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The Lunacy of Liberals

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 14:01
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(Before It's News)

In a parody right out of Saturday Night Live that actually occurred in real life, Dan Goldstein, the “wife” of “husband” Mathew Lasner, accosted the daughter of president elect Ivanka Trump, her husband and their children on a Jet Blue flight from New York City to San Francisco, while holding “their” child in his arms (one must, for the sake of propriety and biology, assume the child to have been adopted).

Mr. Goldstein, a lawyer from Brooklyn, took it upon himself to berate Ivanka Trump by shouting at her that “….your father is ruining this country…” and “…why aren’t you on a private jet…” because apparently the indignity of sharing cabin space with the president elect’s daughter was too much for this Liberal “Progressive” to bear.  “Love” apparently was unable to trump “Hate”…. At least, it didn’t for Messrs. Goldstein and Lasner.

The situation was resolved when Jet Blue flight attendants had Goldstein removed while Ivanka, her husband and their three children traveled on to San Francisco, with Mr. Goldstein being escorted off the flight and placed on another jet.  He had earlier texted his “husband”, Mr. Lasner, that he was going after Ivanka Trump to give her a piece of his mind (obviously a very small, rancid piece) when he had spotted her earlier in the boarding line.  He used the hashtag #banalityofevil for his Tweet, an historical reference to Cardinal Niemoller’s impassioned regrets penned from Nazi Germany regarding those who did not speak out against the evils of Hitler.

While the irony, hypocrisy and absurdity of this situation – not to mention the hate and indignity – these people unexpectedly injected into the orbit of the family of Donald Trump undoubtedly leaves rational people aghast in it’s boorish conceits, it is unfortunately par for the course when it comes to Liberal “Progressive” thought, attitude and behavior.

Since the evening when Donald Trump unexpectedly triumphed over the presumed inheritor of the Democrat presidential mantle, liberal “Progressives” have been taking higher dives off the deep end of the sanity pool towards the bottomless pit of left-wing victimhood and self-pity.  They are providing us with the perfect illustration of P.J. O’Rourke’s pithy definition concerning what being a “Liberal” actually means, to wit:  “At the core of Liberalism is the spoiled child – miserable, as all spoiled children are; unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless.   Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”  Both Mister Lasner and Ms.(?) Goldstein flesh out that illustration in spades.

However, such behavior is hardly an aberration of a few benighted, entitled souls who rail against “discrimination” and “hate” and “bigotry” while blithely inflicting it upon innocent members of the president-elect’s family.   Rather it is simply an on-going mantra profusely illustrating the basic and fundamental insanity of a political perspective based upon entitlement, hypocritical “superiority”, elitism, victimhood, feelings, emotions, and logical absurdity.

As Dr. Michael Savage has stated  on multiple occasions:  “‘Liberalism’ IS a mental dis-order.”   Consider the many manifestations of this illness we have seen since election day across America.

Let us start with the candidate herself.  Rather than “face the music” of her defeat, Hillary Clinton had John Podesta make an entrance in front of the glass-ceilinged crowds at the Jacob Javits Center to ask all of Hillary’s supporters to go home, while the democrat nominee reportedly initiated a 3+ hour barrage of curses, accusations, incriminations and flying objects.   Then, only a few days later, after initially berating Donald Trump for being unwilling to accept the results of an election she had erroneously assumed to be in her “bag”, while declaring that such gauche behavior would undermine “…our democracy.,.”,  she joined Jill Stein in a fruitless re-count effort in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, a recount effort which ironically not only garnered an extra 131 votes for Donald Trump, but also revealed massive voter fraud in democrat dominated Detroit, where twice as many people voted (for Hillary) than were registered.

