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Alert: Trump Gives Clintons Immunity, Cause Their Dying… PizzaGate

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 10:35
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  • Sets the table for Chelsea’s coming political career.

    • BS- Both of the Clintons “Bill the rapist” and “Hitlary the criminal” selling top secret information to Russia and China on her private server is in unforgivable and they will hang for treason, it’s the only way out for them.

      • Fkk the trolling Trump. DO something about it. Not whine. Trojan Horse Trump has betrayed EVERY promise he made since running.
        Hilllary to jail? At inaugural: “I have the utmost respect for Bill & Hillary”
        Reduce 20 trillion debt? Nope. We’ll DOUBLE it by jacking up useless welafare spending on MILITARY
        Drain the swamp? those who caused the 2008 crash and got TRILLION in taxpayer $ have all the top Trump slots.
        Detents w/ Russia? Trojan b.s man has declared war on Russia and is now constantly at them
        Stop funding ISIS? Guess again. Trojan trash sending 1000′s US troops and billions more in tax paid military aid to overthrow Assad
        Why? Trojan trash promised not to take any lobby money or special interest cash. But Zionist Shelden Adelson tossed him 100 Mill in bribes and now this common pimp must pay the piper- or rather have America pay the piper for him.
        You my friends, have gotten royally SCREWED in a deal that makes ‘W’ look mild.

    • Fake news 101. This story is baseless conjecture to cover for the current liar in Chief.

    • On a Webb cam. No less. TBBP DGIT.

      • P.S. its a good thing BIN is afraid to add the “Don’t Recommend Story” Button with over 12,000 views and only 1 Recommend Story, at least some of the comments are funny

  • I don’t like it At all either. Let both of them sit a wither away in a 4×6 cell. All the time being fed the same foods all inmates eat. Why show mercy on them did they show any mercy on any of the public while they sat eating steak and drinking the finest of wines all while committing all their crime. Let them rot in hell next to the the guy serving tens years for smoking a joint…!!!!!

    • No one is showing mercy – this is his deluded supporters trying to cover for billionaire elitist Trumps latest lies. Face it – you’ve been Trumped!

      • I agree I always knew if any president was elected then we were voting for our slave master Trump is the elitest he is a lover of money and tell me one thing he has done to help us get rid of the corrupt media and gov.

      • Trump is a total fraud. 100s of times he said “Hillary should go to jail” and promised to do so if elected. Now this pos used car salesman is doing a bait & switch, covering up for his long time friends. If they’re so close to dying? Give them Agenda 21 they push on us and put them in the electric chair or by ‘vaccine’ injection. What a croc of shit.
        We must rise up and toss Trumpster Dumpster out on his ass too, just like the other betrayers. We have had enough

  • Oh hell, everybody is dying. Every breath you take leads you closer to death. Personally, I wish the Clinton’s were already dead, but since they’re not, they should have to pay for their crimes to humanity and die their physical deaths in prison, just like the rest of the criminals.

    I hope this is a bullshit story.

    • The ruling elite never pay for their crimes..the Clintons knew they could rape, pillage, loot and kill all over the planet with impunity…the criminal establishment in Washington DC are protected by layers and layers of corruption…from the Judges to all of Congress……..just look at Congress – endless investigations and hearings that always amount to ZILCH…but let the little guy on the street get out of line for a second and it’s off to a for profit prison for him….all this talk about Pedogate and Pizzagate…….nothing will ever come of it, the good people who try to bring them to justice just get murdered by the CIA or FBI…….it’s nothing but ROT in our government…the criminals have full control of America.
      There will be nothing but more of the same…Trump won’t change anything….he couldn’t even if he wanted to, they put pedophile Pence there for a reason………..

      • As much as it sickens me, I have to agree with you Debbie.

      • Trump accepted Pence. His big mouth never closed for a second- proving how ‘tough’ he is.
        Now the pimp shows us who he really is.

  • These two are evil. They’ve caused death, misery, and destruction to countless people. They deserve to die in prison eating prison food, sleeping on prison beds, and marching to prison regimentation.

