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Gatekeeper Jim Marrs Uses Jeff Rense to Maintain Cover-Up of Secret Service Role in JFK Assassination

Thursday, March 23, 2017 3:53
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Gatekeeper Jim Marrs Uses Jeff Rense to Maintain Cover-Up of Secret Service Role in JFK Assassination

“After I showed a version of the Zapruder film with audio added (from a Dallas motorcycle cop’s Dictabelt recording), I have been brutally assaulted, car chased, heavily wiretapped, and massively mercury poisoned after numerous break-ins of my successive homes. My health has been disastrous for a number of years because of the regime’s mercury poisoning me.” The Anonymous Physicist

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[Editor's Note: I only discovered this article on Dec. 30, 2015. After reading it, I realized that this author had beat me to the punch by 10 months in exposing Jim Marrs as a JFK assassination gatekeeper and Jeff Rense his unquestioning accomplice in suppressing the true role of Greer, Kellerman, and other Secret Service agents responsible for JFK's assassination and its subsequent cover-up.]

By The Anonymous Physicist
July 14, 2009

Gatekeeper Jim Marrs Uses Jeff Rense to Maintain Cover-Up of Secret Service Role in JFK Assassination (July 14, 2009)

The Insidious Jim Marrs/Jeff Rense Op in the JFK Assassination Cover-Up


I believe is the largest conspiracy website in the world. While it still has some good pieces often, mixed in are major focuses on “Jews and Bird Flu.” In June 2009, it curiously pretended to release some news on the Kennedy Assassination. It claimed this video, on Secret Service (SS) agent/driver William Greer turning and killing JFK, had something new: [no longer online]

The truth is, there are better videos available–see more below. Then shortly after posting the above video, Rense posted this “rebuttal” from Jim Marrs. This was apparently done in tandem, with the second piece’s posting showing the ulterior motive for posting the first. I.e., while purporting to post something new–a better proof of the driver killing Kennedy–the real reason seems to have been to have one of the alleged grand pooh-bahs of JFK “research” try to counter all the many people who know that SS agent Greer fired the fatal head shot.

This is now all the more necessary to the traitors and mass murderers in control of the USA since 9/11/01, and its sequelae, such as the Patriot Act. The PTB still fear the masses learning that illegitimate President-killers have been in control since Nov. 22, 1963. Learning and knowing this about the PTB, would tell the people that they are totally unsafe, at every moment of their lives in this country.

Marrs’ essay begins laughingly with, “Okay, now for a dose of truth.” This reminds me of the motto just past the entrance to perhaps the world’s greatest set of liars and backstabbers–the CIA’s Langley HQ. Its motto on the wall says,

“The Truth Shall Set You Free”

Then Marrs states,

If Greer had shot JFK, someone in the crowd–some less than than [sic] 10 feet away–would have said something.”

He includes,

Nellie Connally, whom I knew personally, would have talked. The truth is that none of this happened. In fact, this issue never came up until about the mid-1980s when William Cooper… view[ed] a bad 4th or 5th generation copy of the Zapruder film…”

The above paragraph contains nothing but blatant lies!

First, from the beginning, it was known that Greer fired the fatal head shot, killing Kennedy. It was known to everyone near the limo, it was known to Jackie Kennedy, who hearing the shot from 5-10 feet away immediately tried to jump out of the car (with the regime later providing the most asinine rationale for this, one could imagine), it was known to S.S. agent Clint Hill who told the Warren Commission,

“Just about as I reached it [the limo] there was another sound, which was different than the first sound. I think I described it in my statement as though someone was shooting a revolver into a hard object…”

It was known to honest, non-intel agent, researcher Fred Newcomb in the 1960’s after interviewing eyewitnesses. See here!7D!0A!3D7855A05297/Larry762/fontcolor3300FF/page4.html This great online site, from Larry Jamison, states that the book by Newcomb, of which he could not get a publisher in the USA [to publish his book], was titled, “”Murder from Within,” © 1975 [and was] derived from original research done in Dallas in 1968 when the memories of witnesses were still fresh.” Note that the very title of the book denotes that Kennedy’s Secret Service detail killed him.

