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Vault 7 Leak Exposes a Secret War against We the People

Sunday, March 19, 2017 18:42
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The Vault 7 leaks have merely disclosed the tip of the Secret Shadow Government iceberg. It quickly becomes obvious that there is also Secret Space War program and secret Deep Underground Military Base program that the CIA runs interference for.

by  Preston James

Note: This is a long article, and involves information you were never supposed to find out about. Over the years, hundreds have been murdered who bucked this evil system, and thousands of good Americans from all walks of life and positions (low and high) have been harassed into silence.  

Thankfully all secrecy is ending bit by bit thanks to the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press. The CIA and the Secret Shadow Government are desperate to stop these disclosures and doing everything they can, but such efforts are now doomed. This article is dedicated to all the innocent blood and ruined lives of all the many thousands of the CIA’s victims, including many children ritually abused and sacrificed for control, power and money. 
To save time, you can read the bold print and the conclusion to get a pretty good summary of the article.

Thanks to the Vault 7 leaks the curtain has been pulled back and the CIA’s massive crime spree against We The People has now been exposed.

And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This disclosure of CIA RICO crimes is just 1% of what will be coming in future months about the CIA’s dirty secret crimes against We The People and the existence of a massive secret war against We The People by a Secret American “invisible” Government, best referred to as the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

Yes, not only do the Vault 7 disclosures disclose massive illegal CIA spying against the American people, but they also suggest that a major war is being waged against We The People by a Secret Shadow Government (SSG) most of the American masses never heard of, something never mentioned in the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

The original reason that the CIA was created was because of the cold war with the Soviet Union and China, at least this is what was claimed to the American public. 

We now know for certain that the large subterranean Intel monster best referred to as the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) was spawned from and by the CIA’s excessive secrecy and tendency to commit an endless series of serious crimes, all rationalized under the misused concept of “protecting national security”.

Here is the secret process by which this all occurred.

Paperclip scientists in America – US Sponsorship was not limited to German physicists and engineers

At the end of WW2, the USG decided to import the Nazi spy system.

The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was the clandestine arm of the US Military during WW2 and realized that they were ill equipped to spy on the Soviet Union effectively.

So at the end of WW2 efforts were made by the US Army to convince President Truman and his top advisers that it was essential to import the Nazi’s ready made Intel system which they believed had fully penetrated the Soviet Union.

But the immediate impetus to create the CIA by passing the National Security Act of 1947 was the UFO crash with 5 alien ET bodies and one live ET survivor from another nearby crash sent the Army Air Corps into shock.



Roswell depiction

This Roswell incident sent major shock-waves through the highest echelons of the US Military High Command, the president and several of the top Senators who were briefed.

That very night that the Roswell incident was exposed in an article published in the newswires that a flying saucer had crashed and been recovered at Roswell, absolute secrecy was locked down and a phony weather balloon cover story was quickly substituted under threat of court martial.

Years later when witnesses began to adequately debunk this, another second fake cover story was presented that it was the crash test of a Project Mogul test dummy. That too has now been fully debunked.

When the National Security Act of 1947 was passed, President Truman in essence unknowingly signed away US sovereignty by allowing the creation of a Secret Shadow Government (SSG). Years later he realized this mistake and was sorry, or at least that is what he claimed.

From that point on from the moment it was created by the national Security Act, the CIA morphed into the secret control arm of the Fourth Reich, a reconstituted three-piece suit Third Reich that had formed an symbiotic alliance with US Intel over Alien ET technologies gained from recovered crashed UFOs, one in Bavaria for example.

This is an extreme claim that the CIA became the Intel arm of the new Forth Reich but one that has legs. And here is how it happened.

After the end WW2, President Truman and his Military High Command imported over 9,000 Nazi scientists, technicians, bio-weapons experts, spy-chiatrists and mind-kontrollers, and Intel agents under Operation Paperclip.

Midway through the war, US Naval Intel had become aware of the secret Nazi weapons research on jet aircraft, rockets, nuclear bombs and anti-gravity craft. US Navy Intel had deeply penetrated the secret Nazi weapons programs.

And naval Intel was fully aware that the Nazis had recovered crashed UFOs, had formed a working alliance with an Alien ET group which abandoned them midstream.

Senior US Naval Intel Officials knew the Allies would win the war and wanted to be able to get control over those technologies and the technicians working on them before the Russian could.

