything against Michael Flynn. I understand there are pressures in highly-political posts and each of us would struggle with certain aspects of that role if we were wearing the same shoes.

    However, there is much more to the story of Michael Flynn and it deals with the Libyan situation where he was given certain intel by James and Joanne Moriety who exposed a massive criminal enterprise from the State Department under Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama where they had armed and trained terrorists and then were responsible for about a million deaths including their beloved leader.

    The U.S. main stream media corps were also involved as nearly every reporter in Libya were CIA assets. This alone will give the people some pause as to which reporters are on the take and needs to be arrested and charged with war crimes along with Hillary, Barack and countless other treasonous psychopaths in U.S. Congress including John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

    What happened in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and other places is completely evil. The people must become aware of what is going on and demand further resignations and arrests. I will leave all this up to the people to decide for I am so angry at most of U.S. Congress, most of those who participated in this evil in the State Department and in the intelligence arenas. You all should have known better and you put every one of the people in America in danger because of your acts. In fact, when the people truly know is going on, I have a feeling that the public will we wanting all these people removed from the streets quickly.

    We must start to realize that that We the People have failed in our role to watch the government. It is our duty to watch them. It is our duty to hold them accountable. It is our duty to remove them from office and we failed ourselves and the world community. But no longer is this going to happen. The next phase is going to be the toughest. Mass arrests, trials, adjudications and sentencing will occur and many of these people will probably be executed for their crimes. It is just absolutely sad what has happened.

    Resign all those in U.S. Congress who have participated in this evil.

    Resign all those in the main stream media for we are going to sift through each of you to test you.

    In Jesus I give all power and authority and through him, I shall stand for righteousness.

    • We can now see what happens when a man (TRUMP) from outside the criminal establishment goes to Washington…not only is he sabotaged by the Democraps, he is also sabotaged by his own party (McCain, Graham, Ryan, Rubio – all on George Soros payroll), and many others….the Bush/Clinton Mafia have had control of the intelligence agencies for decades – they are all dirty, dirty, dirty….add in the FBI…dirty, dirty…..Flynn calling attention to the Clintons and the child sex trafficking and other nefarious operations they make billions off of meant he had to go first….anyone the criminal establishment can’t control – which means keeping all their dirty secrets – has to go……Trump is being attacked on all fronts, he is a warrior, a real fighter, but how can he win out over the totally rotted and corrupted Federal Government that we sent him to Washington to fix….clearly it can’t be fixed at all….it has to be demolished…or it will demolish Trump and us….Pence is a man I do not trust at all, he is I believe a Bush Cabal plant…notice how chummy he is with known pedophile and Bush criminal James Baker….and he turns up in Trump’s office with Baker and criminal Bush thief Hank Paulson wanting to discuss carbon taxes to fleece Americans out of billions….Pence is a New World Order guy…
      So, please tell us how does the aware, awake citizens “resign” an almost entirely corrupt government that is made up of the worst pedophiles and haters of humanity? How? How do we do that? Because we elected Trump against all odds, but we now see what he is up against…the impossible task of trying to do what we asked him to do with all of Washington acting against him?
      The only thing that I can imagine would help greatly would be if Jeff Sessions issued arrest warrants for the pedophiles he has the goods on, which by all accounts would go a long way of draining the swamp by including Graham, McCain, Schumer, Pelosi and many more….
      If you aren’t taking time every day to pray for Trump, his success and safety, and for America – to keep us from falling to Soros/Obama, Clinton communism…..well, you should start right now.

      • The Republicans were never Trumps “own party”. Both parties fought Trump’s nomination tooth and nail easily exposing the fact they are two wings of the same bird of prey, Organized Crime.

    • seeing the State Dept is full of Jews including John Kohn..aka John Kerry..

      • Victoria Nuland(Jew) ,key player in the overthrow of Ukraine..caught in a leaked phone call with Ambassador Pyatt(JEW) talking about who they would install as puppet…Arsenai Yatzenyuk(JEW) ,just so happened he was installed,but now you have Porochenko(JEW) – Spokeswoman for the State Department. Daughter of Sherwin Nudelman who changed his surname to the Gentile-sounding ‘Nuland.’ Married Robert Kagan, neocon Jewish warmonger.

      • Wendy Sherman – Under Secretary for Political Affairs. Recently met with Shimon Peres assuring him of Jewmerica’s loyalty to Israeli genocide of the Palestinians.