That site continues, “Mr. Newcomb felt his book made the case for the limousine driver shooting JFK so well that he sent copies of the book to the 1975 Congress and Senate because he felt he would be guilty of ‘obstruction of justice’ if he did not do so.”

These are the witnesses whose statement to Mr. Newcomb and sometimes the Warren commission included the words “IN THE CAR.”

1. Mary Moorman – school teacher standing next to Jean Hill. She said she saw Greer shooting back but thought he was shooting back at the assassin. SOURCE: Warren Commission and taped interview by Fred Newcomb.

2. Jean Hill – Jean Hill saw what happened too, but when she tried to bring up the subject of a gun being fired in the car, Senator Arlen Spector (a 33rd degree Mason) would change the subject or say “it’s time for a cup of coffee.”

3. Austin P. Miller – Texas Louisiana Freight Bureau, who stood on the railway overpass overlooking Elm Street was asked by Arlen Spector where the shots came from: His reply was from right there in the car. Senator Spector just went on to the next question, never asking Miller any specifics. From: Warren Report, New York Times edition, p. 82.

4. Clinton J. Hill. Jacqueline Kennedy’s bodyguard reports in Vol. II, pp 138-139 of the Warren Commission Volumes:

“I jumped from the car, realizing that something was wrong, and ran to the presidential limousine. Just as I reached it, there was another sound. I think I described it in my statement as though someone was shooting a revolver into a hard object…it seemed to have some type of echo.”

5. Hugh Betzner – Had picture published in Life magazine and was standing right next to the drivers side of the motorcade: He saw a gun in the hand of one of the secret service agents and heard a sound “like firecrackers going off in the car.”

Now I have addressed the issue, and actions of Nellie Connally (and John Connally) before. One only needs to run the Z-film to see the following:

After the first shot(s), John Connally [who was known as 'LBJ' for “Little Boy Johnson, as he was LBJ’s boy] turns to look at who he knows is the intended victim (and NOT where the shots are coming from). Connally is then hit by Greer’s first shot

[Ken Adachi erratum note: Greer's first shot kit Kennedy in the throat. Greer's second shot hit Connally in the back to get him out of the way. Greer's third shot was JFK's fatal head shot in Zapruder frame 313].

He yells out, “My God they’re trying to kill us all.” [Instead of just JFK, the intended victim.] Then you can see that the two Connallys reflexively look to the front just before ducking down to give Greer a clear shot to finish the job. It appears even that the two bumped heads momentarily. So “Nellie” was either earlier informed of what was to happen from her husband, or quickly figured it out in “real time,” and knew the truth, and lied about it till her death. This should not be shocking, as no one knows better than the perps, how easily they will be offed, if they say or do something “unwanted” by the PTB they work for.

Bill Cooper in his book, “Behold A Pale Horse”, described just when and how he learned that Greer and the US Gov’t killed President Kennedy. Cooper was in Naval Intelligence and aboard a ship in the early 1970’s, in Vietnam or nearby, when he was shown an early copy of the Zapruder film. Cooper was so upset that he subsequently, briefly went AWOL, as he couldn’t stomach the fact that he was working ultimately for murderers and traitors. He was talked into coming back, and was honorably discharged from the Navy in 1975. But exposing Greer, and the regime, became the focus of his life since he saw Greer killing Kennedy. After Cooper began exposing Greer and the US Govt, he was car-chased off a cliff in California [Bill Cooper was on a motorcycle], and lost a leg. If we had even 1% of the population with Cooper’s sense of right and wrong and determination, we would get this country back. But Cooper first saw the Z-film in the early 1970’s, and it was apparently an “ONI copy” [Office of Naval Intelligence], not a later generation copy.

Marrs continues,

“…several other JFK researchers, myself included, warned him not to do so [show the world that S.S. agent William Greer fired the fatal head shot] because the claim was false.”

