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These Three Are Trump’s Real Enemies

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 11:57
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Never Mind Schumer and Pelosi…President Trump’s Real Enemies are McCain, McConnell and Ryan 

Politics makes strange bedfellows, and no doubt, any person who relishes longevity in a political career must be reconciled to staying extremely agile in pursuit of the right bed to jump in and out of. In a world where friends alternate roles as friends or enemies almost as quickly as changing socks, words like commitment, longevity and loyalty ultimately matter little. In their most common usage relative to the current American political scene, they are at best used as a punchline.

We accept the splutterings of the cognitively impaired Nancy Pelosi, who shamelessly persists in peddling the tabloid drivel about Russian collusion with Donald Trump, even though neither the F.B.I. nor the National Security Administration to date has yet to find a scintilla of evidence in support of such intrigue.

We also accept the angst of Democrats because they lost the White House and of Chuck Schumer, who becomes sullen and prone to crying fits, especially when Executive Orders designed to protect Americans at home are perceived to be a violation of the “inherent rights”of illegal aliens from Muslim countries potentially bent on destroying us. We accept these dramatics from the opposition party as a de facto component of day-to-day national politics.

Yes, we expect that from the likes of the aforementioned. Is this however the real threat against Donald Trump? 

Closer scrutiny suggests that the President need not cross the aisle to find determined and resolute enemies. Within his own party, unscrupulous, traitorous and equally determined politicians are just as focused on derailing the nascent Trump Presidency. As vicious, calculating and motivated to undermine as any among the Democratic party, the real “Fifth Column” against Trump is embodied by three Republicans In Name Only (RINO).


Take John McCain as a primary example. He is an idea whose time has passed, a relic, a begrudger and worst of all, a man bent on maintaining the status quo for no other reason then slaking his own over inflated ego.

This is a man who passes himself off as member of the United States Senate, and then stands before an audience of Nato/European member nations stating with conviction how his own Republican President’s administration is in a state of disarray. This is a man who is the most recognizable face of the “political establishment,” a man who stood on the same stage with Barack Obama in 2008 and stated with convincing self-righteousness how the American economy was sound, even as the tidal wave of economic collapse was washing the homes, pensions, businesses and savings of millions of ordinary Americans into the sewer.

It is a stroke of good fortune that McCain is now the doddering old idiot he is, because the likelihood of his running and being elected for another chance to retain power in the Senate beyond his current term is probably not too great if, in fact, he makes it to the end of his term. That at least is one silver lining in the cloud for decent and honest Americans. His Obama/Kerry formula of constant regime change apparently has never been enough, and he certainly seemed during various junctures of the Presidential campaign that Hillary Clinton’s election to the White House would have been more happily received. Why not, as Clinton would have gotten in McCain a sure fire choir boy for beating the confrontation drum against depraved and immoral Russia, with McCain simultaneously playing his now famous parody of the lyrics to the Beach Boys song “Barbra Ann”: bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran…

They still would have both been able to espouse their hypocritical condemnations of Putin’s Russian regime, even though Clinton previously sanctioned the sale of substantial amounts of uranium as Secretary of State to the same enemy nation while McCain, as recently as New Year’s Eve, accepted a state medal from Petro Poroshenko, The Order of the Ukraine, for bestowing legitimacy on a blatantly neo-Fascist, genocidal and loathsome political regime–a regime which is a blight and insult to civilization.

Why would President Trump seek solace and support for attempting to normalize relations with Putin from such an acolyte of Neocon fanaticism as John McCain? The truth is, McCain was never a supporter of Trump nor ever will be. The best advice for Trump would be to marginalize the increasingly strident voice of McCain with respect to Russia, showing him to be out of touch with the forces that propelled Trump to victory in the general election. In this way, Trump may yet be able to forge a significant working relationship with Putin, while John McCain can continue to be a specially invited guest to neo-Nazi style rallies in Kiev.

Following closely on the heals of McCain is the amorphous, colorless but extremely powerful Majority Leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell. He is a man characterized by his closest friends as one who has spent his entire political life in the pursuit of penultimate power. Now that he has it, what will he do with it?

It is a question that many of his closest observers have a ready answer for:  absolutely nothing! McConnell doesn’t stand for anything, doesn’t believe in anything and is not going to do anything, especially if it upsets the dynamic of the next election cycle. Someone with as little charisma, and as lacking in political convictions spells real problems for the Trump legislative agenda. 

Does McConnell have the stomach to push for the kinds of major ideological changes involved in the Trump vision for America, or is he merely concerned in self-preservation? A recent legislative initiative gives mounds of insight into this Republican establishment figure’s lack of moral and political courage.