      • Hannah Rosenthal – Special Envoy to combat Anti-Semitism. (Your tax dollars hard at work forbidding you to criticize those who rule over you.)

      • Philip Goldberg – Under Secretary for Intelligence and Research. (Big Brother Jew is watching and getting background checks on you.)

      • Daniel Rubenstein – Principal Deputy Assistant for Intelligence and Research. (Big Brother Jew #2 is watching and getting background checks on you.)

      • Jerry Lanier/Anne Witkowsky – Coordinators for Counter-Terrorism. (Big Brother Jew #3 and Big Sister Jew are watching and getting background checks on you.)

      • Michael Posner – Assistant Secretary for Democracy and Human Rights. (Bringing Jewish ‘democracy’ and Jewish-inspired bombs to hapless nations around the globe. All at the cost of 7000 dead Gentile American soldiers. NO ‘Posners’ among the dead.)

      • Daniel Shapiro – US Ambassador to Israel. Has a GREAT LOVE for the Palestinian people! (Yet not a peep out of him protesting the illegal Israeli settlements…simply not in a ‘Shapiro’s’ blood.)

      as far as the media goes…well…they own mass media,and call you stupid for not figuring it out.. LA TIMES article by Joel Stein..Jews run media,Wall Street and your government…..

      So unless you kick all Jews out of media, forever,they will just hijack it again…

  • This is nothing but a strategic distraction. The truth is even if Flynn did talk about the sanctions with the Kremlin there is no law, or rule that prevents him from doing so. He has a first amendment right to free speech that is not confined by physical location. He is free to openly express his views and opinions whether it be in Russia, China or within the boarders of the continental United States.

    The fact is, at the time the communication in question occurred Flynn was not yet employed in any official capacity. He had no power or authority to negotiate anything. Flynn’s opinion in regard to what the incoming president might or might not do in regard to punitive sanctions, nuclear proliferation or even the price of tea in China is totally irrelevant. The fake news and Progressive operatives are once again throwing whatever rancid crap they can conjure up against the wall hoping something will stick. If the smear resonates with the American people they’ll run it into the ground. If rejected they’ll return to the drawing board to enact the next phase of their sedition.

    The Trump team really needs to emerge once in any given situation to explain reality. After their initial response they should refuse to respond to any questions regarding the matter. The press-core spokesman can inform everyone the new White House policy is to refuse to acknowledge any more seditious fabrications intended to derail Trumps presidency. He needs to highlight that there exists a rouge element within the Democratic Party, the Progressive socialists who are paying protesters, radical provokers and political operatives to create social melee and leave it at that.

    Nobody believes mainstream media except the brain-dead whose minds have already been corrupted, filled with misinformation, outlandish promises of social euphoria and lies about the president elect. For them the controversy false allegations brings is nourishment that builds strong resistance to a sovereign America. Their dream is to transform this nation into a socialist third world country. To integrate it with South America, Mexico and Canada creating the American Union sement of the one world control matrix being promoted by the Luciferians in power.

    A Student of the Word

    • Before anyone says it, NO the Logan Act does not apply. Flynn was not in any position as a private citizen to negotiate the removal of sanctions.
      The Logan Act essentially reads:

      “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

      This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply, himself or his agent, to any foreign government or the agents thereof for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.”

      The prosecutorial arm of the Act focuses on the “intent to influence” the measures or conduct of any foreign government or agent regarding any disputes or controversies with the United States. The intent to influence surely has not been established. The SANCTIONS in question are AGAINST RUSSIA. There is absolutely NOTHING FLYNN A PRIVATE CITIZEN COULD HAVE NEGOTIATED WITH THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT that would influence them to change that which is literally out of their control. The Russian’s can’t remove the sanctions.

      It must be acknowledged that the Russian Kremlin doesn’t have the power to counter or lift the existing sanctions imposed by the American Congress. What would be the point of Flynn’s effort? What exactly was he trying to convince the Kremlin to do, lift his own sanctions? The mere fact that there exists sanctions imposed by America on Russia and the two may have discussed their implication in a private conversation, a communication between old friends and colleagues of different nationalities is hardly a violation of the Logan act. This would be a real stretch and abuse of the law in the spirit it was intended.


  • Man

    cognitive dissonance is strong

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