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The New American Revolution and the Anarchy Conundrum (VIDEO)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 18:49
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The New American Revolution and the Anarchy Conundrum (VIDEO) | anarchy-conundrum | Civil Rights Government Government Control Government Corruption Multimedia Sleuth Journal US Constitution & Bill Of Rights

Today I want to discuss Anarchy and the perplexing riddle it represents in the face of our (American) fight for the preservation of the Republic, the rule of law and the structure known as the Constitution which offers a legal and enforceable path for not only holding corrupt politicians accountable but also a path for reducing the size of government (as we are seeing already) and ultimately (if we dare to dream) giving the power of that government back to the people. Yes, some may be thinking that hoping for a small government that enforces the rule of law and keeps corruption in check is a pipe dream but as you will see when we consider the alternate solution offered and suggested by many Anarchists you will see that striving for a responsible government or a government working toward that goal may not be so much of a pipe dream that many people think that it is.

It wasn’t very long ago that doctor Ron Paul electrified many people including many young Americans with his message of liberty, small government and accountability. We saw arenas packed everywhere Paul went. These were mostly educated young Americans that have a great sense and appreciation of American history. They don’t choose to ignore the accomplishments and intentions of the founding fathers in favor of focusing that they were slave owners. They don’t ignore the meaning of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to focus on, for example, that some of them were Masons. Instead these liberty lovers stay focused on the bigger more meaningful picture: A nation was born out of the remnants of an oppressed group which was under the British Monarchy and this group prioritized certain principles which would then become the blueprint for the pursuit of freedom in a world where nation states have existed for thousands of years. That blueprint created by the founding fathers is still very real and very relevant. If you don’t think so, try to see that to this day government officials including judges, politicians, the US military, FBI, law enforcement and many others still take an oath to the Constitution and in courts of law and Congress these individuals are, or potentially are, still very much accountable to the rule of law and the Constitution. This process or structure for accountability in other words is very real today in 2017 as it was in 1776 even though past presidential administrations have subverted this process to various degrees. The argument that past presidents have subverted this process however is not itself an indictment or closing argument for declaring that the process itself is useless or ineffective.

Notice I said the “blueprint” and the “process”. I didn’t say corruption is not also real. I didn’t say the founding fathers were saints and I didn’t say the application of the law works every time. They are all perversions and twists on the American nation state, the rule of law, the work of the founding fathers, and the US Constitution that Anarchists often suggest to undermine the value and original meaning and intention of this structure of the rule of law.

As I will demonstrate in this article, this history and paradigm of undermining, attacking and disregarding the American nation state and its rule of law is by no means just an Anarchy thing, it is a long term process carried out and very much planned by the globalist once known more commonly as the Communist Revolution if you go back to the time of the 1950’s and 60’s and earlier.

Am I suggesting that the Anarchy movement is part of the Communist Revolution’s long term plans to undermine the US government and the rule of law? While this is not specifically what I’m saying, I do see many possibilities given the world we live in today and what we know about the 1960’s that this could be a possibility. At the very least liberty lovers should be guarded about this very real possibility.

Before I go any further let me say that as it is with any movement, the people in the movement usually mean well and are not intentionally doing what the architects and purveyors of the movement intended. The same could be said about many groups whose mobilization has been funded by the ruling elite. The movement is often engineered whereas the people duped into the cause and movement are sincere and have no idea they are being used. For example today you can apply this to the Liberal Left globalist movement. Here in Hollywood California where I live there are many Left wing Liberals who blindly believe the Left wing Liberal propaganda and globalist religion without questioning the Clinton News Network (CNN), MSN or any of the mainstream corporate owned CIA controlled media. They mean well but they are deluded. That said, let’s take a closer look at Anarchism in order to put things in perspective.

A closer look at the Anarchism arguments

Like many well intended movements, on the surface Anarchism is rooted in the most precious values, ideals and beliefs. To really visualize the belief model one must think in the purest and most isolated form. Start by looking to yourself for answers. You are human, you are breathing, you are you and no one else matters. Since no one else matters then naturally no one, not one person on this planet has a right (not given to them by nature) to tell you what to do. Any attempt to establish order on a mass scale as we see in human collective agreements, with nation states being the prime example, is a violation of your personal freedom and sovereignty. In a perfect and I mean absolutely perfect utopian world I would agree with this statement. Unfortunately, humanity has never existed in this Utopia and never will. The reason being, among other things is there is a thing called Natural Law which governs the universe including our existence as humans. Also embedded within this Natural Law is the concept of chaos, ying and yang, good and bad, order and disorder, positive and negative, low vibration and high vibration. We see these opposing energies all around us and things are never just one way.