But that was only the beginning of the insanity.  Noting that Hillary had won the “popular” vote by a 2.7 million vote margin, a drumbeat then ensued for getting rid of the Electoral College, because it was a “hopeless anachronism” from a bygone era that had prevented Her Highness from ascending her rightful throne.   Since that tack was, from its inception, doomed to fail, the next Liberal “Progressive” tactic was to inundate, threaten and terrorize the actual individual 538 electors to change their vote.   Of course, and predictably, the Department of “Just Us”, under lame duck Obama, did not initiated a single inquiry regarding these death threats.   A string of third-rate Hollywood non-entities even created a video pleading with these electors to do “the right thing” and vote “their conscience”, reject the will of the people and vote for anyone other than Donald Trump, a plea that produced two defections from Trump but five defections from Hillary.

Prior to this entreaty, a long list of celebrities declared that if Donald Trump won, they would abandon the United States to its fate and leave the country.   The list included such luminaries as Barbra Streisand, Cher, Jon Stewart, Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, Samuel Jackson, Miley Cyrus, and even Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Entertainers such as Jon Bon Jovi, Lena Dunham, Madonna, Alec Baldwin, James Taylor and Lady GaGa added their concerns to the chorus.  America still waits with baited breath for these people to fulfill their solemn pledge.

But the bleats of the defeated continue to spiral into insanity.   A flurry of designers, including Vera Wang, have declared that they will not design anything for the First Lady, Melania Trump.  Hollywood entertainers are being threatened not to appear as entertainment during Donald Trump’s inauguration.   Artists whom Melania and Donald Trump have collected and whose works adorn their homes have demanded that they remove or take down their works of art rather than be associated with the Trump presidency.

In New York City, the cast of the Broadway hit “Hamilton” singled out and harassed the Vice-President elect and his family after their performance, expressing their grave concerns that a Donald Trump presidency would bring the Dark Ages to America.   Filmmaker Michael Moore is organizing a counter-demonstration to Trump’s inauguration, and reputedly there will also be a  “Million Women March” protest in DC on the same day.

Throughout America, hundreds of bizarre incidents and purposely staged psycho dramas are being carried out across our communities and college campuses as left-wing “Progressive” Liberals fly into tantrums, throw hissy fits and wet their collective panties because they did not get their way.  Incidents include bon fires on campus where Trump and the American flag is burned in effigy, slashed tires and keyed paint on any vehicle daring to adorn a Trump bumper sticker, White people beaten by Black mobs on the assumption that the person voted for Trump, buildings and cars vandalized and police attacked in major cities across America by “peaceful” demonstrators carrying “Love Trumps Hate” signs; reports of hundreds of swastikas spray painted at random (nearly always done by left wing instigators), fake reports of Muslim women being attacked for wearing their head scarf (hijab) on New York subways, and in Mississippi, a young democrat activist was caught smashing church windows while spray painting “Trump” on the side of the building.

On college campuses across America, and especially at elite and privileged “Ivy League” schools, young “snowflakes” are being offered crying rooms, therapy dogs, coloring books and crayons, hot cocoa, and psychological counseling in order to cope with the epic defeat of their ideal Earth Mother.   These specious accommodations are generously offered to grieving students by their schools, along with acquiescence to their demands for the cancellation of tests and grades because the new reality of a looming Trump presidency is a doomsday scenario with which they are simply unable to bear.   Some professors even cancelled classes to help students “cope” with the “anxiety and terror” of a Trump victory.  “We need a day to heal after we’ve been told the country doesn’t values our existence at all…” whined one student.

Petition signers at Bryn Mawr and Loyola campuses declared that a Trump presidency threatens their physical well being, alleging safety concerns for minority groups on the campus, including people of “color”, LGBTQ/lsmft, non-Christians, females –essentially anything that walks on two legs that is not White or male.  Another petition was addressed to the university president of John Hopkins, asking for time off to deal with students’ emotional stress and anxiety.   Clearly, the last days of the world are upon us.

Just what is a rational person to make of this collective left-wing hysteria and insanity?   Why is it that one half of the country sat quiet for the last eight years as a dogmatic, Communist inspired demagogue trampled the Constitution, ignored Congress thru multiple executive orders, drove our economy into the ground, doubled the national debt, invited and entertained proponents of thug “culture” directly in the White House, and mired our military in the Middle East while displaying the prickly arrogance of a petulant child who purposely ignored the advice of all of his national security team, while his  “leadership” from the rear proceeded without question by the sycophants of the legacy Media?

