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A Question of Character, Malicious Intent, Anxiety and the Path to Liberation

Sunday, April 9, 2017 6:33
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(Before It's News)

Before I get into the subject of this publication I have a prayer request for those of you who believe in the power of prayer. One of the hardest men I have ever known is laying in a critical care unit in a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. We first met in JROTC in High School. A few years later I worked some influence with Command Sergeant Major Samuel Hernandez to get him into my Battalion once he arrived at the 82nd Airborne Division Replacement Depot. A couple of years later he went over to Vicenza, Italy as part of the “Foreign Legion” of the 82nd Airborne Division, 4/325th. He left active duty some time before Desert Storm. In July of 2007 he re-enlisted. Two days later he was gone, training for a new job and then it was off to Iraq. He was wounded pretty badly in Iraq and still deals with the effects of his wounds. His name is Donald Martin but even in High School everybody called him “Sarge”. He’s been the best friend anybody could ever want to have. As of yesterday it looks like the worst of it is over ( a really bad case of the Flu) but he needs prayers for healing right now. His family needs him and will surely appreciate it.

I am fortunate to have spent my military service with some very fine people. Most of them I haven’t seen in years but I consider every one of them to be family. Actually, though we be separated by many years, miles and life experiences I consider them to be closer than family. I share a bond with them that could only be made at a particular time and place in my life that will never be repeated. As such the love I have for these guys is unlike any other kind of love I’ve ever experienced and as such my regard for them is not on the same level as many people whose DNA I actually share.

Now you may find the news I am about to share to be rather incredible, amazing or even disconcerting but not everyone I know is happy about the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States. I’ll give you a moment to get over the shock unless perhaps you read a thing or two about this in the newspapers. Some people feel threatened by the Trump Presidency. In the week before last Michael Moore said that one of the results of the Trump Presidency will be the extinction of the Human Race. There are a lot of people who are utterly freaking out and the purpose of this publication is to address this ongoing issue.

I’ll probably turn a lot of people off right now by explaining that this publication is not about politics. I am fully exhausted when it comes to politics unless something really funny is going on. Lately a lot of funny stuff has been going on but even then it can be tedious to talk about. That’s why I was sad to see the Presidential Election Campaign come to an end. At least that was like watching Pro Wrestling. It had entertainment value and due to the schedule of events that take place during an election process it actually had something of a script. Kind of like Pro Wrestling, even though we know that it’s following a script, we tuned in anyway just to see exactly what would happen next. Even when we had some idea as to what might happen next, we had to watch it anyway. Never in my life have I seen anything like the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign. It was without a doubt the most entertaining election of my lifetime. People will be writing stories about it for years to come.

The day to day news nowadays is like some kind of really bizarre reality TV show. Season one has already had some incredible episodes. I think that a major problem with the show today is that it has tapped into serious emotional reserves of people very early on. In a proper show you pace out the excitement a bit. The crowd should not be overwhelmed with the action too early on. That’s why in Pro Wrestling there’s a Popcorn Match, a Main Event and everything in between in its proper place. To keep the attention and focus of the crowd you work the drama to a well-placed crescendo. You don’t pull them out of their seats in the opening match.

I started off this publication by explaining the high regard that I have for the guys who I served with in the Army. Several of them are among those who are less than pleased with President Trump. Of course there are people who publish to this forum every day who are less than pleased with President Trump. There are people everywhere who are less than pleased with President Trump and in the days after the election when people were losing their minds I issued a challenge to anyone who cared to take it up. I asked anyone who cared to take the time to make a list of things that they believed would happen as a result of the Trump Presidency. I was hoping that my Cousin-in-Law (literally, he’s married to my Cousin and is an Attorney) would respond. He’s a great maker of lists and expresses his Progressive beliefs most passionately in social media on a frequent basis. Because he and others like him were utterly losing their minds after the election, something I have experienced myself, I wanted to do something that would help them get through it and the first step in the process was making a list of the things that they fear the most as a result of the incoming administration. The first step in any cleansing process is to expose the dirt and by committing to writing your greatest fears it exposes them to light. It is a confession of sorts.

Not everyone was up to it. Cousin-in-Law has yet to respond. He was too emotionally damaged at the time that the challenge went out to make a response. It is sad too because he has an opinion about everything, he loves statistics and he loves making lists. As an Attorney he likes to express himself, he likes to discuss and debate. The challenge I put out was not about debate though. There are no wrong answers. Though he expresses himself daily regarding current events, he has yet to take up the challenge. Others have responded though. One responded in typical social media troll fashion and another responded in a highly thoughtful manner. His response was incomplete because he too was ultra pissed off at the time but it is the most complete response I got. It is from a friend who is also an Attorney (and former Law Enforcement Officer who worked a County where there has never been a dull moment) and who served in my Infantry Company in the 82nd Airborne Division. His remarks have been archived in accordance with the purpose of the exercise, not to be reviewed until the end of the Trump Administration.

