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This is what the Trump Russia nonsense is REALLY all about

Monday, March 20, 2017 21:17
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(Before It's News)

The Democrats just can’t believe that they lost. And most of all they just can’t believe they lost to Donald Trump. The guy was a clown in their eyes. He was who they wanted to run against. Hillary Clinton was going to be the first woman president. It had been decreed. It was to be. Hillary was to be coronated and with this coronation would come elevated status for the Clinton hangers on. The people in the think tanks. The people in the media who lavished Hillary with praise. The generally left of center (both Republican and Democrat) lobbyists who were ready to do brisk business on K Street. Times looked good indeed for the permanent political class. Flyover country was flyover country, an afterthought at best in the brave new post-Obama world. Times had changed. The “clingers” had been relegated to the margins. The political class looked to entrench itself in Versailles on the Potomac even more deeply.

With Hillary as president the message would be loud and clear. The planners, the political class, the banks, the folks in the corners of the Northeast and wedged up against the Pacific were in control. This is the way it was. America as it had been was finished.

Funny thing is there were and are more “clingers,” deplorables,” whatever derisive term you choose, than the Dems understood. What they didn’t get also is that for each outed “deplorable” with a Trump sticker on his/her truck there were probably 2 or more Trump voters driving around the suburbs quietly taking their kids to soccer practice and girl scouts.

The Dems did not understand the great swathe of the country that really could not stand president Obama and who longed for ACTUAL change. (And it wasn’t racism that motivated the dislike for Obama, despite what many Obama supporters seriously believe(d).) For middle America  the country seemed to be declining steadily with each passing year. It was obvious. It was concerning. And a Hillary presidency would have been the Thelma and Louise moment for America in their minds as she took the (former) American dream right over the cliff with a smile on her face.

But the great unwashed wrestled the wheel away from Hillary at the last moment and Ms. Clinton lost. The cliff, in the eyes of a great many, had been averted.

And Clinton, the dream candidate, the feminist candidate, lost to the big male buffoon. She lost. And it stung. It stung so bad. Hillary was going to “make history.” She’d show all those Obama haters. But then – failure.

The Dems woke up to find that the Senate (which they thought was within reach) had stayed in Republican hands, that the Scalia seat on the Supreme Court would likely be filled with a constitutionalist who could tilt the court down a constitutionalist route for a long time, the House had stayed Republican, and that most of the states were now controlled by Republicans. The Democrats found themselves suddenly, essentially, a regional party. A coastal, urban party. They had been vanquished. And what is worse is that they had been vanquished by a “pu–y grabbing” yahoo.

Man it stung. It stung so deep. The caricature of the anti-Hillary had BEATEN Hillary. And now he’d be president even though thanks to Cali Hillary had gotten the “popular vote.” Damn it stung. So close. So close. Only to come up short in a race that should have been a guaranteed win. Pain.

First there was the refusal to acknowledge what had happened. Then as reality forced its way into the brains of the defeated the Russian narrative was concocted as a psychological salve and a means to keep something, anything alive for the Dems.

See, it was the Russians who swayed the election. That had to be it. How could the buffoon possibly have defeated Hillary – who was great of course and everything the political class wanted – without help from the devil himself? It wasn’t possible. The dumb part of America had been duped by the grand Russian chess master. Those leaks – all of which appear to be real by the way and which show massive corruption within the Democratic Party – worked to Trump’s benefit. There must be a secret alliance between Putin and Trump.  And THAT is the reason Hillary lost.

Basically the (party) Democrats are pissed that their secrets were exposed and the American people became hip to what was going on. People like John Podesta looked shady and ridiculous. And to quote the movie producer in the Godfather, “A man like (Podesta) can’t afford to look ridiculous!!!”

Consider the fundamental concern here for the (party) Democrats. They believe that Russians had something to do with the Wikileaks leaks which exposed the party’s corruption on a broad and deep scale. They are mad that this information was given to potential voters. They are mad that the truth got out.

Again, think about that.

They are mad that people didn’t vote for Hillary because the public saw directly that she (and the Democratic machine) was corrupt.

It’s not like the “Russians” conjured some false narrative (I am looking at you George Soros) and made stuff up from whole cloth even if it was them who did the leaking. Let’s not forget Hillary had a private server in her house that was left exposed and that Ms. Clinton and the Democrats tried to cover this up. Remember that? Remember when people said that foreign players might have been able to access Ms. Clinton’s information and that Ms. Clinton’s actions constituted a massive lapse in judgement at the very very very least. Well maybe her information was compromised – because of her failings. 

Fundamentally the reason Hillary lost was not because of any Russian boogeymen. It was because she was a dishonest and poor candidate and much of America sniffed this out. They didn’t trust her. They didn’t like her. And they didn’t trust her or like so much that they gave the presidency to Donald Trump. Would this have happened without Wikileaks leaking the details of Clinton’s corruption?

Perhaps not. And that is why the Dems continue the Russia line. They are mad that they were found out. That the light was shone on them at an inopportune time. That their masks were peeled back in the middle of an effort to sell the American public on a conjured image. White suit and all.

Again, the (party) Democrats aren’t mad that lies were spread. They are mad that the TRUTH was spread.

Clinton failed doubly from the political class’s perspective. She lost. But she also let someone outside of the official Washington club in. Trump is rich. He is in plenty of clubs. But he wasn’t invited to Washington. Instead Trump came in Al Czervik style and took over the joint. Judge Smails is not impressed.

And this is why there must must be some smoking gun. Some reason for why the Universe and the American electorate handed the Democrats a big fat steaming heap of loser pie. Because otherwise, well, it just doesn’t all make sense. It would be like, shock, the Democrats were and are on the wrong the side of history. (Not that the Republicans are on the right side.) If that was true then that pain that came with Trump’s election might be just too much.

So – Russians. Russians. Russians. Because you know the American people actually found out what was going on with Hillary. And that just isn’t fair.


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