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The Murder and Mind Control of Illuminati Monarch Tiffany Jenks

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 8:08
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The post The MURDER & MIND CONTROL of ILLUMINATI MONARCH TIFFANY JENKS appeared first on Kev Baker Show.


In this episode we learn all about the life & eventual murder of a young woman by the name of Tiffany Jenks. We will go over the official story with her boyfriend John Captain, then get into the truth about what really happened.

The truth will take us into the world of the illuminati, MK-Ultra & Monarch mind control, insider trading, cover ups & cults.


We open up the show by giving the official account & timeline of the murder of Tiffany Jenks.

The official account, in my own words, goes something like this….

In the early hours of the 8th of October 2013, a 35 year old woman by the name of Tiffany Jenks was out drinking. After midnight on the 8th Tiffany is seen leaving the the mystic strip club, located in southeast Portland, to go outside for a smoke.

While outside she came into contact with 3 individuals by the names of Michelle Worden-Brosey, Joshua Robinette & Daniel Bruynell. Its important to stress here that the official story is that these people had never met before, and images of them shaking hands is proof of this. its important to remember that they say Tiffany didn’t know them.

Its said that they then went on to drink at several other clubs before heading for a quiet area around Blue Lake Park, reportedly to do some target shooting with a .357 calibre revolver.

When they got to the park, they said that Tiffany was acting agitated and was yelling.

Later, during interrogation by police, the shooter, Daniel Bruynell said that Brosey & Robinette had told him to silence Tiffany.

Michelle Brosey then handed him a gun and told him to shoot Tiffany. When he had shot her, he said that both Michelle & Joshua congratulated him.

Strangely, neither Michelle nor Joshua heard the gunshots, according to the police reports.

Daniel Bruynell is serving 18 years for shooting Tiffany Jenks & both Michelle Brosey & Joshua Robinette are free having given evidence for the state and paying a fine for their part in the crime.

So, the actual timeline goes something like this

  • 1.43am – Tiffany first meets Brosey, Robinette, & Bruynell. The police say they were strangers and this is proven by the fact they all shook hands upon meeting (hardly evidence of anything in my opinion).
  • 2.11am – The four people then leave together and head towards Blue Lake Park to allegedly shoot targets with a .357 calibre revolver. The same revolver that police say Brosey & Robinette were selling to finance their wedding, and that Bruynell had travelled from Oakland to purchase said gun (if you are thinking this doesnt seem right, then you ain’t seen nothing yet!)
  • 2.30am – This is the time when Tiffany Jenks was killed by a bullet to the head, fired by Daniel Bruynell after he was told to shoot her by Michelle Brosey & Joshua Robinette.


John S. Captain III joins the show to give his inside knowledge on the case, and its far from what the police and the courts would have us believe.

John and Tiffany were friends & lovers, and John goes on to explain that after the death of her father in 2010, Tiffany struggled to cope and would turn to drink and drugs in her despair. Additionally, John explains that her father had worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico – this could be key when we get into the MK-Ultra/Monarch mind control programs.

During these occasions when Tiffany was drinking, she would say some strange things that at the time didn’t make much sense to John, who wrote it off as just the drink talking.

Tiffany would say things to the effect of, “When you find out who i really am you will hate me”. Just what did Tiffany mean, and just who was she really?

Tiffany Jenks was a very attractive & highly intelligent young woman with degrees in physics & geology. She would go on to have a very important job working for a power company that was in charge of 21 dams & nuclear installations.

Its important for the listeners and readers of this to note that prior to the murder of Tiffany Jenks, her boyfriend John Captain was totally unaware of things like the illuminati & CIA mind control.

From what John tells us during the show, and from the recordings of Tiffany and her therapist, it becomes very evident that what we are dealing with here is a mind control victim. There are recordings (i will include some in this article and urge people to check out John Captain on Youtube & the Tiffany Jenks facebook page for further supporting evidence).


One of the key parts of the case is that Tiffany is said to have first come into contact with her eventual killers outside a strip club at 1.43am on the 8th of October, and by 2.30am that same morning, less than an hour later, Tiffany was dead.

However, six months after the murder, John Captain was able to retrieve a recording made by Tiffany from a phone he had given to her.

This recording has Tiffany talking to someone by the name of Josh, they discuss a gun and the fact that Josh had been feeling suicidal. Could this be the same Joshua Robinette that was present the night she was killed?

They talk about the death of Tiffanys’ father, which happened in 2010, so just how long has Tiffany known “Josh”?


During my research for this show, and having heard the very first broadcast by Clyde Lewis, in which he talks about his chance meeting with a man called John Captain, one aspect of the story stands out as evidence that there is some kind of mind control at work in this case.

John Captain, like i stated earlier, was totally oblivious to what goes on in the shadows of reality, and was unaware of topics such as mind control, the illuminati, etc., so he didnt pick up on some of the telltale signs that point towards Tiffany being a Monarch Mind Control Slave.

One of the most glaring pieces of evidence comes from a recording which Tiffany made during one of her visits to her therapist in Portland, Oregon. During the session, there are tapping sounds, very akin to those made if you click, or snap your fingers. Is this the sound of the therapist putting Tiffany into a trance state?

Furthermore, there is also a segment of the conversation that talks about a “death wish” & the icing on the cake comes when he is heard talking about “follow the yellow brick road”!

This line from Lewis Carrolls’ Wonderland series is synonymous with mind control and has been exposed by people such as Cathy O’brien & other mind control victims of the past.

So, was the therapist part of this conspiracy surrounding the mind control of Tiffany Jenks?

Remember i said earlier that the father of Tiffany Jenks worked at Los Alamos Labs? Well, over the years, its become obvious that when it comes to the world of black-ops & CIA secret programs, lots of the participants come from a family that is in the military or has ties to the intelligence services.

Also, to create these mind control slaves, it is common to find that the use of trauma is key to creating different personalities. During the show we mention that Tiffany was raped at a younger age, and this too may support the mounting evidence that Tiffany was indeed a victim of the mind control programs at play in the shadowy world of the military-industrial-surveillance complex.



The billion dollar question. Just why did the powers-that-shouldn’t-be, or her handlers, decide to get rid of Tiffany in what can only be described as an execution type killing?

Well, it could be to do with her job. Not only was Tiffany talking about “lots of people are going to die”, potentially exposing some plot surrounding the dams or nuclear installations she was responsible for, but she also bore witness to something very strange indeed.

John explains that Tiffany told him that she would write down height of the dam and the flow of water etc, then pass it on to other workers that she wasn’t to have any contact with. John speculates that this could well be linked to some insider trading. If this is the case we could be talking about a massive scam that would see those behind it making massive amounts of money but making trades based on information they are getting first.

They always say “follow the money”, and for me this may have put Tiffany in the cross hairs of her bosses and those controlling the cult that she had found herself being a part of.


People ask why it is I feel the need to cover such stories. Lets look at this story of Tiffany Jenks. Its tragic & heartbreaking, but i feel it is important to cover as it may just help someone else that is in the same situation Tiffany found herself in the months leading up to her untimely death, a death that she knew was coming her way!

If we can help to expose the extent of these mind control programs & give those still under the control of their handlers somewhere to go where they no longer feel alone, then that makes it worth the time and effort.

John Captain is determined to keep fighting for the truth to come out and the powers-that-shouldn’t-be seem determined to silence him, and we will stand with John all the way to help keep the memory of Tiffany alive and so that we can use her story to save other monarch slaves out there.

Tiffany Jenks facebook page…


The post The MURDER & MIND CONTROL of ILLUMINATI MONARCH TIFFANY JENKS appeared first on Kev Baker Show.


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