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The Orange Balloon Deflates

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 3:58
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Trump could not replace – much less repeal – Obamacare. So, instead, he did what Republicans do best: Bomb foreigners, remotely.

Even the Chimp-esque, Oceania tis’ for thee verbiage is back. Remember “Saddam”? The first-name personalization of the Enemy of Freedom? Now it’s Assad. And, of course, Assad is the leader of a regime. The Assad Regime.

It sounds like an ‘80s hair band.

It is never the Trump Regime. Only regimes being targeted by the regime in Washington are regimes.

The Assad Regime?

God, my teeth ache.

I had hope – small, but some – that Trump understood or at least wanted to change the pattern of a fatwa’ing federal government – and not just with regard to EPA and DOT ululations about “safety” and such.

This business of lobbing bombs at foreigners – an act of war – without a declaration of war – is the most dangerous form of fatwa’ing.

The Constitution says no lobbing of bombs without one and that Congress must pass the declaration legalizing the lobbing of bombs. Of course, the Constitution is “just a goddamn piece of paper,” as The Chimp quite accurately described it.

We’ve grown accustomed to whomever inhabits the Oval Office lobbing bombs on his mere say-so, exactly like a first-name authoritarian despot. No one seems to notice this – or if they do, they don’t seem to mind it much. Nor wonder – ever – why anyone foreign could possibly hate us for something other than Our Freedoms.


It’s defeating to a thinking brain to contemplate not merely the lawlessness of lobbing bombs at foreigners on the say-so of a single man, who has no constitutional authority to do it, much less any oral right to do it, because the normalization of such lawlessness and moral cretinhood is exactly why we have fatwa-issuing “agencies” such as the EPA and DOT – which also lack an constitutionally authorized power to pass laws and enforce them, yet do.

By changing the name to regulations.

By lobbing bombs at foreigners on his say-so alone and without any constitutional authority to do it, Trump has shown himself to be simpatico with the EPA ayatollahs and undermined any principled basis for objecting to their fatwas.

Which is why the fatwas will continue to ululate from within the Beltway, just with a different emphasis – just as a Sunni Ayatollah will have a different parsing of the Koran than a Shi’ite Ayatollah.

Principles are lacking generally, these days.

Here’s another that’s down for the count:

The tribunal that sentenced the surviving leadership of the German Reich to hang by the neck until dead did so on the basis of, among other things, the leadership’s conspiring to and then actually launching an aggressive war against countries that had not attacked the Reich first. Lobbing bombs at Poland was decreed to be a war crime. And not merely the Reich lobbing them at Poland, but generally. In principle, aggressive war was decreed unlawful.

So much for that.

The Reichsmarschall wasn’t a hypocrite.

Syria – “Assad” – has not attacked the United States. He may have attacked some people within his country. You know, like the federal government does, as at Waco – if you’ll recall.

And by the way, gas was used there as well – and in that case it is a certain fact that it was the Regime – the American Einsatzgruppen who were sent on its behalf, to do its dirty work – who actually lobbed the gas. It is questionable whether “Assad” actually did gas his people. If he did, it makes little sense given the green light he had to know it would give the Orange One to lob bombs his way and perhaps more to come.

But it smells, regardless.

Not the gas.

The lobbing of the bombs – which constitutes not only a shitting all over the Constitution’s very sound investing of the power to declare war in a large deliberative body and requiring a majority vote of that body before the lobbing of bombs, so as to assure there is a very good reason for the lobbing and that if not, the people who lobbed will be called to account – also constitutes a war crime when the bombs are lobbed as lobbed at Syria (and many other foreign countries that haven’t attacked the United States, such as Iraq).

Did they hate us for Our Freedom, too?

Of course, no one will hang or even be handed a small fine. The Chimp paints. Trump has got people talking about something other than his failure to rid us of Obamacare. Lobbing bombs is an excellent tonic for a wilting presidency. Like Fuuuuhhhhhhttttttball.

Americans, in the main, love the lobbing of bombs just as they love a Hail Mary pass during the Big Game.

So long as the bombs at not lobbed at them.

They enjoy seeing them dropped from planes and fired from ships, the contrails brightening the room in which they are watching it all on TeeVee. Few ever bother asking themselves how they’d feel if a foreign country’s leader, incensed by some noxious action of our regime against its own people, decided to lob a few our way.

Least of all the Orange One.

The teeth begin to ache.

There was, for all of three months, some hope that perhaps this time it’d be different. That – for once – the fedceral government was headed by someone not perpetually priapic for wars, which are (cheers!) the health of the state, the mortification of liberty. Many who perhaps did not like Trump voted for him nonetheless because they dreaded the bloody fanged alternative. They knew we’d be lobbing bombs at foreigners in that event.

So, they took a chance, rolled the dice – and pulled the lever for the Orange One.

And, as always, got the same result.

America is the land of Charlie Brown, eternally hoping Lucy won’t pull the football away at the last minute. But it’s worse than that, actually. Charlie Brown wants to kick the football and is disappointed when Lucy pulls it away at the last moment. Americans, in the main, seem to like lobbing bombs, or having it done on their behalf – as evidenced by their not objecting to it.

Note that even the Left has quieted down. And the Right is cheering. Yeah, Freedom!

Only Libertarians, the only sane Americans left, are appalled.

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