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Pence Is the Globalist Insurance Policy Against Trump – The Modern Day Version of LBJ

Sunday, March 12, 2017 8:03
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I have never liked the choice of Mike Pence for the position of Vice President. He was a supporter of Free Trade Agreements (eg NAFTA) and he supported Obamacare. When Trump’s locker-room talk surfaced in a recording, Pence did not stand by his running mate. As I note in the following video, the body language messages between Trump and Pence strongly suggests that they do not like each other.

If one follows the pattern of Vice-Presidential choices, and given Pence and his lack of loyalty displayed to President-Elect Trump during the dark days, we should all be concerned over our new champion’s safety.

In the Face of the Deep State, Trump Needs Loyalty From His VP

Do you really think that the globalists are going to respect the rule of law because Trump won the election? Do you think the globalists are ever going to go away and accept the will of the people? The globalists hate you, they hate the common person. Globalists, like Ted Turner, outwardly express the desire to wipe out 95% of humanity. And if you think I am the only one in the Independent Media having these concerns about Pence, you are not paying attention. Previously, Infowars has noted the incompatibility between Pence’s political background and the Trump platform.

Alex Jones has questions about Pence. Many of the criticsms of Pence sound like the following:

“…critics of the selection have blasted Pence as a globalist neocon who supports the Obama-backed Common Core scheme, sovereignty-destroying “free trade” regimes, unconstitutional wars and other deeply unpopular policies, rather than the Constitution and liberty.

Other opponents have blasted Pence’s surrender last year to extreme homosexual activists and corporate bullies demanding government aid in trampling religious liberty in Indiana…”

Many of my colleagues have publicly noted the same (eg Dr. Ted Broer).

President Trump needs and deserves steadfast loyalty from his number two man. He does not have that loyalty. And when one considers the awesome threat posed by the Deep State, Trump deserves and desperately needs loyalty from his inner circle.

There Is No Trump Presidency Without Wikileaks

There are a number of factors that led to the election of Donald Trump. Among them would be the steadfast and aggressive support of the Independent Media and the data dump on Hillary Clinton by Wikileaks. Without Wikileaks, there would not be a Trump Presidency. Subsequently, without Wikileaks, there is Mike Pence Vice-Presidency, but don’t tell that to Pence.

Pence Bites the Hand That Has Fed Him

Late last week, Mike Pence said the following in a Fox interview

“Trafficking in national security information, as is alleged WikiLeaks has done here, is a very serious offense,”

“It represents a compromise of the security of the American people,” he said.

“This president and this administration will take that very seriously and use the full force of the law and resources of the United States to hold all of those to account that were involved…”

“If proven to be true and confirmed publicly, I can assure you that no resource will be spared in holding those [to] account that have leaked information that could well constitute a compromise of methods and a compromise of national security.”

And what exactly is Wikileaks exposing that has Pence so upset? Wikileaks is revealing that Russian hacking has been initiated by the CIA. Wikileaks is demonstrating that the CIA is leaking confidential Trump administration material to the press in an attempt to defame the President and cause him to lose credibility with the Americna people. Wikileaks has taken on the role of whistleblower in order to protect the people of this country from the ongoing abuses of the Deep State.

Incredibly Pence is threatening the organization that may be most responsible for putting Trump in the White House. Pence is opposed to exposing establishment criminality through whistleblowing. And without question, Pence is disloyal to this president and I fear he is just another LBJ waiting for his Dealy Plaza moment. I have never liked Pence and now I have something to hang my hat on.

Trump needs to marginalize Pence and then dump him prior to the 2020 election.




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  • PENCE is a luciferian….we knew it from the start……….PENCE is there to replace TRUMP and carry out the NWO luciferian agenda of death, destruction and the end of America…
    In reverse speech – look at what Pence says “kiss them all Lucifer”….
    The following are a continuation of David John Oates reversals on President Trump on the Rense Program and they point to a reality of things have been changed for President Trump, in he has been informed and learned of the reality of what he faces.

    I have been working on this from a different angle in utilizing inquiry and have gleaned something which I hope to have to post as I just started locking in on what is generating.
    Some of the reversals are interpretations of Mr. Oates as in the “I am thee 5th”, but are speaking of something taking place behind the scenes which the President is aware.

    The worst piling on are the other reversals which follow.

    President Donald Trump reversals

    Mr. Speaker Mr. Vice President – It’s a sin America

    set free the dreams of our people – the beast and it used Obama

    saved tax payers money – I face the terror (error)

    we want harmony – hear the limits

    veterans have delivered – Adolf her villain (Nazi villain of America)

    America more peaceful – I’m afraid thee 5th (He would be 5th to die in office.)