IF this is true, it shows the guts and integrity of Cooper, that he did not knuckle under to the regime’s pressure tactics for 15-20 years, until the regime assassinated him, just after 9/11/2001. Cooper did not hide his disdain for Greer, and all the intel assets posing as JFK researchers.

More from Marrs,

“It is true that Greer turns to his right and looks back at JFK at the time of the fatal shot…a somewhat suspicious circumstance as Greer claimed he never looked back and did not know the assassination taken place until Roy Kellerman, the agent next to him, said. “Let’s get out of here, we’re hit. Greer then faces front and the car accelerates. In those days, it was customary for men to wear their hair ‘greasy’ and Kellerman’s hair was especially slicked down that day. Watch Kellerman closely and you will see the sunlight glinting off the top of his head.”

This last paragraph is full of lies and omissions. First, Marrs omits that Greer turned back twice as is evident from the Z-film. This is a major omission and is tantamount to a great lie. I was the first, at least for several decades, to publicly proclaim that Greer fired twice, the first time hitting Connally, who heard who had hit him, and turned to look at his shooter before ducking, and saying what he did. Now for the issue of Kellerman’s black hair turning white, and only on top. Marrs brings this up because he knows that we are seeing the top of Greer’s gun. The point is moot, because we can see the end of the gun past the curvature of Kellerman’s head, in frame 313.

So “grease”–a laughable excuse–does not stand up. There are even frames–before alteration or removal–of gun exhaust seen. Jamison’s website shows the front page of the GLOBE magazine that contained an article on Greer killing Kennedy, and highlighted the gun exhaust seen on the Z-film. The “greasy” excuse is one of the most obvious and stupid lies ever. Why? Because we see Kellerman’s hair is still black throughout the video. When Marrs notes that the top of Kellerman’s hair turned white on the Z-film, it is only confirming that the video alterers did the same thing when he fired the first time. It only becomes white and only on the top when the regime needs to try to hide Greer’s gun–twice!

Marrs then states,

I have studied first-generation clear prints of the Zapruder film…

This monstrosity needs great elaboration! Marrs must now come clean and state, just where and when he allegedly saw these “first generation prints.” This reminds me of the unheard of Dallas cub reporter who was allegedly shown a “first generation” Z film by the SS, shortly after the assassination. This was Dan Rather, and he lied in saying that the film showed JFK being propelled forward in the limo. This was done in conjunction with the CIA-run Life Magazine which printed reversed Zapruder frames which also then “showed” JFK going forward in the limo. This “fact” remained for the public until Geraldo Rivera first publicly showed a copy of the Z film on TV, in 1975. (Till then the regime proclaimed it was too horrifying for the public to view.) It showed JFK being violently propelled straight back from Greer’s shot. Note also Noel Twyman’s book, “Bloody Treason”, states that HL Hunt in his office overlooking Dealey Plaza was brought, by the Secret Service, a copy of the Z-film to view, within a day of the assassination. Zapruder also had an office in that building. So it is clear just who may be given access to “first generation” Zapruder versions.

Regarding this “first generation Z-film,” Marrs must state where and when he saw this film–preferably under oath–because we are now getting into obstruction of justice, conspiracy after the fact, murder, and high treason. Then Marrs must state why the rest of us are not allowed to see this alleged version of the Z-film–especially if it so clearly exonerates the regime! Yes, logic always hangs these types out to dry. Note that in the 1990’s, I met a woman who told me a former boyfriend was mid to upper level at the CIA. He had told her that he was shown a version of the Z-film (supposedly unaltered) and it was clear as a bell that Greer killed Kennedy. He was even given a copy. After he left the CIA for the private sector, he apparently made the mistake of speaking about this on the phone. Shortly thereafter his home was broken into, ramshackled, and the film taken.

Rense adds, at the end, “*Jim Marrs is widely-acknowledged to be one of the world’s foremost authorities on the murder of JFK. His book ‘Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy’ is considered a classic in the art of journalism.” So just as the Rense piece began with a joke, it ends with one.

