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How to Lose Track of the Big Picture in America Today and Create Your Own “Truth”

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 15:19
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How to Lose Track of the Big Picture In America Today and Create Your Own

The first chapter in my book ‘The Art of Overcoming the New World Order’ is titled ‘How to stay perfectly brainwashed in the matrix’. I pose this set of instructions to demonstrate that we as humans make big decisions every day and no matter how much we try to escape reality and live in an alternate reality believing mainstream media lies and propaganda, everyone should be aware that there is a process for ensuring that one stays blind and dumbed-down all the days of their lives. Similarly today in 2017, as we close in on the conclusion of the first quarter of the year, too many people are focusing on things that are relatively unimportant and very secondary to what is really happening. Far too many people are preoccupied with issues that are deliberately designed to distract from the big picture.

Mass deception is now the stunning norm. The entire Left is completely (and irreversibly?) disconnected from reality. Right wing Republicans are being told that terrorism and ISIS is a real threat that only more wars will fix and that waging more wars is necessary to keep America “safe”. Many Anarchists are zeroing in on anything that points to evidence of politician broken promises because these broken promises validate their core belief that the world should operate without any governments or nation state. The rationale being since statism is all bad then the perils and trials that come with the practice of statism are well deserved. In other words, “haha, told you so, it’s all your problem”. With all of these paradigms and beliefs occurring at the same time the grounds for keeping people focused on what is really happening and how to solve these problems become much more difficult to convey to the masses.

People everywhere are being lied to and deceived about what is most important today and these “issues” then become the primary focus of their lives. All of this while the big picture unfolds at record pace. The big picture which effects us all and ultimately what I believe is by far the most important story unfolding today. And that is the deep state struggle for the destruction and essential overthrow of the United States of America. Yes, there is a ruling elite cabal that wants their new world order and they want it now. The globalists who have been funding “revolutions” across the globe for decades have now set their sights on America. As we speak they are trying everything they can to overthrow the President of the United States, create chaos and undermine the Trump presidency.

All along, what the anti-Trump Liberal Left doesn’t realize is that this is not really about Trump. Believe it or not, this is about undermining any President that stands for the nation state itself. Most Left wing Liberals and progressives fail to see that had it been any other person in the world winning the Presidency, if that person stood for restoring America that president would have equally gotten the same treatment the deep state’s corporate mainstream media is giving Trump right now. Think about this! Trump haters have no idea how deep the true (globalist, collectivist, Communist) agenda for one world government runs.

So in an effort to shine the light on what you should be focusing on I’ll outline all the little things you should focus on in order to stay disconnected and completely out of focus from the big picture. Remember that staying out of focus with the big picture works out perfect for the ruling elite for many reasons so here’s what you can do to stay out of focus of the big picture … that is, the current attempted coup d’etat and overthrow of President Trump, the rule of law and the United States of America.

1. Stay focused on Donald Trump “fake news” nonsense talk about “Russia” election hacking despite the fact that zero evidence has ever been presented and this witch hunt was perfectly timed and called for by Obama triggering memories of the 1950’s style McCarthyism. Not to mention that now we know for sure thanks to the Wikileaks Vault 7 revelations that the rogue deep state’s CIA has had the capabilities of creating fake evidence, listening in on everyone and even assassinating people without leaving a trace!

2. Keep believing everything the mainstream media puts out including the fully discredited Jerry Springer style Washington Post as well as the rest of the fully discredited mainstream media including CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, NPR, Newsweek, NY Times to name a few.

As you probably know this massive cluster of fake and biased news media which endorsed 8 full years of Obama sorcery, lies and illegal wars is working perfectly together with the CIA synchronizing their stories and delivering maximum deception on cue every day to keep America divided, to keep the Trump bashing going, to keep people angry and divided and most importantly to keep people in the fake reality that the rulers have created for them.

3. Look for anything Trump (or anyone in his administration) does or says that can justify the call for impeachment, violence or punishment on those individuals. No matter how small or untrue the issue actually is. Try hard and make sure to paint Trump to be a fascist dictator worse than Hitler. That ought to keep everyone fired up, completely out of focus from the big picture and especially that will create instant amnesia for 8 years of Obama administration criminality not to mention the Clinton criminality now blown wide open for the world to see.

4. With the deception cranked up to full force throw in Hollywood and celebrity propaganda into your list of fully trusted news sources. Tell yourself that you SHOULD care what celebrities like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus or Rosie O’Donnell have to say. That’s right, just sit back, listen and believe whatever Hollywood and the Liberal Left celebrities tell you reality is. Tell yourself that since these celebrities are famous and worshiped by many then they must know what is truly going on and they must have an inside track on objective Truth, reason and logic. How dare you think that you could understand the world better than they can or that you have the capability of thinking on your own.

5. Whatever you do, make sure to resist any thoughts of reason and logic that try to creep into your thoughts. If fully verifiable revelations (like Wikileaks, Project Veritas or any other recent revelations) reveal information about your favorite politician or political party that is contrary to what you want to believe then look to see if your favorite politician denies the allegations and direct accusations. If they even slightly deny it (like John Podesta laughing off the factual Wikileaks emails exposing his own actions) then just assume that they are telling the truth and regardless of what is revealed. Just laugh it all off and know that it’s all made up conspiracies.

Don’t worry that those denying the long list of now fully revealed crimes inside the deep state have no proof to substantiate their claims and allegations (like the claims that Russia hacked the election for Trump). Just believe these claims at face value. No proof required because Obama’s corrupt CIA and their mainstream media said it.

If you follow these 5 simple steps you should be well on your way to being completely disconnected from the reality and the final chapter of America’s end game. You will be able to say goodbye to the big picture and hello to whatever do-it-yourself fantasy world you want to live in. That new fantasy world you create will then become the new big picture. You will then realize that this alternate reality you’ve create for yourself with the help of Hollywood and mainstream media which the many people now live in is very real in the sense that many others will stand with you. In this world you will soon see that anything is possible. That’s right. You can be anything you want to be in this alternate reality. Yes, if you are a natural born male you can plan on becoming a female in the future then revert back to male if you tired of being female! Just say the words and that new reality begins because there are no silly boundaries like natural law, morality, cultural or religious norms or even natural provable scientific methods in the way of the things you want to believe. It’s just you and your imagination! Think of this as your new “freedom” and “prosperity”. In fact, if you take lots of prescription medication and mind altering drugs the ride gets even better! You’ll be able to explore ANY world you want.

And it gets better. Know that the United Nations has your back. In fact since the days of Bush Sr and even many decades before that many have written books about this world you are hoping to enter now. And Obama’s empire rolled out Agenda 2030 which is a clear picture of you future “sustainable” world of “peace and prosperity”. Time to celebrate, woohoo!!

As you move farther and farther from Truth, reality and reason tell yourself that there are no consequences governed by natural law in response to the rejection of reality and Truth. Tell yourself that you chose “reality” over that other thing others are saying that doesn’t agree with what you are saying. And tell yourself that the position others take, pointing out corruption throughout the Obama-Bush-Clinton deep state, is nothing more than “fiction” and “fake news” being believed by people who are not awakened to mainstream media and Hollywood Truth. And tell yourself that you being the REAL truth seeker would know and understand this as much as anyone else.

If you do all the things written above you’ll be sure to lose track completely of reality and pretty much everything important going on in America and the world as we get closer and closer to the now very dangerous and very real engineered American civil war intended to undermine and overthrow not just President Trump and the rule of law but all of America in favor of a fully recognized global order.

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