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Orlando Nightclub Shooting “Victims” File Suit Against Mateen’s Boss and Wife- A Psyop Trigger Event?

Thursday, March 30, 2017 7:11
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Orlando Nightclub Shooting

Get used to it. We have the rest of our lives to make time to look into all the Obama psyop shooting events of the past 8 years (2008-2016). For anyone who still hasn’t figured out the true nature of these events and those who choose to live in denial about these events you have the rest of your life to resist the overwhelming evidence surrounding many of these events that all point to the contrary of what you have been led to believe. Think of this as having annoying little building 7 sized evidence items circling all around you, smacking your cognitive dissonance in the face every moment of your life. For some people this article represents one of those annoying moments. This is the level of psychological discomfort 8 years of Obama has bestowed on millions of Americans. And to this phenomenon I say, sorcery at a mass scale is a quite the pain in the butt ain’t it? So let’s delve into the Orlando Pulse nightclub “event” again.

Let me refresh everyone’s memory on the June 12, 2016 Sunday night Orlando Pulse night club psyop “shooting event” which had so much fakery in it that if I covered it all this article would be too long to read. And why am I covering this topic today? Because the mainstream media is reporting that the “victims” of the staged event are suing the alleged shooter (Sandy Hook style!) Omar Mateen’s security firm who supposedly hired him and just in case that is not ridiculous enough given that no one has ever produced evidence that Mateen was even in the building to begin with they are suing his wife also.

It appears that 57 “victims” have gotten together to sue the security firm that the designated patsy shooter Omar Mateen worked for. First I want to say that this is a reminder that when the masses are being played with mass sorcery the spell doesn’t magically end one day and never returns. Once you’ve fallen for the trick (think hypnosis!) the trick or the spell can be triggered again in the future. My friends, this is exactly what is happening here! But I digress. Let’s review the appalling Sandy Hook style mass deception and money-hungry lunacy for ourselves:

More than 50 victims and survivors of the June 2016 massacre at a Florida nightclub sued the gunman’s employer and widow on Wednesday, blaming them for failing to prevent the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

The lawsuit filed in the U.S. Southern District of Florida accused the security firm that hired shooter Omar Mateen of ignoring his comments supporting violence prior to the rampage that killed 49 and injured dozens at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

The lawsuit accuses Mateen’s widow, Noor Salman, of conspiring in the attack by assisting with his purchase of firearms and surveillance of the Pulse nightclub. She faces federal charges of aiding and abetting her husband and obstructing justice by lying to authorities.

The civil lawsuit seeks unspecified financial damages on behalf of 57 victims, including survivors and the representatives of several who died. Mateen was killed in a shootout with police after a three-hour standoff inside the club.

G4S Secure Solutions, the Florida-based security firm employing Mateen, failed to adequately assess his psychological state, the lawsuit said, and should have removed his service weapon and recommended his state firearms license be revoked.

“They had the best chance to do something about it and did nothing,” Chicago-based attorney Antonio Romanucci said at a news conference in Orlando.

G4S Secure Solutions said in a statement it planned to “vigorously defend itself against the lawsuit which it considers to be wholly without merit.”

For anyone who cares about Truth and reason, the problem with all of this is you don’t know where to begin to demonstrate this mass lunacy and fakery. So one of the things we can do before reviewing the many levels of fakery surrounding this event is to fantasize for a minute and imagine this event really did happen the way the mainstream media and establishment says it did. Even in this scenario you would think the victims would sue the city for not providing proper ambulances, helicopter evacuations and emergency workers to the scene. Aside from (I believe) one isolated shot shown by mainstream media of ambulances standing around with gun shots heard in the background there are no images of any standard ambulances or EMS moving quickly and saving lives at the scene. What we do see is people going back toward the nightclub, we see police officers playing the role of EMS and everything except what you would normally expect in the real world where emergency medical practice and life saving protocols DO have rules and standards by which professional emergency workers must abide by. But just as we saw with Sandy Hook, these medical and emergency medical life saving protocols all went out the window so that the criminals running the event can have their way and fool the public.

