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Jade Helm — This Could Get Me Killed! (Confessions of a Veteran)

Sunday, August 30, 2015 7:22
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(Before It's News)

There are some things you just don’t talk about… Then there are things that you are required to talk about because it is in the best interest of mankind. This story is one of those things… I’m still not sure which one it is.

While making these videos I was hit with the reality that this isn’t just another normal YouTube to enlighten and bring knowledge that will hopefully inspire change. No… This was something so much more. I immediately started to feel uneasy.

Everyone loves a little recognition. Usually people like recognition more when they are actually seeking it. Just ask a beautiful woman. lol. Coincidentally I am not a beautiful woman, nor am I attention-whoring for all the benefits that come with earth shattering information like this. So sorry trolls.. This article may not suit you well. It’s just a bunch of factual information that anyone with time and an AOL-speed connection can check. If you didn’t smile, laugh, or smirk at that last comment, leave now… You might be in over your head with this article. LOL. 

I have to lighten the mood because what you are about to learn about me and this world will forever change your views about what you think you know. Our allies are our enemies and our enemies are our enemies… This is a 2-hour long twisted tale that starts with me as a Specialist in the United States Army. Working as an Information Systems Analyst provided me with some exclusive access… I’ve never talked about what I learned because I never felt the need to…. Until now. 

Jade Helm has the internet going crazy. You still can’t go a day without another theory popping up about martial law and FEMA camps. While I understand the panic and concern, I urge everyone to do their research before they accept anything as fact. I also encourage you to do research on all of my sources for yourself. You will undoubtedly find a ton more than I will be able to cover in these two short videos. 

Remember… The purpose of these videos are just to deliver the truth. There is a TON more to this story. I am giving you a direction so you can start to effect change within your own life and prepare for what is to come in the future. Take your time watching this. All I ask is that I am properly credited for my work if anyone uses it. Feel free to post this wherever you’d like. Get the word out and let folks know that we’ve been DUPED! These videos will open your eyes to the scary truth that’s been staring us directly in the face all along. ~Sincere 

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PART I: JADE HELM: This Could Get Me Killed… 09/01/2015


PART II: JADE HELM: This Could Get Me Killed… 09/01/2015 





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  • Hey end of the world
    Armageddon-Run For Cover! Hurry! Abomination Of Desolation! The Moment Listed In The Bible! Go Save Yourself! (Video) /alternative/2015/08/armageddon-run-for-cover-hurry-or-hell-awaits-you-the-moment-listed-in-the-bible-hurry-save-yourself-video-3206736.html

  • Je’ws and chinese are re’pti’lians. The second are worker casta

    • What do you mean by Jews? Are you specifically pointing at Khazars and Sebbateans OR the original Semites (of which very, very few actually are)? Consider that we all need to be more careful when floating abstractions. Otherwise, the communications are typically lost.

      What is one who points at mostly Khazars and Sabbateans, but really means Original Semites? This would be like saying left, but meaning right. :???:


    • Awesome! Africa is the perfect example of what will be left! Good luck with that!

      • Jews are Jews. The whole Khazar, Ashkenazi crap is a farce to keep you in the good cop/bad cop mentality.

  • The Kingdom of God is now coming into the earth through the very extraordinary events of Revelation 12!

    • Cheney says Obama the Antichrist’s brought us Nuclear War.

      Nuclear War Coming, Says Ex-US Vice President (Video) Cheney: Obama Falsehoods On Iran Deal Brings Armageddon /opinion-conservative/2015/08/nuclear-war-coming-says-ex-us-vice-president-video-cheney-obama-falsehoods-on-iran-deal-bring-armageddon-3048822.html

      • Why do you spam us with your articles that you forbid others to post comments on? Thats kinda mean. You say its about personal information but are you just that paranoid? You could be Billy Willy Michael Jackson for all hell anyone cares. Only your own paranoi makes you doing horrid tactics like these to post your stories on others comment sections…… hey wanna salt lick?

        Eat More GMO :mad:

      • I personally believe that the Black Lives Matter group are the most racist modern group in todays age and they use MTV propaganda to say its ok to be racist against everybody else who is not black. Kinda dangerous and inner urban kids eat that stuff up like candy. Makes use and understanding of the benefits of those FEMA Camps then it seems.

        Eat More GMO :mad:

        • #BlackLivesMatter is the continuance of a dream never realized. The US government was found guilty for killing Martin Luther and I’m sure they had some involvement with Malcolm’s death too… So when you talk about something include all the facts. After our leaders where murdered, race relations in this country went cold… Martin’s dream is still not being realized because certain people can’t get past their blinding and crippling ignorance… Humanity is a word people forgot to use. BLAME is based on a people that have been systematically destroyed for centuries… #BLM is nothing new… Just something new in YOUR lifetime… To us that know, it is the continuation of Malcolm and Martin! Unless you can point on when racism ended from white American towards Black America then your argument about #BlackLivesMatter is irrelevant… I’ll wait for you to point that date out………..

          Eat More GMO :mad: :idea:

          • Get to Washington! Fast. Last chance to go NOW!

            Organize! Be In Washington Sept 9. Tea Party Mass Trump-Rally Slating For Tens Of Thousand People (Video) Blast Obama /alternative/2015/08/organize-be-in-washington-sept-9-tea-party-mass-trump-rally-slating-for-tens-of-thousand-people-video-blast-obama-3206908.html

          • Ah! But ive been around a very long time! You be surprise how the past really was. :lol:

          • Eat More GMO :mad:

          •…Many things you said are true but you have to realize the games within the games and all…For instance MLK, Rosa Parks and many others were working for the Government. They always find a way to control all sides it seems.