Kate Steinle, a thirty-two-year-old San Francisco woman, shot down in cold blood by an illiterate, illegal Mexican immigrant, who had been deported and illegally returned to the United States not once but six times, became the poster child for everything that is wrong with respect to the current illegal immigration debacle in the U.S.

Legislation was proposed making it a Federal crime, punishable by a mandatory prison term of 5 years, for any illegal immigrant who has been deported and returned illegally to the United States a second time and caught. The Legislation passed the House, but this was not to be the case in the Senate, where rather than having a stand alone vote on the measure, McConnell included the legislation in a bill that would take away money from sanctuary cities, something that the Democrats would filibuster, ergo, no passage of Kate’s law.

This was a cowardly act on the part of Mitch McConnell. The interests of an illegal alien were more important than protecting an American citizen, in this case, an American citizen with a blossoming life full of wondrous potential, cut down at her own father’s side by a drug-dealing parasite with a second grade education who didn’t belong in the country to begin with. McConnell’s office steadfastly refused to answer calls inquiring as to the rationale for his obvious and unmanly failure of leadership; it just wasn’t good politics to upset the apple cart.

The big question for President Trump is whether Senate Republicans, now holding a slight majority, have the kind of leader in Mitch McConnell who will be willing and able to carry the ball far enough down field to score? This should be a great source of concern for team Trump.

In line with questions about Senate loyalties to the Administration, we come finally to the House of Representatives and its dishonest and incompetent leader, Paul Ryan. Another fair day supporter of Trump during the last Presidential election cycle, Paul Ryan worked less for getting Trump elected then attempting to sabotage his campaign.

Nobody will ever accuse Ryan of being a Thomas Brackett Reed. He has richly proven himself to be an incompetent legislative leader, with a penchant for ass-kissing liberals, dismissing moderates as lacking in conviction and rounding on conservatives, a reflexive action common to establishment Republicans.

Take the ACHA, the alternative to OBamacare fast-tracked to failure, courtesy of those intractable Freedom Caucus conservatives…Or was it? Paul Ryan has taken tons of cash from the insurance industry, and his disingenuous attempt to downplay his inability to deliver the votes of moderate Republicans in connection to his pathetic piece of legislation was just that, pathetic.

The truth is, something Speaker Ryan has a hard time with, is that those same moderates Ryan claims would never have gone along with repealing the worst aspects of Obamacare were the very same moderates who voted to repeal it sixty times. This time, when it actually mattered, they got free passes for not even having to vote, courtesy of the unprincipled and undisciplined leadership of Paul Ryan. It was a lot easier to blame those uncompromising conservatives, folks who actually believe in keeping their campaign promises to voters.

In the aftermath of this stunning defeat, Ryan took to the airwaves to insist that it was the “effort” rather than the final outcome that was key, and that trying to foist a piece of legislation that enjoyed an approval rating of 17% was worthy of our eternal thanks. At another time in our country’s history, such a display would have been viewed as shameful and even cowardice; it has now taken on the trappings of sage pragmatism.

It is a cruel testament to just how poorly our leaders govern the country. In the final analysis, Republicans said in 2010 that once they got the House, they would do away with ObamaCare, instead, when they got the majority, they funded it. They said give us the Senate, and we will do away with ObamaCare. When they got the Senate, they funded it. 

Ryan said when we get a Republican President, we will send Health Care legislation to be signed into law. Trump won, no thanks to Ryan, and what did Ryan do? Rather than pressuring a handful of moderates to honor their previous votes, he introduced a thoroughly dishonest and inferior bill that he knew could never pass, and blamed the few conservatives who did not sell out their constituents. If this is the best that Republicans can do, they are not going to be in government for long.

President Trump would do well to grow eyes in the back of his head. His election has shaken an entrenched establishment of people used to having power, wielding power to achieve their own purposes and not willing to give it up. Never mind Democrats, but with respect to his own Republican party, he would do well to follow the advice of Don Vito Corleone, who advised his son Michael of the extreme importance of keeping friends close, but enemies closer. A more appropriate statement might be to have more enemies than friends, because at least you know where you stand with your enemies! 

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  • BIN.
    I really enjoy reading here, HOWEVER why aren’t real journalistic stories like this your headline? And why pray tell do you strut out clever heads with no material as your top story? And your head author is so anti our ELECTED president. I think I figured it out and thus I shall stop reading here—-you are located in California.

    • drdeb… That’s why there is “Equalizer” to bring reason to the brainwashed zombies better known as “Libtards”. Don’t hesitate to educate.

  • Wisconsin I noticed people threaten to sue if you say something they don’t like . And thats where Ryan is from. And there is a town named Rothschild Wisconsin

  • Don’t forget to add REIBUS to that list of ‘untrustworthiness’. a GOP mole who wants Trump to fail like all his cronies.

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