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Thursday, September 1, 2016 8:30
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(Before It's News)

As I think further on the subject, the picture becomes clearer. Again, when we enter the animal farm, we notice the dogs that guard the pigs. Dogs are greedy for power like the pigs, but some dogs are in it for the pat on the back, or should I say, the flattery. The pigs, dogs, and sheep all are taught to obey without question from cradle to grave. It’s in the movies, it’s lauded throughout the land. Trickery using  jargon garnished by the (((PIGS))) is used to make the pigs, dogs, and sheep, toe the line, even where there is no line. The use of words is a place for all of us to be leery of. The (((PIGS))) use words to demonize their enemies which are the true offspring of Yahweh, the Race of Adam. The use of name calling is actually a kindergarten method to say the least. The (((PIGS))) can’t refute the truth, so they call the pigs, dogs, and sheep, foul names. (((They))) use code words that they have trained the animals to fear. This is easy to stop, but the animals play along and keep walking down well trodden corridors in fear of the (((PIGS))), instead of fearing Yahweh(GOD). This is why we are in the time of Jacob’s Trouble. However, this too shall pass!

The dogs come in different categories as well. They can be doctors, teachers, police, military, intelligence agents, drug dealers, gangs, security people etc. The Police dogs are in operation and specialize in law enforcement without knowledge of the law. The (((PIGS))) want this because the police dogs operate by breaking the law and operating in the color of law on a daily basis. If they knew the law, many would obey it and the (((PIGS))) would not be able to manipulate a state or city in the fashion that they are accustomed to. The (((PIGS))) operate through the IRS and the rest of the ABC governmental agencies by tricking the Police and Sheriff dogs into believing that the ABC entities have jurisdiction in their states and counties when they don’t. The (((PIGS))) manipulate the Police and Sheriff dogs to seize properties, bank accounts, vehicles, guns and so much more, etc. They also falsely arrest citizens and other unlawful practices. The dumb dogs don’t know the law and don’t know that they are being played in the sucker’s game by the (((PIGS))). Ironically, the police dogs are often called pigs. The (((PIGS))), through their terrorist organization called the ADL, trick the Police dogs and the intelligence agency dogs into letting the (((PIGS))) train them how to recognize the terrorists in a nation. The (((PIGS))) train them that the (((PIG’S))) enemies are the terrorists, when in reality, the (((PIGS))) have always been the terrorists of the world. The dumb dogs will just say they are following orders and that’s what I was speaking of when I mentioned…OBEYING WITHOUT QUESTION.

dogs are military men that are used by the pigs

BP4DC3 A former prison service German Shepherd working dog showing aggressive behaviour

These same dogs will help to kill the rest of their own race without question soon when the (((PIGS))) command it. Dogs are not permitted to think for themselves. They do not have permission to think anything other than what they are ordered to do. They are more like robots and have been trained to kill without mercy. They would kill their own mothers and the Police dogs would arrest their own mothers as well. Dogs like the power and control that the uniform brings with it. A badge, a medal, a certificate or a pat on the head or back will do. All this for some debt notes from the (((PIGS))). Debt notes are not even real money, but that won’t stop the dogs. Some are bullies and others like to pretend that they are little gods who rule over the sheep. The stark reality is that they are nothing more than corporation security guards who know nothing of the law. When I say in the picture below that dogs are traitors in every way, I mean traitors to Yahweh and the sheep. They are loyal to the (((PIGS))) and the pigs.

dog traitor

The medical business dogs are licensed like real dogs are. They are trained not to heal, but to treat the sheep. dogs, and pigs. They must obey the (((PIGS))) who run the Medical business by prescribing the drugs that are created by sorcery and witchcraft. The drug companies are controlled by other (((PIGS))) who wish to weaken and damage the bodies, souls and minds of the pigs, dogs and sheep.
The function of a doctor has always been to heal the flock and make them fully function once again.
That was until the (((PIGS))) turned healing people or really treating people into a business. Only the (((PIGS))) would do such wickedness, and so the story goes.

The (((PIGS))) use Money and feelings to manipulate the farm. Fear is a feeling…Lust is a feeling…temptation is a feeling and the pigs, dogs, and sheep never seem to get enough of the (((PIGS))) and their fables. Fables that cause feelings…fables that create fear…fables that drum up sympathy for Devils and Demons…fables that are used to extract monies though guilt…fables that the (((PIGS))) are Yahweh’s chosen people…fables that have been used time and time again to sway and trick the farm. As the (((PIGS))) steal and lie and kill and hate and accuse and manipulate and cause misery and destruction and………………………………………………………….

We can only hope that the dogs and sheep awaken and attack the pigs and finally kill the (((PIGS))).
For there shall be no peace on the farm until it is done. Yahweh will come soon and give these (((PIGS))) the holocaust that they richly deserve and have cried wolf about for so long.

May He come soon and relieve the world of this great misery.

I hope you are enjoying this series of articles, of which, this is the second.
The next article shall be called Sheep.

See my Pink Floyd Animals Photo Work here:

Until Next Time
David James

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