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It All Hits This Summer! Banks Will Crash and Currency Will Not Exist (Video) Bix Weir

Saturday, March 11, 2017 9:37
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(Before It's News)


Computer control will be our undoing? We are ALL wiretapped, were is the outrage? Check this out as they dive into the invasion as the end of our economy, is it all a matter of the embedded code?

From The X22 Spotlight

The Economic Crisis Will Hit This Summer, Banks Will Crash,Currency Won’t Exist: Bix Weir

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  • dear x22: great intervire with bix weir:

    copy of question sent to bix; printed below:

    dear bix weir:

    your insights throughout interview with x22 report were absolutely brilliant. there was one major problem, however,..multiple times you were asked about the transition, for when the existing monetary system fails, and your only answer was vague and general.
    you just said ‘the people will realize the previous failures, and then decide.’ decide what?
    of course you do know the future. but what is being asked here is not so much ‘the steps’ [as what you answered], but what are ‘the options’ people will choose from?
    this was what was being sought from you.
    can you answer this, please?
    thank you.
    blessings to you. THE LORD LOVES you.

    • Dear Bix Weir what happened…

      … to the next 2008 crash that was just around the corner in August 2014?

      • His argument is that the crash DID in fact occur in 2008, but that the US FED kept the global monetary system afloat by injecting trillions of fake dollars (quantitative easing) into the economy.

        Actually not that bad for a monkey-boy truth-dodge, as those sorts of things go.

        • Absolutely quantitative easing, aka cranking the printing presses up to max, glossed over the crash of 08′ but in 2014 Bix said the next one was just around the corner and almost 3 years later we’re still waiting for it.

          • Word?

            Then piss on you BIX!!! You said the world was going to end also with Clif High’s BS prediction about a global coastal event.

            You David Wilcok wannabe.

          • Bix always sounds like he’s ingested the contents of a helium balloon.

          • Oompa loompa doobidy doo…

          • “Bix always sounds like he’s ingested the contents of a helium balloon.”

            I had done sawn that comment from the Classic Homepage and said: I know exactly who wrote that.

            May haps I’ve been here too long.


            “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens”

          • I used to like chickens more before I had to clean up after em every other week or three.

            Smelly smelly smelly. And stupid. They will stand in a water bowl (or a puddle) and poop in it while they’re drinking out of it.

            And the only thing they won’t eat is olives and cow feed.

          • And what sort of demented fag has been down-voting us?

            Bix Weir has fans?


          • (I probably shouldn’t call demented people fags. A person can be bent without being bent. Right?)

          • “Bix Weir has fans?”

            It’s possible Cint… there is always a teenage lady with a shaggy mutt looking for the yellowbrook road to roota.

            Chicken belongs in 12 pieces in a bucket.

          • “Chicken belongs in 12 pieces in a bucket.”

            Couldn’t agree whichoo more.

            But somebody has to place the chicken in the bucket.

            (I create the bodies, Sol. I don’t ee-rayze the bodies.)

            Also, I like me fresh eggs.

            (You’re obviously the big dick. And there on either side of you are your eggs.)

            (Or something like that.)

            (And no, I have not been drinking tonight. I must have stepped in something.)

          • “will stand in a water bowl (or a puddle) and poop in it while they’re drinking out of it.”

            Supermarket chicken is supposedly laced with the poopy… and that poopy… pee and those eggs you like eating all come out of the same hole… as you know.

          • All the best tasting animals are pretty dumb. I think that’s how you can tell which ones are good for eating.

          • This just in, from the Gus Fung school of identifying tasty animals:

            Rule number 8: If you were born out of your mother’s ass, you’re probably a tasty animal. But all poop should be at least rinsed off before consumption. Deep frying is recommended, for taste and for purposes of foreign contaminant eradication. [Nobody ever got no E Coli eating freshly fried chicken from Popeye's!!!]

            I recall having a discussion with Pix once wherein she demanded that homosexuality was rife in the animal kingdom. I balked at this, and suggested that even if it were so, SODOMY most certainly was not a phenomenon found in nature — excepting in the world of mankind. Gus now reminds me my earlier stance may have been technically erroneous.

            If Pix was as smart as Gus, she could have won the argument and carried the day. I don’t remember Pix ever winning any arguments, though. And I rather wish we hadn’t won this one for her.

            This is one ‘rabbit hole’ we should have steered clear of.

            :eek: :eek: :eek:

            [On second thought -- it appears we've now established sodomy in the animal kingdom, but have we established homosexual sodomy in the animal kingdom? And it occurs to me that talking out of my own ass on the matter has gotten me nowhere, so I bid you all good evening.]

          • [And if this entire thread survives unscathed by the moderators' censorship for content, I will be well and truly amazed!]

  • Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. However, banks are working hard at a project that is very important to them: they call it financial inclusion, and it involves finding the right technology to give every global citizen a digital financial identity. I wonder if they would be willing to disrupt their planning with something as irritating as a collapse.

    Three entities are working feverishly towards this: governments. corporate businesses and yes, banks. Read here how they are doing it (each group has published their own documents to that purpose):

    In finance, an entry point is the price at which an investor buys an investment.

    In computer programming, an entry point is where control is transferred from the operating system to a computer programme, at which place the processor enters a programme or a code fragment and execution begins.

    • Global Citizen = homeless cosmopolitan = satanic NWO

  • The Cleanup of Earth and 20 thou. planets of evil and corrupt civilizations is imminent
    According to a notice from the Creators,
    The 3-D world is the evil world, and the 3-D Earth is a evil world too.
    Those were created by the evil conservative reactional Creator in the innumerable upper rank of Creators’ space blocks control world.
    Earth is a planet of exile in the Galaxy space since ancient times.
    Earth has been taken over by its invaders-rulers: reptilian humanoids of the Lizard and their bosses draconian lizards of the Draco (the official emblem of UK capital London). Thus, current ruling layers of all nations are shapeshifters of reptilian humanoids, beginning from presidents, premiers, leaders and cadres of polit. parties, mass media and social organizations, broad layers to the social ends of all nations, etc. so far as social activists.
    Thus, Earth is the living hell by the plutocratic slave domination directly by shapeshifters of reptilian humanids. The official emblem of UK capital London is showing their takeover of Earth.
    Meanwhile, having reached to our modern times, sanctions by the Creators are conducted.
    Thereby, Earth, its invaders-rulers: reptilian humanoids of the Lizard (4-D reptile type humanoids covered whole bodies with scales) and their bosses draconian lizards of the Draco (5-D flying lizards with 2 feet: the official emblem of UK capital London) are disappeared from our space together with about 20 thou. planets of evil and corrupt civilizations due to the cleanup of our space by the Creators for normalization of our space order.

    • Lord Megatron is dead dude. He died when the Galactic Light armada crashed into the backside of the moon. I guess it really wasn’t just a hologram. I got this message from Arch Priest Zinglebottom of the Zarconian order of reptilians.

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