    Obamacare is failing – Air Force man is alive

    inventors showed off wonderful creation – follow shit

    In the following, we hear that FBI Director James Comey is speaking about being paid off, Kellyanne Conway appears to indicate she is a leaker, and Mike Pence quotes satan.

    Makes a great deal of sense why President Trump calls it all sin and the beast.

    James Comey

    Threat to America on terrorism – The deals Ukraine

    FBI offices assist each other – Force it or shit

    Victims get on their feet – It’s ridiculous

    Field offices helping each other – More shit

    go into detail here – THEY PAID US

    James Clapper

    Bi partisan effort – They threaten us (Congress)

    John Kelly

    Homeland celebrated it’s anniversary – I’m confident you sell fear we are sorry

    Connect the dots on intelligence – Fell marijuana

    Kellyanne Conway

    other sources of the leakers – shame your little secret (has she leaked?)

    Mike Pence

    this is our time – kiss them all lucifer

    President Trump will fight for you – and we’ll miss you

  • Exactly who is using who?? Trump knew he might have NOT gotten in if he picked anybody else like him. Coming on too strong and he would be considered repudiated.

    Look, the point was to GET IN FIRST. Perhaps he was hinted he would have to make a deal with the devil and had several choices and the least WORST was Pence, he thought. Perhaps not either. Only the few up there would really know and maybe it is not talked about. It just something everybody winks too, is my gut feeling.

    But Trump accomplished the main part. GET IN, PERIOD. That was 90% of the mission and he SUCCEEDED. To get the other 10% done he is going to need the help of the people that put him in there. Sorry to say, you have to back him up now and that means getting off your ass. :twisted:

    The tide and momentum is on our side and you better keep it rolling that way. A Trump elimination is NOT acceptable at this point as much as Hillary being president. UNTHINKABLE!! :twisted:

    And please don’t eat crow. I prefer you eat doughnuts instead. Look, I will send you a free box in 4 years. :lol:

    • Oops Alert! :arrow: :neutral:

      “It” should be “it’s”. :lol:

    • Never liked him from the start. He has a snake type quality to him….do not like him..never did…..SO….can he get rid of him? Could he ask for his resignation? Or perhaps a different VP for 2020…. I’m just don’t feel comfortable with him a stones throw away from the presidency….a modern day LBJ? That fucker was in on the assassination of JFK! This better NOT be a repeat performance of that infamous day! This country will be looking at a civil war type uprising if anything like that happens….. :mad: :mad:

      • That’s why I said it was “unthinkable”. I cannot EVEN begin to tell you what would happen if they take Donald out.

  • Boo

    She said … Pence has a silver tongue, this talent for being so well versed in the language always turns heads. And for good reason. Sham artists are great at it, a so is a sales pitch where the product doesn’t quite deliver once you get it home. This may go to why Trump’s plain speak goes over so well with the public. There’s no splitting hairs on where he is coming from and he isn’t capable of dressing up deceit behind a stream of misleading smooth talk.

  • Pence looks like he works for the Deep State. I do not trust him. We will clean up the mess of traitors. He needs to get on board or get off the train.

  • Pence looks like he works for the Deep State. I do not trust him. We will clean up the mess of traitors. He needs to get on board or get off the train. This guy is a traitor. Fire him, he works for the Cabal.

  • Pence wants Trump dead so he can finish the job Obam was hired to do. I do not trust this guy. Mr. Pres Trump, we smell. a major rat with Pence. Get it?

  • Well since you bought up Wikileaks, I have thought since campaign days that should Trump be elected he owes Julian Assange a Silver Medal or equivalent because everything he exposed has played into Mr Trump’s Corner. I too am suspicious of Mike Pence but since I live in South African can only sit back and observe everything that is going on in the World. I saw the picture of Pence with the Bushes at a baseball game and that got me thinking!

    • Pence is a RAT…a BUSH RAT for sure, I hope Trump realizes what a traitor he is…Trump has Pence, Ryan and Reibus as MAJOR rats hoping for his defeat…the deal was made off Trump, Pence picks Jeb Bush as VP and the Bush/Clinton Cabal is right back heading up the criminal washington dc establishment…
      Many of us caught PENCE flashing the devil horn signal at the very start when he was named VP….now he is out pushing the Obamacare Lite that will be worse than the original….have these traitors formed a bubble around Trump? Does Trump have any idea what is going on? I know Trump is very very smart…but is he smart enough to see PENCE is there to bring him down?

  • Yes, he certainly is a smooth communicator. I personally do not like him nor trust him. President Trump needs to find someway out of this VP.

  • But, I can’t think of a way to have a VP leave. Can President Trump ask him to leave if they do not get along???

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