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‘It Is Like a Nuclear Bomb Went Off in the Prepping Community’

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 21:22
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Is the prepper movement in the United States dying?  At one time it was estimated that there were 3 million preppers in the United States, but in late 2016 interest in prepping has hit a multi-year low.  The big reason for this, of course, is that the election of Donald Trump has fueled a tremendous wave of optimism among those that consider themselves to be conservatives, patriots and evangelical Christians.  Not since the election of Ronald Reagan has the mood on the right shifted in such a positive direction so suddenly.  But now that everyone is feeling so good about things, very few people still seem interested in prepping for hard times ahead.  In fact, it is like a nuclear bomb went off in the prepping community.

As the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog, I am in contact with a lot of people that serve the prepping community.  And I can tell you that sales of emergency food and supplies have been crashing since Donald Trump’s surprise election victory.  Firms that help people relocate outside of the United States have seen business really dry up, and I know of one high profile individual that has actually decided to move back to the country after Trump’s victory.  It is almost as if the apocalypse has been canceled and the future history of the U.S. has been rewritten with a much happier ending.

Personally, I am quite alarmed that so many people are suddenly letting their guard down, but it is difficult to convince people to be vigilant when things seem to be going so well.  Just consider some of the things that have been happening in recent weeks…

-Donald Trump was just named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

-The Dow just keeps setting brand new record high after brand new record high.  In fact, the Dow has now risen by more than 1,200 points since Donald Trump won the election.

-The Russell 2000 has shot up an astounding 13 percent just since Trump’s victory.

-Donald Trump has convinced heating, ventilation and air conditioning giant Carrier to keep about 1,000 jobs in the United States instead of shipping them to Mexico.

-Donald Trump has convinced SoftBank to invest 50 billion dollars and create 50,000 new jobs in the United States.

-The U.S. dollar index recently hit the highest level that we have witnessed since March 2003.

-We just learned that U.S. Steel wants to bring back somewhere around 10,000 jobs to communities that lost them.

At this point there is an overwhelming belief among those on the right that Donald Trump is going to be able to do what he has promised to do.

And the numbers back this up.  In a previous article, I discussed the fact that a recent Gallup survey discovered that the percentage of Republicans that believe that the U.S. economy is “getting better” increased from just 16 percent immediately prior to the election to 49 percent immediately after the election.

I don’t recall ever seeing such a shift in public sentiment in just a few days.  Tens of millions of Americans have put their faith in Donald Trump, and time will tell if he will be able to deliver.  As billionaire Mark Cuban recently pointed out, Donald Trump is like a number one draft pick that has not proven himself yet…

“I’ll analogize it to the NBA draft: He’s the No. 1 pick,” Cuban said. “He’s who we put our hopes and dreams with, and we’re going to believe in him. Right now it’s a little bit easier because we haven’t played a game yet.”

“There’s no reason to rush to judgment or come to any conclusions now,” he continued. “Let’s see what happens starting January 21 and go from there. I hope he’s a superstar, and I hope everything turns out the way we all hope it will. But until January 21, there’s no real point at going into detail.”

Let us hope that President Trump will be everything that people are hoping that he will be.

I would love it if 2017 is a year filled with peace and prosperity.  That way I could write less about our economic troubles and instead do more of the positive stories that I have been sharing lately.  And my wife and I could take some time off and just spend some time enjoying our quiet life up here in the mountains.

I don’t think that is the way it is going to go, but I do hope that the optimists are right.

At this point I could start listing out all of the reasons why our economy is doomed no matter who is president, but unless you are already convinced all of that reasoning would probably fall on deaf ears.

Tens of millions of Americans are completely convinced that we are heading into a new golden era for America just because Donald Trump won the election, and for the sake of the nation let us hope that they are correct.

But what if they are wrong?

What if the rioting, violence and civil unrest that the radical left is planning for the Inauguration on January 20th sparks a movement that plunges many of our major cities into chaos throughout Trump’s presidency?

What if all of the incredibly bad decisions that were made during the Obama years result in the biggest economic downturn we have ever seen early in the Trump years?

What if Trump’s inability to get along with China results in a major trade war between the two largest economies on the entire planet?

What if the growing financial instability in Europe results in a new global financial crisis that Trump will not be able to do anything to stop?

I could go on and on, but I think that you get the point.

All of the things that myself and other watchmen have been warning about all this time are coming.

My hope is that the optimists are right and that the horrible events that are coming will be put off for as long as possible.

But I wouldn’t count on it.

A day of reckoning for America is fast approaching, and those that are wise understand the signs of the times.

Michael Snyder is the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog, The American Dream Blog and The Truth. You can follow him on Twitter right here.


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  • The financial damage that has been done to this country (and globally) cannot be “fixed”. A reset is coming, and it’s going to be very very painful. The proof is there and easy to find. I suggest the research web pages at the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis. Especially note the graph of the adjusted monetary base. Now is most definitely NOT the time to let up on preparing for what is coming.

    • The entire planet would be fine if Amuslica never existed. All wars on this earth have been CREATED BY AMERICA OR ISRAEL.

      • DK

        Post 1945 only, it took a debt mountain and a promise to disband an empire encompassing 1/3rd of the globe to move the US out of pacifism so its corporations could expand into the previously protected British Empire constituent countries.

    • Exactly. Now is NOT the time to let up on preparing.

      Our economy is not supported by production or industry but only by money printed in the trillions and speculation. Its the fundamentals that count, not MSM propaganda and DOW records which are used as setups exactly like they were before the Great Depression of the last century.