Also, what would suing a security firm have to do with a lunatic shooter acting on his own volition? Even if this were a real shooting does that mean that every time someone is murdered we can just sue their family or the company they work for for not knowing or “properly screening” that this person was going to kill in the future? If this was the standard of law then every psychiatrist, social worker, counselor, family doctor, pastor, probation officer, every wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend and live-in family member and roommate would be out of a job and sued every time someone commits murder. The implication here, by the way, is that people are somehow not responsible for their own actions. All of this is nonsense! The people involved in this story including the crisis actors all the way up to the attorneys and judges all know this is nonsense.

The first thing that comes to mind is that they are setting a clear precedent for not only the creation of reality but also for creating millionaires in the future new world order model and the sequence goes like this: Participate in a mass casualty drill that goes live where most people are not in the know and key participants who need to be in the know, if they play along will be rewarded with public sympathy donations $$ as well as a possibility at winning future lawsuits like the ones we’re seeing here and like we saw with Sandy Hook. The actual records that could expose the participants for their lies and deceit and guarantee their path to prison for many years are then sealed off so that no one can prove that they are lying. Then if anyone dares to challenge their lies they can accuse the person challenging the story of “harassment” and even sue them for such. This appears to definitively be the new model for constructing reality and censoring Truth in the approaching new world order and everyone must see this model now before it’s too late. Again, anyone who understands Sandy Hook can see this model at play for themselves.

The fact of the matter is that at the very least this entire story serves as a “trigger” event to make the masses “recall” the event which the system is labeling the “deadliest mass shooting” in US history. Anyone who understands hypnosis should understand what I mean when I say this is nothing more than a trigger event. Trigger phrases are known to be used in hypnosis and when it comes to mass hypnosis trigger events which act as trigger phrases are used by the controllers (I believe) to subliminally and emotionally prepare you for another upcoming event. In other words, since all fake shooting events came to an end (so far at least) when Obama left the White House it is very likely the deep state which is working to overthrow Trump is concocting a plan to keep their fakery and mass hypnosis going. This is one of the ways they can do that.

The thing to understand about the Obama years is that they created a mountain of mini-9/11’s, mini-JFK assassinations and mini-Oklahoma City bombings which they can now use as trigger events to make you recall that event in lieu of funding an entirely new deep state capstone event. Keep in mind that the purpose of the trigger event is to emotionally put the viewer back at the scene of the event. That means recalling the fear and helplessness that comes with believing that somehow “ISIS” is here to kill you. This is one of the reasons I believe we’re suddenly hearing about this lawsuit at the same time that they are labeling the recent vehicle manslaughter crime scene in the UK as “terrorism“.

With that said now let’s go over some of the gross inexcusable fakery blown wide open in this sloppy treasonous event which all mainstream media believers have accepted as true and even many in the alternative media have swallowed the Kool Aid as well, afraid to point out the fakery for fear of being labeled a “conspiracy theorist” by their co-workers or whoever and instead repeating the mainstream media narrative.

Remember that just as with Sandy Hook, there was no medical reality to the Pulse night club event in Orlando Florida thus for anyone with any medical knowledge integrity you can immediately see that this event was highly suspicious from the start. As soon as Dr Michael Cheatham was on TV telling America about the hospital “lockdown” (a video I can no longer find) I knew this was fake. As a former professional medical doctor I assure readers that’s not what medical doctors do. Every hospital has professional security staff and local police officers assigned to the hospital that handle any and all security related issues. Under no circumstances would a medical doctor step into the limelight and get involved announcing security related matters on TV. That doctor is paid to treat patients not act as a police. I addressed this issue in my original article back in June of 2016 discussing this topic.

