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Top 5 Cannabis News: TSA Changes Mind on Your Weed

Click Here to Watch Video Hey Stoners Welcome to The Johno Show I’m your weedtuber host Jonathan. Here are your top 5 Cannabis news stories happening now. Yeah! Story Number 1: In “Let’s Correct This Error Now” News… The Maryland House of Delegates passed legislation on Tuesday to correct a

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Chronicle AM: Trump Names Drug Czar Nominee, Dallas to Take Up Decrim, More... (4/11/17)

Top 5 Cannabis News: TSA Changes Mind on Your Weed

Chronicle AM: NM GOP Gov Vetoes MedMJ, OD Prevention Bills; Canada Pot Bill Thursday, More... (4/10/17)

Arizona: Appellate Court Strikes Down Law Banning Medical Marijuana On Campus

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West Virginia: Lawmakers Approve Amended Medical Marijuana Measure

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Ohio Opioid Overdose Outrage: One Town's Ugly Effort to Punish Victims

Chronicle AM: DOJ Reviewing MJ Policy, DEA Subpoenaed Over Snitch Program, More... (4/6/17)

Chronicle AM: DOJ Task Force Reviewing Pot Policy, DEA Subpoenaed Over Snitch Program, More... (4/6/17)

Sessions’ DOJ Reviewing Marijuana Enforcement, Governors Fight Back

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Chronicle AM: Kansas City Decriminalizes, WV MedMJ Bill Nears Final Stage, More... (4/5/17)

KC NORML Successfully Decriminalized Marijuana in Kansas City

Houston Has Decriminalized Marijuana, Reveals Conflicting Attitudes and Budget Priorities of Law Enforcement

Texas: HB 81 advances with a committee vote of 4-2!

Jeff Sessions Claims Marijuana Only "Slightly Less Awful" Than Heroin

Chronicle AM:MJ State Govs Ask Feds to Stay Out, AZ Forfeiture Reform, More... (4/4/17):

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Chronicle AM: Pot State Govs Ask Feds to Be Left Alone, AZ Asset Forfeiture Reform Advances, More... (4/4/17)

Denver NORML Promotes Home Cultivation Through Grow Safety Symposium

Researchers Identify Genes That Give Marijuana Its Flavor

Chronicle AM: Federal "Path to Marijuana Reform" Bills Filed Today, DEA Scorched on Seizures, More... (3/30/17)

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Bills Filed in DC Today Are "Path to Marijuana Reform"