      When the global banking cartel decide to crash our economy again, by raising interest rates to curtail the money supply, it will be followed by a complete meltdown. Since the global banks control the US money supply, they can bring chaos to the country at any time they wish, and there’s not a damned thing Donald Trump can do about it.

      As we can see by current events, one half of the country is being pitted against the other; the “left” pitted against the “right” with each side growing ever more militant. When it all crashes down, we’ll have civil war with the “Social Justice” and “BLM” types violently rioting in the streets to be sacrificed to the authoritarians who will be called upon to declare martial law. That’s where Trump comes in.

      So, in summary, the game being played by the globalists is to work behind the scenes to bring economic ruin to our country followed by chaos in the streets requiring the authoritarian fat cat Donald Trump to declare martial law and “suspend” the Constitution.

      Mr. Trump was allowed into the office not to serve as President but to serve the bankers as a scapegoat.

  • I don’t think Trump is the messiah, and if he manages to navigate the traps that the douchebags on the Left are throwing out in front of him and gets into office, his battles (and ours) have just begun. Trump’s election is just a momentary reprieve from the insanity of the statists. Just look at all of the hysterical propaganda over “fake news” and “Russian agents”. I think that we’re going to see all the prepping pick right back up once the euphoria has worn off.

    Me, personally, I’m going to be ramping UP my purchases now that prices have fallen and things like ammo are becoming much more available again. Every day that something shitty hasn’t been perpetrated on the people is another day to get ready for the inevitable day that the Leftists do something even more insane.

  • They won’t know what hit them. Trump has said a collapse is on its way but he says ” I prefer it happens before I take office”

    Nothing has changed you know that. I already live outside the U S and refuse to cross the border. You right trying to convince

    people a problem still exists is like whistling in the dark. It’s amazing how people can’t see the forest through the trees. This is no time to back off as its about to get very bad. And nobody is going to get a letter saying wake up. It’s amazing things have actually gotten worse and people think it’s gotten better?

  • This is no time to let up in our prepping. In fact, it’s likely a false calm before the real sh*t hits the fan.

  • I know that the bottom line in terms of ability to prepare is all based upon financing. And to do it right takes money that the average family in America finds kind of tight and hard to obtain. I myself have looked over the various things one would need to be fully prepared to endure the scenario of a civil war, it would amount to buying a new home to be honest. And so, the explains the facts as to why the numbers of preppers are declining. It money! ~

  • Or the preppers have filled up all their storage spaces?

  • I wouldn’t worry about China. We need to get out of there. They steal our technology to use against us. Kopykats flood Amazon with amazingly CHEAP CRAP that break on you in a few months to a few weeks.

    I can’t tell you how much CRAP I have bought from China. All of it just WASTED MONEY after awhile because I now realize they don’t last.

    Something I bought from China just broke today. Won’t work. I only had it a few weeks. Even stuff from Mexico, India and/or Taiwan make better stuff.

    The Chinese are a different breed of people. Really CHEAP people. They would even sell their mother’s blood if they could. :shock:

    Remember, when they say peace & safety……

    • American politicians sell your secrets to china. China had a fully working stealth bomber one month after you guys launched yours for the iraq war… Your washington needs to be broken down and rebuilt with PATRIOTS. The DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAVE COMPLETELY SOLD OUT YOUR COUNTRIES SECRETS… China need to stop building islands in a public ocean.

    • Is there any race or nationality that YOU DO NOT DESPISE??

  • China is not the problem, neither is Russia.

    The problem is Washington, and all the lowlife immoral criminal scum that has infected Washington.

    I have no idea how this is all going to turn out, or if The Donald can fix things. But I am certain he is going to give it one heck of a try.

  • Good little soldiers are always prepared.. Just do what the black community does. Ram raid a gun store. It isnt like the cops are gonna show up❗

  • Donald Trump is the new saviour of the world for many Americans. When will we ever learn?

  • Man

    the fearporn needs to be more real to make a profit out of prepping sales :D

  • The “prepper” movement dies because too many people got tired of eating reconstituted dog turds, and sipping stagnant pond water through their goofy silly straws. Besides, with all that stashed ammunition, you can’t eat brass, and beans 5X a week makes for some serious methane build-up in the ‘shelter’. Makes lighting the ‘smokeless rocket stove’ an iffy proposition.
    But hey, that’s just me. I got a red dot on my mailbox, but I painted it blue with a crayon, so I’m good [right?]. :mrgreen:

    • Where do you suggest that potable water comes from — within eyeshot of your own house.

      Can you warm yourself, conveniently, safely, and in a tidy way.

      Usually, not.

      At least, the prepper goof has his foil blanket and Swiss Army knife.

      Maybe, your useful cynicism will convince him to share with you.

      Maybe, your shaming can be leveraged. :mrgreen:

  • As I studied Romans, Medievalism, pioneering, primitive and high civilizations, from different continents, I realize this was culture and localism.

    I never met any socalled “prepper,” who could clothe, shelter himself, eat, and drink, away from the strip mall.

    You were mainly Boomer stereotypes, buying knickknacks and claiming emergency powers, while the toilets were still flushing.

  • It’s not only the economy.. We are moving into a mini ice age, possible martial law and the possibility of Planet X. Because of fractional reserve banking only 10% %of us will be able to get money? Yeah nothing to worry about.

  • The name Trump and is his miraculous rice to power is no accident, neither was Obama’s.

    Both will have served a biblical purpose in the end time events.

    Obama caused an awakening to begin in this land before the Trump (Trump is short for trumpet) sounds that will kick off a range of events found in Revelation.

  • Everyone has been contacted, on the subconscious level.
    Everyone knows they are leaving ‘Earth’.

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