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ZetaTalk Newsletter as of January 5, 2017

Monday, March 6, 2017 22:12
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Draft ZetaTalk Newsletter for Sunday January 8, 2016. Newsletters can be found in the archives by Friday, also.


PizzaGate exploded after Wikileaks released the hacked Podesta emails. The emails talked about Spirit Cooking and showed Podesta in his office under a picture of cannibalism, along with a very revealing photo of Podesta with his palms up. What on Earth does the number 14 and a fish signify?  This issue was addressed in Issue 528
of this newsletter on November 13. The Zetas confirmed occult rituals by both Podesta and Hillary.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 11/12/2016:
Is John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s former Campaign Manager, involved in occult rituals? Yes. Satanic rituals are nothing new, as entities operating in the Service-to-Self promise rewards they cannot deliver to those who participate. Human sacrifice, particularly of the innocent, is encouraged, as is child sexual abuse. Two things are delivered to those in the Service-to-Self who give such counsel – the soul of the practitioner who becomes less empathetic and inclines to power lust by their actions, and the soul of the victim who feels helpless and abandoned. Hillary chose Podesta as both are of a like mind. They lust after power, and felt their past practices placed them with a sure path to the White House.

Backers of Democrat Hillary Clinton rushed to the defense. Of course it was all nonsense! Despite the use of code words in the private emails Wikileaks released, it was all nonsense, imagination running wild! Washington Post and the New York Times rushed to debunk it all, and demand that any web site entertaining the possibility of pedophilia existing in the Hillary crowd be banned from ever seeing the light of day. This, despite Anthony Weiner’s laptop being confiscated for child porn connections, and found to include 650,000 emails, many of them classified, stored there by Huma Abedin in a directory called /lifeinsurance.

Dissecting the #PizzaGate Conspiracy Theories
December 10, 2016
In the span of a few weeks, a false rumor that Hillary Clinton and her top aides were involved in various crimes snowballed into a wild conspiracy theory that they were running a child-trafficking ring out of a Washington pizza parlor.  WikiLeaks began releasing emails hacked from the account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, a month before the election. Within the emails were discussions that include the word pizza, including dinner plans between Mr. Podesta and his lobbyist brother, Tony Podesta. According to an F.B.I. document released by WikiLeaks, the following symbols are used by pedophiles to identify sexual preferences.

So where are we with PizzaGate? Apparently, we have just gotten started. Pedophilia has been present and used to blackmail politicians for decades, as covered in Issue 433
of this newsletter in January 2015. But how to revive and continue the discussion? Find abandoned twitter accounts formerly owned by famous people and tweet away! Per the Zetas, we have not seen the end of PizzaGate, as this is NOT just “fake news”.

Rudolph Giuliani Blasts Pizzagate, “Fake News”, Clones, and 911 into the Stratosphere
December 20, 2016
Editors Note: If what is written in the letter and Tweets that were posted is real, then it would appear that Mr. Giuliani is disclosing the depths of p—philia in this country, and in the governments of the world. We shall see.

Pizzagate is Real not Fake- Former New York Mayor and Lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani just blew the Whistle on Pizzagate
December 20, 2016
Rudolph Giuliani posted the above statement in the early hours of this morning, before his twitter account was suspended. Update-(Some say the twitter account is fake, or that he has been hacked, I truly hope this is not the case,and that it is genuine if there is any slither of conscience in this man) . In the meantime, I still feel of this story still very relevant under the layers of fake news psyops on everything to do with Pizzagate, Pedophilia and The Media Propaganda Machine).

ZetaTalk Comment 12/24/2016:
Clearly the August, 2016 twitter account is Rudy’s real and current account. Having 72,000 followers seems realistic. The 2008 account is old, and long abandoned, so the identity was taken over. The current August, 2016 account has the identity of Mayor Rudy Giuliani @RudyGiuliani.  The abandoned 2008 account and the new fraudulent April, 2016 account carry the name of Rudolph Giuliani @RudolphGiuliani.  Who setup this fake April, 2016 account and what is their motive?

