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“Westworld” – What No One Else Saw in This HBO Series – Live Show Today (Videos)

Sunday, April 9, 2017 5:41
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(Before It's News)

Forged from the sacrificial milk, an entire city of lifelike androids become ‘self aware’ and revolt against their masters in the HBO series Westworld. The androids were created by stockholders to provide a Disneyland-like environment for the rich to do as they wilt. This series is full of carnage, nudity and pure evil. But, for those brave enough to watch it, be sure you understand the deception.

Many components of the plot are interlaced with truth to feed you the deception. After a full analysis of the series, one thing is certain. Many, many obscure themes presented on my Youtube channel before the series ever aired, persist. The most stunning one being, how we are born out of the womb, which is a perfect analogy of the human eye. We are presented with this concept throughout the series. Part One (below) of a two-part decode series, begins to unravel the mystery of the show’s occult significance:

PART TWO of the decode series (below) will consist of the following concepts and will air LIVE on 4/9/2017 at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time:

What does WESTWORLD mean?
Where the fallen angels are imprisoned in the Book of Enoch

In the Westworld HELL they are subconsciously running dysfunctional MEDIA PROGRAMS (pop stars, TV actors, Hollywood create the behavior patterns), just as we are in this reality.

The algorithmn program loops we run: drugs, personalities, identities, mannerisms, labels, speech patterns

MILK = sacrifice murder. Several scenes associate murder with MILK
Also, the renewal agent of the androids
Forged from milk.

In the series, the WOMB is presented as the SURFACE OF THE EYE, the conduit through which the robots are forged from the LENS and into WESTWORLD.

The world is ATOP the IRIS instead of BELOW. Everything is INVERTED. We really live on the INNER surface of the lens. Below us is HELL.

They look out into the material HELL instead of WITHIN to find the answers. Yet, at the end, the maker says that consciousness is not a journey upward, but a journey inward. 


CHAINED to the Rythmn (Katy Perry). The CHAIN is the evil umbilical, tethering us to HELL. The hyaloid canal of the inner eye is the true umbilical to HEAVEN.

The picket fence and lens, mentioned in the opening lyrics are internal structures of the eye.(CILLIARY BODY=WHITE PICKET FENCE)

Androids start to remember, becoming self aware

A MAZE is mentioned throughout. The MAZE is the OUTER SPIRAL MAZE RING of Saturn
The children of the corn
Corn is more complex than human DNA

There are Alice in Wonderlnd THEMES throughout:
Duality world-mirrors-melatonin-sorotonin-AIWS-MICROPSIA

Hints of the HIVE, the HONEYCOMB MATRIX stumps that form the borders of our prison reality.

DECEPTION: God depicted as the master of a predestined reality, whose sole purpose is entertainment, learning and experimentation, instead of a route of choices for humans to find everlasting life and be freed from a curse.

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