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As lies triumph in Syria, opposition dies in the West

Sunday, April 9, 2017 23:23
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(Before It's News)

 This is my granddaughter. She isn’t part of an exhibitionist Islamic desire to blame everyone else for killing babies – as the Virgin-seekers set about their near-daily task of ripping all ages limb from limb – because she’s still alive. She is a citizen of Planet Earth….and she does not deserve to die in a nuclear exchange brought about by quadrophonic lies. It’s hard to know how I could be more even-handed than that.

Yesterday afternoon, the BBC sank to a new low in the annals of so-called obective journalism. It contacted  Konstantin von Eggert on Skype, and gave this rabid Russian neocon 4 minutes and 20 seconds of uninterrupted access to the British airwaves. Introduced yet again as “an expert” on Russian foreign policy (so that should be more than enough for the British Left) von Eggert declared that Putin’s circle felt “let down” by Assad “for launching this attack” , and would now struggle “to completely reinvent its policy” in Syria.

Allow me to summarise: Konstantin von Eggert asks us to believe that Bashar Assad (facing an open-minded US President who thinks the State Department’s régime-change objective in Syria is misguided) did the very thing that would change that President’s mind…and didn’t tell his one steadfast ally he was going to do it.

Well of course he did: wouldn’t you?

This is the lowdown on Konstantin von Eggert.  In 2009–10, he worked as vice president for public affairs at ExxonMobil. In 2008, for services to the BBC, Queen Elizabeth II created him an Honorary Member of the Order of the British Empire.

He is a vitriolic opponent of Julian Assange. He criticises Westerners who are “marginal” – by which he means, don’t buy into the bilge put out by the New York Times and the Guardian, both of which he idolises.

He is regularly consulted by the once great and now appalling UK newspaper The Independent.

Konstantin von Eggert is reviled by the vast majority of Russian journalists, be they pro or anti-Putin. Thus, an anti-Putin hack writes that “he claims to be a stickler for fact-checking, but for himself works entirely on the basis of smear, rumour and gossip”. Whereas a pro-Putin RT editor dubs him ‘the man tolerated by the Kremlin as an example of media tolerance here”. Both of these men I call brave journalists. That’s the last thing you can say about von Eggert.

It will come as no surprise to readers here that Konstantine regards George Soros as (and I quote) “the victim of far-fetched conspiracy theories”. Soros’s full frontal attack on the Pound Sterling – the better to weaken it before the arrival of his beloved euro – is hardly what one could call either theory or far-fetched: it is an established investment fact.

But what both raised my hackles and genuinely disturbed me was the BBC anchor’s role as some kind of straight-man for von Eggert. A pro-Trump Republican comes over the wire or into the studio, and – regardless of the interviewer – every single hypothesis they offer or observation they make is questioned, every opinion they offer interrupted. The woman in this case just sat there listening to the Kon Man emitting slavish neocon-NATO drivel for over four minutes, not a single element of which was challenged at any point.

The truth is that von Eggert is left alone by Putin’s crew because the Russian leader refuses to act against a man he knows is so close to Western fake news spinners, EU sabre-rattlers, US business, and the BBC. Because Putin – for whom I hold no candle, but is at least more stable than the ghastly rabble of Russian energy Tsars created by early neocon enthusiasts like Konstantin von Eggert – does not want confrontation.

That is not an empty assertion. I posted at the weekend about dated Tomahawk technology; yesterday a genuine ballistics expert told me categorically that Putin could have shot every one of them down; but he at least had the sense not to do that.

Meanwhile, it’s becoming clear that large sectors of the CIA (both previous and existing) are NOT on board with the “Assad decided to commit suicide” narrative, and have been leaking details to back up their case. The leaks include

  • That both Al Qaeda and ISIS have stocks of chemical weapons
  • That the CIA trained the former, with the support of John McCain, during 2012
  • Further US and UK intelligence sources insist that the balance of evidence points to Al Qaeda-connected anti-Assad rebels having released a chemical agent during the attack
  • Visual evidence from the “news” cameras involved at the incident suggest that the resultant film we’ve seen is a movie, not a news report. One ‘distraught’ parent is later seen in the background smiling
  • The Daily Mail of all people reported on an exact scam replica of the attack having been considered by US and NATO intelligence last January
  • According to Dr. Abdel Hay Tennari, who treated 22 victims of the attack, the symptoms of victims are corresponding to symptoms of exposure to sarin. Patients who received pralidoxime, an antidote of sarin, reportedly stabilised their medical state in around an hour. US, Turkish and EU accounts, however, show “a death toll rising to at least 100 victims”.

(Hat tips are due to several Slog threaders in relation to the above anomalies).

What is tragically ironic about the BBC’s lamentable regurgitation of on-message bollocks news coverage in relation to the latest Syrian atrocity is that this is the wheel of fate come full circle. Before the second Iraq War, Blair and his cronies marginalised (and perhaps murdered) a senior civil servant whose assessment of WOMD – that it was nonsense – proved to be true. Only after Campbell and Mandelson bullied the BBC into submission did its then management retreat in disarray.

Today, things are different on three fronts – especially from the European perspective:

  1. The Tory Party has nobbled the Beeb with several general and journalistic appointments. (BBC doubts about Iraq played a key role in the wave of outrage that preceded Schlock & Whore)
  2. NATO has nobbled the EU, and so naturally the mad Italian harpie Federica Mogherini refuses to accept any other version of the Syrian incident beyond the illogical crap being put out there. (The EU stood apart from the Iraq War)
  3. The current UK government not only has lifetime neocon crook Boris Johnson at the Foreign Office, its domestic policies have left many anti-war groups tired, underfunded and unsupported – the last factor being directly related to the sort of pension, employment rights and welfare repression that result in distraction at best, and fear at worst.

The key short-term factor for me has to be a US President weakened by implacable domestic opposition to his presidency per se, and thus left with little alternative but to regain some ground by foreign policy action. Donald try to change system, nasty élite ensure Donald reviled; Donald bomb people, good boy Donald, now you’re cookin’ on gas.

But the ramifications of this in terms of freedoms in both the US, UK and the EU are very bad indeed. The neocon bubble-dwellers are in the ascendancy. As so often happens in history, this is the overture to their demise.  But such will not be achieved without violence, false Gods, and a different relationship between the community and the State…. with no guarantee at all that it will be any better than the one we have now.

The real heirs to Hitler and Stalin
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