Additionally, the Anarchism argument is based on a singular expression of human governance which although it can potentially work for any given individual provided they have the right support system all around them, the implementation of it involves undoing thousands of years of highly evolved human organizational structures known as nation states. Nation states have existed as far back as civilized human history can tell. In fact, the very word “civilized” refers to the orderly, advanced and humane structure of order created by humans which is inherently inseparable to the history of the creation of language, cultural and religious based nation states.

We can all agree that since the beginning of time bad humans have existed. Criminal and corrupt elements have roamed the planet looking for people to oppress and conquer. We can also agree that humans have always sought for food, shelter, safety, and socialization. In response to this natural disorder of the universe humans have always been prone to form groups in order to help each other survive. These groups and bodies eventually evolved and have existed in the form of nation states for thousands of years. These organized nation states, one can argue, are actually part of the order of nature especially in our modern times of evolved knowledge, competition for resources and sophisticated technology.

That said, it doesn’t mean that smaller groups cannot function perfectly in harmony with nature. For that matter technically speaking one person can grind it out and survive on their own (albeit this would not work for most people) and enjoy their isolated life without problem. Ultimately, this article is not about what is the “best” model to live in for the individual’s personal fulfillment. I’ve stated many times that in a perfect world we wouldn’t need nation states. Unfortunately we don’t live (and never will live) in a perfect world. In fact we live in a world where we are trying to stop a very powerful global order from coming into existence and fighting this force at a level of small (utopian based) groups is impractical. More on this later.

As stated earlier language, religious and cultural barriers offer an explanation for the process and evolution of nation states throughout human history. These factors necessitate the identity of groups to go beyond just small pockets of Anarchy-sized groups (8, 10, 20 or 100 etc). Thus expanding the group identity beyond the Anarchy-sized mini groups seems to be part of the natural process that begat the concept of nation states. Again, the emphasis here is not on what is possible today but what is practical. Also, for any individual who wants to practice Anarchy who feels the Anarchy lifestyle is best and most practical for them then this is very acceptable. I say go for it!

Now let’s begin examining some of the core arguments posed by Anarchists to justify why nation states should be done away with. One of the primary Anarchist arguments is that the state exists primarily to steal your money (“taxation is theft”) and property and put you jail (“in a cage”) if you don’t let them steal your money and property. But is this really true? Surely in some cases, but is this true say, in America according to the actual rule of law? Let’s examine this argument carefully.

On the surface one may think, yes, this is true, the government (of America) will put you in jail for not paying taxes. Actually this is not necessarily true if you truly understand the law. To these people I’ll point you to a revolutionary attorney named Peymon Mottahedah who runs a project (Freedom Law School) designed to educate Americans essentially on how to not pay taxes. Author Peter Hendrickson wrote a book titled “Cracking the Code” where he explains why most taxation is illegal and how you can legally get out of paying many of these taxes. Like it or not, many people do read this book figure out the correct way to legally not pay taxes. Of course the IRS is one of the entities that doesn’t like this author or the people who follow these instructions, but that’s because the book offers legitimate advice on how to understand and use the very legal system that Anarchists say is designed primarily to steal your money in a way that allows you to not pay taxes.

Of course this doesn’t cover all the taxes imposed by the states, cities and municipalities but the point is that the nation state and the rule of law (as Mottahedah proves all the time) is the very structure that an educated person can use to … get OUT of paying taxes! Without this structure in place someone like Mottahedah would have been stopped and prosecuted a long time ago. The fact of the matter is that Mottahedah and other are removing the veil of deception that surrounds the rule of law in order for people to be unjustly victimized by it and in order for attorneys to make a lot of money helping people decode the true meaning of the law. The enemy would then appear to be not the rule of law itself but the modern day deliberate obfuscation and complication of the rule of law with unjust codes and statutes that are unconstitutional to begin with. At the heart of this problem is corruption. The very corruption the Constitution and the rule of law is designed to stop.

Are “solutions” offered by Anarchist truly realistic in today’s world?

Anarchists have a field day laughing off the “statists” for believing that a politician will somehow make a difference. To that I laugh along with them. (hahaha). No doubt there are no circumstances where one president or one politician can actually undo the deep state criminality we see today. Look at history and find me a time when one president was able to destroy the deep state and truly restore the Republic. Though the founding fathers laid down a good ground work and fought off the central bankers after this early period it’s never happened. Attempts may have been made but ultimately, one way or another the criminals in the deep state get their way. Today many Anarchists pose this argument for why you should follow their solutions instead of relying on the state. The question is, are those who are following the Anarchy advice being bamboozled into yet another very laughable and unrealistic “solution” which will never happen? I believe so and here’s why.