The April account was indeed setup in April, as noted by twitter. It had zero activity until December 16 when it re-tweeted a pro-police tweet in order to appear legit. There are many similar accounts, using the identities of famous individuals, long ago established and set to distribute the truth. We confirmed a twitter takeover in October, 2015
during a social media outage and a twitter hack on November, 2015.
That the media is engaged in massive cover-ups to protect the powerful is not new. Where legitimate news outlets are few, and under attack by the powerful elite, the Internet cannot be shut down.

Red Sky

Neon red clouds, often associated with bolides screaming down to Earth, have been in the news recently, as noted by the Pole Shift ning
blog dedicated to this issue. On Christmas Day in Brazil the clouds turned neon red and violet,
a phenomena captured on film.

Brazil: amazing phenomenon. Colorful Sunset on San Carlos Sao Paulo.”Look like the sky was in San Carlos SP, yesterday, 25 December 2016 at about 19:50 hrs. A few changes of colors that I had never seen”, mentions Daniel Silva who captured the phenomenon.

Months prior on April 19, 2016 in el Salvador, a brilliant neon cloud appeared after a fireball arrived. This was at night, so was seen by many. Was there a relationship? Since neon clouds are caused by the greasy elements in the tail of Nibiru, set alit, and the fireballs are caused by the debris in the tail of Nibiru, there is indeed a relationship.

Mysterious Blood Red Sky Baffles Residents of El Salvador
April 19, 2016
The sky is cloudy, so there’s no way to see a meteor exploding. Could it be a meteor disintegrating red? No fireballs have been observed on this exact day at this exact time in El Salvador.

Mystery Fireball turns Sky Blood Red over el Salvador sparks Panic and Fears of the Apocalypse
April 21, 2016
Thousands were thrown into a state of panic in the tiny Central American nation of El Salvador on Sunday, April 17, 2016, when a huge fireball that appeared suddenly over the city of Chalchuapa in the Santa Ana department of the country, turned the night sky blood red.

ZetaTalk Comment 12/11/2005:
Increasing fireballs and debris entering the Earth's atmosphere. Certainly increasing red dust, with all its symptoms of a blood red Moon and deposits on roof and car tops. Neon clouds, red colored and seemingly lit, were seen at that time, and these and other atmospheric displays will be produced.

ZetaTalk Statement 10/27/2007:
We have stated repeatedly that the tail of Planet X has returned. It hoses out from the N Pole of Planet X, which is increasingly pointing toward Earth. This tail is immense, and wafts afar. Fine red dust has been deposited on Earth from 2003 to the present because the tail was wafting past Earth. Fireballs and meteors are on the increase for the same reason. The atmosphere of Earth has been affected so that Sun halos or Moon halos appear, and odd red neon clouds appear.

Red skies can of course be caused merely by the red dust, which is a key part of prophecy depicting the arrival of the End Times. Of course, red dust landed in Egypt during the last Pole Shift, during the time of the Jewish Exodus when the waters turned blood red. Red dust is visible in northern climes when it lands on snow, but following dust storms in China on April 15, 2015 it lingered in the air, giving the city of Aershan distinctly red skies.  

Red Sky in the Morning: Chinese City fears Armageddon as Sky turns Bright Red before it Rained Mud
April 15, 2015
Residents in a Chinese city had a shock when they looked up and saw the sky glowing bright red. And if that wasn't scary enough, people in the northern city of Aershan feared the end was nigh when the heavens opened and out of the sky fell mud, covering them in a strange dark residue. The unexplained event happened at 2pm in the city in Inner Mongolia. Just 50 minutes later the bright red sky had faded and the sky had returned to normal. No one is quite sure what caused the bizarre red sky. Nor has any official comments been given on what the mud-like residue was.