          • @Shaun I don’t care who worked for who… Does that invalidate the concerns of the people… How about H-E double hockey sticks NO! Every organization and movement has infiltration… Why do you think the term “Trojan Horse” was popularized? As far MLK working DIRECTLY with the government to “trick” his people… That’s a lie. Or else he wouldn’t be dead… Now if he decided to NOT go with what the government wanted that would be a reason to kill him wouldn’t it? Did you know that the United States government was found GUILTY for conspiring and killing Dr. King? Check out Lee Camp’s youtube to get the documents and information… So before we go passing off information like you stated, I think it’s important to know all the facts… ALSO… Let’s not forget the MESSAGE. That is what’s important… I wish people would stop trying to avoid it. It starting to make people stand out and look stupid… The same people screaming about humanity don’t give a flying f-bomb about get justice and equality for their fellow man. This country is filled with brain-dead self righteous zombies who eat GMO and watch FOX… Please don’t fall into that category. That’s the worst American you could be… #Corrosive Equality is the name of the game… It has been for 50+ years. People just forgot that we never got our justice or equality… And the effects of the last 50 years can be seen across the whole United States… Poverty is rampant, education is low, and all the side-effects of a corrosive system like that are coming to pass… Let’s focus on the needs of people instead of who is working for who… That’s called thinking…That’s called breaking free of the power structure that promotes greed and division. The day that you can figure that out, is the day that humanity will be one notch better. Have a nice day.

          •…You have not one single clue who I am and what all I have done. I have been wide-awake trying to get people to wake up for decades now. If you spoke with me for 5 minutes it would blow your mind at the things I have done and who I am. So don’t give me all that B.S. over a simple comment where you can’t comprehend what I am even saying. I know, you’ll say you don’t care! WTF ever…Wasting my damn time here!

          • @Shaun… Same here. Don’t let this short 2 hour video fool you. And you are wasting your time here because you are wasting my time. Talk about something with substance if you’re going to speak. Talk about what the article is about. Is that too hard to ask from you commenters? Jesus! Everything about everything else in the world besides Israel, China, Russia, AAN, or Taiwan… You’re right. I don’t care… I care about what I mainly wrote this article for. FOCUS Mr. I’ve Done Alot I’m Special… FOCUS… :idea:

  • STFU!


    alleged war criminal pope Bergoglio speaks Philadelphia outdoor Mass September 27

    Likely US military proxy ISIS assassinates pope Sept 26 or 27th, Vatican would declare Heaven mourning pope’s shed blood with a blood moon

    Then nationwide martial law ahead of coming global economic collapse

    Mainstream financial prevailing through is China shall keep globall economy intact soon to be shattered by realization China is on the skids.

    Possible China deliberatedly engineered a perceived justification for dumping 100′s of billions of UST’s recently, Vatican’s Switzerland and another nation sopping it up. Chinese miilitary officials threatened in years past to dump USTs on market. China not wanting to show its’ real intention, but we see it in the South China sea toward USA ‘get lost USA’ stay out of China’s business is China’s view toward USA, so China devalues its Yuan, subsequent fallout requiring liquidity, need to sell 100′s of billions of UST to shore up Yuan, but actually a covert attack on US financial system by China done in a way that not riles the markets as much as if China was doing it from the standpoint of a Chinese militayr offical saying, we’re dumping these USTs to attack you USA.

    JONATHAN CAHN the shemitah bullsh* what a jackas* NOT EVEN ISRAEL observes 7th year land Sabbath, where very 6 years 3 years worth of agricultural production God says he will provide to make the 7th year land Sabbath work. Israel 1948 and NO DEBT JUBILEE in Israel in 1998, or whatever starting point the Jews would use, a continuation of the bi-century jubilee as those dates fall as if Israel never ceased to exist, or starting 50 years from founding again in 1948.

    Jonathan Cahn’s God’s wrath on USA message is one the powers that be want to be heard. His book Harbinger over 2 years on the NY times best seller list. 2013 speaker at White House prayer breakfast. He get coverage on Fox News. Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, CBN.

    2016 IS THE YEAR OF JUBILEE SAYS CAHN. Then in 1966 Israel should have had a debt Jubilee and it did not, and God did not punish Israel for it. But then the Son of God says it is no more ‘repent or wrath’ so there Cahn and Christendom LIE,


    I’m going to live my life as a friend to the Son of God and if people don’t want to do likewise, they are free to do not likewise. If they want to be filthy, they can be filthy.

    THAT IS TRUTH, but Christendom is of Satan and they can’t have that:

    Revelation 22:11 Let him that is filthy be filthy still and let him that is unjust be unjust stlll. And let him that is righteous be righteous still and let him that is holy be holy still

    Cahn’s 2016 Debt Jubilee – and in the New World Order’s Operation Blackjack is A DEBT JUBILEE. for more info, view my most recent article.


  • Like I’m going to do this for 2 hours!

    • Precisely the type of people the government loves!! Actually there’s a troll on here that should respond to you… He always says… Eat More GMO :mad: LOL… Enjoy your life of bliss “dabu”. Everything is fine and wonderful. Don’t worry about a thing. Jut get back to spending your “valuable” ink printed on paper and let the big dogs make the decisions for you and your family futures… :lol:

      • “Precisely the type of people the government loves”

        What, the gooberment doesn’t love “truthers” desperately looking for followers on Twitter?

        • Including a link to follow me is “desperation”? LMAO…. Funniest irrelevant comment on here and even more reason for folks to know that the information is legit. Stop trolling and get to the real issues. In this article, there are more than enough things to talk about BESIDES me… I am irrelevant to the bigger picture… Just like you. LOL. Stop attacking, start learning, and go have a seat… Oh and in the words of that guy above us a couple post… Eat More GMO :mad: LMAO

          • Start learning?

            Are you pretending to know something about me? Stop assuming I haven’t already done so and you might be able to hang on to some credibility here. Or is this how you research, by jumping to conclusions without taking a few minutes to verify my understanding? You do know that this website provides a search bar, right?

            “more reason for folks to know that the information is legit.”

            That’s one of the more common cop-outs you will see coming from the conspiracy-minded goobers of the world – “they mock me so I must be on to something!”

            Tell me, Mr. teacher, what new information do you have for us? Everyday, there’s dozens of new articles about Jade Helm, on this site alone, so what could you possibly have to offer?

            You have 15 days of Jade Helm left and as soon as that is over you will be looking for a new way to attract Twitter followers :cool:

            ….Eat More GMO :mad: ©

          • @Scanner Darko Your understanding? This is YOUR understanding…

            “What, the gooberment doesn’t love “truthers” desperately looking for followers on Twitter?”

