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America Is Rejecting Hollywood’s Looney Left Agenda

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 17:12
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Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show


America has rejected the looney left’s radical agenda.  The Oscars were a complete disaster.  They spent so much time bashing Trump that they failed to award the Best Picture award without completely making fools of themselves 

I never thought I would see the Satanic liberals from Hollyweird be exposed in the way they are being. Here is the complete story.



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  • jdp..America should reject all Hollywood violence and porn type videos.

  • Boo

    There’s only two productions I paid at the box office to see this year. An avid movie goer from the time I could afford the ticket price, it’s one of those things I thought I’d always do up and to the point I’d have to do it doddering up the steps to find my seat with the audience around me placing bets on how many times I would stagger before I made it.

    Ahh but those days are gone and I don’t even have a gray hair on my head yet. I refuse to shell out good money to sit in a theater and be bored to sleep half way through the movie. Predictable story lines, with gays, abused women, and minorities or action sci fi’s with gays, abused women and minorities or action thrillers, with gays, abused women, and minorities. It’s like there is only one writer, and one director left in Hollywood and they are the only ones producing all the movies.

    But the books…well there have been some awesome authors publishing on Amazon that capture the imagination, stir the intellectual juices and have been filling my hours with entertainment to fill the gap in spectacular fashion.

    With the talent pool in Hollywood only capable of depicting Hollywood life and the people who live it. I think I can pretty much put a wrap on the idea that any new idea’s will be forth coming from that neck of the woods. Until new independent source’s fill the void, I think theaters will be looking more and more like the vacuum of space.

    • that is the wonder of books, and the failure of film

      a books’ language facilitates the reader painting their own unique picture via their imagination, according to how each reader interprets said language

      movies GIVE you the picture, so there’s nothing for you to do, no mental exersize, no use of imagination,,,,

  • They picked the perfect guy to host the Oscars. The stony-faced loser Johnny Carson wannabe. He is about exciting as watching paint dry.

    I’m surprised nobody fell asleep at the Oscars. But he had a trick up his sleeve to prevent that. Yep, PHONY announcement of the winner to BOOST the sagging ratings.

    Honestly, if that did not happen nobody would know the show was on. :lol:

    • what show? i thought it was a govt “re-education” infomercial

  • WHY does anyone even CARE about these over paid rich ass Leftist Loser “Mouthpieces” in Hollywierd ???!!!

  • Actors and actresses in Hollywood have developed the delusions that they are somehow the greatest thing in the world. In fact their job is nothing much different from that of the clowns. Make believers. The perfect pony stooges for the deep state. The society has become dominated by the fakers and make believers to fool people. It is a symptom of the society going down the hill.

    • in the old days, they had a most apt name for mere ‘entertainers’

      they were people who had no useful skills with which to earn a living, so they had to turn to ‘entertainment’ to scrape a meagre existence (think modern buskers)

      the very best of them were employed by the royal court & even then they were called “the court fool”

      back then most people didn’t have the time for such frivolity,,, now it’s all people seem to enjoy


  • It is nothing more than the swamp of society putting on fancy clothes and telling themselves they are great. Gone are the days of talent and entertainment. Justin Timberlake is no Donald O’Connor or Gene Kelley….no comparison. They would have to go back to the movies of the 40s-50s-60s to see the apex of great creative writers without all the phony special stinking effects. The days when male stars were macho and handsome and had an aire of romance and true humor. When the females wore beautiful clothes by designers, had stamina, and charisma. Their hair was combed and makeup perfect. The days when ACTORS HAD SELF IDENTITY and their individual self identity was projected on screen. Like Cary Grant, Jimmie Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Mitchum, John Wayne, Clark Gable….there were many great talents then. Now no identity, sex, they slop thru lines, sex, say lines without an impact, sex, cameramen with horrible angles, sex, terrible scripts, sex, lousy plots, did I say sex and drugs, lots and lots of drugs. What kind of crap is that. The Notebook is the last great movie I have seen….aaahhhh….of course, James Garner…..again talent.

    • In reality I think it’s the Emperor’s NEW Clothes that they are wearing when it comes to their Way Overblown Egos and and out of this world egotistical sense of misplaced self importance !!! Absolute FOOLS !!!

    • Their official spokesman should be Looney Tooney Georgie Clooney !!!

  • dear dave hodges:
    allow me to introduce myself. james amen; evangelist for THE LORD for 17 years.
    most anti-”left” people purport a belief in JESUS CHRIST and THE BIBLE. did you know that within that ‘belief’,
    THE LORD COMMANDS you to: ‘pray for your enemies’ and ‘to speak truth in~love’? you do none of these.
    have you ever read THE BIBLE? i have studied it thoroughly, and witnessed for THE LORD enough to know exactly
    what THE LORD directs me to do with circumstances, such as this. first, i’m going to pray for you; to change your heart
    second, i’m going to let you know that JESUS gives me the authority to correct you. I Corinthians 5:12; II Timothy 3:16;
    third, i’m going to let you know the penalty you face if you ignore my words…Matthew 10:14~15; Titus 3:9~11.
    what these verses tell you, is, that if you ignore this message, and do not change your bad attitude toward these fellow human beings, then JESUS says that it is !you! who is unsaved, and is DAMNED.
    do not consider yourself better than these people, because you are not: Matthew 7:1 and I Corinthians 6:11.
    ‘DO NOT judge unbelievers’; and, ‘you were evil yourself’, says THE LORD.
    prayers for you. ignore this, and you perish worse than whom you criticize. Luke 12:47

    • oh here we go, another infantile “i’m special” fairy tale believer, quoting his fav fairy-tale as if it’s real

      no wonder humanity is so fucked up, there are billions of you ignorant sheople

      • Ask him about exorcisms, snake handling, speaking in tongues, gargling poison, healing the sick or the trinity, Andy, and he’ll write you a book i’m sure.

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