Since the recording and archiving of those remarks I have become aware that my friend is in pain. There are also others from A Company, 3rd Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment who are in pain right now. By that I mean they are plagued with anxiety about the days we are living and I know all about that. Anxiety creates a nagging chronic pain to the psyche.

I have been a victim of that sort of thing and I cannot bear the fact that I have Brothers who are suffering as a result of this anxiety right now. I cannot wait until the end of the Trump Administration to help bring this anxiety to an end. The only thing that I can do is share with them and anyone who is suffering from the pain I describe, how it is that I have dealt with it.

I have written about all kinds of everything here on the Real Revo. When I am writing to the world at large I communicate in a particular way. Because I will soon be responding directly to a friend for whom I have a great deal of respect, I will be communicating with him differently. I may repeat some things that you’ve heard me say here many times. I am responding to a question that he asked of me a few days ago and in order to answer that question properly I need to do a great deal of writing and it has to be published in a place where it can be most easily read. Because it is of a subject matter that I have written about here previously, I have decided to share my response to my friend’s question here. As if that isn’t annoying enough, throughout this publication I will, without warning, shift from talking directly to my friend to speaking with anyone who is reading this and back again. It’s crazy but I can’t control myself.

In order to understand the context of the question I have to share the conversation that was at hand that gave rise to the question.

My friend began his remarks with… “Because of my life experiences, my upbringing, my education, and my beliefs (essentially, who I am as a man), I completely despise Donald Trump with every fiber of my being. Despite the office he holds, I cannot bring myself to give him even a modicum of respect. My contempt for Trump is not about Republican or Democrat party affiliation. It’s not about liberal or conservative agendas. It is about the man himself”.

I’ve said the very same things about President Clinton.

There is nothing unreasonable about those remarks. Several people here on the Revo have said the very same things about President Trump. Yes, it is because of our life experiences, upbringing, education and our beliefs, essentially who we are that guides us in our decision making, discernment of people and informs us of the difference between right and wrong.

My friend continues…

“Trump is cruel, cowardly, willfully ignorant, greedy, completely self-absorbed, and believes himself to be entitled to the “spoils” of his office. He is not the rich “patriarch politician” his supporters believe him to be. Far from it. He is morally and ethically corrupt, and a very real danger to democracy itself. I await anxiously for many of my fellow Americans to realize a simple truth; there is no good in the man”.

Again, pretty much the same things about Trump have been said here and for the sake of my friend who is reading this publication, the Real Revo is a fairly conservative libertarian blog. We believe in brutal honesty and we can get brutally ugly sometimes in expressing it. It’s just how we roll and obviously you fit right in. It was your use of the word “Anxious” that triggered my response.

I responded in a familiar way. Often times I wade into a serious conversation with some kind of comic element to it that will help diffuse some heat but also shine some light on a fundamental Truth. The Truth I am attempting to express is one that I have attempted to express here on the Revo on several occasions.

“In April of 2011 I published an article that provides insight into the Donald Trump political character. He is an amalgamation of Ric Flair, Terry Funk and Ted DiBiase. Anybody who grew up watching Pro Wrestling could see the gimmick he was working. It was hilarious watching the election as a field of career politicians who have spent all their lives running their mouths get run over by a WrestleMania Superstar. That just shows you how disgusted people are with career politicians from EITHER Party. The internal threat to our Republic long predates Donald Trump. Fortunately we have been able to survive many cruel, cowardly, willfully ignorant, greedy, completely self-absorbed, morally and ethically corrupt Presidents who believed themselves to be completely entitled to the spoils of their office”.

It is not my intention to be tedious with the back and forth of remarks between friends but this is an interesting conversation and it isn’t one that can be found just anywhere, though it has been found here on many occasions. The general conversation about politics out in the world today is just noise to me. It has actually become white noise to me that I just tune out. I know what people are going to say before they say it. I have a host of automated responses to select from should I decide to engage. Like I said, it’s all white noise to me now so I don’t even notice it. Likewise, I rarely engage in it. Politics is a dead end discussion but like I told you up front, this publication isn’t about politics. Politics cannot inspire me to write this much like it once did but as the long time readers here know, it was Anxiety that fueled most of my writing about politics in the past. This publication is about relieving Anxiety.

The conversation continues…

“Brad, having travelled much in the former Roman Republic/Empire, and having participated in archeological digs as a teen, I don’t think of the U.S. as having been around for all that long. In Turkey, friends traded empty mayonnaise jars for copper dishes that were older than our young country (simply because the jars kept food better). The ring I gave my wife on our wedding day was dated 400-200 B.C. (I couldn’t afford a diamond at the time). Many of the places I visited as a child, including Aleppo, are now unsafe to visit. To my way of thinking, the American Civil War was not so long ago that the division is forgotten, or the issues put entirely to rest. So pardon me if I don’t feel our experiment in governance have survived the test of time, or is nearly as robust as you seem to”.