            Please stop embarrassing yourself. Why are you even talking to me if you don’t like the information… MOVE ON :arrow: :arrow:

            What NEW Information? LMAO.. Boy your lost… How about this?
            1. AAN document from 1996 clearly stating 2016 is the year we’d face China’s military.
            2. Uncovering the FACT that our government nor media talk about the ISRAEL/China/Russia connection.
            3. Our ongoing relations with the Taiwanese government in reference to the Taiwan Strait and China.
            4. The fact that WORLDWIDE exercises like Jade Helm are happening in preparation for war with China…

            NOW… You tell me one Jade Helm story giving you all of that… ALLLL of that… And then find me a person like myself that has worked at a high level of government that is willing to tell you were the truth is really at. See you hve me confused… I am not a regular civilian.. I have worked in VERY powerful places with a ton of information that IS NOT talked about in the media or even on these websites… If you can’t appreciate and respect the fact that I’m making a contribution towards the truth, you are free to get to to steppin asap… I don’t really care about your opinion when I’m talking about facts… This is about trying to win a battle of words with you… Like I said, I sincerely do not give a flying fish. LOL. Unless you discredit the FACTS that I’ve placed in this video ANYTHING you say is irrelevant at this point… You came at me rude so don’t expect to be talked to like a decent person. Treat me like I’m dumd and less than you and you will be treated the same way… Respect gets respect and disrespect gets the same… Have a nice day!

            © Eat More GMO :mad: © :lol: :lol: :lol:

          • “If you can’t appreciate and respect the fact that I’m making a contribution towards the truth’

            You’re right… I can’t… there’s just something about you…

            (It’s starting to smell like Glenn Canady and Pete Sanshilly in here.)

            “AAN document from 1996 clearly stating 2016 is the year we’d face China’s military.”

            Okay, I’ll give you this one. I have not seen nor heard of said document. Nor do I really care because people have been quacking about the Chinese military far longer than you. How’d you come across this document? Did it just fall in your lap like the Majestic 12 document?

            “Uncovering the FACT that our government nor media talk about the ISRAEL/China/Russia connection.”

            Are you new to the conspiracy world? These connections have been made a long time ago. Nice try, braggart, but these “connections” are far more ‘global’ than you seem to indicate. Classic disinformation tactics. Regardless, there’s nothing special about this “uncovering”, if it can even be called that. Where do you think you are, a CNN forum?

            “Our ongoing relations with the Taiwanese government in reference to the Taiwan Strait and China.”

            Again, nothing new. (I’m finding it harder and harder to believe that the government was willing to give you a secret clearance, unless you are doing EXACTLY what you’ve been told to do).

            “The fact that WORLDWIDE exercises like Jade Helm are happening in preparation for war with China…”

            And again, nothing new. People have been warning about an attack by China for decades. I find your obsession with China to be a bit odd given that you acknowledge a connection between the government powers listed above. Are you claiming that China is some kind of rogue nation, acting as if uncontrolled by the rest?

          • @Scanner Darko… You are literally asking me questions that are covered in the video. If you weren’t blessed with enough tolerance or patience to pay attention that is not on me… LIKE I SAID… I’m making a contribution towards truth. You not liking me has no relevance to whether I’ll wake up tomorrow or not. I could care less… As far as the document is concerned, it PROVES the speculation that people have had about China and Russia… Adding Israel to the mix… It is ACTUAL PROOF… Read it and look at it. Stopping asking me senseless questions that you could have already answered yourself… Anyone that’s watched the film wouldn’t be asking these basic ass questions… Grow up man. I still don’t even know why you’re talking to me trying to paint me as something I’m not… You’re highly disrespectful and I probably wasted my time defending people like you… Someone like me can open up and try my hardest to give my best and someone like you comes along and tries to sh*t on that effort. Way to go buddy. Pat yourself on the back… Like I said… Look me up and study me if you’re that concerned about me instead of my INFORMATION…. Other than that can you please leave me the f*ck alone. Seriously… There is NO POINT to this conversation. Especially with someone that thinks I shouldn’t be sharing information with others… Why would you feel that way? Why do you have a problem with me giving a piece of myself? smdh… Learn how to talk to people and you will get a different reaction… Don’t learn and you’ll get treated like this. I bite my tongue for no one… If you have that much of a hard on for me, research me… Other than that f*ck off already with your harassment and irrelevance. Thank you. Have a great rest of the day.

          • You’ve got some nerve coming in here to flog your money making video and calling anyone who disagrees with you a troll and telling them to f*** off. Your video isn’t even informative and your title is pure lies. Nothing to be killed about and no relation to Jade Helm.
            You’re too dumb and stubborn to learn from those who know a thousand times more than you. You think of yourself as being an info hero, but you get all excited and impressed about casual info and some of isn’t even correct. I can’t imagine what you’d do, if you knew some of the real stunning covert info in this world. You’d probably pass out. It’s time you start listening and learning to others here, instead of repeating over and over how great you are. Let’s be clear. You are not great. Your info is not great. The only great thing was the title and that turned out to be a lie.

        • ” there’s just something about you…”. You got that right. He uses “Sincere” as his middle name, for his website and spends 15 minutes of his video telling us how sincere he is. That alone has red flags all over it. It’s just like when some says to me, “trust me”, then I know to not trust him.
          Beyond that, the info is only semi correct because a lot of it was analytics as far back as 20 years and some of those particular items didn’t work out exactly as anticipated, and those that did, we’ve been long aware of. He thinks he has discovered gold, but it’s just old tin. He doesn’t get it that we know all this stuff already and most of it is fluff. On top of that, he has an attitude in his responses, acting like he knows more than any of us, when in fact, he proves how uninformed he is, just by the way he gets all excited in his video about benign details.
          If 20 year analytics impresses him, wait till we tell him about the Northwoods Document.

          • Well said, Maverick – couldn’t have said it any better myself.

            “Beyond that, the info is only semi correct because a lot of it was analytics as far back as 20 years and some of those particular items didn’t work out exactly as anticipated, and those that did, we’ve been long aware of. He thinks he has discovered gold, but it’s just old tin. He doesn’t get it that we know all this stuff already and most of it is fluff. On top of that, he has an attitude in his responses, acting like he knows more than any of us, when in fact, he proves how uninformed he is, just by the way he gets all excited in his video about benign details.”