How was it that Obama allowed millions of illegal alien invaders to cross our borders, commit hundreds of thousands of crimes, drain our social resources and initiate terror attacks on our own citizens, while this national carnage hardly elicited a peep of protest or even recognition of the on-going destruction of the very fabric of our society from these same celebrities, news media or college campus activists?   Why were these atrocities against America, its citizens, and American values not only tolerated by the Left, but applauded?

The arrogance and presumed moral superiority of the Left Wing cultural elite, as well as the outraged rabble who cannot deal with the fact that their fatally flawed candidate was rejected in a free and fair democratic election, highlight the reasons why Donald Trump triumphed over the corporate controlled news media, academia, the political machines of both parties, Wall Street, the international bankers, and the hidden manipulators of our world and our nation.  In the end, despite ALL of these institutions aligned in lock-step against his candidacy, Donald Trump prevailed because he addressed the real and genuine concerns of the average working man and woman of America – Donald Trump answered to The People.

There is no desire for Unity by people on the Left.  Rather, they enjoys seeing their paid goon squads “demonstrating” and setting fires, destroying property, overturning and burning cars and shattering glass store fronts because they did not get their way.   It goes without saying that 70% of these Soros funded demonstrators never bothered to register to vote, nor did they vote in the last election.

These aging children, most of whom are well past their teen-age years, and 40% of whom still live at home with their mommies and daddies, are the predictable products of helicopter parents, a school systems that drilled the specious idea into their mush filled heads that they were ALL truly “awesome” and “special”, and that they all deserved ribbons and participation trophies for simply showing up irrespective of their performance, preparation or lack of results.

They are spoiled brats now entering generational adulthood who never learned to lose and the lessons loss can teach; whose whims and caprices were constantly catered to, and who always had things their way.  They were raised in households whose biological parents were their “best friends” rather than their mothers and fathers who might rightfully set rules and boundaries, and who now watch as their progeny waddle and thrash about, unable to ride the Bicycle of Life without training wheels permanently attached to save them from their ineptitude.

These whimpering, simpering dolts have no idea that Donald Trump represents their one real hope for constructive, positive change and a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow.  During the last election, when Obama personally campaigned to declare he would consider it a personal affront if Hillary were not elected to carry on his sterling accomplishments, America rightly ruled on Obama’s vaunted “legacy” and thoroughly rejected it. 

Middle America, or “fly over country”, (as it is often referred to by elite Media hypocrites on both coasts), realized Hillary Clinton only offered more of the same that they had endured for the past eight years.   Now Coastal “Progressives” and media elites must somehow come to grips with a Donald Trump presidency.   How long this may take might be fairly estimated by how long it will take the Democrat party to stop blaming the FBI, Huma Abedin, and Russian hackers for their defeat, rather than admitting they ran a highly flawed candidate under the cloud of indictment who failed to provide a cogent, rational reason for her presidency while offering economic and security policies directly inimical to the welfare and well-being of our citizenry.  In other words, it may take years and years…

In the meantime, let us hope that this generation of “snowflakes” and their enablers will find the resolve to either solidify into the hard ice of three dimensional reality, or provide us with the balm of relief as they melt and dissolve, making way for mature young men and women coming up behind them, young adults who are ready to tackle and assume the burdens of leadership and citizenship which our age and our country demand.

Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the Presidency might prove to be a object lesson to the “snowflake” generation – never to quit when the winds of adversity and negativity swirl around you; never to quit when all the power brokers and their minions block your path; and never to quit when all the institutions of the world are aligned against you.

Rather than continuing the fruitless posturing and pointless opposition to a free, secure, and prosperous America – hopefully they will do something that requires more than slogans, hand-wringing, whining, and demanding milk and cookies for their juvenile tantrums.  Let us hope that they, too, will become adults and join the battle for America – the land of freedom and opportunity for ALL people who have the courage and responsibility to work to achieve their goals, their visions, their dreams and aspirations.



copyright 2016, LCVincent, all rights reserved

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