A special deal was negotiated through back channels with certain Nazi Intel officials and General Kammler to do this before the war’s end.

Secret negotiations were made through back-channels before the end of the war with General Kammler to import all this technology and those Nazis involved into the USA at the end of the war and give them full immunity if they agreed to work for the USA.

So the USG wanted not only all this Nazi secret technology, it wanted access to what they believed was the Nazi’s exceptionally proficient network of spies deeply embedded inside the Soviet Union.

However, General Kammler had a secret plan. He decided that he would share the rocketry, and guidance systems and the jet aircraft but would hold back on much of the Alien ET technologies and instead attempt to create a secret separate Nazi space program running parallel.

In a strange unanticipated turn of events, many of the top technicians working on de Glocke (the Bell) and related anti-gravity were murdered so they could not talk or be taken to America. It has been suspected and rumored that a select group of the best were Scientists and technicians working on anti-gravity were secretly transported to South America, some say to a secret base in Antarctica.

This group of Nazi scientists and technicians was to re-establish connections to a Alien ET group and continue developing weapons. What happened to them is unclear but perhaps will be disclosed with all the big disclosures coming soon over Antarctic archaeological digs, which according to rumors may involve beings frozen in the ice from ancient times and alien ET matters.

After NASA was developed, it was rumored that a secret Nazi section was developed to set up Space War division to rival the USAF and the USN’s. Because of all the excess well-compartmented secrecy levels set up based on “need to know” only, it is always difficult to get accurate information on any of this.

This cylinder device generated a tremendous vortex in the etheric field by counter-rotating mercury plasma, though many speculate it was merely an anti-gravity flying device, it seems more likely to have been a primitive attempt to create an artificial ‘wormhole’ portal that could pierce the quarantine barrier. The Bell project and its designers vanished just before WWII’s end.

Up until about five years ago, any mention of the Secret Space War program usually resulted in the discloser being murdered without mercy.

Some of the murders have seemed to be from defense contractor security teams, but others are suspected of being from strange “Men in Black” (MIBs who have been alleged to be human looking Alien ETs).

Over the last 20 years those who run the programs, Majestic Twelve, has had a big split in perspectives among its members with the younger set wanting disclosure and pushing for it. This split has allowed a softening of the policy to immediately murder anyone disclosing.

And now with Dr. Steven Greer’s disclosure project over 100 American heroes have disclosed collectively. Offers have been made to present all this in open Congressional hearing but because NM Congressman Schiff appeared to have been murdered (CIA Flu) trying to break it open, most Members of Congress are too afraid of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) to attempt to set up disclosure hearings.

If you think the claims that the USN had serious Intel during WW2 from inside the Nazi high technology programs that dealt with recovered UFOs and Alien ET partners is complete bunk, not so fast.

Jeff Rense (of who is a Veterans Today affiliate has a Radio Network which carries some remarkable guests. One of his recent guests is a highly respected man William Tompkins, who has produced supporting credentials showing long term participation in the Secret Space War program.

Some of these very interesting Rense programs with William Tompkins have been posted on and also on and are well worth listening too. Take the time to listen to this remarkable man before you just discount such claims out of hand about the Navy penetrating Nazi alien ET/UFO high technology development during WW2.

These matters are incredulous to most and even for a period of time to those who have worked in these programs at the highest levels. Yes, this is “twilight zone” time, but you will find it to be real if you do enough deep research.

In 1990 the respected “Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine” confirmed development of exotic top-secret flight machines. In two feature articles, the lid was ever so slightly lifted on super-classified projects under way at Nellis AFB in Nevada and Edwards AFB in California. Both bases “…have been home to ‘classified’ vehicles for decades.”

But here is what we actually do know for certain.

Nazi Intel Gehlen and Mueller were brought over and used to help set up the CIA under the infamous now declassified Operation paperclip. Joseph Mengele  (aka Dr. Green) traveled in and out of American from his South American home and was brought over to help set up the CIA’s secret Mind-kontrol programs which included MK-Ultra and numerous subprograms, many of which are ongoing even to this very day although completely denied. 

Prescott Bush and the Dulles brothers were supportive of the Nazis. Prescott and GHWB both have been accused of being secret Nazis. Prescott for his part in the Union bank support for the Nazis in WW2 in which he was arrested but given immunity to be come an “informant” as long as he signed an agreement his progeny would never run for political office.