            Damn straight!

          • Qualities of trolls:
            - No verifiable pics
            - Never talk about the issues just the person
            -Can’t understand why someone would share knowledge with the masses that don’t have the information
            - Easily upset
            - Bans with other trolls
            - Thinks it’s “cool” to be hidden. Something no real man that stands on his truth does. NO real man in history has hidden behind an avatar.
            - Goes on and on and on about nothing.
            - Offers no REAL information to support or deny what’s been presented.
            - A huge waste of time and space…
            - Usually doesn’t like women, black people, or themselves.

            Did I leave anything out?

            OH WAIT!!! Here’s some resources for you…. Enjoy.



  • What’s wrong with the government wanting to be prepared for a natural or man-made disaster? Why is it always a conspiracy if our military needs mass scale training on domestic territory to prepare for a homeland invasion?

    I’d like to think they are preparing so we are protected IF an event were to occur.

    The negative speculation only instills fear in society, and the only thing to fear is fear itself.

    End speculation.

    • Comments of someone who didn’t have 2 hours of life to spare… You probably should have saved your 15 seconds of typing… I clearly answer these questions in the video. When and if you get some time, hopefully you’ll watch it before making any more uneducated comments that sound like pro-government propaganda for “Nothing here to see.. Look the other way.”

      • Meh, you’re just looking for some attention.

        If you actually had something to important to say – if this truly was a matter of urgency – you could spare us the two hours by summing up your material in a couple paragraphs to compliment the video.

        When you posted this, did you imagine to find yourself in a room full of people who haven’t been familiarized with the workings of Jade Helm?

        • You’re RIGHT!! I’m just looking for attention and talking for two hours about the media NOT talking about the Israel, China, Russia connection. I was also looking for attention by introducing a 1996 document CLEARLY stating the plans for 2016 that NO ONE has covered… All just looking for attention and trying to be someone I’m not. LMAO… Oh wait! I was in the Military with a SECRET Clearance and EVERY document I showed you is REAL… But like you said… It’s probably just for attention. LMAO… Apologies you haven’t been blessed with patience or understanding. If you were born with a short attention span, don’t blame me… It’s not like it’s a surprise that it’s 2 hours… I start off telling you that in the beginning! Got anything actually interesting to add about Israel, China, and Russia that we don’t already know? If not you can feel free to exit that way… :arrow: … Don’t forget to Eat More GMO :mad: (God I love that comment for folks like you)

          • “It’s probably just for attention.”

            Stop asking for people to follow you on Twitter and stop demanding that people watch your video. I’m sure that everything you have to offer can be summed up in a few short paragraphs. This isn’t about having a short attention span. There are 467,000 vidoes on Youtube about Jade Helm. Should I watch them all, or is yours the only one that has all the answers?

            “I was in the Military with a SECRET Clearance”

            That statement makes you look less credible, coming straight from the disinformation factory.

            Keep up with the LMAO’ing.. I’ll disregard all that as an insecurity.

          • @Scanner Darko Research my name and then you tell me about me… Sharaud Norman. LOL… I have no reason to hide who I am… Who are you tho? I have videos on YouTube verifying who I am and I’ve been talking about my military service for a long time… As a 74B it is a REQUIREMENT to obtain a SECRET Clearance for your job… If you were intelligent you’d do research and understand that… I don’t have to worry about credibility when I am an open book.

            As far as whether you should watch all the YouTubes is IRRELEVANT to me… I could care less. I’m not your Daddy so don’t ask me. I am contributing what I have from what I’ve lived… If you can’t appreciate that feel free to exit that way… :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:

            Insert Insecure LMAO!! … LMAO!!!

          • Is acting like a braggart supposed to impress me?

            (Did you not catch what I wrote about “coming straight from the disinformation factory?)

            You claim top secret clearances and yet you have no problem spouting off about government corruption… hmmmm… it’s getting a little shilly in here…

            I’ve seen this act before, too many times to count. Stand in line Sharaud, there are many more like you :wink:

          • @Skank Darkness Dude I’ve seen worse trolls than you… You are boring me at this point with your accusations and inability to comprehend that this article is for good… If you can point out ONE THING that I said wrong purposefully in this video then we can talk… Until then, what are you talking about? What are you basing your analysis on? You sure didn’t watch the video… You didn’t even know about the document… smh. Have several seats… If you have any further questions about me feel free to check my website and run through my bio. Then go to Lexxus Nexus and run a report on me. Other than that I have nothing to offer you that would satisfy your already made up mind… I’ve already proved my point to you and now everything you say is just wasting more time focusing and obsessing on me instead of the information at hand… Sounds like some troll sh*t to me…. You can find me. Who are you? LOL. Until we know that your words mean zilch, nada, nothing, zero, 10-10… Get it? lol…

          • Yeah, i’m a troll. i troll this place in my free time, for fun mostly, but i do engage myself in serious discussion quite often.

            “What are you basing your analysis on?’


            i’m a certified Jesus freak, Sharaud, and i rarely waste my time arguing over the particulars of world events unless there is some specific Scriptural relevance.

            That being said, my rude-ness is an act. i do it on purpose – to test the spirit. i find that pushing buttons is the best way to bring out someone’s true colors – because this IS a disinformation site and sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire.

            “Who are you? LOL. Until we know that your words mean zilch, nada, nothing”

            Ahhhhh-ha, and therein lies the major difference between you and i. i don’t seek recognition, at all, though my contributions here are plentiful. Most people who frequent this site are very familiar with what i stand for. And know that many others will be watching over this exchange and i imagine they haven’t stepped in because they know i have things under control.

            And you use the universal “we” to make a point here, which i don’t quite understand why… you’re the only one who is asking… the rest don’t need to because they know i’m much more of an open book than you’ve just tried to suggest.

            All that being said, it’s not a matter of being lost, or not having the “attention span”. This can all be vouched for.

            I believe that getting caught up on the particulars of a subject like this only serves to distract from the more pressing issues – “beating a dead horse” is the idiom i’m looking for. Because those, like me, who’ve been at this site for years, should have already developed a solid understanding of everything you presented. Worrying over who will attack and when does nothing to elevate the morale around here. It’s a mindless obsession that actually works against the greater good of understanding.