Think of your favorite Anarchy website or guru leader that you are listening to all the time. Ask yourself, what are they truly offering as the solution and how are they accounting for the corruption and criminality of today? Are they supporting the Constitution and the rule of law? Do they offer a genuine solution for holding criminals accountable outside the structure of the nation state?

A quick survey of major Anarchy platforms today deeply embedded in the alternative media shows that these Anarchists leaders are constantly suggesting that the government, state or “establishment” is fading away. They constantly suggest that if you simply ignore the state, it will somehow go away. Yes, it will magically go away because no one cares any more. But is this belief rooted in any form of reality? It is absolutely not! Let’s examine.

In today’s modern world of highly funded nation states and its rulers, powerful military armies and its high tech weaponry, Intelligence agencies, sophisticated communication technology, advanced knowledge about ourselves and more, suggesting that the government or world governments and nation states with all of their resources will somehow magically go away because people at the lower levels somehow don’t pay attention to them is a horrible case of what I call magic and unrealistic thinking.

When one considers the millions of people collectively around the globe that work for, depend on, work with, benefit from, have ties to and in some way are connected to the concept of government or the nation state the ridiculousness and laughableness of this argument becomes very apparent. Not only (as I’ve already mentioned) have nation states been around thousands of years but in today’s highly technological world there are no realistic models for dissolving nation states. Oh, actually there is possibly one model for this hypothesis at play now that is very realistic, and those pushing for it have planned this out for hundreds of years and it’s the model for the New World Order!

The new world order globalist model involves dissolving nation states in favor of a one world government run by civilian technocrats. No true rule of law will be needed just enough rules so that the rulers know when to turn off your chip since the people will have NO rights at all. This my friends is the only realistic model for dissolving nation states and it is very real and happening today even as the Anarchists continue to wishfully think that Utopia will suddenly come to us overnight and all nation states will wither away as people catch on to truth and simply ignore the government. No one should be surprised by this takeover model of nation states in favor of a one world government. In the video below author and new world order researcher G. Edward Griffin explains how the Communist Revolution (today referred to as the globalists) had this planned long ago and all of what we are seeing today is part of what many years ago the Communist leaders were referring to as the “peaceful revolution” (think Agenda 2030 “peace and prosperity”!!)

What I want to share with readers is that there is no realistic possibility of this “kumbaya” scenario materializing in today’s modern world. At least not in this era of nation states, nuclear weapons, global militarization, engineered “terrorism”, corruption, greed, fascism, tyranny, selfism and materialistic survivalism.

The lesson in all of this is to not let our personal sense of idealism and wishful thinking overcome our own sense of reality and reason. Also, the application of reason and logic must be applied in the proper context of the world we current live in. It cannot be based on fantasy and magic thinking and instead must be practical and applicable in the modern days in which that thinker is operating in.

So have the rulers thought this out? And if so, could they be using the Anarchy movement as a bonus to supplement and “support” the Liberal Left globalist deep state agenda? This could possibly be and this is now the main point of this article that I want readers to seriously consider.

Is the Anarchy movement being used indirectly to support the globalist agenda?

This question posed now becomes the touchy daring question no doubt few Anarchists may be ready or willing to consider especially since (as I mentioned earlier) at its heart Anarchy is based on amazing virtues and ideals which I appreciate and hope for some day as well. Also, many people in the Anarchy movement are the people I prefer to hang out with. They are educated and thoughtful activists and researchers with honorable intentions and values. What’s not to appreciate about this?

Upon deeper examination however, the idea that the ruling elite would use Anarchism to support their agenda to overthrow the nation state and the rule of law shouldn’t shock readers since we’ve seen this model at play in the past here in America.

In the 1960’s we saw how Timothy Leary, now known to have worked with CIA, Ken Kesey, the Grateful Dead and others combined to created what was a planned “counter-culture”. This counter-culture produced a perfectly planned revolution and an attitude of rebellion, confusion and un-willingness to be involved in the political process amongst many Americans. Author Richard Miller at Salon states:

In 1965, when large amounts of easily available acid hit the streets of US cities, American society was a powder keg ready to explode. The combination of the Vietnam war, the assassination of Malcolm X, the race riots in Watts and other cities, and the volatile mood on US college campuses, all contributed to the general ferment. Society was becoming increasingly radicalized and many young people felt completely disillusioned with their government and society in general. They sought to distance themselves from the status quo and to distinguish themselves as revolutionaries in as many ways as possible. Hallucinogenic drugs were the perfect things to help to define their defiant and alternative life style. As Leary had declared, it was time to “Turn on, tune in, and drop out.” Drop out was what young people wanted to do; they certainly didn’t want to actively participate in the society in which they found themselves.