Now for some final thoughts on Marrs, the Zapruder film, Cooper and myself. Marrs, because of his book, “Crossfire”, was a consultant for Oliver Stone’s film, “JFK.” I can clearly recall Stone being interviewed by David Letterman, after “JFK” came out. When Letterman asked Stone who he thought did it, Stone cleverly did not quite answer that. Instead, he replied, “A lot of people think the driver did it.” Perhaps this was why Stone blurs the film around the time of the fatal head shot. Apparently not wanting to show what he knew was a lie, he preferred to just blur it. Likewise, perhaps the reason Stone wasn’t killed was because of the lie the film contained. It portrays New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison say JFK’s body is slammed “back and to the left, back and to the left, back and to the left” instead of straight back as we can see. This was to enable the “grassy knoll shooter fired the fatal head shot” Limited Hangout. While there were one or more shooters there, the physical behavior of Kennedy’s body proves where the fatal shot came from–Greer.

Now I used to recommend Marrs’ books. I knew of course, that they contain mis- or disinformation as to the Ultimate Truths of each topic they cover. But some authors cleverly take you up to 90% of the way there. So I only recommended them to people for the extensive backgrounds they often include. Put another way, Marrs’ books have a Limited Hangout (LH) for every conspiracy issue they cover. This includes, JFK, 9/11, aliens, UFOs, who’s ultimately in control, etc. I no longer recommend Marrs’ books because there is now a vastly better set of books. This new set of books costs more. But they were not written by an asset of the regime, and they DO reveal the Ultimate Truths of each crucial conspiracy matter:

That is, the Ultimate Truths of the Quarantine around the Earth, the nuking of the World Trade Center, and the China Syndrome Aftermath, the events of Maury Island and Roswell, Hiroshima, and who killed JFK, RFK, MLK, and why–as well as the revealing the hidden cause of most important events in Man’s history–are explicitly stated. My book “Quarantine: Mankind Held Hostage: The Ultimate Truth of Hiroshima, 9/11 & Man’s History” pulls no punches on ALL the conspiracy matters just cited.

The Zapruder film is another example of MITOP–Made It Transparent On Purpose. This acronym indicates the philosophy of the PTB. While they continue to massively lie on important conspiracy issues for the masses, they leave an obvious trail for the few who can see and think, that the “official story” is a joke, and that the Gov’t did it. Leaving the end of the gun in frame 313 is an example of this. And also while the Z-film is heavily doctored, there is more than enough there to see the truth. E.g., while the Z-film has painted on “hands of Greer,” on or near the steering wheel, you can clearly see the hunched up left shoulder and the left forearm brought over towards the right ear. The Z-film has many missing frames, a bogus, duped background of itself to simulate motion when the limo was brought to a standstill, and numerous things painted on. The latter includes the back of JFK’s head–after it had been blasted out, the side flap on the right side of his head, the “hands of Greer” and other things. Twyman’s book also showed that Greer, after the fatal head shot, turns toward the front twice as fast as any human could duplicate. Why? One or more frames were removed, apparently to hide gun exhaust and such, just after the fatal headshot. That the Secret Service’s job that day to kill President Kennedy is also clear from this video of JFK’s limo protector/agent being called off as the Dallas motorcade gets underway. S.S. agent in charge, Emory Roberts, orders him off, and strands him at the airport. During the assassination, Roberts ordered all agents NOT to fire back, and NOT to run to the limo, which Clint Hill disobeyed.

Another JFK Assassination grand pooh-bah is James Fetzer. His books contain much “Assassination Science,” as he called one of his books. He has a physicist and a radiologist reveal some of the conspiracy. I often disclose the MITOP philosophy with him when I say, Fetzer’s books contain an analysis of a molecule on a flea on the limousine, but if you just run the film as a whole, you will see SS driver, Greer killing Kennedy! (Fetzer, of course, was sent in to try to “lead” 9/11 research as well.) Indeed I knew a woman who told me, when she was a child of 12, and first saw the Z-film, she immediately could see that the driver did it–without being told that that was there.

