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Ultimatums Are Flying! Putin Warns it’s One Step From All Out War! Us Invasion Already Happening, Putin’s New Red Line &More (Intense Videos)

Monday, April 10, 2017 8:09
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War and conflict of superpowers on steroids. It’s happening folks. Putin is dangerously furious over Trumps strategic use of the Flight Safety Cooperation as cover for the Syrian strike. And we don’t have just Russia to be concerned with, North Korea is only getting more and more insanely hostile with an itchy trigger finger.

Was our rookie president pushed into a really bad move?  Has Mr. Trump been hoodwinked by those surrounding him in order to usher in the NWO? 

US Generals have staged forces to surround Damascus. In February US Generals meet with Lebanese leaders to discuss military aid. Well that was a good cover to place US troops on Syria’s border to the West of Damascus. The independent news source, Already Happened, had uncovered on April 2,2017 two Ark ships that had loaded US military equipment in Romania that was bound for Beirut Lebanon. This shipment of military arms under the cover of Military aid to Lebanon no doubt will be staged for an assault on Damascus from the West. Israel has troops in the Golan currently involved in exercises making the for a tense situation after having already several confrontations with Syria over the past few months. If the US conducts a strike on Damascus it puts Israel in a prime position to either assist or protect their own interest from the Golan. The US and their allies have obviously planned for months to surround Damascus in a very clandestine way

As if we didn’t see this one coming…. Do we think that alliances are just for the western banking syndicate? Do you think that NATO or the US is invincible? Think again…. I hope “The Donald” understands that he’s not playing a video game here…. these are human lives in his hands…

From The Alex Jones Channel

McMaster Calls For Toppling Assad As Troops Mass

McMaster manipulating intelligence reports, wants massive ground war in Syria.

From Israeli News Live

US and Uk Forces Crossing Into Syria from Jordan

From The Daily Sheeple

Line in the Sand: Russia/Iran To Respond in Kind To Further US Aggression

From The Alex Jones Channel

Deep State Military Hijacks White House To Launch War In Syria

McMaster has been manipulating intelligence reports going to Trump, doing this at the behest of Petraeus, McMaster was part of Petraeus’ inner circle.

US Forces Pouring Into Syria As Massive War Looms

Thousands of troops, Marines, Artillery, Special Forces, already in Syria.

Putin Warns War If US Strikes Syria Again

Alex predicted strikes last week, that they would probably be during Chinese visit, predicted that Russian probably would be warned.

From The Infowarrior

Putin’s Red Line On Syria!

A political master stroke, from perspective of international and domestic policy this is a genius move, Chinese DEFINITELY got the message, and Iranians got the message, but at the same time we are hoping Trump has the strength to tell the generals that we’re not going to put 150k troops, that we’re not going into another war. 

From The Christian Truther

What is Trump DOING?

At the beginning of this video, Trumps recent moves and motives are discussed. VERY interesting points. In the last half of the video,CERN is discussed

Trump Sends Tanks To Damascus Door Steps

April 5, 2017 by Steven DeNoon

President Trump was claiming on April 2,2017 that he was not in favor of a regime change in Syria, but either he is oblivious to his militaries movements or he lied to the American people. Because on April 2, 2017 The US military was loading tanks and other military equipment at a port in Romania that was destine to go to the port of Beirut Lebanon. This put the US military within striking distance of Damascus from the west and Israel within striking distance from the south west. The gas attack that drastically changed President Trump’s opinion on President Bashar Al-Assad also had some very peculiar anomalies. First there was a tweet that was sent out by the rebels warning of a Chemical attack that would be in the media very soon, that was the day before. The doctor that treated the victims was sent a gas mask from Britain the day before. The White Helmets were given Saran gas suits a month before the attack and as well the white helmets video tapped themselves treated alleged victims with no protective gear – Saran gas is deadly to an adult with just one drop.

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  • mitch51

    Oh, NOES!!!!! This is some really scary FEEEEEER POOOOOOORN here! It weighed in at a good solid .05 on the 1-10 new BIN FEEEEEER POOOOOOORN scale. Not too scary in other words.

  • does not seem to difficult to imagine where the chemicals come from…where were they all surrendered and to whom..who is backing the rebels in Syria and want Assad out ..easy answer to both …america and britain and probably turkey.. the reason they look the same is because these same surrendered bombs are being sent back to the rebels.. you cannot trust the snake

  • why is it that north Korea always gets made out the bad guy, the only difference between them and the rest of US is, there not in the IMF, so good work kim, keep the bankers out, bit you must be a tyrant just like gaddafi what a cu-t he was, giving away a free home/cash when you get marred, we in the west are the fools how we love to drink IMF coolaid…

  • Me

    The Occultus is nothing but an art project created by, University of Art and Design in Lausanne interactive designer Simon de Diesbach.

    Its purpose was (I will explain why I say “was” in a moment) to marry the visual aspect of the occulus rift (a new medium of entertainment) with real sounds. The display is intentionally intimidating so the user sees it all before putting on the HMD while having no idea of its purpose. The display will operate in conjunction with the visual experience, for example, breaking glass, or moving chains at appropriate times to match visual cues.

    It was designed to be a scary experience, and the name “Occultus” conjures up images of a paranormal, mysterious, “HIDDEN” (which is what occult means) world. It was chosen as the name to help set the tone of the experience.

    In a nutshell, it gives the user an experience kind of like they would have gotten when going to see a movie in the 1950′s. Thankfully the Occultus doesn’t physically shock you as at least one movie did!

    Why I said “was”. The display was one of many, which only show for a period of time. Much like the Egyptian exhibit at your local museum which will only be there for a certain amount of time, then on to something else. I’m not sure if it shows anywhere anymore or not. Maybe?

    It literally took me 5 minutes to research Occultus. Why did the people at not do the same? Scary mind control machine needing a “viewer discretion” warning, bwahahahaha. I’m a confirmed Catholic, and I have to ask, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?

  • “Flight Safety Cooperation”

    Yes sure you have these agreements between super powers that are about to go to war and this allowed Trump to phone Putin up to warn him in advance that an attack was on the way to Syria so Putin could turn off his S400s defence systems.

    1984 play script this new cold war is and it’s plain to see by now.

    “Has Mr. Trump been hoodwinked by those surrounding him in order to usher in the NWO? “

    Nope Trump is like i said during the election process, just another banker puppet so don’t make excuses for him, the man is scum and being sumped by his voters from the right

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