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Banned Video Reveals the Horrors of Venezuela’s Starving Population

Friday, March 31, 2017 13:21
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Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

  by: Natural News-Jason Veeley    


Image: Banned video reveals the horrors of Venezuela’s starving population


(Natural News) Once thought to be a promising and upcoming socialist utopia, Venezuela is now caught in a death spiral towards famine, starvation and poverty, all of which are directly linked to the corruption of a centralized authoritative regime. The conditions in Venezuela are so bad, in fact, that the government must set up barriers and restrictions for the news media so that the socialist country’s reputation isn’t damaged any further.

In February of this year, for example, CNN was kicked out of Venezuela for reporting on the poor conditions inside Caracas Public High School. “CNN, do not get into the affairs of Venezuela. I want CNN well away from here,” demanded President Maduro. “Outside of Venezuela. Do not put your nose in Venezuela.”

However, despite this resentment towards the news media, ABC Australia journalist Eric Campbell was recently able to capture undercover footage of the horrific conditions inside of Venezuela. The video shows a country replete with starving Venezuelans lining up in the streets for food, people digging through the trash to find a small bite to eat, and also violent thugs and gangs that are quickly climbing the nation’s social ladder.

“They’re here from 3 a.m. to buy two packets of flour,” one man explained in the video. “That’s the only product in the store, there’s nothing more.” Interestingly, when asked by Eric Campbell who was to blame for the hunger and the corruption, the man replied, “Well the government is to blame, because the government holds the people’s money.” (RELATED: You won’t believe what Venezuelans are resorting to eating in order to survive.)

Another Venezuelan said of the empty food shelves, “They’re fine in the government, they can eat and all that stuff while people queue from three in the morning.” The young woman, who eventually identifies herself as a mother, explains how she has to get in line at two or three in the morning just to find “nappies” for her baby which, according to her, are difficult to find.

As the short documentary goes on to explain, often times the long food lines and the scarcity of food cause all-out riots, which is why law enforcement now stands guard outside of grocery stores.

Unsurprisingly, the physical conditions of Venezuela are poor as well. Trash lines the sidewalks of most of the country’s neighborhoods, and the roads are cracked and littered with potholes. This is especially true for the very top of the hills, where the poorest of Venezuelans live. As Campbell notes, taxis don’t even travel up that way. Instead, communal buses and motorbikes are used to get from place to place.

Venezuela didn’t get this way overnight. The long food lines, the poverty and the economic dislocation has really been brought about by the election of Hugo Chavez in 1998. Once in power, Chavez did away with the existing congress and replaced it with a new National Assembly, which he then used to rewrite the country’s constitution in order to consolidate his power. Though Chavez thought of himself as a successful and enlightened world leader, his actions as president proved otherwise. For example, Chavez essentially launched an all out war on the private sector by nationalizing thousands of private companies and industries, which as history tells us, does nothing to stimulate the economy. By contrast, excessive government regulation over the economy initiates an economic death spiral.

Years of these kinds of policies are what eventually turned Venezuela into what it is today – a chaotic, poverty-ridden society whereby government officials live like kings and the people, quite literally, live and eat in trash. Americans should look at the conditions in socialist Venezuela and learn from them, because if we continue going down a path of progressivism, social engineering and big government, our society will one day look similar, if not identical, to Venezuela’s.


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  • DK

    It is not Socialism, Marxism or any other form of Ism, it is corruption and incompetence riding on the same mule. No matter what your system you will get corruption reducing the beasts feed, however it is the incompetence which kills the mule when they stop feeding the animal entirely.

  • Its happening all over the world, you find a rich place you’ll find a poor place nearby.

  • One way or another the banks in Switzerland stole bank deposits that Hugo obtained by selling that country’s oil internationally. Their dictator had his own bank account but the bankers in Geneva embezzled from these starving people. Just like 14 countries in Africa the dictator dies and the bank accounts are stolen by the elite of the New World Order. Hillary Clinton directed killing one of them, the dictator of Libya.

    Wake from the Matrix that you have been living in for 900 years since the Oligarchy was in Venice with the Templars, the Doge and Jacques de Molay.

  • well, under rothschild’s economy, this is what we get.

  • The brown skins don’t know how to handle money. They have such an inferiority complex that as soon as they get money they BLOW IT ALL trying to prove they can be better than the white man.

    Inevitably they fail and look stupid at the same time. This is what is wrong with that country. Coveting and envy of America, ironically and the white people that inhabit them.

    Some here think we stole their wealth when the opposite is very true, but because their emotion gets the better of them they turn into Democraps, then Socialist, then ultimately COMMUNIST and finally, what they think they should become – A TYRANT to PUNISH the white man.

    We seen this in none other that the Nerogro sodomite – B’lack Obama!! Failing miserably and making the rest of us miserable. Bring down America and the whole world goes with it. But they don’t care as long as they GOT America!!

    It seems half in this country want to see America fall. Having welfare and fried chicken is not enough for them. :twisted:

    • Me

      I don’t know about all that mumbo jumbo, but there sure are some damn, smokin hot women in Venezuela. I wonder how much I’d have to pay for a mail order bride! Probably pretty cheap these days.

      • They are a mixture of white, Indian, Negro. Never been there but I suppose a nice blend of brownies.

    • Have you ever made a positive comment which isn’t racist?

      • ecclesiatical,

        Why restrict the question with the word “positive” ?

      • I’m only reporting on their BEHAVIOR. Glad you noticed. :cool:

  • Excellent video

  • I have little doubt that the destruction of Venezuela was organized by the NWO to eliminate what they see as a threat by a Chavez-brand socialism, and that his death was not natural.

    • Well, yes, Endtime, but that’s just what is seen on the surface. Hugo Chavez’ politics was at odds with American hegemony as well as western ideology. Of course Venezuela buddying up to what became the core BRIC nations was intolerable as was Chavez’ demands to repatriate the country’s gold reserves. It seems, if one studies the history, that the final straw was Venezuela’s plan to broker oil deals directly with Latin American nation states (read Cuba) and in doing so bypassing the petrodollar.

      It began in the very early 70′s with the “oil shock” which resulted in the petrodollar mechanism being set up and which to this day is fiercely protected through the rise of around 200 worldwide American military bases.

      In addition to the Latin American conflicts, already mentioned, trouble has been engineered throughout west Asia (read Vietnam, Korea) and on through the middle east (read Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan) and now looks to be heading for the far east (read Russia, China) and will not be stopped before world war three settles all accounts.

      And that’s just what America has done. Factor in France and England’s need for oil and it becomes abundantly clear that every global conflict, of the modern era, has been a direct result of oil greed.

      • Have you seen the size of the pickup trucks we drive?

        We have to feed these things somehow, you know.

  • Naff all then to do with the US government trying to trash the place and the jewish bankers pulling the strings.

  • $1 to fill up your car in Venezuela. Drill Baby Drill! :grin:

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