  • You lost me when you said “Trump is a spiritual man.”

  • raburgeson

    This country needs a real political shaking. Don’t let any of them go. Put this country on the rocks and rebuild.

  • make a example of them, HANG THEM ! ON A BELTWAY LITE POLE!!

  • Yeah, dying like HWB?????????? Can’t die soon enough for me, all of them.

  • Where did our president get this info from? I prey that he confirms what they have told him.I do not believe them for one minute nothing but lies comes out of their mouths.

  • Boo

    Even if they are medically compromised, if it’s assessed they have crossed the line and engaged in illegal activities they are not above the rule of law. If they are given a pass, then what logical thinking person would subject themselves but a pass to any law they don’t want to comply with and support a government that gives it’s elites favored status. This is how revolutions start. Either we are all equal under the law or we are not. If we are not, then why bother listening to anything coming out of Washington or our congressmen propose we support?

    No one would support letting their neighbor take, have access too, use or abuse their personal household or belongings because their congressman says that’s a new law we want to pass. And basically, not prosecuting the Clinton’s for a crime if there is one, is the same as saying, Clinton’s can take, use and abuse anything you have or own and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • “Their” dying – no, they’re dying. Please.
    My comment: let them die sooner. Why not??

  • Trump needs to put his big boy pants on and lock the Clinton’s up.

    There are people all over America suffering because of the actions direct and indirect caused by the Clinton’s.

    How about the Clinton’s victims President Trump?

    Do the ‘little people’ not deserve justice?

    Do you not think there are Clinton victims that pray every day and night the Clinton’s will live long enough to stand trial, and if found guilty, be put to death for their crimes?

    The Bible teaches the reason murder continues so much in our society is because we do not execute the murders and send them up to God to judge.

    Every day the Clinton’s breathe and are not in a prison cell with no outside contact they are a clear and present danger to society.

    LOCK HER UP!!!!

    If locking the Clinton’s up brings down Washington D.C. then the swamp be damn. Clean it out or the swamp creatures at a later date will only gain strength and rise again.

  • Sessions needs to wave an ironclad indictment over both of their heads to make them turn state’s evidence. Stew Webb says that Hillary has turned on the Bushes, giving an arrest record of H.W. Bush by Dallas police to authorities. Daddy Bush failed to steal the election for her like he did his son in 2000 against Al Gore. It is vital that the Clintons turn state’s evidence and give up all of their conspirators. They’re both going to die from health problems soon anyways, what good is it going to do to throw them in prison for 1-2 years? Everyone knows the Clintons keep blackmail files on everyone they deal with. The amount of information they can give to authorities would probably make any prosecutor cream in their pants.

  • Let’s try and get this “DRAIN THE SWAMP” thing straight…once and for all.

    The fact that Trump has allowed Pence, Ryan and others to stay within his circle should tell us plenty. The fact that Trump HAS NOT done a damn thing on exposing and arresting ALL KNOWN POLITICAL and OTHER BIG NAME PEDOPHILES, BTW THE WORLD OVER, should tell us plenty.

    There is a mountain of evidence out there that CAN bring em all down. But; no….nothing.

    The fact the Trump met with the chief pedophile and chief war monger for [[[decades]]] now;


    and schmoozes with the rest of the in your face diabolicals who run this God Forsaken planet, should also tell us that something is not right in our VERY deceived U.S. of A.

    You’ll say; well he had to meet with K.

    What ever. If Pence is running it, well then get rid of him.









    We’ve been getting mere lip service from the same old bag of tricks. But this time it “seems” to be that someone is doing what the American people want done.

    WISE UP!!!

    Don’t fall for it yet again!

    Remember, the evil one deceives so wonderfully. Remember equally that God allows deceptions; and delusions.

    Isaiah 66:1-6

    Isaiah 66:1 This is what the LORD says: “Heaven is My Throne, and the earth is My footstool. Could you build Me a temple as good as that? Could you build Me such a Resting Place?

