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The Ongoing Nuclear War Against the US: The Rain Factory Making Our Weather

Thursday, February 23, 2017 21:44
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(Before It's News)

By  Leuren Moret

Feb 24, 2017

Please see this video -

Oroville Dam – CA Rain: Proof Flooding is Manmade


Here is a video that shows the moisture, that is pounding CA and falling as snow further east (February storms), as having its source in Hawaii from generators on the Hawaiian islands. 

As I watched this video I realized that most of the footage is over the ocean, and it also shows the weather front passing over CA and continuing across the US, dropping its payload as rain and snow.  There aren’t any generators between the Hawaiian islands and the west coast of the US, because it’s all ocean – yet there was lots of footage on the vid of “wild boiling off” of moisture, from sea level, into the air masses moving east overhead the ocean and the land.  I slept on it because I knew the vid is a disinfo piece.  But what was it hiding?

Figure 4    The distribution of the impact strength of Cesium-137 at year 1.5 (a), year 3.5 (b) and year 4 (c). The impact strength of a nuclear pollutant is computed by combining the relative number concentration of nuclear pollutant particulate tracers with the decaying rate of the related radioactive element. The relative number concentration is the change rate of the numbers of nuclear pollutant particulate tracers in a unit area relative to the initial numbers of nuclear pollutant particulate tracers in the originating region of nuclear pollutants.                                       Source: An ensemble estimation of impact times and strength of Fukushima nuclear pollution to the east coast of China and the west coast of America
HAN, G. et al., Science China Press and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg August 2013, Vol.56, No.8: 1447–1451.
Read it here:

This morning I realized that it’s HAARP beams boiling off seawater in the Fukushima debris field (image above - Fig. 4) that stretches from the coast of China to the west coast of N. America.  Bob Nichols reported a large increase in rad for the Bay Area in his last two field reports, and I kept wondering where that was suddenly coming from. 

GAMMA RADIATION REPORT: YRTW SOL No 3 and 4  By Bob Nichols on February 11, 2017                  

Well, there were over 10 million garbage bags of highly contaminated debris etc. that the Fukushima workers bagged up and piled on the beach of the lagoon in front of the plant.  

   ‘City’ of Waste — Fukushima Cleanup Now Up to 10.7 Million 1-ton Bags of Radioactive Waste                                        

Months later in September 2015, Typhoon Etau – a powerful typhoon (created for the job) – swept Fukushima garbage bags into the ocean, and that “plastic island of death” started moving east across the Pacific headed for our west coast.  The bags and their radioactive cargo are somewhere between Hawaii and the west coast.

Fukushima Leaks Hundreds of Tons of Radioactive Water – 240 Contaminated Waste Bags After Typhoon Etau Hits Japan

My conclusion is that the US military is using HAARP beams on the ocean surface, from Hawaii to the west coast, to boil off moisture from the ocean in the most contaminated part of the Fukushima debris field (east of Hawaii – see Fig. 4), and directing it as unprecedented and offscale rain and snowstorms across America, to genocide the continent, and at times including Canada. 

The food bowl of America and the population of California are being completely contaminated permanently with fission products from Fukushima.

In the center of this EARTH map on Feb. 20, 2017, two intersecting weather fronts are visible.  One is traveling NE across Calif., and has a moisture trail behind it over the Pacific, indicating its origin was Hawaii.  As it traveled over the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley of Calif. on Feb. 20, it intersected a stronger weather front covering the Central Valley and traveling NW.  Where these two fronts intersected, the multiplier effect increased the amount of rainfall and wind velocity – right over the Oroville Dam watershed, as indicated by consistent daily rainfall maps.  This is now irrefutable evidence that the weird storms and destruction of Calif. agriculture and the winter crops (sugar beets, wheat, alfalfa etc.), is artificially generated and targeting the food bowl of America with flooding and pernicious radiation poisoning of the crops and environment of California.     

An identical operation is going on in the Caribbean where DU rad contaminated ocean moisture (from wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen) is being HAARP uploaded into air masses, that are seen traveling (the “weather front “rope” in the EARTH image above) N of New Orleans/Louisiana.  There have been tornadoes reported hitting New Orleans and Louisiana – not a normal weather pattern for that region.  In fact, that tornado “axis” from the southern states extending to Maine, has been a trajectory of tornado storms for a number of years – if people remember the southern states flattened and thousands of poor people homeless. 

