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The Addiction Myth

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 2:58
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One of the more all-pervasive myths of modern society is addiction. You can not only get addicted to cigarettes, booze and drugs but also to gambling, sex and the internet. 
The only problem with all this is that there’s no such thing as addiction. We’re not dealing with addictions, we’re dealing with moral choices. We live in a world in which the idea of moral choices is not very popular.
Not only is it not PC, it also makes life seem like hard work. If bad things happen to us not because we’re addicted but because we make poor choices then that means we have to take responsibility for our own lives.
It’s so much easier to  believe that addiction is a disease, or that some people are born with addictive personalities. 
If we’re sick or we were just born that way then it’s up to the government to do something about it. It’s a problem that requires funding. It requires an army of doctors and nurses and counsellors and social workers.
The truth is that an alcoholic is someone who chooses to drink more than he should. A problem gambler is someone who refuses to face up to reality and to adult responsibilities. A heroin addict is someone who chooses to use heroin. A sexual pervert is someone who chooses to indulge in perverted sex. These are all moral choices. 
Of course the society in which a person lives can make things easier or more difficult by either encouraging good moral choices or bad moral choices.
When Christianity was still a force in the western world it encouraged good moral choices. When parents still knew how to raise kids properly they taught kids that moral choices were part and parcel of life.
If we have much bigger problems today with drugs, alcoholism, homosexuality and other self-destructive (and socially destructive) behaviours that’s a reflection of the decline of our society but moral choices still come down to individual choices. You can choose not to drink or take drugs or indulge in homosexual behaviour.
To pretend that these things are illnesses or that some people are “born that way” is to delude ourselves. It also encourages foolish people to continue destroying themselves.
For a thorough demolition of the heroin addiction myth see Theodore Dalrymple’s Junk Medicine which I reviewed here quite a while back.


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  • Addiction is a disease, there is treatment for it. It has nothing to do with moral choices when someone is truly addicted. There is hope, there is help this article is a load of crap .

  • Once a Rottweiler gets a taste of blood, it remembers it’s a wolf and you usually have to put it down. The Dopamine Receptors in the brain work the same way. Once they get a taste of it, they are permanently changed. No amount of willpower will make any difference. Those receptors are going to force you to give them what they want regardless of the cost. Ever wake up and realize you were out of Coffee? What did you do, wait till tomorrow? Yeah, right.

    • T said, “Ever wake up and realize you were out of Coffee?”

      It’s fairly-affordable.

      T said, “What did you do, wait till tomorrow?”

      Yes, it’s just a drink.

    • The addicts think that you’re making the argument, as a co-dependent enabler, who enjoys their drama.

      So, what choices are you willing to make, in regards to addicts.

  • You’re having a hard time coping aren’t you, Politically Incorrect Australian? You want to latch onto anything, something from your past, some ole-fashioned, antiquated way of seeing the world that doesn’t work and hasn’t worked but it isn’t based in reality and who and what our species really is. I understand.
    It doesn’t matter if these things are diseases, addictions, bad habits, choices or conditions but whether or not a person can admit they have it or them whether or not they want to do something about them. You must think these souls, what, grow up to be these things, without some sort of experiences that somehow influence them to go down these dark paths towards destruction?

    You think in terms of perfection, that every single person makes these choices in cold, sober conditions? And you above all others are one of the only ones on earth who is pristine?

    Heaven help you! Forget about everyone else. Heaven help you! You’re gonna need it.

  • The problem with your thesis is that from a Christian perspective we are ALL born with addictions. It’s called a “sin nature” that we inherited from Adam. Yet, sin is not a disease – it’s a moral choice. But, the only way to overcome sin is through the grace of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Simple “choice” is not enough, but it does not excuse sin, rather sin illustrates our need for an intercessor in Christ.

    • Rom 1:20, Rom 2:12-16

      • Thanks – your scriptures illustrate my points very well.

    • There is no “law of sin” as anti-Christ Jew Pharisee Paul claims. If there were, then Jesus would have to be a sinner, because he came in THE flesh. And not the “likeness” of flesh that Paul claims either. Which is anti-Christ in itself. 1 John:2-3

      • “And not the “likeness” of flesh that Paul claims either.”

        Oh, look. Another Apostle Paul accuser who has problems reading Scripture. Try not altering the apostle’s words when you’re bearing false witness against him. HERE is what Paul actually said:

        Romans 8:3

        By sending his own Son in the likeness of SINFUL flesh and for sin, he condemned sin in the flesh…

        …ἐν ὁμοιώματι σαρκὸς ἁμαρτίας… [in likeness (of) flesh of sin]

        No one in the Bible ever said Jesus came in the likeness of flesh. Had anyone said that, you would be right — they would be antichrist. But you are wrong.

        You need to pay better attention. Start doing that and you’ll stop bearing false witness against a man who deserves it not.

        • [Nevermind, Pharisee. Had I noticed it was you, I would have ignored you. Your conscience is seared and you are in willful rebellion against God because you change the Scriptures to suit your purposes.]

  • Addiction is weakness plain and simple. I have never seen people addicted to being hit by cars. I have never seen people who are addicted to pulling on Bulls tails in open pastures. I have never seen anyone addicted to hitting themselves in the face with a hammer. I have seen addiction firsthand, My ex with Meth. Her Mother had a Gambling addiction. Her Father was a Alcoholic. I have been around druggies and drug users all of my life but have never become addicted to any of that garbage through my strength, and not weakness. Be strong and avoid weakness in your life. :wink:

    • And you are addicted to pride?

      • Sure, If you say so. When has anyone been harmed by pride?

        • When has anyone been harmed by pride? “Pride comes before the fall” is a universally accepted axiom. You will find out soon enough.

          • I am 53, So when is going to happen? :neutral:

          • When the average life span is over 80, there’ still plenty of time. Or… maybe in eternity after you stand before the Judgment Seat?

          • Just~ Time will take my youth, my health, my hair, my teeth but it will never take my pride. Unlike others, I guess I was born with it. Good Try though. You should work on your self esteem issues though. :wink:

  • Addiction is a lack of self control, and some people have to have help in regaining that.

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