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Obama Flees USA, Hides Overseas! (Video)

Monday, April 10, 2017 3:39
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(Before It's News)

Obama flees the USA to evade “Project Dragnet” lawsuit!

Larry Klayman tries to serve Obama with court papers at Obama’s DC mansion – but Obama is hiding in French Polynesia!

Busted as America’s STASI Chief running “Project Dragnet” espionage against Trump and millions of citizens, Obama cannot remain in the USA for fear of getting dragged into court.

So instead of facing justice for treason, Obama grabs his Fake ID and flees halfway around the world to the remote island of Tahiti. 

Like a Nazi hiding in Argentina, Obama won’t return until it’s safe….

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Obama – The Ultimate Temp

Obama’s illegal mass surveillance skipped warrants and ignored the Constitution to collect bank and phone records of millions of Americans. Spying on Trump by wiretapping Trump Tower was just the beginning.

Obama’s Body Double

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  • I got the video here too

    Crushing Proof Is Emerging! Syria Gas Attack Was A Setup: Three Top US Officals. People Are Choosing Sides. (Video) /obama-birthplace-controversy/2017/04/crushing-proof-is-emerging-syria-gas-attack-was-a-setup-three-top-us-officals-people-are-choosing-sides-video-2509277.html

  • Article… Obama Flees USA, Hides Overseas! Article.. Flee the abomination that maketh desolate, said Jesus, see Mat. 24

    Prophecy Links

    -Seen to seeing the back window of an SUV with huge orange letters warning ESCAPE! The kicking of the slow motion exodus into high gear is mightily upon us, again, Escape!
    -Seen to be seeing four countries in a block, Asia, America, Russia and Japan ? 07/27/2002 Not only are these the four nations in a tug of nuclear war right now, this was predicated 15 years past, as so was lamented as of a month past how and I quote, “50 millions will die,” 2002/ 2017. Evenly so was there further warning, 2003, how an imaginable toll on life, just this outbreak of mortuary was come, the first nation to world conquest now thrown down, Mystery America, the West, beware, delusions are rampant.
    see,, come and see

    The Artificial Loan, Slow Motion Exodus A Siege, A Mark That Is Come,

    -How is Moses, (Obama), gonna lead an American exodus without Americans? Seeming ancient years ago, a new babe in Christ still by many visions, dreams and visitations to heaven and heaven visiting her, well me, now Apostle. Well I envisioned God granting an extension of grace, 20 years worth, that by it’s duration 1996-2016, (I’d not until lately calculated this figure). I would soon deem them, marriage worshipers, being the class of 1996, a New African Juttah would be established, for the marriage worshipers, named ‘Beast of Beauty, (see African Juttah, and the Juttah Septennial.” see
    -Although now since the whole world would be evacuated into mostly African island shores, when into the forbidden of sin African Juttah, these young marriage worshipers. That’s evacuated by mega transforming ships, actually arks on and below water along escaping master disasters America and the world wide. Unknowingly then by what is now a populous Mayan Calendar, the year of 2012. Understand, he leading this national to international again exodus of a get away was an African born male, marriage worshiper, now the most powerful leader in the world, by the name of Darius, Preece Ebonee Bele.
    -I know and though prophetically possible at the time, 1986-2016, it was only a dream of a disciple to an apostle this romantic. Even this poet wanting to express by deeply faithful teens the covenant of marriage God intended from the Genesis. Of such faithfulness grew the imagination assuredly as marvelous forth-telling past and present certainly. Right until the African Juttah in so many magnificent ways come the reality, even that such the exodus began the Mayan calendar something I knew nothing about doing this time.
    -So when Holy Spirits showed me this come powerful world leader, then a Senator, and introduce him as ‘the one,’ and soon appointed him a time table of two weeks and sevens years until the end of Western civilization, Daniel’s final week reign. Truly, were Holy Spirits describing the next Antichrist or the next Citizen of African, as in Moses days, to lead America, the West along a mightier than even this nation, the western world, a Moses style exodus, even an angel of death now loosed it’s territories.
    -Although unforeseeable into the future you have to consider a Western rule decimated and is no more, the Bride is taken off to heaven only seconds before. Islam to the Antichrist now hath 42 months each, this ending reign of the greatest ever evil, made it all appear this peaceful gathering. As so is God pouring out His wine-press, 175 miles of blood with it, hundreds of millions are dead and dying, so exodus is the only sanity, Trump’s should’ve been a race to repentant alters, now it’s a dwindling Truexit of mercy, Escape! Apb, The RAM, even see here, and here,

  • don’t count your chickens before they hatch.
    obama will be back. believe it.

    • Yeah, Obama’ll be back and back with a bang.
      He’ll probably come back and do TV shows and radio interviews saying: “I’ve come to present my real birth certificate and my real name to you all.”
      Maybe he’ll nto come back though and Obama’ll go to a country where they don’t mind if you’ve got phony papers. Trump asked for Obama’s documents and ofered $50 million for them. Why didn’t Obama give them?

      He could make $50 M on his bok deal and another $50 million from presenting his documents to Trump and probably he could even from his jail make more deals for film scripts and exclusive interviews from jail etc….
      Obama’s real name is Barry Parks.
      Hie’s the son of Jim T. Parks the cousin of Rosa Parks: look it up on Google.
      Jim T Parks was assassinated in Kansas where Obama’s mother Stanley is from.
      She was pregnant with Barry when KKK thugs came and attacked them, throwing Jim and two other black friends into the Kansas (called Kaw in those days) River.
      They washed up on a sandbar three days later.
      Stanley had run for her life and protected Barry in her womb and sought refuge in her other family’s house.
      She was living with some of her family, the racist Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas, But they started harrassing her because she was pregnant with a black boy.
      Stanley fled to another family of hers, the family of Linda Joy Adams, her second cousin.

