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Marching for the EU: a delusional élite convinced that lying brings love

Saturday, March 25, 2017 23:33
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 Yesterday was a march for mendacity, organised to celebrate the 25th anniversary of federalism by stealth. As ever, it was based on half truths, and organised by people who look down on the electorate.

I wonder if anyone reading this thinks there are many European citizens (beyond the Brussels, Paris, Berlin and London Leftlib bubbles) who would be happy to say “I love the EU?” We’ll certainly never find this out from research commissioned by the EU itself, because it knows perfectly well what the answer would be: “Don’t be silly”.

I think you’d find a vast number prepared to say “I love Europe”, and those battalions would include me. The infinite variety of the continent’s thirty-odd nations remains a constant wonder to me. This and the fact that there are few extremes of weather, a long tradition of the Rule of Law – and very few predators with the means or motive to kill a person – make it a pretty damn nice place to live. The animals of Africa are majestic and the geography of Australia is mind-blowing; but equally, there is no sight quite like the Danube glistening in the sun, nowhere to match Dublin on a Saturday night, no coastline as special as the Mani, few cities as beautiful as Barcelona, no country as wonderfully communal on a late Summer’s evening as Portugal, and no sight more eye-popping than the Var’s sandstone coast at dusk. No grass smells quite like the English stuff; but every major city from Bilbao via Paris to Lyons has its own cultural uniqueness to savour, and nothing in the world gives out the warm glow of Christmas like a South German evening market.

However, in the years since 1957, another Europe has developed which has nothing at all to do with beauty, culture, human individualism and all things delightfully natural. While it was the EEC and then the EC, the European Union was that rare thing: a good idea that promoted free trade and acted as a counterweight to humanity’s Lebensraumkrieg wiring. But since around 1980, this functionary-stuffed Leviathan has been dominated by Imperialist federales.

Today, there is little or nothing about it to evoke even respect, let alone love.

You cannot look up to somebody who looks down on you. You cannot cleave to a partner who abuses your freedoms. And you cannot trust someone who lies, dissembles and misleads about money, strategies and goals.

This is why nobody in their right mind loves the European Union. And why those who say they do are likely to have suspect motives.

But on this, the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the EEC, we have Unite4Europe, and we have March4Europe. The timing (given Brexit) and the organisation of this in the UK are very clearly not derived from popular feeling: the purpose of this little bit of insanity  in the land of my birth is to suggest that Stalin is really Santa Claus.

From top to bottom, this “celebration” of a year long before most Europeans were born is suffused with fakery. Dig down just a few feet into this thinly disguised field of falsehood, and it is quickly apparent that nothing is as it seems.

Throughout, it is referred to as “the 60th anniversary of the EU”, or “a celebration of 60 years of European Unity”. That is counterfeit reality: this year marks the 25th anniversary of the  perversion of the EEC: the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in February 1992. Any other interpretation is a lie based on false claims….designed to hoodwink young people hazy about history.

The Unite4Europe’s site name is a lie: it’s about EU unity to save arses in Brussels, not a community of Europeans living in peace.

The content of the E4EU site reads like a guide for Groupthink dunderheads on an infant school outing:

“Let’s show our EU love!” Sick-making Big Brother drivel.

The E4EU site includes these falsehoods: “we are working for those who were not allowed to vote in the Brexit referendum….young people and EU Nationals working here”. I suggest that, as a Brit working in the eurozone, you’d have been daft to try and get a vote in the French referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. It was a vote for French nationals only….and they voted heavily against  it. (It didn’t do them any good)

The UK Brexit referendum was a vote for British citizens about a British exit.

The idea that ‘young people’ were denied the vote is an infamous untruth based on nothing whatsoever. This is the 47th anniversary of Britain lowering the voting age to 18. Young people denied themselves the right to vote, in that over a third of 18-24s didn’t turn up, they love the EU so much. If they had, Remain would have won.