    Isaiah 66:2 My Hands have Made both Heaven and earth; they and everything in them are Mine. I, the LORD, have spoken! “I will bless those who ARE humble and contrite in spirit/hearts, who tremble at My word.

    Isaiah 66:3 But those who choose their own ways—delighting in their detestable sins—will not have their offerings accepted. When such people sacrifice a bull, it is no more acceptable than a human sacrifice. When they sacrifice a lamb, it’s as though they had sacrificed a dog! When they bring an offering of grain, they might as well offer the blood of a pig. When they burn frankincense, it’s as if they had blessed an idol.

    Isaiah 66:4 So will I choose their delusions, And bring their fears on them; Because, when I Called, no one answered, When I Spoke they did not listen; But they did evil before My Eyes, And chose that in which I do not delight.”

    Isaiah 66:5 Hear this Message from the LORD, all you who tremble at His Words: “Your own people hate you and throw you out for being loyal to My Name. ‘Let the LORD be honored!’ they scoff. ‘Be joyful in Him!’ But they will be put to shame.

    Isaiah 66:6 What is all the commotion in the city? What is that terrible noise from the Temple? It is the Voice of the LORD Taking vengeance against His enemies.

    2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

    This man will come to do the work of Satan with counterfeit power and signs and miracles. He will be allowed by God to use every kind of evil deception to deceive those on their way to destruction, because they would not accept and love the Truth that would save them. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: Then they will be condemned for enjoying evil rather than believing the truth.

    But He does warn us to be not deceived. How are we to be not deceived?


    John 5:39-40.

    Things in this world are never what they appear to be.

    Please also remember:

    Ephesians 6:12: We’re not waging war against enemies of flesh and blood. No, this fight is against supernatural powers and demon princes that slither in the darkness of this world, and against wicked spiritual armies that lurk about in heavenly places- the spiritual world and evil governments ruled by those demonic spiritual forces.

  • No source again=Bullshit as usual.


    • Boo

      2QIK4U … Trump isn’t allowed by the constitution itself, to force his control over the other branches of government. It’s up to us to force our Senators and Congressmen to get on board, or vote them off the boat for someone like you who actually gets it. Trump continues to say the right things, and press the governing body’s over which programs he wants to clean up and straighten out to support his proposals. … Bottom line, start yelling at the leadership in the House and the Congressmen you sent to Washington to change. They are the ultimate last word on Trumps last word. Even his executive orders are being hung up in court. Yell at your Senator and Congressman.

  • Dying? Not soon enough? :evil:

  • Dear 2QIK4U

    It doesn’t pay to have hope in any human being. We/they are fallible and will fail at the end of the day IF we/they depend on this world and it’s rules. Take care.

  • JW

    Hillary is a chronic and habitual liar, and I don’t believe she is dying any time soon. She probably floated the story of hers and Bill’s dying just to get away scott-free after all their criminal behavior Sadly, people everywhere are breaking the law against President Trump and the American people, and nobody is doing anything about it. When laws are applied to some, but not to all on an equal basis, there is no law, but tyranny.

  • TC

    So is he Bush III, Obama II, or Son of Hillary?



  • …”they’re” dying or “they are” dying. Either way, though…

  • raburgeson

    I’m tired of the wounded duck act. Lock her up and Trump don’t lie to us about anything, we are wise to that now.

  • Thats why the evil bitch wants to run as mayor of N.Y.

  • These two Nimrods are about to achieve their goal of being in a place of power. May be Ahab and Jesibell are more correct names to be given to these two as they are about try to conquer HELL for their own worship from the demons in HELL. Regime change in HELL, Hillary will be worshiped.

  • These are their choices, and I’m very fed up.. either get with the program, or don’t. But don’t be surprised when We The People come and take your shiny tin badges and do your damn jobs for you!

    ALL LEO’s are corrupt now, as I see it. They have all witnessed another officer brutalizing someone unnecessarily, or abusing their positions, or murdering someone. Yet all these officers have their jobs, still. Ever hear of Accessory After the Fact? That includes ALL of you who have witnessed ANY crime, and not told on them.