            “Let me warn you. I want you to follow. Because no matter what you think you might know, we will always be 1 step, 3 steps, 7 steps ahead of you. And just when you think you’re catching up, that’s when we’ll be right behind you. And at no time will you be anywhere other than exactly where I want you to be. So come close, get all over me; because the closer you think you are, the less you’ll actually see.”

        • Awesome! Here’s the document that people are talking about now… You should probably see some Youtubes popping up about it soon. :) They will probably be shorter than my videos, THANK GOD (lol), but nonetheless you know were to find the time stamp on who released it first gentlemen…

          Army After Next Document


          • You’ve posted this 5 times in one hour in what appears to be a hollow victory dance. What gives?

            Anyway the information your link reveals has been addressed further down this thread.

            You wanted folk to speak on the subject and i have. Now lets see what you might have by way of rebuttal.

          • Stop spamming us SHILL.

    • Kind of like commenting in The Bin whereby we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t, IronicMetaphors, and given the post Katrina debacle, and subsequent global embarrassment, is it any wonder that the relevant Federal Agency is working on an Emergency Management plan? That’s FEMA for those unused to my cryptic stylz.

  • But is the exercise not illegal and why was it necessary to make it a law and why can government breaks laws yet citizens breaking laws can get hundreds of years clink time. wake up the games rigged and your victims.

  • I hope there wasn’t anything important to pass on because I can’t take it any longer. This guy is way to
    long winded! I’ll probably listen for an hr just to hear something we all already know.

    • This article IS NOT for people with short attention spans for truth and knowledge… I clearly said it in the video and stated it in the article. If you don’t have the capacity to listen and read, you don’t have the capacity to learn. I can’t help you on that… I can only do my best. Apologies if it’s not up to your standard. Thank God 30,000 other people enjoyed the article… Have a great day. Hopefully the next time you won’t waste your energy typing irrelevant things on someones article due to your inabilities. :lol:

    • He makes a boring uninteresting video, then tells you that you have a short attention span for truth and knowledge. Could he possibly be more full of himself? Could he possibly be more wrong about the content of his video being new, exciting and interesting, much less something to be killed for.

      • *YAWN* Anyway…..
        Here’s the document that people are talking about now… You should probably see some Youtubes popping up about it soon. :) They will probably be shorter than my videos, THANK GOD (lol), but nonetheless you know were to find the time stamp on who released it first gentlemen…

        Army After Next Document


  • You can buy a copy of Army After Next document on Amazon.

    • You sure can! I left the link in the description box of YouTube… You CAN NOT however, buy the AAN document from 1996…. But you can download it for FREE! :)

  • Are we still on this crap? Oh right, I forgot, it’s making you money. :evil:

    • Welcome to 2015… Where people get paid for thoughts! LOL… Sorry if you are a product of the industrial revolution… Your time is up now. lol… In 2015 people make advertising money when they share things. Kinda cool isn’t it? :lol: Kinda like this site you’re on right now… Making tons of advertising money. Why don’t you hit the “Contact” button at the bottom of this page and talk to them about it… I’m sure they’d LOVE to hear from you. I’m sure it would get top priority… :lol: Maybe you should just eat more GMO to help you understand the times we’re in a little better… :mad: :twisted: :lol: LMAO. Let me leave you alone… I know you’re just trying to peacefully troll and I’m messing it all up. :lol:

    • There he goes again, calling people trolls. Hey, flogging his money making video here, makes him a shill, doesn’t it?

      • Here’s the document that people are talking about now… You should probably see some Youtubes popping up about it soon. :) They will probably be shorter than my videos, THANK GOD (lol), but nonetheless you know were to find the time stamp on who released it first gentlemen…

        Army After Next Document


  • An Observer

    “Jade Helm: This Could Get Me Killed! … ”

    No it can’t.

    That is all.

    • Thanx! I feel so much better! :cool: :lol: :grin:

      • So have you been killed yet?

        • Yes! But I’ll live! LMAO… You wonderful super-intelligent BIN reader you. What a great question! I wonder if anyone else was as intelligent to think of such an articulate question instead of anything about the 1996 document for AAN predicting 2016 is the year of war with China or the Israel/China connection and their plans… :idea: :lol: :lol: :lol:

          • You’re clearly the only intelligent person here.

          • Well, I’m intelligent enough to have read your “back and forth” up in the above comments with The Scanner and know you just got your arse handed to you like no other.

            I can tell you are full of crap. These top secret clearances you claim to have don’t seem legit at all. Claiming to have those kind of clearances only serves to make you look like a shill on a disinformation site like this.

            BTW, it’s been a day since I last asked you…

            Has this story gotten you killed yet? I’ve seen Canady and others post the same crap headline and they are all still around here posting stories. Lisa Haven likes to add some tripe like “Read this soon before it’s taken down!” Guess what…

            It never gets taken down.

            Do yourself a favor if you’re going to post things around here. If it’s BS and you get called out you should wise up and not engage the commenters because it will only end in you looking stupid. I would help you look like a maroon if you’d like but it seems you’ve got that covered all on your own. There are too many intelligent folks like The Scanner around here that would be more than happy to put you in your place. Like he said we’ve seen ‘em come and go.

            “I stood by watching
            And I seen ‘em come and go.
            I seen ‘em make that million
            Then vanish in the snow.

            They come upon you
            Like a pack of rabid hounds
            As they slobber in your ears
            And purge you with their sounds.

            Pushing misinformation through the holes in my skull
            My belly gurgles nauseous and still my mouth is full.”


          • It’s just as Scanner Darko pointed out. Many will be reading this, without commenting, and a fair portion will be wondering why you’re still alive. And yes we do leave the brethren to it when they’re handling the business otherwise we get accused of having a gang mentality. We lose if we comment and lose if we don’t, newbie, but never mind you’ll get the hang of it.