Caught with his pants down literally!

Sandy Berger was caught attempting to steal this document out of the national security archives and received a minimal hand-slapping where anyone else would have  been given a life sentence.

GHWB was responsible for running CIA Op40 (run out of Room 40 at Langley which mimicked the old British room 40 Intel group from WW2. GHWB’s reward for murdering JFK and stopping his plan to break up the CIA into a thousand pieces was to become head of the CIA, Vice President and then President.

It was GHWB that ran the assassination attempt on President Reagan for the CIA and formed a strong alliance with the Nazi Fourth Reich, the Mossad and the South American drug Cartels to traffick massive quantities of illegal drugs into America through Zapata and DEA controlled deliveries into Mena, Arkansas, LA (Freeway Ricky Ross) and every major American city.

And the CIA formed a strategic alliance with the NY mafiosi John Gotti to distribute the Mena cocaine. It’s no coincidence that well-informed insiders have referred to the CIA as “Cocaine Importing Agency” for many years. Isn’t it interesting how John Gotti came down with a strange rare case of throat cancer so he couldn’t talk.

When the Secret Shadow Government was initially being formed, there were struggles to gain control over the Alien ET/UFO matter between the US Army and the US Navy. After the CIA was created entered the fray, a strained but workable partnership was established allowing each entity to carve out their own areas of control in these matters.

It wasn’t long before main responsibilities for back-engineering the recovered UFO technologies was transferred to numerous USAF contractors which had the specialization and expertise needed. These defense contractors became more and more engulfed in higher and higher levels of secrecy deemed necessary to protect the recovered and developed technologies  from other nations, especially the Soviet Union.

Soon these Defense Contractors in a sense became independent and unaccountable to the American People and part of a large subterranean (literally and figuratively because of their numerous Deep Underground Bases) secret Shadow Government, accountable to themselves only with no serious Congressional or Presidential oversight.

As the Secret Shadow Government grew larger, more diversified, it also became stronger and more tyrannical toward the American people, setting up massive spying and surveillance systems against war protesters to begin with, then with the advent of the cell phones and Internet against every single America.

Soon America became run by the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) as its main controller which either picked and promoted its elected officials. Once elected if not chosen these officials are usually “human compromised” by using sophisticated sexual and pedophile “honey traps” often using alcohol and hypnotic drugs like Rohypnal, Placidyl, Chloral Hydrate, and Scopolomine (Boradinga).

The United States has become a nation that has been secretly transformed into a Super-Fascist State.

Soon the United States of America became a secretly Fascist nation, best described as a “Super Fascist” nation. Fascism in general is the fusion of the State and the Corporations with the state setting policy and deploying the corporation as its political servant. 

With Super-Fascism, the corporations become dominant and stack the government with their puppets and thus the Government itself is controlled by a select set of major corporations.

In America today we have Super-Fascism but it is a situation where the Corporations which are stacking the USG (the State) and running it just happen to be the very same large and power Defense Contractors that run the Secret Space program, the various spy operations for the CIA and the Contractors that run the Deep Underground military Base network of 140 DUMBs all connected by a high speed maglev railroad.

In essence, this Secret Shadow Government had become a sovereign nation unto itself.

The original mandate of the CIA was to engage in foreign intelligence, with the FBI’s Division Five handling counter-intelligence inside the USA.

This mandate remained the same until the illegal unconstitutional passage of the Patriot Act, which has been used by the CIA as a false mandate to spy on Americans under the guise of protecting national security and stopping terrorism inside America.

And now we have the massive leakage of Vault 7 from Wikileaks which has disclosed what is claimed to be a mere 1% of all the secret CIA crimes against We The People. The source of this leak has to track back to the NSA, one way or another.

No one else has the technology to have collected and dispersed all these secret methods that have been used to criminally spy on Americans without probable cause and a warrant signed by a judge, not some puppet, backslapping FISA court which is a joke.

Who has access to all this NSA data that could be motivated to have leaked this. The answer in that it would have to be some powerful Intel faction and anyone who is part of the Six Eyes System — normally called Five Eyes publicly by the USG, but Israel was secretly brought in, and now has had full access to all NSA raw feeds, so realistically it should be called the Six Eyes System.

