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The Indigo Diary: How To Be Indigo

Friday, March 24, 2017 11:25
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~Ethan Indigo practicing Tai Chi in the indigo lupines of Lake Tahoe.


































This is the story, and the observations of an Indigo.




What is an Indigo? The term corresponds with the color, a purple or blue depicted in the picture of myself in the Lake Tahoe lupines. The color also corresponds with the color for the highest chakra point and the elevated state of being that comes from existing from this chakra. The term Indigo Children was originated by Nancy Ann Tappe who studied the human auric field, otherwise known as the electromagnetic field, surrounding every living thing.

    Through aura colorization Nancy came up with a way to psychologically profile people. She observed that some 80 percent of the children born after 1980 had a new deep blue colored auric field. She called this new color indigo. Psychologists correspondingly noticed what was considered to be a large influx of young children with abnormally high functioning traits during the period and Indigos became known as high functioning people. Perhaps it might be more accurate to say that Indigos are not low functioning.

    Wikipedia classifies the Indigo idea as a “pseudoscientific new age concept” straight out of the 1970s hippie mentality. Just because a subject remains outside the scope of our observational field does not negate it. We do have energy fields as living beings which mostly we cannot detect. Just because someone makes observations on auras or something else beyond contemporary comprehension does not mean it’s ‘pseudoscientific new age” quackamagook.

    In fact, it is my belief and increasingly the belief of others that there have always been Indigos. And just like every other minority, that is group made to have minimal power among oligarchies, they too have been traditionally relegated to the sideline and hidden from center stage history. This is hardly farfetched when we look at how the influences of women, those with melanin and homosexuals have been downplayed and hidden for example.

    Surely there have always been Indigos, only now people are open enough and sophisticated enough to understand and accept the “the pseudoscientific new age concept” due to their own experiences rather than what they’re told. And perhaps only now is the right time for so many to develop. Recent Indigos were notably higher functioning than their peers and some had supernatural qualities occasionally, but just as there have more than likely always been Indigos people have always been able to develop higher functioning and apparent supernatural abilities. Just as with everything we are born with some inherent level of skill, a certain flavor or level of karma, and then through practice, we can develop our potential and awaken dormancy. There have always been Indigos. Indigos go against the grain because they’re old souls, because they’re more concerned with the flow of intangible emotions and thoughts rather than the currency of the tangible status quo, because they seek to raise the consciousness of the brotherhood of man.

    Indigos often enough have strongly founded principles all set firmly in righteousness, some have some sort of metaphysical philosophy. I wrote The Matrix of Four, The Philosophy of The Duality of Polarity as a metaphilsophy pertaining to individual and collective consciousness. Through the Matrix of Four a wide assortment of philosophical, social and scientific conceptions can be understood and extrapolated completely. With the Matrix of Four even prejudice and racism, the most messy of human thinking can simplified, understood and dismissed.

    Indigos are not mostly one race or another, except the human race. Indigos are of course so devoted, whether unconsciously or not, to the brotherhood of man that they truly as best they can see all people as brothers, as different shades or hues of man. The following is helpful for eliminating prejudice in those that are openly prejudice as well as in those who dismiss that they might be prejudiced at all.

    What is an Indigo?

    Even though I ask the question, it’s wrong.

    Expressing that this commonly held understanding and simple question is wrong is part of being an Indigo. This is an initial example of how Indigos communicate. Indigos take the commonly understood quotients and excel beyond. Indigos utilize commonly held ideas to transmute.

    Now, the question is not so much, ‘what is an Indigo?’ It is more accurately, ‘how to be Indigo?’ The whole premise of Indigos is off about as much as the difference between these questions. One is not born an Indigo. In fact despite what your family or church or country might tell you, you are not born anything remotely Indigo or great. You are made great and you are made Indigo, or rather, again let’s be accurate, you are born with the potential to be Indigo and most of us have the inkling removed from us quickly by authorities in or lives who condition us as naysayers.

    Now it would not be right of me to tell you how to develop yourself. That would be like telling you how you ought to interpret God. It just is not my place. What I can tell you is that Indigos use their abilities be they in rhetoric, or slang, or otherwise to communicate on consciousness development.

    All the systems we know as martial arts practices are actually anti-martial arts. It is a misnomer akin to the belief one is born Indigo rather than becomes Indigo. What we think of as martial arts were systems used by farmers and peasants living under the thumb of feudal and fascist institutions, to defend themselves against imperial, murderous, martial aggression. This is why the martial arts were so often secreted, and why so many martial arts weapons have their origins as farm tools and implements: throughout recorded time, the common narrative has been one of fascists and their foot soldiers versus common farmers and freedom fighters: Indigos. And yet, while the origins of the martial arts are related to soldiering, they are in perfect philosophical opposition to soldiering. The martial arts, like so many yogic and meditative practices, are about developing the self, and the individual consciousness, not by instilling servitude to a collective, and developing the self to the point of being able to ward off attackers and soldiers.

    There is a Daoist arts tradition pointing to four phases of training and being, or developing self. First is as a martial artist or anti-martial artist. Second is as healer, then scholar and then priest. One can certainly apply this modality to your individualized approach. Like many things, being an Indigo is not so much what you do, it is how you do it or rather how you are, your state of mind, when you do it.