Does any of this sound familiar? It should! Perhaps you may be wondering what’s the connection between government planned counter-cultures and Anarchism in our world today. This only shows that the same CIA that has in the past and present pushed and funded counter-cultures and revolutions in America and around the world would indeed benefit from any culture or belief which seeks to “tune out” politically to what is really happening in the name of personal gain, seeking inner peace, spirituality, utopian ideals and such. In other words, this model has been used in the past to get people to not pay attention and therefore no one should act as if this is impossible or unrealistic today. In fact there is evidence all around us to suggest that in some circles Anarchists are being used for just this purpose.

The Anarchist platform and opportunistic disinformation trolls

Many well meaning Anarchists may not even be aware of what I’m about to say but what I’m about to say is something I have been researching and observing for at least the past 3 years. First, let’s begin by turning back the clock to an issue I’ve been raising and harping on for several years now with very few others in the alternative media willing to dig into this as I have. I’m talking about a movement which for years has undermined the 9/11 Truth movement but today is truly showing its colors to be the very disinformation (I believe Obama CIA ) operation that I had predicted years ago. I’m talking about the online movement of trolls who repeatedly blame every problem of the world on “Israel” and “Zionism” even today they unbashfully come out and blame the “Jews” for literally everything that is wrong in the world. For simplicity I’ve been calling this movement the “Israel did it” (mostly in reference to 9/11) or “blame Israel” or “blame the Jews” movement.

This modern day “blame Israel” movement as I stated years ago literally blames everything on Israel, Zionism and even the Jews as a whole even when there is no provable connection whatsoever. For the record, there is no denying that Zionism is very much a part of the criminal globalist cabal and they played their role in 9/11. However, realize that millions of real Jews all over the world themselves denounce Zionism and even the official state of Israel in some cases because they realize that Zionist elements along with many other criminal globalist elements is nothing more than a singular criminal entity controlling Israel as well as influencing many policies here in the US. However the movement to troll online blaming Israel and the Jews for everything attempts to treat “Zionism” as if it’s the same thing as being Jewish as if there is no difference. That’s like saying that all Italians are mobsters! But I digress.

Locally here in Los Angeles about a year and a half ago this “Israel did 9/11” psyop movement pulled a coup d’etat of the original ‘We are change’ chapter that many of us used to attend once a month. A group (fyi) which I was the assistant organizer for. There were 2 primary operatives and no one should be surprised that it didn’t end with blaming “Israel” only for the crimes of 9/11 but it involved pushing most of the official story (Pentagon and Shanksville) as well as demonizing almost every major researcher in the Truth movement-Alternative media, reinforcing many of Obama’s psyop fake shootings as real, denying the existence of the deep state or new world order and much more. To many of us at the time it became clear that this movement to blame everything on “Israel” and claim that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of the criminal Bush administration was not involved in 9/11 was a deep state Intelligence operation.

So why am I bringing up this conflict and past group infiltration now? Actually because some very prominent Anarchy websites and platforms are now saturated with this operation and no one should be surprised that they are denying all of the huge developments and revelations of 2016 and 2017 including the Wikileaks Hillary and Podesta emails and all the evidence of corruption, criminality, pedophilia, Vault 7 leaks, Project Veritas leaks and much more. Additionally, this “blame Israel” movement despises President Trump claiming he is secretly connected to “Israel” plotting the end of the world with them, also claiming that Wikileaks and Julian Assange is a psyop, Edward Snowden is a psyop, even Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is a psyop and basically anyone or anything that doesn’t blame “Israel” or any evidence that points the finger back to the actual deep state criminals must be a psyop. In other words, blame Israel, Zionism and the Jews for everything otherwise you are a psyop!

The New American Revolution and the Anarchy Conundrum (VIDEO) | revolution-denial | Civil Rights Government Government Control Government Corruption Multimedia Sleuth Journal US Constitution & Bill Of Rights

Without getting into attacking individuals and websites I’ll just say that if you look for the connection between this (Soros funded?) group (blaming Israel for all) and some Anarchy platforms you’ll find it my friends, I assure you.

I want to reiterate that I’m not implying that Anarchists are knowingly or deliberately working with the Soros funded revolutionaries or the movement to blame all on Israel. I believe most Anarchists are sincere and believe what they do for the reasons already stated. But I do believe there are a couple of popular Anarchy platforms which are working closely with and or being bamboozled by individuals known to push this “blame Israel” agenda. I’ll leave it to the readers to discern this for themselves.

