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The Enslavement System Is Crashing

Saturday, March 25, 2017 23:09
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All signs point to the total collapse of the enslavement system: organized religions/organized cults, ruling elites, corrupted justice system, fiat money, shadow government and all lower frequency ways of living.

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  • The system. What is the system? Is it everything? Is the governments of the world part of the system too? You know, them politicians that get elected by lies and broken promises. They sell the people out by giving themselves to the highest bidder. Greed corrupts a man soul. This world is controlled by men of greed. They despise you and spy on you. Tell you what to do, what to think and how to feel. They even send good, decent people to fight wars for their agendas. The men of greed have machine minds and machine hearts because they think to much and feel to little. But not you. You have the love of humanity in your hearts. The good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. Corporations control the food and water supplies and they put their profits before human health. And religion, well…. There is only Christianity that truly believes in humanity.. Jesus was just one of the first to wake up to this world. Others have just followed like Robin Hood and David Icke. All this chaos that has swept the nations is nothing more the the passing of men with greed… We will build a better tomorrow. “May justice, mercy and peace prevail among the nations”.

    • The system. What is the system? Is it everything? :lol:
      Always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.
      The Truth Is Hard To Find :lol: Earth is a disk covered by a dome
      be surprisingly Gnostic, in that the planet is a prison and there’s no escape.
      Greed has poisoned men’s souls :cool: Daughter of Stanley Kubrick
      criminality that’s going on here, I mean it’s like you know you’d
      have to be deaf dumb and blind, to not see what’s happening

      • That queen of England is a clever girl.

    • Man

      what does the bible say about slaves?

      Christianity doesn’t care about humanity. Especially the ones they think, would to go to hell

    • Blowing kisses to the elite won’t fix nuffin and it will require blood to remove them from power or have you not noticed that your little bible has not delivered they good yet in 2000 years of growing flowers and blowing kisses.

      Many cowards hide behind the bible and won’t do there duty to mankind and often the same people in church on a sunday and working to rob people on a monday so what does that tell you

  • This pertains to the doctrine of Lucifer, which is akin to anarchism, as opposed to predestination, which is akin to unconditional authority.

    But, the writer has been careful to avoid loaded words and negative consequences.
    “He goes in and sees a technician trapped under a pipe. Another technician is frozen with panic and won’t leave. He frees the trapped man…”

    One person was favored, over the other, on the basis of free will.

    Like in the Galt’s Gulch analogy.

    Firstly, they would never idly anticipate a rescue, as from some higher power.

    Secondly, assistance is rendered only to self-actuating people, in Rand’s story.

    “I have seen servants on horses, and princes walking as servants on the earth.” — from Ecc 10

    Irrespective of rank or station, which one is the moral free agent.

  • Religion or rejection of religion is true freedom.No one can trukly control another’s thoughts. Freedom to believe or not and what you believe. Christians know the truth because of Christ. Christ exposed all the human flaws and lies and taught God’s Way of freedom. Christ said , ” You are truly my disciples if you live as I tell you to, and you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.” JOHN 8;32 See the “if”?…That means you may not choose to live that way also…choice…freedom….True Freedom from God’s Truth…IN GOD’S TRUTH …IF WE CHOOSE…….IF…..IF…..IF. I pray for you that you choose to know what you are talking and writing about before you do so. Then you may not be so devastated by such embarrassment as this. God Bless ,C. C. Forche

  • The book which has allowed the enslavement of mankind was assembled and completed by a roman emperor to control the slaves of the roman empire, and was in effect still controlling the slaves of empire today. The gods in it are both evil blood sacrificing, war murdering vengeful haters of sinners, and good lovers of humanity and the truth. What is not clearly explained is that humanity are also creators and connected directly to the gods, have free will, and must choose the good over the evil to prosper, progress and advance. Greed and deception were the choice of both the rulers of the romans and the false/deceptive, unrighteous empire of today.

    Contrast this doctrine with the even older book, the 3,000 year old Chinese I Ching, or book of changes. Study it for yourself. Modern translations offer destiny and fate, but freewill in abundance to make the best from the worst situations, through righteous, ethical choices. It is randomly studied through synchronicity of the now, and surprising in its revelations in pin-point relevant accuracy of positive wisdom and truths. The Sage reveals all to those who care to listen. All that is required of the querent (one who seeks knowledge and truth) is a modicum of humility and openness to understanding. Thus the I Ching favors the good through empowering freewill, quite clearly.

    Humanity are finally realizing through the new age of knowledge to believe in good and freedom, rather than their slave masters who deceive and exploit them for their own greed. Humanity are learning to no longer sacrifice themselves at the altar of such disappointing, second-rate, low-class darkness.

  • Yep.
    “The Babylon System of Slavery is a 3 Pronged system. Religion, Corporate Governement, Money/banking systems.”
    And now world wide, the company store system is collapsing. Soon, we’ll be free of it forever.

  • Just covering the rent or housing loan now take over two weeks income each month to cover and thats before tax for the average serf.

    The land belongs to the people but the jewish bankers use bribes to control planning permision and this is why prices have become silly so become a rat, sign up for that 25 year housing loan and eat crap food for the next 25 years or take a week out, hang the fuckers (bnkers) and see if once again “We the people” are allowed to live on the land that we own in the first place.

    Stupid thing is that even if you own the bricks you don’t own the land, they still do and you get reminded of this fact every time you have to pay the land tax for your “Home” or the big bad wolf will blow your house down

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