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Sacramento Is Being Flooded Even Before Oroville Dam Breaks – Paul Preston Interview

Saturday, February 18, 2017 9:44
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This picture was taken three days ago. Later in the article, you will see how much the water level has increased at this S. Sacramento levee.

The pounding of the Oroville Dam area by a series of storms has begun in earnest. Rains are heavy and the stress on the dam is great. Governor Brown has replaced the local workers at the dam site with his own union-affiliated workers so that he can control the flow of information. Governor Brown is eerily silent.

The Danger to Sacramento Increases Exponentially

Local flooding in Sacramento due to the present series of storms coming through the city are flooding out many of the areas in the city. At the present rate, there will be only one way out of the city and that is to the East.

The levees are failing, see the link below for a video of the distressed condition of the Sacramento flood control.

Paul Preston Interview

I interviewed Paul Preston regarding the increasing danger to both the Oroville Dam and the lack of functional flood control in Sacramento. In this interview, Paul Preston clearly lays out the danger to both areas. I would respectfully ask that all forward this interview with Paul Preston to as many people as possible.  The dangers are real and California has a governor that is acting with complete depraved indifference toward the people.


Paul Preston is self-evacuating very soon.  Paul Preston badly needs to be wrong about his assessment of the situation. If he is right, he will live his home.

The People Speak Out

I have received dozens of emails from people in the impacted areas and there is a growing awareness that Governor brown is not doing his job.

Dave Hodges,

I live across the road from the Feather River. It is running swift and high.  Many of us are leaving

We respect the job you are doing. Up here we all know what’s going on and Brown doesn’t give a dam about the people. Brown spends 25 billion dollars on illegals and nothing on protecting dams that could save lives.  Did you know Brown replaced locals working on the dam with his own people?  He doesn’t want people to know what is going to happen. I would like to get away from Governor Moonbeam, but I cannot afford to move.  Keep telling the truth brother

Dear Dave,

I talked to one of the Sheriff’s Deputies and he says it is only a matter of time until the dam fails. Many are evacuating themselves. Some still don’t get it. We do not know what to do with our animals.

Thanks for all that you do.

Dave Hodges,

I live Sacramento. You know that our levees are failing.  Parts of the city are already taking on water. Sacramento is going to be flooded out even if the Oroville Dam does not break.

Many people here have laughed at the idea that we are in danger. When our TV reporters started covering the problems, many  got scared.   I have taken a weeks vacation and am leaving with family until we see whats going to happen with these storms that are rolling through.

Author’s Note: This is is what this reader is talking about.  Paul Preston was sent a disturbing video yesterday afternoon and it shows how bad of a shape that the flood control is in near S Sacramento. 


Updated February 17, 2017 at 6:10 pm Video Removed

A video shot in Chico, CA near the Oroville Dam site in Butte County proves there is a mass ‘re-evacuation’ underway has been removed!

A Facebook video made by “Lyric Little” around midnight on February 16, 2016 at a Chevron gas station off highway 70 in Chico, CA captured a conversation she had with a National Guardsman who told her there was a re-evacuation and that the National Guard was setting up evacuation centers as far south as Merced. Evacuations are to be starting within a day.

Rio Vista, CA Levees Cresting, Water on the Rise at the Confluence of the Sacramento and America Rivers February 17, 2017

In the mean time the word coming out of Sacramento, CA is that the American and Sacramento Rivers have joined together and are on the rise to the tops of the levees on both sides of the Sacramento River in downtown Sacramento. Below is a Facebook video by Pastor-Jess Foglesong shared Rvbridgeman‘s video. of the levees cresting south of Sacramento in Rio Vista, CA at the The Helen Madere Memorial Rio Vista Bridge.

To view the video regarding the dire condition of the levee in S. Sacramento,  click here.

Mr. Hodges,

I wrote to you a few days ago and told you that you full of s***. I apologize sir, I was wrong. Jerry Brown wants us all dead.

Skip Benson


Many people here don’t get it. I live in Sacramento. They know there is a problem but they don’t think it is going to reach us. Because the government is not saying anything, many people don’t think there is a problem.  Paul Preston and you need to keep spreading the truth. You need to do daily updates. Hourly if possible.


There are two simultaneous events being played out. First, if the Oroville Dam breaks at some point, the entire region will be devastated. Second, Sacramento is already being flooded independent of the condition of the Oroville Dam and these conditions pose a direct threat to the people of Sacramento as six more days of storms come rolling through.

Again, my advice is the same. People need to self-evacuate, now, as a precaution.


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  • jdp…A dereliction of duty that causes a loss of life is criminal, jail time for brown.

    • Who votes for these clowns? Like Brown, McCain… FOURTH term as Gov??
      Good intv as Hodges- unlike Rense or Koolaid Jonestown- knows how to just let his guest speak w/out constant ego interruptions so host can prove how much he knows. Good work Hodges, please update and WITH PIX. Oroville wiped from most “alt sites” now- like GLP and even twitter is letting no natives post. Info control is like Iron Curtain under Stalin

      • when trump campaigned he said he was in favor of term limits and that it would be in the best interests of the country :mad:

  • wbb

    So where is the second pic you promised, the one that shows how much the water has risen?

  • b4

    i am going to apoligize to hog man too–this shit is serious–seepage close to base of dam implies impending failure and if they get any overflow from the emergency spillway its done–my company used to insure these (dams)things for small counties,towns–have read lots of data on them–only with extreme luck will this dam make it–

  • ARK Storm, an ‘Atmospheric River 1,000’ (K) miles long is a continuous series of storms that inundated California in December 1862 and January of 1862 like a conveyor belt for 42 days. It completely flooded Sacramento and the 10 to 30 foot-deep flood waters in the Imperial Valley took until June to drain. It drowned millions of cattle and an untold number of people and eventually bankrupted the state.

    It’s estimated these ARK Storms occur about every 150 years. Do the math; California is overdue for another one. Californians in that area should prepare to evacuate eastwards in a moment’s notice if you believe the government actually cares. If you don’t, I’d leave sooner.

    Most of the previous articles on the ARK Storm if 1962 have disappeared from the CIA-controlled internet except for this Catholic one:

  • he’s the same person today as he was when everyone voted for him. What has changed? YOU have changed. You are seeing the lite. These people do not have your best interest at heart. None of them. They get into office to better {steal}themselves. That’s it. Period. They are living lavishly at your expense.

  • Although I cannot listen to the interviewee (he coughs too much without saying “excuse me”) someone said Governor Brown is too busy snorting cocaine to care. I don’t know if he said it as a joke or whether it is true.

    Californians elected a LOSER. A soft man (his hands are so soft a guy who shook it says he never felt hands like that in his life). :twisted:

  • What is going on with the hospital that is in harm’s way? The patients’, conscious or not, have a right to info to be able to leave the area. It takes them much longer to make these arrangements and get out. WHAT ABOUT THEM?

  • The Oroville dam fiasco underlines the failure of the CA government to serve and protect the citizens of CA. In fact, it underlines the utter contempt the CA government has for its citizens. Highlighted is the CA government’s putting Illegals and corporations first, making it a fascist government of the worst kind. It is both democrats and republicans that have demonstrated this contempt, and both parties should be driven from the governor’s office and the CA assembly!

  • Could only happen if the earth.was FLAT!

  • Please, dear people, take the word impacted out of your vocabulary as it is grammatically incorrect in nearly ALL uses. The correct word to use is affect (affected).

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