Look on the U4EU site for who is behind it, but don’t hold your breath: this it it –

‘Unite for Europe is a national umbrella group of remain campaigners organising the National March to Parliament on 25 March 2017. The march was entirely funded thanks to the support of over 3000 people who donated a total of £76,571 in less than two months, to ensure the success of the march.’ 

Entirely funded by 3,000? Just 3,000 misguided éliterati out of 52 million, eh? Populist or what?

Well, let’s see who else is under the umbrella, sheltering in the shadows from a mass movement Leave-monsoon of ordinary people.

A key figure is one Peter French. He seems to think that Londoners are the only voters who matter in this debate: he told The Guardian (who else?) last month that “70% of voters in London voted against Brexit”. That isn’t muddle, it’s irrelevant propaganda: 72% of people  in Thurrock, 73% in Castle Point, & 71% in Great Yarmouth voted to leave. This was a BREXIT referendum, not a jolly for a bunch of Londoncentric victims. (The Guardian later condemned the result as defying the 75% in Lambeth and Haringey who voted Remain…those boroughs obviously being perfect pinpoint reflections of Britain’s demography….how dare you provincial proles defy and deny the will of we the Herrenvolk?)

What you won’t find (at least, not on Google) is any clue at all as to what Peter French did before becoming March4EU supremo. Try it every which way: it’s as though he landed from the 3rd moon of Neptune last November.

However, while united for the EU, the 48ers weren’t united about whatTF the point of all this bollocks was: as the London march’s slogan changed from “Stop Brexit” to “Make your voice heard,” French abruptly resigned. We wonder why, but maybe there’s a clue here: French and his co-organisers aimed for 50,000 marchers. In the event, a maximum of 16,000 were expected. So much for the event hailed by the mysterious resigner as “a march for everyone”.

French was outgunned by the people behind Richard French. But given we don’t even know whoTF he is, that could be a murky tunnel to explore. However, they clearly decided stopping Brexit wasn’t popular, and so the alibi was changed. The Independent then claimed the March had brought 100,000 to the Capital. The police said it was nowhere near that. The rest of the media cagily talked of “thousands”.

Apart from French, organisers include former model Caroline de Bendern, an aristocratic activist spirit in the 1968 Paris bid alongside Tariq Ali to overturn bourgeois democracy in France. She was “on the streets of London on Saturday to fight to keep Britain in the EU”. Also included in the pack are Roger Casale, a former Labour MP and now EU lobbyist who founded New Europeans in 2013. His company filed for bankruptcy in 2015. But we mustn’t forget hardLeft Labour’s Clive Lewis who vowed that “campaigning won’t stop, even if a deal is reached and Britain leaves the EU. My motto is never, never, ever, ever give up.”  Nothing like the spirit of acceptance to bring a country back together, eh?

And here too, such a typical cross section of the “march for everyone”.

Let’s get our feet back on Planet Earth and revert to being real, should we? 75,000 quid could not in a month of Sundays fund this perpetual 48% of bad losers and ageing fluffies allegedly “behind” the march yesterday.

Those with greater investigative resources (and more time) than me could, I am sure, establish the usual Blair to Soros suspects poking their sharp sticks into the backs of the willing braindead.

But of course, most of them choose not to. They would rather go along with things as they are….each day aping more and more those TV news scenes where distraught North Koreans weep copiously for the loss of their Great Leader hitherto considered immortal.

“We are crying”

“Why are you crying?”

“Because our immortal leader died”.

“So he wasn’t immortal after all then?”

“Yes he was. His immortality lives on in death”.

“So why are you crying”.

“Do not try your fascist lackey running-dog imperialist tricks on me, roundeyes bigot scum”.

“Thank you. I’ll bear that in mind”.

PS A note for the triumphalist Twatterati lapping up yesterday’s reduction of the UKIP seats from 1 to 0: UKIP won, and you lost. But your approval of FPTP dictatorship is noted.   JW

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