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Did Trump Just Pull a Fast One on the NeoCons With the Syria Strike?

Saturday, April 8, 2017 6:10
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I have a scenario forming in my mind, that looks much better than WWIII. 

What if, after the chemical attack, Putin secretly calls Trump and tells him that all the chemical weapons had been removed from Assad, and that any chemical weapons assessment was either false or they hit an ISIS controlled chemical storage fascility. 

So Trump and Putin and Assad agree to stage the missile attacks, making sure no Syrians were in the targeted spots, and supposedly sends 59 missiles, not all of them making to the target, and failing to destroy the #1 target, the runways….

Out come the neocons in support of Trump, right out in the open. McCain, even Graham said he was proud of Trump (lol).

Next step. Sign a peace agreement with Russia and Syria, and send the globalists into a tailspin…

The look on Kushners face when he found out Bannon had secretly worked (rumored) to direct half of the 59 Tomahawks at ISIS/Al Quaeda positions elsewhere in Syria.

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  • Look at the results. Russia is now upgrading Syrian bases, has moved a battleship from the black sea to a port in Syria, and then they come out with the peace agreement and ISIS has no choice but to lay down their weapons and surrender.

    Meanwhile, this gave Trump an edge in negotiations with Xi over the South China Sea and Korea.

    This was the last domino of the curse, and it didn’t fall.

    • The last domino of course, being Damascus.

  • Sorry. Not buying it. Not in my name. This does not justify the civilians killed in the two near by villages.

  • Good move by President Trump. I do not like wars but this was a showing of strength to China, and North Korea. North Korea has been saber rattling for the longest time. Now, it shows what President Trump, can and will do if needed. Good job.

    • I was in Desert Storm, I know what a cruise missile can do. They don’t miss. At least half went to another target, my opinion, targets painted by special forces on the ground (real intel), to take out the rest of ISIS in Syria.

    • What you have not put into your calculation is that China could wipe the floor with the USA so don’t complain if nukes are dropped near you as you watch your children die

      Bankers see most americans as useless eaters and need you dead or they will have to pay out far too many 401k and that hits profits of the corporations they own and most of them don’t have the money.

      Russia is working with the west and playing us a 1984 play script but i don’t think China is and Trump has proven to be a banker puppet just like i said he would be during the election.

    • And the puppets who run the USA don’t do no “saber rattling” or anything

      North Korea has more rights than Israel to build nukes to protect itself and whats out of place in the region is yanks in South Korea who keep having military drills or “saber rattling” as you call it.

      Trump is scum and conned his voters but you call it a “Good Job” so i hope your working nice and hard to feed your taxes into the system to pay for it all

  • jdp…Wishfull thinking if other location were hit it would be news which did not come forth, Syria would be showing those sites too.

  • If such a turn-around transpired, I would praise Trump as quickly as I condemned him for publicly blaming Assad and attacking Syria. Putin would have had to warn the Syrian Air Force of the impending attack and then report casualties that never occurred.
    However, if Trump continues to serve the Neocon agenda, it’s time to relocate to the Southern Hemisphere, where George W. Bush and Ted Turner enjoy rancheros on the highland plains of Argentina’s Pattaya and Hillary Clinton owns a villa next to Germany’s Chancellor Merkel’s in Paraguay, where daddy Bush bought almost 100,000 acres atop one of the world’s largest fresh water aquifers.
    Many wealthy businessmen are moving to New Zealand. If there’s a war, the best thing to do is leave targeted countries.

    • You better make your move before the SHTF do you really think South American countrys are going to welcome you with open arms when Your people have just blown up the northern hemisphere.
      They might shoot you at the Border . I left the States along time ago Latin America is a wonderful place but its not very complex the emotional state of most of the people is very passionate .. they are going to react with extream emotional response and I don’t think its Going to be Joy.

  • As usual, Kurshner is the evil one pushing this strike on Syria for Israel’s benefit.

    As long as Israel exist, there will never be peace in the Middle East or in the world.

  • That was a wishful steaming pile of poo.

  • NK or Russia should bomb Washington!!!!!!!!! Let’s do something practical to give rid of the people involved in Pizza/Pedo gate. Never mind about the 5 or so children supposedly killed in the bombing, what about the 800,000 children missing in the last ten years, probably killed at the hands of these pedophiles. I just love the way the shifting sands of american justice and priorities change in the blink of an eye. I mean, aren’t american lives more important…at least that what I have been reading about for the last 5 years.

  • What I have come to realize in the last week is Steve Bannon is the one rooting for we the people….our true protector.

  • It is all a game and we have all been played them.

  • Maybe you need to zoom right out and look at the big picture.

    Why has Trump pledged unswerving loyalty to Israel ?

    Why has Trump not shut down Homeland security and closed all the the FEMA camps ?

    Maybe Trump is not all that he seems.


  • Many people that voted for puppet trump are turning against him because like all puppets he says one thing during the election process and then does another thing so the “Change” that people wanted is not going to happen and he’s filling the swamp.

    When he wants to block immigrants any judge can veto him and yet when he has no approval from the UN to attack Syria and he does not even ask Congress, well he can do it without question.

    People that voted for the best out a bad bunch need not make excuses for Trump or themselves because voting is all a waste of time when bankers from Israel pull all the string

  • No Trump walks, talks and looks like a traitor and is just another banker puppet on a string and he has lost suport of many people on the right but make no mistake that Putin is working with the yanks and both are playing us a 1984 play script.

    Russia Today said that Russia was wwarned before the attack and i am guessing that they turned the S400s off again like they always do when Israel wants to attack Syria.

    Cold or warm wars are not fought like this and most of what we are see is little more than a smoke screen but Trump has cooked his own goose when it comes to clearing the swamp and then doing all he can to fill it

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