Sochi TU-154 EMP

Yet another aircraft has gone down over water in the Eurasian stretch zone. In a region where the Caucasus mountains are pulling apart, showing this stretch had occurred in prior times, an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) struck and crippled TU-154. As the plane circled around over water, turning around to head East, electronics failed, and finally radio communication failed. Per the Zetas, an EMP strike acts like lightning, focused and intense, and is attracted to the electronics on board.  Per the Zetas, the Sochi setting was exactly what they have warned against –distressed rock under water.  

‘The Flaps, Damn it!’ Last Words of Doomed TU-154 Flight Crew Leaked to Media
December 27, 2016
‘The flaps, damn it!’ Last words of doomed Tu-154 flight crew leaked to media.  In the final recording of the cockpit before the crash the pilot can be heard yelling “the flaps, damn it!” followed by “Commander, we’re going down!”. The Russian Defense Ministry’s Tu-154 plane disappeared off the radar and fell into the Black Sea minutes after takeoff from Sochi’s airport.

2nd Black Box from Crashed TU-154 Recovered from Seabed – Russian MoD
December 28, 2016
The Tu-154’s main flight data recorder was found at the depth of 17 meters (56 feet), Russia’s Defense Ministry said. The ministry added that five more fragments of the crashed plane have been located. The plane was en route to Latakia, Syria.  

TU-154 Crashed as a Result of NATO's Covert Operation?
December 27, 2016
Tu-154 crashed as a result of NATO's covert operation?  For the time being, we know that the weather was fine, the pilots were experienced, and the aircraft was technically sound.  French reconnaissance ship Dupuy de Lome had entered the Black Sea on the eve of the tragedy. The ship can send a strong impulse to deactivate all electronic equipment on board the aircraft.

ZetaTalk Conclusion 12/31/2016:
The great plate of Eurasia is under a stretch, as we have stated since the start of the ZetaTalk saga. EMP accidents and episodes have occurred regularly in Europe, and the Eurasian Plate is ripping open through Persia to east of the Ural Mountains. Zig-zagging train lines and sinkholes and cracks in the ground appear from the Black and Caspian Seas eastward to Tibet. We have often warned that flying over water, when over a stretch zone, is dangerous. If one is likewise flying over a plate border or fault line, this is even more dangerous.

Now we have the hapless RFF 7091, which sailed out over the Black Sea to make its turn back into the mountains thence to Iran and ultimately Syria. The path is notable as looking at relief maps, one can see that just to the East of Sochi there is an obvious fracture line between mountain ranges. To the North are the Greater Caucasus Mountains, and to the South the Lesser Caucasus Mountains. These ranges have pulled apart in the past. In the midst of a stretch, while over water, an electro-magnetic pulse struck, as the radio communications and total electrical failure show.

Several incidents have occurred recently over Europe and the Mediterranean since Nibiru arrived in the inner Solar System in 2003. When big planes go down, or aircraft go off radar, this gets into the news. But EMP has also created static and interrupted Internet access to those living in Europe. Dozens of planes disappeared from radar in June, 2014 when over the Danube.
The Danube, of course, is a river but in addition a river bed is where rock has pulled apart, the notorious stretch zone.

13 Planes Vanish from Radars over Europe
June 13, 2014
An air-safety investigation has been launched after 13 planes flying over Europe disappeared from radar screens in two “unprecedented” blackouts. The aircraft went missing from screens across the region in early June, leaving air traffic controllers with no information about their position, direction and height – instead relying on voice communication alone. Air traffic control centres in Austria, southern Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia all reported the same problem with each period of interference lasting around 25 minutes but varying from flight to flight. So far experts are at a loss to explain what caused the aircraft to disappear.

The GermanWings flight number 4U 9525
sailed into the Alps after coming up off the Mediterranean, a crash that was attributed to pilot suicide despite the obvious evidence that the cabin door was locked in a manner that indicated an electronic failure. No beeping could be heard amidst the frantic voices trying to get into the cabin. And a lack of oxygen in the cabin can causes a pilot blackout within minutes. CERN also had inexplicable problems that same day and time. Demonizing pilots was the favored route while denying that Nibiru exists. Apparently, if the pilot is blamed, then the aircraft companies are compensated by their insurance.

