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Gimme Back My Bullets Kush Cherry Clanktin and Yo Mama you got to be Drunk to put Towers and Walls here.

Saturday, November 21, 2015 16:26
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(Before It's News) When the Fallen Angel with Lucifer left a Higher Dimension, God gave them one last Gift…..Time Travel. 7=God, gave you a Clue to that. “nothing is New under the Sun. On October 7th 1952 – President Bootin came on the scene. In 1953, George Van Tassel has an Unbelievable Story about Strange Hybrids, UFO’s and Time Travel. George and his partner start to build it. Georges partner is scooped up by the Navy. Poor George, drop dead of a heart attack. William Cooper Behold a Pale Horse tried to warn you. He was a Former Air Force and Naval Intelligence Whistleblower who warned Yo Mama was standing under a White Horse while you all were screaming Yes We Can=Thank You Backwards. Yo Mama is the RAINMAKER in the movie the Looper that Cooper tried to warn you about. Secretary of NO State Clanktin only had batteries good for 2016 and You Mama pooped on her parade. That’s why Clanktin SCREAMED to Gov. Richardson You Mama CANT WIN. She saw herself there in the George Van Tassel Ball. She forgot about the Rapture and Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ will never return the way the Glenn Beck Road Show is going. Beck has batteries just like Secretary of NO State. When I saw Kush and Cherry run together in 2004, That was a clue. Downey Jr loves Chuck Missler on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Return of the Nephilim. That move is called Counter Intelligence Confusion just like So Called Illuminati Witch from the Council of 13. John Todd who warned everyone but also claimed that Chuck Missler’s friend Chuck Smith was 666. It was lies to add confusion. God gave you a clue for that. To fool the Elect, If Possible. Clanktin cannot be fooled and NO ONE EVER FROM THE SATANIC COUNCIL OF 13, Comes out as a Whistle Blower. That is what is going on now. Yo Mama and VP Crazy and President Kush are all cousins under the 13. Senator Ted News is at the 14th spot. Yo Mama is the 44th President with 44 Senators. This is called X-Men The Final Stand I used to wake as a small child outside screaming numbers out loud. The Panic and Manic attacks from that haunted me forever. My Birthday is 7 21 71. My best Friend 7 21 71. The Dreamer. Acts 2 17. The attacked him in 1990. They loaded him up on VA pills and when I came on the scene in Antioch he was fired from Lowes, Concord in less than 3 days after I tested William Coopers Theory on who Alex Jones was. I became an NSA Victim that day. I entered Travis AFB, On Epiphany. January 6th 2012. NDAA just already signed. I was given a date. Oct. 7th. My locker was 7. They fought on how long i would stay. I stayed 7 days. I was asked questions about my abilities. After they forced drugs on me I had a Seizure and had to drive to Antioch Kaiser. I have been smoking weed ever since. That is why they are against Marijuana. They don’t care about the Christians that use it. Its the PotHeads who don’t believe in Jesus Christ where there Toys don’t work well either. The NSA has the ability to project voices in people heads. Cooper warned about Operation Blue Beam. I have never heard a voice. True Followers of Jesus Christ that get off the Glenn Beck Road Show will not hear those voices. The NSA can project toys at the CENTER OF YOUR FOREHEAD. Jesus Christ will never talk to you like that. Its your own thoughts. Cooper warned of a FAKE Alien Invasion, Oklahoma and 911 with UFO’s. We believe Cooper died on 11/7/01. 666 loves to hide date. The Fresno Police have been at my door 10 times since 7/1. When they hacked into my Face Book Timeline and removed Pastor Kent Hovind Post, Anonymous was hiding what would happen on 7/8 when when Hovind went home. Market and LAX froze. Hovind’s Welcome Home party was 7/11. On 11/7, that was Bootin telling me were finally ready. I jumped the gun on my own when I saw Drunk come in on a 777. The 7th Brain Surgeon was so low, I should not see him. I see him clearly now and now I am more dangerous than Anonymous because of One Date. Just like you saw on 11/13 from the 666 Council of 13 Invading France with Operation French Drunk Walls, they have to play the numbers now. They are stuck. Next date December 7th In the movie the Matrix 2000, NEO’s expiration date was on September 11th 2001. When I heard the Glenn Beck Road Show, laughing about that and other Coincidences I knew who he was. He’s nothing but another LongMe from 666. LongMe gave Yo Mama a free pass on Benghazi. That’s when I new who he was. This is what happened at Benghazi.