It well known that numerous powerful factions exist in non-CIA American Intel groups that are sick and tired of the crimes and corruption of the CIA. I will briefly list the most egregious of them here: (Note: these are all major RICO crimes). Do not be surprised if it turns out some inside the CIA have assisted in this major leak, which is just 1% of what is coming.


Although candy-coating the facts as much as possible, the CIA Internal Investigation report by Frederick Hitz showed conclusively that at a minimum the CIA looked the other way and “allowed” illegal narcotics to be trafficked in and shared in the profits for covert operations. Hitz resigned as soon as his report was made public.

1- Major illegal drug trafficking into the USA designed to provide lots of off the book black money and to create massive chaos in the US urban areas to destroy society.

2- Setting up, training financing private mercenary armies in foreign lands to start color revolutions, and deploy terrorists, all done to start wars for the Industrial, Banking Defense Complex which need wars to make profits for their 66 major family shareholders. The CIA’s main job today besides drug trafficking is to use creative means to set the stage for starting foreign wars that the Military Industrial Banking Complex needs to generate massive profits for the big 66 families that own the big blocks of their stock.

3- Running massive Mind-kontrol operations inside America by using the Satanic Cult Network as cover and sharing in their Satanic Ritual Abuse, pedophilia, and human sacrifice rituals (the CIA Finders program is but one example, many like this are currently active too). Top Satanic pedophiles and Trauma-based  Mind-Kontrollers are given the status of informants, considered CIA assets and are treated as if they had full diplomatic immunity. The CIA runs these Satanic pedophile ops like the “Finders” and the FBI’s job is to keep them covered up (forever).

4- Deploying advance highly sophisticated psychotronics and Psyops against the American public without their consent through targeted EMF, ELF, Scalar, Wi-Fi, cell phone towers, Doppler radar, dirty electricity and Lilly Waves. The CIA is responsible for shaping the masses group mind set and psychotronics allows them to directly entrain thought and attitudes into the brains of the American People without them knowing or understanding it. These systems are designed to also dumb-down the masses, keep them tranquilized, cause sleep disorders and many have symptoms like fatigue, fibromyalgia, short term memory problems even in younger folks, ringing in their ears, hot flashes followed by cold flashes with no temperature changes, dental problems, stomach problems, and migraine headaches, EKG and EEG irregularities.

5- Running numerous sophisticated bust-out schemes using infiltrated banks, consumer scams, infiltrated and hijacked corporations, and secret proprietaries to gain access to vast amounts of money needed for their black budget. It is no coincidence that insiders call the CIA the “Company”, since it functions like a greedy, illegal organized-crime enterprise that is oriented to asset-stripping anything it can, using any means to gain vast amounts of black funds.

6- Controlling each and all of the six Major Mass Media (aka the CMMM), which functions as a News and Media Cartel, an illegal monopoly controlled by a secret “News Council” which answers to a large investment firm that claims to be on the vanguard of investments. This large investment firm has two parts, a legitimate part for investors and an illegitimate criminal part used to finance foreign mercenaries and terrorist armies such as ISIS; it financed the tankers ISIS has used to transport stolen crude oil in for Turkey. The CMMM specializes in the use of specially constructed false narratives, big lies and twisted propaganda designed to mislead and mind-kontrol the American masses to love their captivity under the thumb of the CIA and the SSG. The CIA is notorious for running serial mass-murder operations against a single terrorist usually by taking out many innocents with them and then hitting their funerals to murder their families too. These are blatant war crimes, and these terrorists were set up, trained, financed, supplied and mind-kontrolled (radicalized) in the first place by the CIA and the Mossad.


A massive, unprecedented CMMM coverup was rolled out to discredit this 100% truthful book which laid out the truth about CIA Treason, Sedition and RICO in spades. Gary Webb was murdered for this and for a new book he was working on, which would have rocked and shocked the world.

7- Assassinating folks who the CIA decides must be “Terminated With Extreme Prejudice”, such as Presidents like JFK and politicians like Robert F. Kennedy, Senator John Tower, Senator Paul Wellstone, public figures like Martin Luther King. 

The list is a very long one that includes hundreds, some obvious, some completely masked by highly sophisticated means, and some obvious murders classified by crooked, compromised LE as suicides, like Gary Webb supposedly shooting himself twice in the head with a shotgun. Arranging for masked assassinations that look like death from natural causes or suicide (aka “arkencides). Insiders typically refer to such deaths as “CIA Flu”. 