The new age movement and the new American Revolution

Think for a minute what if hypothetically the Anarchists were right about everything they assert, does that mean that people should abandon the cause of America? Should we really ignore the war we face against the ruling elite and resort to a belief that government doesn’t exist? Ask yourself for a minute, if we do this, how will that stop the ruling elite from continuing and ultimately achieving their plan? Also, show me a time in history where wishing something away as big as armed functional governments at a global scale in today’s technological world actually made that government go away. The fact of the matter is that this has never happened throughout history.

In ancient times when Christians were persecuted by the Roman Empire all the prayer in the world failed to save them. The lesson here is that when tyrants and fascist dictators strike, the only thing that can effectively stop them is fighting back in the context of reality. That is, the rule of law, physical resistance in the context of the individual person as well as armies and nation states.

Wishful thinking and resorting to meditation, focusing on the inner self, peace, love and positiveness as is commonly talked about in the new age movement is only helpful for improving your day to day life including your daily outlook and friendships. One cannot apply new age theories to real dangerous political situations any more than thinking that turning on, tuning in and dropping out is going to somehow be the answer as it was posed to the masses in the 1960’s. And if anyone thinks these warm and fuzzy ideologies win against today’s sophisticated, armed, evil and highly oppressive ruling elite pushing to get their new world order done, think again.

The take home message is balance. And as we observe what many are hoping will continue to evolve as the second American Revolution every American will have to decide for themselves how these ideologies fit into their perception of reality and solutions in our modern world. I’m afraid that not just anarchists but many groups touting “inner peace” new age beliefs may unknowingly share an uncomfortable common denominator with the ruling elite’s long planned revolution for the takeover of America now more commonly known as the globalists new world order plans, and that is the concept of standing down. You see, the globalists don’t mind if you tune out and stop fighting them. This works out perfect for them since it’s one less enemy they have to deal with. This is easy to reason out mathematically speaking.


In conclusion now is the time to closely examine your paradigms and belief systems and compare them to the reality that is before us now. Now more than ever it is important for Truth seekers and freedom lovers to think critically and act accordingly. Although many have been seen marching along side the Soros funded anti-Trump revolutionaries many Anarchists are sincere Truth seekers as are non-Anarchists or “statists”, some of who also themselves often unknowingly serve the cause of the new world order by calling for bigger police state, more wars etc. The biggest issue here is understanding the consequences of your beliefs, your actions and your words.

In this article I have pointed out some of the indirect consequences of thinking the state will go away because we wish it away or ignore it. In this case, the consequences are enormous. The ruling elite will benefit from a public that doesn’t want to be involved in fighting them back, a public that joins their engineered army or revolutionaries by hating and attacking any presidential candidate who attempts to resist them or a public that really thinks they will wish their new world order away even as their global order is fighting to become a permanent fixture today. Considering all of this, one might wonder if Anarchism is the new “turn on tune in and drop out” psyop being used to pull well meaning Truth seekers into a life of learned helplessness and self-absorption.

Ask yourself, is it a coincidence that the very language used in the globalists Agenda 2030 is one of “global peace, love and prosperity”? Is it any wonder that at the heart of Hillary’s psyop campaign was a theme of pretend care and love for individuals based on their identity not on their humanity? Is it any wonder that the Hillary-Soros-DNC campaign sold these “national liberation” values to their followers exactly as predicted in many books written by Communist leaders many years ago and then used them to demonize Trump and anyone else who stands for cultural, religious, conservative or moral values that oppose the globalist plans? Is it any wonder that Hillary constantly referred to her opponents as “haters” and “dark hearted” in order to foster more hatred and division making her campaign appear more like an uprising than a presidential campaign? Are you getting the picture?

There is reason to believe that at the core of the new world order plans is a plan to have the masses peacefully accepting and even enjoying their enslavement. All of this peaceful acceptance of the new world order of permanent enslavement can be seen in the Liberal Left peaceful acceptance of whatever their rulers tell them is Truth. That’s because “peace and love” is the model of the new world order where no one will be able to protest for if they do they will simply have their chip turned off. The Anarchists unwillingness to fight for a nation state or rule of law that they feel shouldn’t exist in the first place (“statism is evil”) thus is a dream come true for the ruling elite when you look at the big picture.

Ironically, when we consider the smaller picture I myself consider myself an Anarchist to some degree. I love the idea that we could do away with governments and I believe that in a perfect Republic run and ruled by and for the people, Anarchism can and should exist. In such a scenario I would probably be the first to declare my love for Anarchism. Unfortunately for me and all of us, we don’t live in that smaller picture. A picture often reserved for magic thinkers, positive thinkers, new age thinkers and many others who prefer to miss the forest for the trees.

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