The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle               



I would like to thank FlyingCuttlefish and Laurans Battis for their contributions to our group effort to inform the public about the Oroville dam situation, and the larger picture as a context for the ARTIFICIAL flooding of California and the winter crops. – L.M.

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  • FC

    the small URL to this article is

    • Good luck getting any of these paranoid buggers to click on a tinyurl :mrgreen:

  • FC

    On Japan bagging up rad waste –
    What are they covering up (literally) at Fukushima? (has photos)

    (2011) Fukushima: IAEA Final Report on Radiactive Contaminated Site: Put it in a landfill (!!!)

  • FC

    Leuren Moret [newsletter]

    The Purpose of Geoengineering and Chemtrails is Death

    “For the purposes of this article, “Geoengineering” and “Chemtrails” are defined as a military-industrial complex program, in partnership with private contractors and possibly major airlines, whereby planes spray particulate matter (particles/substances) into the atmosphere that otherwise would not be there.” …… , …”Ben Livingston, a former Navy Physicist known as the Father of Weaponized Weather, stated that he seeded clouds and dramatically increased rainfall in his theater of war, creating impassably muddy roads, which slowed down the Vietnamese and Korean troops during those wars. Livingston briefed President Lyndon B. Johnson on the effectiveness of weather control during the 1960s and says that technology to control weather was fully operational at the time.

    In 1996, the Air Force published Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025, which is yet another official document indicating that Geoengineering is a military weapon of war.

    In his book, Weather Warfare, Jerry Smith notes that “in the same amount of time we went from the Wright Brothers to Neil Armstrong, hundreds of environmental and weather modifying technologies have been patented in the US alone and hundreds more are being developed in civilian, academic, military and quasi-military laboratories around the world at this moment.”

    U.S. Naval Research Laboratory research physicists and engineers from the Plasma Physics Division, working at the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP – related to Geoengineering) transmitter facility, Gakona, Alaska, successfully produced a sustained high density plasma cloud in Earth’s upper atmosphere.
    Clearly Geoengineering is tied to weather manipulation, which can be used for purpose of covert wars on unsuspecting populations like our own.”

    Excellent article:

    :mrgreen: —- you can sign up for the newsletter at

    • Leuren Moret wrote…

      “In 1996, the Air Force published Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025, which is yet another official document indicating that Geoengineering is a military weapon of war.”

      … however the word “is” (as it appears in bold type) happens to be a gross exaggeration given the document itself actually reads…

      “…artificial weather technologies do not currently exist.”

      … so Leuren Moret really should have used the phrase “could be” if she wants to be taken seriously.

      Weather modification could be a military weapon of war and just as soon as one of you chemtards can show me statistically quantifiable evidence, that it has passed from the theoretical into reality, i’ll start believing in it but until then it remains a baseless conspiracy.

      As far as my research goes we’ve been able to make big raindrops into little raindrops by spraying iodine or sea salt or aluminium oxide crystals into the atmosphere that do nothing to increase precipitation although it can be argued that crop damage may have been reduced as a result of the smaller raindrops but even that is contentious.

      • FC

        You will find a ton more on weather manipulation, HAARP etc. on Moret’s website.
        It is all sourced and is science based.

        The best evidence of the weather modification being real and not a ‘theory’ is the many patents on the machinery to do it. Those are easy to find online.

        On the chem trails and aerial spraying I know less about. The info I like on that topic comes from Jim Lee who knows a lot about jet fuel. You may like his channel -

        • Patents only prove the existence of ideas so you’ll need a bit more than that to convince me weather manipulation has achieved any significant results. HAARP i’ve debunked too many times to count and Moret has proved that she plays fast and loose with language which makes anything she has to say suspect in the extreme.

          • For example; i gave HAARP a damn good thrashing…


            … as it relates to the Oroville Dam weather bomb.

          • FC

            How many international conferences and tribunals have you been called to as an expert witness?
            L.M. is a respected expert across the globe.
            She participated in the World Depleted Uranium Weapons Conference in Germany that was groundbreaking.

          • Emma Watson got to speak at the UN General Assembly so what’s your point and what does depleted uranium munitions have to do with HAARP?

  • You would have nice weather again… would be a trickle once in a awhile… :wink:

    William Basinski – Watermusic II


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