Airbus A320 Plane Crash in Southern France
March 24, 2015
Germanwings say they are not aware of any complications during the descent of the aircraft. It started descending one minute after reaching its cruising height and continued to lose altitude for eight minutes, before finally crashing. Air traffic controllers said they were in contact with the pilots of the Germanwings A320 aircraft just a minute before the plane started to descend.

Symptoms of asphyxia vary but may include light-headedness, nausea, and gasping, followed by unconsciousness and death. An area quickly affected is the cerebral cortex, the brain center for speech and other conscious behavior; it can be irreparably damaged by as little as five minutes of oxygen deprivation.

Germanwing Crash Not the Full Story
March 29, 2015
Arnoux also wonders why no mention was made by investigators of hearing the loud strident beeping made by the cockpit door console when the emergency access code is entered to open the cockpit door.

The Russian aircraft number 7K 9268
that crashed in the Sinai was blamed on terrorism, but aside from admitting that Nibiru exists, what are the authorities to say? The craft faltered as it was coming off the Gulf of Aqaba, once again over water, in the notorious stretch zone on either side of the Sinai. Trumpets sing in the Dead Sea
near Palestine, and the Zetas have predicted that the distance from the Egypt to Jordan will increase by 50 miles by the time the 7 of 10 plate movements complete.

Flight 7K9268: What we Do and Don’t know about Russia’s Deadliest-Ever Air Crash
November 1, 2015
There was no distress call. Egyptian authorities say the aircraft passed the pre-flight check without incidents. The crew itself was very experienced, with pilot Valeriy Nemtsov clocking up over 12,000 hours of flight time prior to the accident.

Russian Plane Crash in Sinai: Questions Swirl as 224 Aboard are Mourned
November 2, 2015
Russian media outlets said that the pilot reported technical problems and requested a landing at the nearest airport before the plane went missing. Air traffic control recordings don't show any distress calls. There was nothing abnormal before the plane crash. It suddenly disappeared from the radar.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/1/2011:
The Straits of Gibraltar will widen by 125 miles, as Africa drops, and Morocco will move 50 miles further east. Where the Sinai Peninsula is considered part of the African Plate, the Red Sea is clearly ripping open. Thus both the Red Sea at the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba tearing up into Jordan will rip open, leaving the Sinai Peninsula positioned like an island with few direct attachments.

Then there was the Egyptian aircraft number MS 804,
which went down in the Mediterranean as it traveled along the plate border between Africa and the great Eurasian Plate. It did not just cross over, or briefly brush this plate border, it was the PATH of this plane! Talk about flirting with disaster. MS 804 was struck by the lightning-like EMP, in a region that had been pummeled by earthquakes, just before it arrived in Egypt.  The plane swerved in a circular manner, first to the left and then to the right, amid reports that one of its jet engines exploded.
What went Wrong?
May 20, 2016
At some point before dropping off radar, the plane swerved 90 degrees to the left and then made a 360-degree turn to the right before plunging first to 15,000 feet, then 10,000 feet.

Mystery of Flight MS804
May 18, 2016
Officials said there was no distress call. Greek air traffic controllers said they spoke to the pilot while over Greece and did not report any problems. The airline said the aircraft was 'fading' when air traffic control lost contact with the plane.

Personal Belongings, Debris from EgyptAir Jet Found Floating in the Mediterranean
May 18, 2016
A U.S. review of satellite imagery so far had not produced any signs of an explosion.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/21/2016:
An Electro-Magnetic Pulse can take everything out, interfering with all electrical activity in its path. The radio equipment, the jet engines, the ability of the pilots to maneuver the aircraft – all are stopped dead. Explosions happen when the jet engines have fuel aflame that cannot vent, as the jet blades are stopped. Explosions in first this and then that side of the plane will cause the swerve observed on radar.  This will, of course, be blamed on a bomb, as the airline industry will not allow discussion of EMP to dampen their profits.


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