    The four Bodhisattva Vows of Buddhism eloquently describe how to be an Indigo or at least the Indigo state of mind perfectly. Indigos, of course have no problem integrating truth no matter the source, and in contrast, no problem shedding untruths, no matter.


Sentient beings are numberless; I vow to save them all.

Desires are inexhaustible; I vow to put an end to them.

The dharmas are boundless; I vow to master them.

The Buddha’s Way is unsurpassable; I vow to attain it.

~Four Bodhisattva Vows


    I derived the following idea out of correlating the ideas and symbolism behind 11:11 especially the idea of an opportunity for peace, and of one of the concepts that repeatedly arose out of the Matrix of Four; that being the righteous rebel. 11:11 = 4.


    Do you often see the number 11:11? In numerology, 11:11 represents the unity of all things; that we are all of the same vibration even though we appear to be separate in the physical. It also symbolizes the number 4. At its most basic, the number 4 is symbolic of completion; the four elements which, combined, create the one; the totality of everything; the intersection of duality and polarity.

    When we see 11:11 we are being asked to pay attention to this connection — to transcend the status quo; to go beyond what is already known; to create new unprecedented conditions; to become an Indigo.

    In nature this symbolism is illustrated in the cycle of four seasons — spring, summer, winter and fall — derived from the flow of cycles between two solstices and two equinoxes of our orbit, as well as the elements of nature: air, fire, water and earth. Four is also reflected in the four aspects of the self: the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. Similarly, the Daoist tradition points to four phases of training and being, or developing self — first as a martial artist (or anti-martial artist), second as a healer, then as a scholar, and then a priest. The symbolism of four is also represented in the four forms of arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

    Just as there are four seasons and four forms of arithmetic, comprehensive thinking and problem solving encompass four dimensions: the thesis (Is it so?), antithesis (Is it not so?), synthesis (Are both so?) and nullisis (Are neither so?). Thus there are also 4 paths before us in every situation. There are the known quotients — the thesis (Should I do this?), the antithesis (Should I do that?), and their synthesis (Should I do both?)  And there is the fourth path — the nullesis (Should I do neither?) — the path of infinite potential, the path into uncharted territory — the realm of the Indigo. 11:11 symbolizes 4 and the opportunity for embodying the higher aspect of self, the higher aspect of our natural function. It symbolizes potential, and a powerful opportunity for peace and perspective. It represents an opportunity in time, to be our most ascended, highly functioning self. Each of us at every moment has the opportunity be a true warrior, a healer, a scholar or a priest, on one level or another. Each of us has the opportunity to rise up in peace, understanding and compassion, like a Bodhisattva, or Indigo, and be the change in a world confined by outmoded understandings and beliefs.

    Despite our level of capability or learning, despite who or what is restraining us, we always have the option to reach toward higher levels of being, toward the peaceful potential of completion and oneness. Just as there are unlimited levels of development in warrior, healer, scholar and priest modes of being, there is an unlimited number of choices available to us — the infinite potential of the unknown fourth option — and we are being called, through the synchronicity of the 11:11 symbolism to make our choices and resonate our energy in tune with the powerful peaceful beings we are, and the powerful peaceful future we are creating.

    11:11 is a reminder. 11:11 reminds us of the nature of duality and polarity (represented by 4) and of our higher levels of spiritual function. 11:11 reminds us to return to our most peaceful and powerful potential; to embody the potential of the Indigo. And, it reminds us that we have the opportunity to create peace, oneness and completion, to transcend the status quo and transmute it into something new, unexpected and beautiful.


Ethan Indigo Smith an Indigo himself shares insights on Indigos, the Indigo approach and many different thoughts on spirituality, philosophy, metaphysics, politics and activism in the postmodern world. 

Ethan Indigo explores what it means to be an Indigo through his many articles and proposals challenging the status quo, contemporary thinking, and the bullies thereof. Ebook here…


The Matrix of Four

The Matrix of Four - Ethan Indigo SmithMatrix of Four: the Philosophy of the Duality of Polarity is an exploration of our consciousness, and presents a formula to develop our consciousness and surpass the limitations of traditional political and social constructs. In this work, Ethan relates and explains correlations between the four seasons, the Om, and a myriad of esoteric and exoteric ideas on consciousness to inspire creative thinking and being. He also explores mathematical and philosophical concepts to engage a higher thinking and being, verified using universality and human traditions beginning with the four operations of arithmetic, referencing the four archetypal characters in Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave, and much more.

Matrix of Four: the Philosophy of the Duality of Polarity is available here on Amazon.

About the author:

Activist, author and Tai Chi teacher Ethan Indigo Smith was born on a farm in Maine and lived in Manhattan for a number of years before migrating west to Mendocino, California. Guided by a keen sense of integrity and humanity, Ethan’s work is both deeply connected and extremely insightful, blending philosophy, politics, activism, spirituality, meditation and a unique sense of humour.

Ethan’s publications include:

For more, visit Ethan on Facebook and check out Ethan’s author page on Amazon.

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