Naturally the CIA specializes in painting automotive steering wheels with short acting poison mixed in DMSO for good skin penetration or placing short acting, dissolving Cesium radioactive discs close to where targets sit at their office or home or spraying such materials inside the vents of their automobiles or running “Boston Brakes” cyber interfaces with their autos to cause strange accidents like the way they murdered Michael Hastings for writing his last article on why Democrats love spying on the American people. Toyota was a victim of Industrial sabotage by this means with runaway cars and allegedly so has been the recent Samsung battery fires.

8- Forming strategic alliances with organized crime and giving immunity to major Felony offenders in exchange for becoming “informants” and CIA partners in crime. This provides great cover for secret deep black CIA covert operations, good deniability and access to Intel otherwise denied. Like the phrase goes, “if you sleep with dogs, you get fleas”. Well the CIA has become as soulless and dirty as the worst organized crime thugs out there.

9- Setting up lots of special interest political groups, NGOs, fake charities, infiltrating certain churches, infiltrating legitimate political action groups to generate conflict to disjoint them, etc. These actions have been fully disclosed in the past as Operation Chaos and claimed to have been stopped. 

Actually the name of the operation has been changed and they have expanded into hundreds of sub-programs each working to help implement the Globalist NWO Agenda of the main group at the top of the Pyramid of Power that controls everything, the Babylonian Talmudic private central Banksters run out of the City of London, also known as the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia. More will be disclosed on this important root cause soon in a new series of articles by Preston James and Mike Harris.




Deep underground levels (file photo)

The Vault 7 leak has exposed the CIA massive illegal spying crimes against all Americans and all US Politicians but it is only the tip of the Iceberg of the massive crimes and theft of assets of the Secret Shadow Government.

The SSG has become the real, operational USG and transformed the visible USG including Congress, the President, the Administration and Judiciary into a ceremonial government system, designed to fool We The People and make us believe we have a system sensitive to our needs.

The fact is the SSG and the CIA itself will only yield control when populism has arisen to the point those in its own ranks rebel and feel 100% supported by We The People and the Military.

Consider this. Approximately 985-Billion dollars goes to American Defense and Intel. The actual figure could be as high as one Trillion USD per year.

But this figure does not include all the money that is spent on the highly classified Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) or in the deep black and beyond-black Secret Space War Programs. Insiders estimate this to be between 1/2 trillion to one trillion USD total that is secretly spent in space and underground. Thus, this is all “off the books” black budget unsupervised expenditures. Yes this is a lot of money that has been asset stripped from Americans one way or another.

If you are wondering why you don’t have the spendable income you used to have and are losing hope for any decent economic future for yourself, your family, and especially children or grandchildren, now you know why.

Yes, there are a lot of reasons, like too many immigrants taking our jobs, too many factories exported from so-called Free Trade (a Globalist ploy), and too many illegals on our welfare. Yes, it’s all part of the Globalist agenda that the CIA assists with. But the biggest reason of all is the Secret Shadow Government massive expenditures that require massive stripping of the American taxpayers in hundreds of ways you never ever thought of.

Be thankful for the Vault 7 leak, because for once a very powerful faction has decided that the CIA has just gone too far, and the Secret Shadow Government must be exposed and deconstructed piece by piece down to a workable size fully known by and authorized by We The People.

Stay tuned because the CIA and the SSG is going to be exposed piece by piece in the months and years to come.

As the CIA is fully exposed and deconstructed, hopefully eliminated, the USG must start telling We The People the truth about Alien ETs, crashed and recovered, back-engineered anti-gravity craft and our own Secret Space War program. And it is time that all the new zero point energy technologies be shared too. The time for all these massive official USG lies to stop has come.

In short all the massive USG and SSG lies proclaimed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) needs to stop.

The CIA and its propaganda stooge the CMMM must both be broken into a thousand pieces. The CIA must be prosecuted under RICO, for serving as a tool of foreign espionage inside America (Nazi Fourth Reich, Mossad and City of London Banksters).

The CMMM must be broken up under anti-trust laws and the CEO’s who set these editorial policies requiring lies be fully prosecuted for doing espionage against We The People. Their FCC licenses need to be immediately revoked for violating them and not meeting the base requirements to serve the public’s needs.

NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News



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