          • Here’s the document that people are talking about now… You should probably see some Youtubes popping up about it soon. :) They will probably be shorter than my videos, THANK GOD (lol), but nonetheless you know were to find the time stamp on who released it first gentlemen… Have an excellent law abiding day. :grin:

            Army After Next Document


      • Meh… I doubt it. Just a whole bunch of people focusing on me instead of what’s important. Makes you think… No need to wonder why people are so lost. They can’t focus and concentrate for 2 hours… And then articulately talk about the information… That’s why the government is whipping our asses. Hopefully you’ll be able to upgrade your level of involvement out of actually coming back here to just make baseless comments into something that is beneficial and substantial for the community of people around you. That’s what I’m doing… All I want to do is help people. That’s why I did this video. So tired of seeing all the misinformation out here… So I put together a bulletproof video that CAN NOT be debunked… Is that appreciated? NOPE… Instead I am everything but a help to everyone that that doesn’t like me for whatever reason… And that’s why the people of the US are in trouble.. That inability ro focus and tackle problem collectively will be her demise… You my friend have added nothing to this conversation to build with me or anyone else. And you my friend are a part of the problem that we face as a country… Get off your high horse and join the valid conversation that’s starting to happen from this article…. Don’t be scared. lol… The truth is what the truth is… Don’t get mad at me for it… Have a pleasant rest of the day. :lol: :cool: :grin:

        • We’re not focusing on you. Your poor excuse of a video is what we are focused on and you happen to be standing between it and us, defending it like it was God’s truth, but it’s only piddly little details that everyone knows about. You’re not in an auditorium with school kids who know nothing and are willing to listen to you, maybe even believe you, maybe even adore you. You’re in the real world here, so get used to it. If you can’t take the heat, get the heck out of the kitchen.

          • What really cracked me up was his post on Facebook…

            “I had to defend myself for the last 48 hours from online misinformation agents”


          • @ Scanner Darko “I had to defend myself for the last 48 hours from online misinformation agents”

            He likes those one liners, like “I could be killed”.
            So who would be out to kill him? The Army of course, as he claims that’s an Army document, and he betrayed them??? By claiming he could be killed, he’s actually claiming to be a traitor to the Army.
            He didn’t think this out very well, did he….

          • LOL… You dudes are funny as hell! This article did exactly what I wanted it to… Too late! Your disinformation tactics aren’t working… :lol: As a matter of fact I got contacted by about roughly 200 people since this article came out… I will be doing a screenshot video of the love and posting it on here… You guys will love that! I’ll also be doing an update on this story. Stay Tuned!! The 40k total views this video netted is pretty awesome… Especially since my whole goal was to bust the establishment’s ass with one document… And trust me it worked!! lmao… AAN is spread wide and far now… It will change the way the conspiracy theorist think… I took a lot of time to learn marketing. I’m pretty proud of this accomplishment! Say whatever you want.. This article was WELL WORTH the hell I went through with you guys! And I’d do it all over again to help my fellow brothers out… Calling out Israel is not misinformation at all… Especially when our media doesn’t talk about the weapons connection they have with China… We talk about ISIS and TRUMP all day… No Israel/China connection… Doesn’t that boil your blood?! I know it boils mine! How are we trying to be nice to them and they pretty much openly want us to die? I’m so happy with the positive comments that I got today… The people that got their hands on that document were shocked at that a document from 1996 clearly states what we’ll be doing in 2016. No one… NOT ONE PERSON… HAS EVER EVER EVER DONE A BREAKDOWN OF THIS DOCUMENT…. EVER. But I did it for you guys… I think it’s funny that all of you say I’m not a veteran… I clearly have my military pictures on my Facebook for anyone to see… I even have a video online at the Chattanooga Memorial for the soldiers that were just shot… I took my coin that I got from Gen Abrams for them. Feel free to check it out… Very emotional! Want to know something funny? I think it’s okay when you guys make fun of me and disrespect me for no reason… Why you ask? Because I know who I am and thousands of other people do too… LOL. Anyone that come to my page is more than welcome to view who I am… Try to tear my life apart and you’ll find that I am just like everyone else. A normal citizen trying to do good! I have no felony record, I’m blessed to be highly educated, and I’m well liked among my peers. You can’t beat that! I love my new life here in TN… Man this state is beautiful… And the people!!! Amazing!! I’d recommend moving here… Are you getting tired of reading all of this? Are you hoping that I lash back like I ripped into so many other people today? Sorry… It won’t happen tonight… See the burden to prove myself is not on me… That’s why I provided links and references. I didn’t bring a whole bunch of new information to the table… I actually just brought one major thing… The missing link… That 1996 AAN document… NO ONE has done that… :cool: So yeah… Not a lot of “new” information but it was new to everyone that had no idea… All I did is connect the following dots….

            1. 1996 AAN Document never released spelling out EXACTLY what the plans are for 2016
            2. The Israel/China connection that 90% of normal people know NOTHING about… Why? You can’t get a damn single mainstream outlet to talk about!!! Isn’t that crazy? Glad I talked about it since none of you that CLAIM to know things bothered to tell your fellow brother what’s up in a big way… If you meant to tell them about it but just didn’t get around to it I understand… I handled it for you.
            3. Taiwan… WHO on the YouTube is talking about our military importance there and bringing that knowledge to this community? If you can find me one person on this site that has gone over Taiwan I’ll give you that… Post a link if you find it… I’ve looked. I’ve seen none… Isn’t it funny how the media NEVER talks about that triangle of trouble… United States, China, and Taiwaun… That’s one power struggle to watch I tell ya! Good thing I talk about it in this video huh?

            No one in the forums is bringing up the critical information that we should all be focused on. The government has been very good at keeping the average Americans head in the sand… The time for that is OVER! The truth is now out there… The AAN Document is ALL YOU REALLY NEED.. From there you can figure the rest out… I’ve done my part… On to my next story! Probably not as big as this one but good nonetheless… You gentlemen have an EXCELLENT night! :lol:

            Here’s the document that people are talking about now… You should probably see some Youtubes popping up about it soon. :) They will probably be shorter than my videos, THANK GOD (lol), but nonetheless you know were to find the time stamp on who released it first gentlemen…

            Army After Next Document


          • “I think it’s funny that all of you say I’m not a veteran”

            Who said that? I said I believe you, I just think you have a hidden motive – like every other bombastic ex-military “truther” who slithers their way through this disinformation site with a humorously false sense of humility.

            You keep saying the same damn things over-and-over again. The only one’s you’ll fool are those who can’t think for themselves. Congrats, that’s your only accomplishment so far.

