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Only One Step Away from PizzaGate – Fox News Covering up Wiretap Scandal – Dumps Judge Napolitano

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 8:37
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Fired by Fox for defending President Trump in the wiretapping accusations against Obama.

Fired by Fox for defending President Trump in the wiretapping accusations against Obama.

There is no question that Napolitano is correct about the wiretapping scandal as I have reported here and here.

To review, the PizzaGate scandal has implicated Podesta, Clinton and several other notables. Opening up the wiretapping scandal could reveal what Obama was really looking for. It certainly wasn’t Republican campaign strategy, the election was over for part of the wiretapping and there was no reason to continue with the illegal activity. It has to be about what Trump knows, and more importantly, what Trump plans to do about PizzaGate. Paul Preston has assured me that President Trump knows about the nature of the scandals related to these interconnected variables.

Meanwhile, to perpetuate a Fox News cover-up of these events, Judge Napolitano has been indefinitely suspended for telling the truth about Obama wiretapping. Why? I am not sure and the only thing that makes any sense to me is that Fox has a vested interest in not having PizzaGate surface with all of its ugly details. Here is my reaction to the Fox firing of the Judge.

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  • So if Trump knows, why hasn’t he acted on it yet?

    • He’s good at playing chess and likely poker. He’s checking who is naughty and nice in his search for the snoops at his own pace….Don’t underestimate this guy,,,more truth is coming out daily. Comey knows ALL about it, but is complicit so he has been lying thru his teeth to protect his assets in his connection to Clinton and their Foundation, HSBC bank money laundering, etc, and, of course, obama and Lynch with the “wire tapping.” Check out the Dave Hodges Show for much more on this mass corruption and law-breaking gang. It’s an eye-opener….

      • Bulls-eye Thom V

        • Trump plays 3-D chess…These pedophile idiots play checkers and sold their souls to satan, dumb fucs…Comey is toast. Mark my words…He is toast.

          • preferably burnt toast

  • this is a first, firing a news contributor for knowing and saying too much :???: :???:

    • Sadly, it is not a first at all, the good Judge had his TV show “Freedom Watch” canceled when he revealed the truth about the loss of our constitutional rights……..and two investigative reporters in Fl did a piece on BHt in milk causing cancer and Fox immediately fired them both….news contributors have been murdered for doing research….if the Pedogate story is just half as far reaching into our government as had been suggested, there are many people researching it that are rising their lives…Trump is sitting on a powder keg and he probably would prefer not to blow it up until every person and everything he needs is in place.

  • Keep in mind that it is reported that half of Fox News
    ad revenue is controlled by the highest paid CEO in
    London, Martin Sorrell of WPP (Wire Plastic Products),
    at $65 Million annually. He predicted that Hillary would
    win the election. He has three sons who all work or
    did work for Goldman Sachs.
    What loving father would NOT be pro his kids
    employers attitude?
    He and George are called the Bobbsey Twins,
    Soreass and Soreall…………!!



  • There are several people at FOX news that I like but the owner Murdock and the manager who ever he is, are not two of them.

    To hell with you FOX news, this is were the rubber meets the road. Trump will destroy FOX news with more truth than they can handle. Murdock is a globalist or is afraid of them.

  • You are right about CNN (Congo Negro Network). Only Neopolitano and Sean Hannity are honest, though Sean sucks up to Negroes too much showing he is a racist that is bothersome.

    Americans haven’t been paying attention or are too trustworthy allowing liberal retards to rule them. This is what liberal retards do.

    And the negro was never a legal sitting US president which should have SHOCKED this nation but it never did telling me the most scariest thing.

    Maybe we are all liberal retards. :twisted:

    • …”Maybe we are all liberal retards.”

      Or (more likely imvho) most of the nation has by now been fluoride-pacified, vaxxed gormless, Telly-Visioned silly, false-dichotomied to hell-and-gone and Common Cored straight down in their formative years to where not one in fifty “competent adults” in this no-longer-so-very-great nation can actually tell a peach from a turnip at first glance.

      Let alone describe why both are good for you (at least, when they’ve both not been GM’d to hell and gone). The damage is DONE.

      Fact: More pills, shots and shiny happy State-sponsored propaganda will NOT fix ANY part of it. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

    • “Maybe we are all liberal retards.”

      So like, we all gotta vote for Hillary in 2020, or what?

  • The website has published several critical articles about Napolitano’s comments on Fox. The most substantial accusation they raise is that Napolitano exaggerated/misrepresented the nature/quality of his “Intel sources” who said that GHCQ had unmasked Trump’s communication in the NSA database at Obama’s request. They make the case that he repeated speculations about what was possible from mediocre sources and made them sound like leaks that he confirmed.

  • raburgeson

    Drudge or Jones can snap him up. He would get some personal pay back time, …

  • Just sharing a new site i found. Loving it so far. Refreshing actually.

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