Next, watch the 2 videos below and listen as this laughable staged gathering of doctors try to convince the audience that 6 surgeons pulled off 44 total surgeries and proceedures in one night! That’s impossible people!! If we were talking about multiple trauma centers that would be believable but all patients went to ONE hospital. That alone is highly suspicious. It can take an hour or longer just to prepare a room for surgery after one patient is done having surgery. Then there’s the preoperative period on the nursing and anesthesia side of things and much more. It’s not just about the surgeons. There are established time consuming protocols for surgery. And magically, as I discussed in my June 2016 articles, no one died in any of these surgeries! The medical impossibilities go on and on. Also, we’re talking complicated surgeries any one of which could take upwards of 4, 5, 6 hours or much longer. Notice in the videos below how the doctors keep focusing on the type of weapon and subsequent type of wound as if anyone really cares about this irrelevant detail instead of the actual life of the patient. Doctors simply don’t talk this way! Also notice how cavalier and insincere the doctors sound as they do the same damage to the practice of medicine that “Dr Wayne Carver” did to the integrity of medicine in his laughably fake post Sandy Hook press conference.

Orlando Pulse Shooting PSYOP – On Scene Doctors Give Conflicting Testimonies

Since when do doctors talk this way

Here is a reminder of just how staged this event was. Listen to this crisis actor forget his lines so the obvious crisis actor handler next to him needs to remind him of his lines “I haven’t eaten …” The treasonous actor even makes a face at his handler as if to say “hey I can’t remember all my lines!” Warning, if you haven’t seen this, the fakery will shock you.

In the next video one of the fake crisis actors, Mr Angel Colon is caught lying by a caller who exposes Colon’s lies about being shot in the hand and buttocks. Colon is forced to hang up in a panic after realizing the caller is not one of the usual blind sheep. Clearly he realizes he’s caught lying since no bullet wounds are seen in his hands after supposedly having his hand blasted by an AR-15 assault rifle. Yet another medical impossibility!

I covered this topic in details here and here at the time, demonstrating how police took on the roll of EMS and EMS themselves was missing in action. The oddities surrounding this event go on and on as I said earlier. Therefore, the fact that a crisis actor was caught actually holding the door leading to the outside of the club to prevent people from getting out (a serious crime under any normal circumstances!) and then later went on CNN and admitted that he did this and no one blinked or considered this odd, shows you the level of psyop this event represented.

More sloppy fakery: Victim being carried BACK toward the Pulse night club

Crisis actors caught dropping off fake victim after they think camera is no longer rolling. Crisis actor then shakes it off and smiles at the camera! People, he’s smiling at anyone who believes this fakery. Let that sink in.

Knowing what we know today it shouldn’t surprise us then that independent research into the supposed dead victims turned up some very strange results or that the public records surrounding this event are SEALED! If the stacked up fakery doesn’t bother anyone or remind them of Sandy Hook then you are in denial of reality and I encourage you to dig into this event with a sincere heart.

The point is that today the establishment is rolling out this lawsuit story to make you recall this psyop event and to remind you that maybe ISIS is hiding around the corner. Remember we’re talking about Obama’s ISIS. And everyone should be wondering, is this trigger event designed to make the masses recall the hypnosis, the very work of Obama and his army of 30,000 civilians operating in Washington D.C.? We should be wondering who’s pulling the strings behind the scenes on this kind of stuff? Is Obama sticking around to be within striking distance so that he can reinforce his own psyops? I believe the ruling elite see these fake events as financial investments and I think the point was to bring back the thought that ISIS could be looming here in the US. For that matter I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a story soon reminding us all about the San Bernardino staged event either.

Consider that the Obama administration didn’t orchestrate so many fake and staged shootings to let it all go away in a Trump presidency and now is the time for everyone to truly be vigilant about what is happening. If you are still in denial about the Obama fakery and staged events because you are afraid to be labeled a conspiracy theorist then you will only be more and more confused as time goes by. Let us therefore use these trigger events to remind everyone of the fakery that came and very much still endures during the Obama years and now indirectly during the Trump years. Ultimately the Trump years will be judged primarily by the degree to which his administration chooses to ignore the Obama crimes and deception on the American people and the world. From this standpoint this is the first real test of the Trump administration. That they are releasing this “ISIS related” story on the heels of the recent UK Parliament “terrorism” story should thus surprise no one and instead make us more watchful and vigilant.

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