    All of Congress are Criminals! Why? For the same reasons, listed above. The only exceptions are POSSIBLY those that came into office in January of 2017. They have witnessed bribery, or knew of pedophilia or human trafficking, or back room deals.. ALL of it illegal, yet, you are guilty then, of Accessory After The Fact and are to also be charged with the crimes you have witnessed.

    All Judges, are criminals! Why? They have witnessed other’s bribery, or known of coverups in their courtrooms, statements like “The Constitution has no place is my courtroom”, when that very document created the position you hold. Most consider this Treason… what do you think Judges… Accessory After the Fact!

    Military are Criminals! I would venture to say that every Officer level and above have witnessed crimes against the law, and ignored it, covered it up or lied for their fellow service members. I find this truly appalling. The PLANNING that this agency and it’s affiliates have done, against We The People is mind blowing. The TESTING on human populations without our consent, is appalling. I call that Treason.

    CIA, you are unlawful, corrupt and nothing short of a Mafia – RICO organization. Evidence by your illegal subversion of lawfully elected country’s leaders and even the subversion of this country. You have no charter to spy, and I don’t give a RIP what you think, YOU ARE A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION, PERIOD!

    FDA, BLM, EPA, USFS, USFW, USDA, CDC.. every last one of those agency’s, are :twisted: corrupt, and you are working in tandem for the destruction of this country. Every one of you needs to be arrested..Treason. Conspiracy after the fact.

    And President Trump, get with it mate, you are running out of time, very quickly… we tried to wait for you and Sessions, but Sessions is on “drug war” and NOT PEDOPHILIA OR SEDITION or Subversion… drugs. Get over yourself, we have bigger problems.. and if you are unwilling to clean out the swamp, it’s time to walk away.. the People will have to do it.

    Heads up people, looks like We The People are gonna have to clean this up.. because once again, our Elected have let us down. A very limited time window is all they have to get busy and I’m fed up with their excuses… GET ‘ER DONE!

    • dear ‘lady~’:
      you are an informed careful, you are the kind the organizations you listed put a target on you.
      my prayers that you are a born~again believer of THE LORD. [as well as all people], but you will need THE LORD’S protection if you take a lead.
      p.s. be careful not to have “self” confidence,..that’s a guaranteed “self” killer.

  • I have questioned commenters before if we got played by the last election. Threats of war that nobody wants, increasing the war budget, and sucking up to Israel were making me wonder if there wasnt just one DARK state serving the corporate elites and not really two factions of it. The leaders who commit war crimes, pedophilia and child sacrifice (and are controlled through blackmail) need to be exposed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, to clean up our leadership, but it is not happening, yet.

    The response was a near deafening silence. Only one commenter (Dakota) was right on when they said “we are always being played”. Dont get me wrong, I dont want this to be the truth! I want president Trump to be a good and honest freemason and President! Which/who he will serve first is in question, as he took a serious secret oath first.

    I would not be surprised that this piece was floated as a survey to find out what the public still thinks about Hillary, and letting her go. If that is the case, the answer seems pretty clear from 36 comments so far. Apparently Trump has not claimed it, YET, right? I hope he would not even dream about it, too. But it seems to explain things if he really does wants to pardon her, does it not?

    • My guess here is.. everyone has to come to their own belief regarding this. I had high hopes, but they are diminishing, quickly. I even think he was honest.. I have noticed a change in POTUS for about 3 weeks now. I don’t know what happened.. I know he plays Chess, not checkers.. but on God’s Green Earth we will not allow the Clintons to walk free. He can do what he wants, as POTUS.. but I doubt that ALL of We The People would tolerate her (and him too) not doing a perp walk. Podesta too.

  • Haha! tell that to Chafetz he is gunning for them.

  • President Trump commits his first utterly shameful act in office. Denying justice to the entire nation is not acceptable. He wasn’t put in office to let the criminals pass away in their beds, eventually while they use the assets gained to live a little longer. He promised to drain the swamp, not to watch the animals playing in the water. My life has been ruined by the Clintons and Obama. Without televized trials and executions, Trump is giving ALL criminals the idea that if they get away with it long enough, they need not worry about being sent to Hell by FedEx.