            “I didn’t bring a whole bunch of new information to the table… I actually just brought one major thing… The missing link… That 1996 AAN document… NO ONE has done that”

            Just pat yourself on the back already, but I read through that document and didn’t find anything new. And it’s certainly no missing link. It’s just another complimentary piece of conjecture to throw in the big bucket of predictions lined up for the Jewish year of 5776. Do you forget where you are? This is a conspiracy forum, and you aren’t speaking to a bunch of novices who sit around watching Fox news like your Facebook friends. So conceited, you are…

            “Calling out Israel is not misinformation at all”

            Who said that it was? You’re speaking to an astute critic of Israel. You keep making these assumptions, saying whatever the hell comes to mind in order to please your own selfish desire to sound important.

            In the attempt to hide behind the perception of Jewish persecution during WWII, the Khazars occupying the Land of Canaan aim to control and confuse our emotions about the true nature of Israel using their twisted version of spiritualism and strictly forbidden occult powers.

            You think you’re one step ahead of the veterans of this website when, in reality, you’re still in the junior division. Again you’re NOT talking to bloggers at CNN. You’re talking to very astute individuals and if you took your head out of your a$$ for a minute you would see that your views on what the MSM does are amateur at best. I imagine you’re new to the conspiracy thing because this Israel connection is simple and has long been established to the point of exhaustion. Get over yourself, clown.

            “Especially when our media doesn’t talk about the weapons connection they have with China”

            Again, we know the media ignores these things.. Why do you think we are here, at BIN? Are you actually that obtuse?

            Everything I’ve said has clearly flown right over your head, and I assume this is because you’re too concerned with protecting your little delusions of grandeur to even consider, for a moment, that I’m far more advanced in these subjects than you.

            “Doesn’t that boil your blood?”

            Newbie, I’ll school you on the subject of Israel any time. Bring it.

            You’re acting like a school girl begging for the teacher to put a sticker next to your name. You’re a grown a$$ man. Act like it. You haven’t discovered anything groundbreaking.

            “But I did it for you guys”

            Who are you trying to fool? Your less-than epic display of grandiloquence shows that everything you’ve done is to satisfy your selfish desire to feel important. You don’t have a humble bone in your body, Mr. “sincere”.

            “I’m blessed to be highly educated, and I’m well liked among my peers. You can’t beat that!”

            Yes you can.

            “Not a lot of “new” information but it was new to everyone that had no idea”

            You clearly have no idea where you are. We do have an idea here. Stop acting like you’re better than us. I have no doubt that your Facebook friends are in the dark, but not us.

  • What address you live at , again , you know just for the record ! :lol:

    • ISRAEL/CHINA/RUSSIA, Taiwan, Jade Helm being the precursor to Army After Next, and so much more is what I would like to talk about. I don’t understand why there is so much discontent with me delivering this information. LMAO… Oh I do understand! It’s not a part of the official CONFUSED narrative…. I’m pointing in another direction with 100% definitive proof and people probably can’t take learning that half of what they’ve been talking about has been wrong… Then there are people who are appreciative that I shared the ONE DOCUMENT that changes ll the BS we’ve been hearing online… This one document has brought out more trolls than any of my other articles… Hmmm… Again. I wonder why…. Oh and I live in Chattanooga. I’m extremely easy to find. YOU yourself may not want to do that tho… Just for the record! :lol:

      • Where does it say that Jade Helm is the precursor to army after next? That’s right. Nowhere.
        And while we’re at it, what about your request for any better document? We provided the Northwoods document to you, that makes your analysis papers look like vapor.
        You asked for it, and now you got it. Are you going to apologize for being a braggart who just got his azz handed to him, or keep avoiding the topic like a little scared school girl.

  • Absolutely as long and drawn out and boring as you said it would be in the beginning and I watched every minute of it and I thank you for getting the information out there.
    For those of us paying attention this really helps put the pieces in place and to make a better contingency plan.

    • Thank you. Apologies for my inexperience with presenting large amounts of information. It was weighing heavy on my shoulders and I just needed to get it out in my own way. I appreciate your patience and understanding. #Respect

  • are you still alive?

    • LMAO! Not yet…. Did you download the Army After Next Document that I was the first to put in a video? Or do you not want to talk about that? LOL… The irrelevance of these comments speaks to the education level in this country… And then we wonder why China is bustin our ass economically… The minds of the average American are just warped and undisciplined… Especially with names like “You People Are Nuts”… Come on man… Are you serious with your life right now? That is ridiculous… Who has time for that kind of nonsense? Anyway… Download the Army After Next Document that this video is predicated on… After you download be sure to search for the term 2016… And then you tell me whether the information was worth it… I’ll wait… Nevermind. No I won’t.. I don’t care. lol… We BOTH know that this info has never been put on this site, let alone on any television anywhere… Have a nice day…

      Army After Next Military PDF Document from 1996 (DARPA):

      • Stop spamming us SHILL. You and your toilet paper document have been debunked a dozen times for being nothing more than a 20 year old analysis of the future.
        Take your spam to youtube where it belongs.

        • Guess that wasn’t true Maverick… It’s actually been validated and appreciated by a few reputable channels now… When you’re talking about Army After Next documentation in 3-6 months you can thank me then…

  • China loves Israel???? China and Russia are participating in joint military exercises. Russia has persecuted Russian Jews for years as well as become friends with Iran. And we ALL know how Iran feels about ISRAEL.. I don’t buy China “loving” Israel AND I sincerely hope Netanyahu is smarter than that….

    We are marching on towards the return of the Lord. Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to save you from the coming evil…

    God created you to know him personally. Psalm 139:13-14 “You created every part of me and put me together in my mother’s womb.”
    John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son so that whosoever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life.”

    Jesus Christ is God’s only solution for our Sin.. For the wages of sin is death. He died in our place
    Romans 5:8 “But God showed hsi great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while were still yet sinners.”

    He rose from the dead:
    1 Corinthians 15: 3-6 “Christ died for our sins.. he was buried, and he was raised from the dead on the third day…He was seen by Peter and then by the twelve apostles.. After that he was seen by more than five hundred”

    Through Jesus alone we can know God personally and experience God’s love.
    John 4: 6 “Jesus said to them, ‘ I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

    We must believe in and receive Christ.
    John 1:12 “to all who received him, he gave the right to become children of God. All they had to do was to trust and believe in Jesus to be saved.”