      Linda tells it all in her blog’s articles called “Daily Recaps.” She tells how Barry was born at the Forbes Air Force Base at Topeka. Tell her you’re coming from King of Shambhala. We’re best friends.

      She doesn’t agree I’m the Messiah (tho she’s coming over slowly to it) but she’s just about onboard that her cousin Barry/Obama (aka Barry Parks) is the Antichrist.

      • It’s pretty ironic that the truth that gives Obama’s real name of Barry Parks here is voted down. And no one is picking up the truth to spread it.
        We can see just how corrupted people are that they can’t see the truth any longer and rpefer lies and deceiviousity.

  • mitch51

    Obama didn’t flee anywhere, he went there to write his book. I don’t blame him, that place looks pretty cool! He’ll make more money writing that book than anyone in BIN makes working for their entire life and then some. And maybe he won’t come back to the US. He may want to go to a more progressive country where he can obtain some decent, reasonably priced health insurance and that AIN’T in Amerikkkka.

    • Obama can go to a country where they don’t mind if you’ve got phony papers.
      Obama’s real name is Barry Parks.
      Hie’s the son of Jim T. Parks the cousin of Rosa Parks: look it up on Google.

  • Why did he wait four months? Doesn’t add up.

    • Obama’s hiding.
      Now we can go after him.
      He’s the Antichrist.

    • Me

      Because the info just came out.

    • Me

      How will we react? Like we do with every other crime our government commits. Buy stock in KY Jelly, drop our pants, and bend over!

  • Obama’s next cell will be in jail. He’s got to face the truth. He’s like Scarface living in the lap of luxury.


    The Brando, Tetiaroa private Island
    BP 6014 – 98702 Faa’a
    Tahiti French Polynesia


    National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World


    Privately owned


    Opened July 1, 2014 as a new resort


    Silvio Bion, General Manager. General Manager of The InterContinental Bora Bora le Moana, InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa, opening General Manager of the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa, Silvio has held key senior management roles for the past 20 years within InterContinental French Polynesia hotels.


    De Luxe All Inclusive


    • The Brando is an exquisite luxury resort on French Polynesia’s breathtakingly beautiful private atoll of Tetiaroa, just 30 miles north of Tahiti, comprised of a dozen idyllic islands surrounding a spectacular lagoon.

    • The all-inclusive resort features 35 deluxe villas each with its own private beach area and plunge pool, restaurants showcasing Polynesian and French cuisine, a luxurious Polynesian spa, a lagoon-view bar, beach bar, pool, organic garden, library, boutique, water sports, and an environmental research station with guest programs.

    • The Brando is unique in the world in concept and scope, combining stunning environmental purity, luxury, and sustainability. The Brando is endeavoring to operate exclusively with renewable, non-fossil energy sources drawn from the sea, the sun, and other renewable resources, with no sacrifice to luxury and comfort. With innovative and pioneering technology, the goal for The Brando is to become the first new resort in the world to obtain LEED Platinum certification, the organization’s highest accolade, as new construction in the campus category.

    • Tetiaroa is a special place of rare biodiversity and a natural sanctuary for birds and marine life.

    • The award-winning cuisine of Guy Martin of the Michelin two star restaurant Le Grand Véfour in Paris is featured in The Brando’s dining venues and in-room dining.

    • Tetiaroa was once Marlon Brando’s personal retreat. He was passionate about preserving Tetiaroa’s cultural richness, natural beauty, and incredible biodiversity. The Brando is that dream brought to life

    1983 ‧ Drama film/Thriller ‧ 2h 50m
    Rotten Tomatoes
    After getting a green card in exchange for assassinating a Cuban government official, Tony Montana (Al Pacino) stakes a claim on the drug trade in Miami. Viciously murdering anyone who stands in his way, Tony eventually becomes the biggest drug lord in the state, controlling nearly all the cocaine t… More
    Release date: March 7, 1984 (France)
    Director: Brian De Palma
    Featured song: Tony’s Theme
    Adapted from: Scarface
    Screenplay: Oliver Stone
    Critic reviews
    “Perfomances are excellent, and despite its moralistic conclusion, the film has since become de rigueur viewing for crack barons, who know a good shoot-em-up when they see one.”
    Andy Gill
    “Al Pacino gives his first of many truly over-the-top performances with gusto in “Scarface”.”

  • jdp…YES, DOJ CAN send his Marshalls or CIA to grab his butt bring him back for trial.

  • Boo

    Love to see some type of news conference or paperwork backing up the claim that Obama was being served by this person in your report. Save’s the reader time in having to find the supporting documents or interviews in order to take this report seriously. He could just be on his life long perpetual vacation even his Presidency didn’t cut into.

  • He also ran terror tuesday. Checkout glenn Greenwalds writings on it. He created the signing statement giving himself and future presidents the ability to kill americans. On tuesday he would decide with his team who would go on the list to be killed.

  • If Obama wasn’t a former president but still Obama he would be a less than nothing no body.

    • Revealing Obama’s a homo will do a lot to change the idea people have of him.
      Obama’s a hideous beast.
      He’s an Abomination of the Bible aka the sodomite Antichrist.

  • The Negro will become even DARKER down here. Symbolic or a metaphor of something? Hmmm…… :twisted:

  • You’re pretty slow. This has been in the alternative news for almost a month.

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