We must never forget that Cooper was assassinated on Nov. 5, 2001. I ask that you also think of me, and how I have suffered after once speaking publicly on Greer firing twice–hitting Connally (accidentally) before killing Kennedy.

[Ken Adachi note: We now know that Connally was shot in the back intentionally by Greer because Connally was gawking at Kennedy after the first JFK throat shot and was blocking Greer's line of fire for the fatal head shot -- which followed immediately after Nellie Connally pulled her husband down into her lap, getting him out of the way. Nellie Connally fully realized, of course, that Greer was doing all the shooting, but neither of them we're going to say anything publicly if they wanted to keep on living,]

After I showed a version of the Zapruder film with audio added (from a Dallas motorcycle cop’s Dictabelt recording), I have been brutally assaulted, car chased, heavily wiretapped, and massively mercury poisoned after numerous break-ins of my successive homes. My health has been disastrous for a number of years because of the regime’s mercury poisoning me.

I have been struggling to hang on, for nearly a decade, after they incapacitated me with the mercury poisoning. For the last three years, all the minimal physical and mental abilities I might have possessed have gone solely into revealing the ultimate truths of both 9/11, and the wider conspiracies, by writing at this blog. Despite my citing my severe difficulties here several times, no reader has offered any kind of significant assistance for me.

The Ultimate Truth of the Kennedy Assassination is that SS agent Greer fired twice, first hitting Connally, then blowing out the back of Kennedy’s head. At the APEX of EACH of Greer’s TWO head turns, the audio-added Z-film has the sound of a shot from Greer. Note that while some have posted versions of the audio-added Z-film on youtube, all (so far) have been doctored. This one makes clear that Greer fired the fatal head shot–and you can now hear this as well as see it. But the timing has been altered a bit, and it is not quite clear that at the apex of his [Greer's] first turn, a shot rings out and Connally is hit, as more accurate audio/video Z-films show. It makes sense, alas, as there are so many altered versions of the silent Z-film, that we should expect to see many altered versions of the audio-added Z-film. In fact we know that the audio-added Z-film is being “remasterminded.” Just as surviving eyewitnesses get “re-interviewed,” if you realize what that means.

The numerous eyewitnesses corroborate that after hitting Connally, Greer brought the limo to a stand still–so he could shoot straight, after he accidentally shot Connally. That the job of the Secret Service on Nov. 22, 1963 was to get Kennedy killed, is also indicated by Dr. Charles Crenshaw. He revealed in one of his books, that the FBI was interrogating the Secret Service at Parkland Hospital, and an Secret Service agent knocked out an FBI agent with the butt of his machine gun. The FBI was going to arrest Greer and Kellerman, until then. Later SS agents pulled their guns at Parkland to prevent the autopsy there, as Texas law, and Parkland staff, demanded.

One way for you to counter the regime’s lies and assassination is to post this all over the Internet. Post it to counter the bogus JFK assassination industry that variously wants to portray that: Oswald did it after all, or the Grassy Knoll did it, or we can never know. Books by Marrs and Fetzer both declare that anyone but the actual shooter, Greer, could have done it. Fetzer specifically denounced Cooper in one of his books, and here we can see Marrs doing the same at Rense’s.

One of the most telling things in the Kennedy Assassination is that Dr. Crenshaw stated that Agent Clint Hill had his gun out and cocked the whole time in Parkland Hospital. Crenshaw–not knowing what had really happened in Dealey Plaza–indicated that there was no need for Hill to do that, as he thought that the killer was not there.


Of course, we now know–as did Clint Hill, that fateful day–that the killers were right there! And our eternal gratitude for knowing that, rests mostly with Bill Cooper.

posted by spooked at 7:08 AM


Jim Marrs: Another Gatekeeper Shows His Colors (May 31, 2010)

Murder From Within: U.S. Secret Service Limo Driver, Bill Greer, Shot Both JFK & Connally on Nov. 22, 1963 (Feb. 5, 2013)

Zapruder Film Shows JFK’s Driver Firing Fatal Head Shot (Aug. 8, 2007)

Bill Cooper on the Kennedy Assassination (May 23, 1989)

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