    We receive Christ by FAITH
    God promised eternal life to all who receive Christ
    1 John 5: 12-13 “Whoever has God’s Son has life; whoever does not have His Son, does not have life. I have written this to you who believe in the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.”


    • Army After Next Document


      • It must take an incredibly warped personality to force yourself to believe this exchange to be any sort of victory for you.



      • Finally you post the pertinent info! Long since having whined about folk not addressing the subject, pfft.

        So it’s all about the “army after next” and i am more than prepared to take issue with your opinion concerning what this is all about. Having read both documents here’s my take on what they’re about.

        The US AAN document is a think-tank report from a group who were instructed to think outside the box and assume that certain threshold technologies already existed and how the united states military would approach things moving forward. So what; do you expect the military to not plan ahead?

        The PLA AAN is also an American think-tank report that supposes the military threat and influence of China. Russia, China and Taiwan trade arms, big deal, so what? America is just jealous because the fighter jets, they had recently sold to Taiwan, were going to be put up against the red dread to see who had the best toys.

        On the subject of allowing dodgy allies to buy your war toys the end result of America’s monumental stuff up was what happened to the good ship Donald Duck, er Cook, USS Donald Cook.

        • That’s all you got from those documents??? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Okay. Cool.



          • You will only ever know how much i got from those documents if you bother to ask the right questions, Sin, and i’m afraid “Is that all you got” is not the right question.

            As for your exhaustive list of various opinion pieces and assorted studies why should i feign interest given your piece-de-resistance was so fundamentally flawed?

            In short, dummy, you’ve already failed the first test and now you’re failing the task that you were set. Show me, from your sources, where the conspiracy is at or, at the very least, what part of my synopsis was wrong.

          • @ Mr Insincere.
            There is no love and fun for you here. You might get some love from newbies on youtube who don’t realize that your video has nothing interesting or new to report.
            Beforeitsnews is the wrong place to shill a bogus video.

        • He made the grave mistake of asking for any better document, over on his youtube video and the Operation Northwoods document has been posted. It’ll be good for a laugh to see how he compares his info to Northwoods.
          His ship just sank.

          • The Northwoods documents?!! LMAO….. THAT is what you “elite” trolls came up with? Wow… Sad and terribly pathetic. That OLD re-recycled document has nothing to do with the NEW information that I put out. You could have at least been more relevant… I would have even accepted the document below as a part of the conversation… You guys are definitely not PATRIOTS…. Probably not even Americans. Don’t mislead the citizens of America by tainting NEW information with this played out old BS that’s been seen 1,000,000 times… Catch up. Go to Youtube and read the comments… That’s all I have to say.

          • The US Army think tank report, that you have linked to, supports your theory how? I’ve read it and this is what it says…

            Due to the modern enemy refusing to wear uniforms we think it would be a good idea, moving forward, to obtain bio-metric data from all suspects (that we stumble across as we bumble about trying to exert our dominance over the world) so as to better track the slippery beggars.

            Because it is just like Sun Tzu said. – “If you know your enemy as well as yourself you’ll probably win but if you only know yourself it gets pretty iffy (like 50/50 iffy) and if you know neither then you’re bound to come a cropper most of the time.”

            … so once again, Sin, where is the conspiracy?

  • You can’t be serious… I’m done. This is literally childish now. LOL. Anyone with good common sense will just visit Sin’s YouTube. The stats and comments speak for themselves… Did you see all the awesome veterans on there? I haven’t felt that much military love since I was enlisted. So whatever you want to talk about pales in comparison to the good that this information is already doing… If I don’t convince you, a cartoon avatar, what do I have to lose?!!?! Have fun talking to yourself. The battle has already been won. #Peace

    • And there we have it: The same tired old pout – “I don’t got time for idiots, I’m done here” -seen it a few times now.

      Mind the door won’t you?

  • I will! Exit that way please. Thank you… cthu :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :cool:

  • Black Lives Matter is is controlled by George Soros. He uses the black s for his agenda. To bad you guys are so freakin stupid not to see this. You can not get ahead because you make up stuff about white privilege. Where is my white privilege. You now a lot about nothing.

    • Ummm… The military didn’t put me in the position that I was put in because I have a low IQ… smdh. Why the damn insults? I mean seriously? Why does it have to be a “privilege” competition? smh… People are being treated unfairly… When you can focus on how to fix that and CONTRIBUTE maybe you’ll find some of the answers that you’re looking for… If you’re fixated on people asking for “privilege” then you will not evolve past were you are now… Based on how you spelled “know” I don’t think you’re worried much about evolving… lol. Here’s your George Soros Theory DEBUNKED…

      Stop DEMONIZING a righteous and legitimate movement… George didn’t ignite our fire! WE DID! We did it because of this f-d up government… And people like you want to protect the government? smdh. Your ignorance and fear makes you think that #BLM is talking about and coming after you… LOL. You couldn’t be more wrong. No one cares about you. People care about the fact that they are being treated wrong and they are refusing to let it continue… Just like white people will do when the dollar collapses… You’ll be in the streets protesting for basic assistance and help and they will call you a terrorist… An extremist. Just because your family is hungry and you decided to stand up for your rights… When that pain comes to your door you’ll wish you would have done more to understand your privilege and your neighbors cries earlier… Wake Up! Stop being selfish… Stop being foolish and naive! Stop letting a black man tell you that you aren’t educated enough when you should be smart enough to use Google and pick up a book for yourself… Do you know how many times a day I have to school rude people like yourself? A ton! And I never lose… Why? Because I know FACTS while others know FOX… WAKE UP! Here’s what YOUR government friends do to movements that pose a CREDIBLE THREAT to THEIR TYRANNY… #WAKEUP

  • Sincere you are right that blacks and whites need to unite but that is where BlackLivesMatters gets it wrong. They need to include white lives because as you know bad cops are not all white and we are all running into the police state not just blacks. Unite, yes, that’s what we should be doing to save ourselves keep up the good work.

  • Nice discussion , Apropos , if you is wanting to merge two images , my family merged a tool here and also here

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