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50 Years After the ‘Summer of Love’ – Prepare for the Summer of Hate (Video)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 6:59
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50 Years After the ‘Summer of Love’ - Prepare for the Summer of Hate (VIDEO) | police-state-martial-law | Martial Law Multimedia PreparednessSurvival Protestors & Activists Sleuth Journal US News

By: Stefan Verstappen, China Strategies

Practical advice on how to stay safe during crime, violence, riots, and martial law.

Recent events indicate that the hatred and violence, that has been simmering since the Trump win, will explode when the weather turns hot.

Already we have seen dozens of riots where activists are chanting for the murder of police, and calling for the death of ‘Trump supporters’.

Innocent men and women are routinely sucker punched and struck with poles for wearing the ‘wrong’ hat or listening to the ‘wrong’ speaker.

Neighborhoods are set ablaze, people dragged from their cars and beaten, and public property smashed and destroyed spurred on by false news stories.

50 Years After the ‘Summer of Love’ - Prepare for the Summer of Hate (VIDEO) | summer-of-hate | Martial Law Multimedia PreparednessSurvival Protestors & Activists Sleuth Journal US News
And for the first time in history we have celebrities openly calling for physical violence. From wasted pop-whore Madonna wanting to blow up the White House, to bloviating nobody David Harbour threatening to “punch people in the face”, never have we seen so many public figures exhibit such blood lust.

Even top government officials are calling for violence and “…blood and death” in the streets as recently stated by Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

And all this during the cold, dark, days of winter.

As the weather warms, these rumblings will reach a fever pitch and we will see massive riots, and possible civil war.

The agitation of the mob through provoked racism, division, and rioting, openly orchestrated by the current Dr. Evil, George Soros, is preplanned for a purpose – martial law and a police state.

The relative peace and security we in the western world have lived under for the past 80 years has dulled us to the real possibility that it could all turn real bad, and real fast, and you need to get ready. And by ready I don’t mean making sure you have extra batteries for the flashlight and a first aid kit, I mean Sun Tzu, Art of War ready – “first, make yourself invincible.”

The following offers basic advice on what you can do keep your family safe during the summer of hate.

Physical Fitness

The single most important factor in survival is physical health and fitness. You can have all the guns and gear in the world, but if you can’t hump a 50lb pack ten miles to get out of the kill zone, well, nice knowing ya.

Martial arts training is always good but be sure to supplement that with strength and endurance training. Most physical activities during a survival situation involve walking, lifting, carrying, and squatting. No coincidence military boot camps focus on exactly those exercises. Leg and core strength is essential

Emergency Plan

Hold a meeting with your family friends, and neighbours, and another with your co-workers, and work out a plan of what to do if there is an emergency. You don’t have to scare the kids or spook the blue pills at the office with talk about civil war and social collapse. Use the excuse of disaster preparedness. Pick a natural disaster endemic to your geography, tell everyone that you are concerned that global warming (to placate those that suspect you might be a right wing conspiracy nut) will make a disaster more likely, and you would like to make a plan.

Most people spend more time at work than at home and so if shit happens when you’re at the office, it is in your best interest that the sheeple there aren’t running around in a panic knocking things over and setting themselves on fire. A disaster plan will help everyone stay calm.

Home Security

Your home should be the safest place you can be, but unless it is literally fortified, you are living under a false sense of security. CCTV camera and alarm systems work on the assumption that a grainy video of hooded men, that will later be used to somehow identify them and lead to their capture and punishment, is enough to dissuade them from stabbing you and your family to death. There are hundreds of hours of violent footage to show how well that works.

During a disaster, police and emergency services will be too busy to care if yet another house is being looted, so your only defense is the structural integrity of your doors and windows.

Steel reinforced doors, steel door frames, and steel bars and shutters on windows is the only way to provide some security. And shotguns loaded with double-aught buckshot for the whole family. 12 gauge for the menfolk, 20 gauge for the misses, and 410. for the kids.

Situational Awareness

With over four thousand shootings a year in just Chicago alone, urban areas are quickly becoming warzones. Widespread rioting has the effect of degrading respect for law and order and eventually law enforcement will stop policing whole sections of the city as evidenced by the ‘No-Go’ zones seen throughout Europe.

As we have seen time and time again and exemplified by current events in Venezuela, when police draw back, gangs of criminals take over and crime will spill out of the ‘bad neighborhoods’ into the rest of the city.

Ask any veteran that’s seen combat and they will tell you that situational awareness is the key to surviving a war zone. You need to keep your head up, eyes and ears open so you can spot the group of men lurking on the corner two blocks away. And hear the group of men following you one block behind. Make it a habit to look in all directions whenever entering or leaving a building.

Use reflective surfaces such as windows to see what is going on around you 360 degrees. Mentally look for escape routes as you travel around either on foot of by car so in the event you need to get away from a bad scene quickly you already have some idea of where to run.

If all this sounds a little too paranoid and you refuse to live in a world where you have to worry about your safety, then I’m sure happy thoughts will work just as well. Just make sure you have your affairs in order.

EDC – Every Day Carry

If you’re allowed to legally carry a firearm, then carry one every time you leave your home. If you live in a nanny state or country, where stern words are your only means of defense, then carry an improvised or discreet weapon such as an extendable baton or pepper spray. My favorite is a solid oak cane. Makes an effective weapon with only a little training, and if you affect a slight limp, not even the most suspicious leftist informer can accuse you of being armed.

Travel Kit

In addition to some means of self defense also carry an Emergency Pocket Kit. This is a mini-survival kit that is small enough to fit in a pocket. Usually contained in a small tin candy box the size of a deck of cards, it contains a few vital tools you would need if you were stranded without supplies.

Recommended Kit Contents

  • 1 – Swiss Army style knife
  • 1 – LED keychain flashlight
  • 20- Paper Matches – 1 book
  • 1 – Button Compass
  • 8 ft. Utility Cord (Can be wrapped around outside of box.)
  • 1 – Tea Candle – 1 ½ Dia. x ¾ in
  • Bandana
  • Emergency cash

1st Aid

  • 4 – Adhesive Elastic Bandage Strips, 7/8 x 3
  • 4 – Butterfly Bandages
  • 2 – Antiseptic Swab
  • 2 – “Neosporin” Triple Antibiotic Packets – 1/32 oz
  • 4 – Ibuprophen Tabs – 200 mg
  • 2 – Acetaminophen Tabs – 500 mg

Most people by now know, somewhere in the back of their minds, that western civilization is on the brink of collapse. I can smell the fear and anxiety everywhere I go. The ominous rumblings we have seen these past few months could well lead to the beginning of the end if the summer turns bloody. Just one more shooting, real or fake, white or black, could ignite the tinderbox.

It could happen anywhere, any time. Being fit, armed, and aware is the least you can do.

For more information on crime prevention, fortifying your home, making plans, improvised weapons, surviving martial law, and assembling emergency kits, see my book The Art of Urban Survival.


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