When Your Mommy gives Yo Mama a Free Pass on Benghazi, This is what he passed on.
Secretary of NO State Office can I help you. Clanktin just woke up in someone else’s bed again. Well be right there.GUNS GUNS GUNS. NO State can I help you. Clanktin thinks she’s the First Lady Again. Well be right there. GUNS GUNS GUNS NO State can I help you. Clanktin needs name tags again. We have problem at Benghazi. Don’t worry about that. GUNS GUNS GUNS. NO State can I help. Benghazi says they need help now. Don’t worry about it. GET THE GUNS GET THE GUNS. Please help us Yo Mama we have been here 9 hours and we all about to die. GET THE GUNS GET THE GUNS GET THE GUNS. Were DEAD!. YOUTUBE VIDEO YOUTUBE VIDEO NO GUNS? JV TEAM JV TEAM JV TEAM. ISIS vs Anonymous. ISIS vs Anonymous. It’s getting hard to cover up the numbers now. September 11th, 2012. Next date December 7th 2015 to 2016. The reason things are going crazy his you will never put Clanktin in jail for that, ever. So what they do. They have to play out the rest of the scene. They played around with Time Travel and realized something. Just because you blow off JFK’s head they can’t change the end. We live in an Infinite Universe of Infinite Realities. They are filled with nothing but Tests. God Test’s you all the Time. Every time you make a move something changes. So there George Van Tassel Ball is broken and your Interest Rate are going no where. God allows Satan to rule the world but God Allows. He stopped allowing 7 years ago on the Pyramid on the back of your dollar. He sent the World a Brain Surgeon because after almost 30 years of nothing but President Kush and VP Cherry, Clanktin and Yo Mama and you want more. God is not happy with all the Black, Brown and White blaming each other for what William Cooper Behold A Pale Horse Warned you about. Coincidences Don’t Exist. Listen to Everyone, Believe No one, Research it for yourself. We know he died right on or before 11/7/01. Anonymous loves to hack down numbers. The Internet claims Cooper the Looper died on 11/05/01. We know better. They are doing the same thing with Pastor Kent Hovind with Facebook Kent Hovind – Jo Hovind vs IRS US. Go to that site, They claim Hovind made up the whole thing. This is how we destroy the Matrix. December 7th 2016. They have to play out the last scene I believe before X-Mem Final Stand. It’s called Under Siege with Denzal Washington.
Acts 2 17 Special Children of Prophesy My birthday is 7 21 71. Born San Francisco. My Best Friend 7 21 71. He was a Dreamer, I am not. I have my own gifts from 7=God=Jesus Christ. They destroyed him in 1990 at Metallica with Psy-OP from NSA Michael Aquino Toys that moved from the CIA Bars in San Francisco dosing people with Prostitutes.
THE NSA CHANGES AND REMOVES WORDS ALL THE TIME or I slip up too with all Im typing. IM HIDING UNDER ISP TUNNELS. The next date is December 7th 2015, December 7th 2016.  Who knows what happens? Im not a Prophet. 
Now that I know who Drunk 777 from Towers and Walls is. Bootin gave me the Signal on 11/7. Our Leader Pastor Kent Hovind’s party after 7/7 when I was locked up was on 7 /11. Were ready Bootin. The Acts 2 17 Ocean Sensors are now Active and only missing one more PEACE. When is the Rapture. When I saw that Satinic Coven come out with a girl with the last name Moses predict her 3rd Rapture event with help from Hollywood and the Dope meeting Yo Mama, I knew we had a problem. They are throwing out lots of Counter Intelligence on that to hide it with False Flag Cry Wolf Operations while Kent Hovind – Jo Hovind vs IRS US claim Hovind made up the whole thing to protect Anonymous from their bogus warning on 7/7. Now we have Anonymous vs ISIS. William Cooper the Mormon who I never would have gotten to this point with out him must be laughing his ass off in Heaven over Operation ISIS vs JV Team with GUNS GUNS GUNS. What a JOKE! Bring out the gREYS….which time hit exactly at 2 17 before the Engineer killed himself. They love to drop down and hide numbers that are Sid Roth Super Natural. I love January 25 2013, Thats a great gift from the 7th Brain Surgeon. Its the only thing that is keeping me going. We now just saw 21 die and they are looking for a 9th guy. They have to finish of Under Siege with Denzal Washington, They have no choice. December 7th 2015……………………. 
Christian Consiancy Cartoons on NSA Victims News


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