    Crime pays. Maybe its time to join the blackhats. The white hats are deniers of justice to those they “represent”.

    I demand an adequate remedy! Watching the parasites hang would have been worth the years of suffering while my business was suppressed by the people who requested that a problem be solved, and didn’t even do that. I’m ashamed of Trump for this. I am owed being made whole. This is a slap in the face.

  • No, the excuse that Bill and Hillary Clinton are dying therefore excused does not “make sense”. ALL CRIMINALS ARE DYING. Justice demands that they be Indicted for their crimes. Then, send them to House Arrest or Hospital… but this precedent must extend to all of us, if Trump uses it. Every Traffic Ticket defendant should demand immunity since everyone is dying! Either we have a nation where Rule of Law exits… or not. Trump is not above the Law, or is he? People must demand that the Law be followed, or fall prey to dictator tactics in the Judicial system.

    R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./ sciences
    Freelance Investigative Science Reporter since 1996
    Ephesians 5:11 Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;

  • Hard to trust a poster who spells like a second-grader.

  • Who speaks for the little children who were raped, had their organs harvested or were used in human sacrifice?

  • Well if they are “dying’ then why did hill say she wants to run as Mayor of NYC? Makes no sense. Maybe bill and his aids infection finally caught up with him…..both are liars…

  • If they are dying then they must die in a prison cell. As a USA citizen I demand it. By God if any of the rest of us had committed only 1/100th the crime those two career criminals have committed we would not only die a jail cell, our bodies would be kept there to make sure we serve out the entire sentence. How many people are there, dead, in prison, financially and professionally ruined and or just plain robbed by these two worthless scabs? Justice is not just making the criminals pay for their crimes. Justice is also a deterrent to any others contemplating criminal acts, but even more so, justice is societies vengeance and the criminal’s time locked away in a horrible jail cell is the ointment that heals their anger.

  • I’m dying, you’re dying, we’re all dying. That will not stop justice and its wrath from any one of us if we decide to commit crimes. If this is true this will come back to kick Trump right in the nuts. If prosecuting the Clinton’s causes a divide then so be it. In case no one has not noticed, I don’t the country can get anymore divided as it already is. Prosecuting or not prosecuting the Clinton’s will do nothing to either help close or open further the divide. Justice doesn’t care about your age, your health or anything else about you. Justice is a deterrent to others and punishment is for teaching the criminal to fly right or you get more. The punishment a criminal receives is the ointment that helps to heal the victims of their crimes. We are all victims of the Clinton’s and we all deserve justice. If Trump is not going to jail them then he at least should allow justice to get as far as to unequivocally prove their quilt so that history accurately portrays those two people as the horrid criminals that they are. This is a debt that the Clinton’s must pay to the society that entrusted them. If the people of this country are to ever believe there is any justice left, President Trump must allow justice proceed regardless of who is being judged. The people who supported Trump made it clear that they want justice for the crimes committed against them by Bill &Hillary Clinton. He must make the Clinton’s an example and he must fulfill that in which the people elected him to do. Trump need do nothing more than remove the shackles placed upon justice by people like the Clinton’s and let justice do the rest. I am like so many others who will not accept that the Clinton’s will be allowed to live out the remainder of their lives in luxury that most of us will never experience. Then as if to victimize the people just once more, the knife is again twisted as we all realize that it will be the money from our hard labor that is taken to keep those two criminals in the lap of luxury for the rest of their lives. Charge, Indict and prosecute the Clinton’s. Take their stolen wealth. Take their Secret Service protection. Take their presidential and government pensions. Take their property. Take their dignity. Take their luxurious lifestyle. Take their presidential health care. Take their freedom. Take everything just like they took from all of us. Give them welfare. Give them obama-care then pat each one on the back and tell them Good Luck.

  • What a pile of crap, bet he was threatened, they showed him that zapruder film and he is a changed man, he is going to do nothing, just as the rest of them did

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