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Wolf in Sheep Dog’s Clothing: “Russian Vids”

Monday, February 27, 2017 11:18
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Editor’s Note: Once a citizen realizes that he/she has been lied to…about everything—the next most important agenda is to get the real truth.

But who can you rely upon?

The powers that control information and “entertainment”;

1. Hate you.
2. Fear you.
3. Use all their stolen resources to keep themselves hidden from you.

As a result, we do something few other sources do—we tell you who the agents of disinformation are and (more importantly) why they’re agents of disinformation.

RUSSIAN VIDS: Youtube Shill.  PART 1 — Who is Russianvids?

by Joseph

If you’re someone who is genuinely seeking truth online and you use Youtube as your, “go to,” for your source of credible information, maybe you should take a closer look into the many “Truth Channels” and characters within the community.

No doubt if you have been looking into the, “conspiracy,” world, on Youtube, you are likely to have stumbled across Wolf in Sheepdog’s clothing, “truth mixed with lies,” protagonist, Russianvids.

Russianvids regularly uploads video’s on many topics in his haphazard condescending manner, conducting himself with self-importance, trying to make you believe he is the only authority on Youtube that will give you the whole truth on subjects pertaining to Freemasons, false flags, celebrity fake deaths, and so on.

Russianvids claims he is Christian and a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, but as I will show, he left behind (pun intended) some extremely troubling breadcrumbs, that will expose him for the fraud that he is.

So who is Russianvids?

Who is the man behind the famous, Rowdy Roddy Piper thumbnail we see wearing the, “They Live,” glasses from the film we all remember?

Prior to 2016, “Russianvids” had less than 8000 subscribers to his Channel yet today his channel now has nearly 66,000 subscribers and his previous channel was just shy of 45,000.

Russianvids is actually a Russian Military Intelligence operative and, despite his attempt at carefully navigating the online community, he failed to anticipate this cocky avatar coming back to haunt him.  Russianvids’ early channel, “russianvids one,” that used the avatar of the GRU badge, which is the logo for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation, in particular, “Spetznaz”, the elite special forces contingent of Russian Military Special Forces.

In 2010, “Spetznaz,” was disbanded.  However, certain members reunited in 2013 and were assigned to special operations further afield.  Prior to 2014, videos were accessible on Russianvids’ channel of GRU agents in military fatigues and attire, singing Russian folk songs.

But what’s the true agenda of the GRU Spetnaz?

“The primary function of Spetsnaz troops in wartime was infiltration/insertion behind enemy lines (either in uniform or civilian clothing), usually well before hostilities are scheduled to begin and, once in place, to commit acts of sabotage (such as the destruction of vital  NATO communications logistics centers) and the assassination of key government leaders and military officers.” ~ Wikipedia

The operative behind Russianvids is a Russian expatriate living in San Mateo, California—a fifth column special ops agent of Russian military intelligence involved in psychological warfare tactics used against the public and particularly aimed at U.S. citizens.

Editor’s Note: It is very important that we differentiate between the agendas of the Russian military / Intelligence and the good Russian people.  Sadly, Russia (especially her intelligence agencies) is just as controlled by compromised traitors as her American equivalents are.  Last year’s legislation aimed at jailing Protestants who evangelize proves that the Orthodox community (which secretly controls Russian intelligence) is, itself, controlled by the Jesuit-run Vatican.  For more, see the column below—

How The Jesuits Rule In Russia

In response to videos exposing the channel, “Ben”, a.k.a. “Russianvids” utilized YouTube’s skewed and corrupt copyright policies to attack truth-telling channels and their video exposés.

The frequency of Ben’s uploads show that he has resources above those of the average working-class citizen and is able to devote himself full-time to spurious videos of distraction that often center around entertainment stars that “didn’t really die” or “didn’t really retire”.

Videos that use physical resemblance to make a point are the easiest of propaganda and—especially those that focus on entertainment figures—offer absolutely nothing of value to citizens enslaved, impoverished, dumbed-down, sickened and constantly spied upon.

Betraying that Ben “Russianvids” serves Rome and not the best interests of either Russian or American citizens, there are plenty of videos which blame “the Jews”.

This tactic is emboldened by the Roman agenda to emplace Jews in key positions but they are never allowed real power and most of the high-profile Jews are in entertainment.  This agenda was thoroughly exposed by our video below:

Ben’s erratic topic selection has been deliberately crafted in a manner to mix truth with lies, leaving viewers impressed with some uploads and then craftily discrediting any value by bamboozling viewers with rubbish about the holographic Moon and Illuminati playing cards as well as so-called fake celebrity deaths. that although we know some are credible, many are not.

Particularly suspicious is Ben’s cover given to systemic pedophilia by putting out videos which claim murdered child Jonbenet Ramsay is, infact, Katy Perry.

Truth-seekers trapped by this ploy then destroy their credibility when talking about the critically-important issue of child sex-slave trafficking, thereby giving cover to the traffickers.

As we have proven, systemic child sex-slave trafficking is not only real, it’s the heinous crime which rules the halls of power everywhere.

Ben’s property in San Mateo, California is listed as a “retail business” which is an “adult after-school program”.  This betrays cover for a well-funded operation.

Interestingly, “Russianvids” is an anagram of, “via dis urns,” which may show that the purpose of the channel is to mock sincere truth-seekers.

“via” — by way of

“diss” — Latin for “apart” or “asunder”, colloquial English for “disrespect”

“urns” — a container for the remains of the dead

Perhaps (as so much numerology and word-play is) it’s only a coincidence but, in this case, it’s revealing!

By way of disrespecting the dead, Russianvids mocking truth-seeking viewers who get snagged by the cunning but pointless propaganda of celebrity death videos.

Again, these despicable efforts to throw dirt and dust into the eyes of Truth-seekers should not be blamed upon Russia but upon the traitors who have taken over her Intelligence community.



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