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Civil War 2 Starts Now (Video)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 5:12
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(Before It's News)

The second American Civil War just began.

WHAT are the two sides, HOW are we going to fight, and WHO will win?

Even more important, what will America look like after this 2nd Civil War?  Will the Communists (Team Obama) succeed in enslaving your neighbors, or will traditional Americans (Team Trump) round up the DC Traitors and restore the Republic?

Why Trump WON’T Nuke Obama

America’s ruling class is a pack of blackmailed perverts and old-fashioned Boss Hogs. As George Soros deploys Team Obama against Trump’s rebels, a shadowy group looks down on the battle, waiting for the smoke to clear.

UK Helped John Brennan Wiretap Trump?

Protests and riots are just the opening shots. Is this a ‘color revolution’ by the globalists, funding Obama’s ‘shadow government?’ Nope — it’s our 2nd Civil War.

John Podesta Hired at WashPost

How To Clobber Trump Haters

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  • lets get it on, the world has become nothing but a shithole of crime, filth and disease, run by fing criminals, and supported by fing criminals, much of the general population is not much more than liars, thieves and criminals themselves, so fuk it lets roll, clean up the mess. start at the top and work down to the streets. all murderers, rapist, child molesters, pedo’s and robbers should be given the death sentence, it would go a long way to cleaning up society. society is degenerating there is no hope of evolving to higher states at this point. All you see is more filth, crime, disease. This civilization is self destructing, maybe a cataclysmic will take out this civilization like all the ones before us, it just might be a merciful act.

  • LOL! Look at a 2016 election map. 1206 counties went to Trump. They’re the counties that grow MOST of your food. 450 counties went to Hillary. They’re the counties that bring you TV, Radio, magazines, and what otherwise passes for entertainment. O yeah California grows a lot of our food. But that food is grown in the RED counties in California.

    The CIVIL WAR is going to occur at the local and state level in those 450 counties. It’s going to be a major taxpayer revolt. 7% of California’s inmates are illegal aliens. In Texas it’s 5%. Here in Texas 1,200 illegals are in prison for sexual assault of a minor. Sanctuary City liberals now own all those crimes, they are aiding and protecting illegals that are committing crimes against our own citizens! Democrats have dug their own grave, and their pulling the dirt in on top of themselves. You can’t fight a war without pulling your pant’s up. You can’t win a war against the 1206 counties that voted for Trump. It is strategically impossible.

  • If you think this is about Obama (communism) versus Trump (capitalism), you are deluded. The NWO would like us to be polarized into two distinct political camps. But surely you know that nothing is black and white in politics. Both sides are the same side, just promoted from two different perspectives. Like the left and right legs of the NWO, they both bring us to the same destination. Obama was the anti 2nd amendment president and Trump is the anti 1st amendment president. Both are equally anti-American. There will be no winner except the powers that be.

    • I disagree. Obama also assaulted the first amendment and yes traditionally right and left have been tandum pumps to suck the perverbial bill of rights dry. However I’m seeing something different now a paradigm shift with the trump movement even if he is not and just another iluminazi shill the people backing him are dye in the wool constitutionalists. For true freedom liberty and justice and just remember this if infact the purpose is civil war that will only work for a while as the lullabies sung to our subconscious minds via cell phones tablets power grid ect only have effect so long as the system is on… In every shtf scenario martial law , civil war ,natural disaster ect the grid is first to fail the subliminal bombardment stops everyone wakes up and already armed therefore they cannot afford to let that happen or else you have hundreds of millions awake minds vrs mere thousands of elite cleptocracy. So they use fear to keep us all in check maintain the status quo and let us vote our rights liberties freedoms away voluntarily for sake of the illusion of safety. And thus you cannot argue what you seemingly willfully gave up. So no lots of talk lots of threats but more or less the agenda remains the same now you all willfully vote to enclose yourselves with a wall mostly to keep you in.

      We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality tunnel already in progress.

  • dear christians: the following is EXTREMELY URGENT: there is much
    talk of martial law possibly coming soon..

    the following is a BIBLICAL way to protect yourselves: it ONLY
    applies if you are a born~again christian,..

    also, you know and love THE LORD, and you know HIS voice. there
    is no BIBLICAL basis for “self-defense”..

    somebody can twist SCRIPTURE all they want: multiple SCRIPTURES
    prove this:..

    Matthew 16:24 ►’deny yourself’; Matthew 5:10 ► Matthew 24:9 ►
    ‘expect death, and persecution’..

    II Corinthians 10:4 ►’we DO NOT use worldly weapons’. those
    who twist ‘get a sword’ are just liars and cowards..

    Revelation 21:8 ► the reason ‘cowards’ are listed before
    ‘seemingly more terrible sinners’ is because..

    these profess to be “christians”, but, like believers of
    “pre-TRIB”, are really ‘cowards’ who have no REAL faith..

    the answer to martial law is Matthew 17:20 ►’faith that moves
    mountains’. command the earth to move between you and threat,..

    command the earth to open underneath threatening weapons
    [we have no authority to kill people],..

    command threatening peoples’ limbs to go lame, command
    threatening peoples’ eyesight to fail..

    command whatever is necessary to stop threatening people short
    of death. this is BIBLICAL and LOVING. prayers for your faith.

  • dear barry:

    brilliant analysis, [brutal, as usual], however, lacks the MOST important element..

    have you forgotten?,.. do you not know?.. that there happens to be a GOD named JESUS CHRIST that has the final say in everything? Isaiah 14:24: ‘THE LORD ALL-POWERFUL has made this promise: Everything I
    have planned will happen just as I said’.

    prayers and blessings to you.

  • HE is just a negro. They are incapable of leadership or fighting anybody. They only have the power over you if LET THEM. Not him, of course, he is just a mahoo sodomite.

    I’m talking about the treasonous and traitorous white people that surround the negro and is using him a “house” one. These are the people you need to shut down.

    The Negro needs to be arrested too. He is a big boy and should know he is being used as a “house” negro. However, he won’t complain because they pay him lots of money and put the sodomite in a big house. :twisted:

  • Be careful when you sit on your toilet from this point on, your loco socialist liberal communist demorcaps are crawling out of the sewers like the shiest they are. So if you are sitting on the toilet and all of a sudden you feel a hand touch you, have a book of wooden matches beside you and light one off dropping it between your legs and when it blows it will sting a little but you should feel great you can flush another one down the drain where they belong.

  • You seem to forget that Trump is just another banker puppet and is sucking up to the jewish bankers who did 9/11 so he might had said that bombs were used on 9/11 to bring down the towers but he will forget that when it comes to cleaning the swamp.

    The corporattions no longer need cheap immigrant labour to build things to sell to the public using credit and this is why trump has been instructed to shut the flood gates when it comes to immigrants but he’s just doing the work for the bankers and will piss on the general public.

    Yes we need a revoloution but Trump is not going to start one by asking questions about 9/11

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