Now finally, for the moment we have all been waiting for…

“Personally, I believe Trump to be uniquely dangerous, but I am curious as to which of our former presidents you think are Trump’s equal in lack of redeeming character or malicious intent towards our fragile republic.’

The reader should note that it has taken five pages of writing on a Word Document just to get to the question. It is fortunate that my friend is an Attorney and understands how these things happen. If I didn’t think this is worth writing about I wouldn’t be doing it. I don’t make day to day political publications here much anymore. I contribute mostly to entertainment, cultural issues and matters of a spiritual nature nowadays. In the case of this publication I want the Real Revo reader to understand the fullest context of the conversation at hand and thus this publication has already gotten quite long and it’s going to get longer.

You can stop now if you aren’t up to it.

I am like my friend who asks me this question. I am a passionate man. My passion toward being of immediate help to my Brothers who are feeling a little anxious right now causes me to not be able to restrain myself. Also like my friend, it is because of my life experiences, my upbringing, my education, and my beliefs (essentially, who I am as a man) that I am compelled and informed to respond.

I am fortunate enough in my upbringing to have had real Heroes in my life. One of them is my Uncle Franz. He is an ultra old school retired Marine Corps badass. He did 3 tours in Vietnam flying black ops into Laos as a Helicopter Door Gunner/Crew Chief. In the civilian job he retired from he was the factory liaison between Sikorsky and the “Marine One” Squadron, HMX-1. He is my first military hero and has provided me with a lot of personal inspiration over the course of my life.

My Uncle Franz is my first military hero and he is much more than that. He is one of the most honorable men I have ever known. He isn’t my Hero because he is a crusty, hard as nails military badass. He is my Hero because of the way he loves his wife, my Aunt Evelynn. He is a perfect example of what every husband should be. My Aunt has always been a handful. She’s a good woman but she has suffered from mental health issues and their marriage has been filled with less than wonderful things but he never quit loving her. Though at times they had to live apart he never abandoned her. They are in the sunset days of their lives and her health is more fragile than ever. Uncle Franz is by her side right now, Semper Fi.

In the course of our history we have had Presidents of varying degrees of character.

One of the biggest character flaws that I find in a man is one that is quite common. The character flaw that I find most repulsive in a man is an inability to be faithful to his wife. I come from a broken home. It is understandable that I would feel this way. It is part of my upbringing, my life experiences.

There have been plenty of Presidents who have suffered from this character flaw. It is a moral corruption of the most base level because of what the Sacrament of Marriage represents. President Trump is an Adulterer. The same is said of Presidents Clinton, Kennedy and Eisenhower.

Let me also say that I am chief among Sinners. My list of sins was pretty lengthy and exotic. To be forgiven of those Sins is the greatest Joy of my life. I hope that everyone who reads this will one day know that Joy, if they don’t already. Part of the Joy of Forgiveness is derived from being able to forgive others. I know what it’s like to carry around hatred for another human being so fierce that for years the vow that I made to myself and to my family was that the very next time I saw that person, that I would kill him by whatever means that presented itself. Instead I forgave the highly anxious individual (as any serial Federal Informant should be) and told him how what he did to me made me a stronger person. By doing that I was liberated from the curse of being a Murderer at heart. How much worse is that than being an Adulterer? Let he who is without Sin cast the first stone.

I loved President Eisenhower. He was a wise man. He was the right man at the right place at the right time and that doesn’t happen accidentally. In spite of his personal shortcomings, he was chosen as our President. I am most grateful for that.

Because starting at 8 years old my education came to me by way of the Sisters of Mercy of Ireland, I grew up with a love and respect for President Kennedy. I had a little 45rpm vinyl record of his speech when he issued the challenge to land men on the Moon and return them safely to Earth by the end of the Decade. It made me want to one day become an Astronaut.

It was after I was no longer under the authority of the Sisters of Mercy that I learned that JFK was and adulterer, some say a serial adulterer. In spite of his weakness of character there are many reasons why I am glad that he was chosen to be President of the United States. In April of 1986 I placed my Jump Wings at his grave in Arlington.  

Years later I openly wept as I looked out a window of the Texas School Book Depository down on to Elm Street alongside Dealy Plaza, enraged that a Communist Punk with a mail order Thirty Eight Dollar rifle could get close enough to our President to do what he did to our Country. Whether you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald shot John F. Kennedy or not, it was an easy shot to make and to this day it pisses me off that someone was allowed to be in a place to make it. 

The world still wonders how things would be different if JFK had survived the trip to Texas.

I didn’t know Ike and I didn’t know JFK. Their Presidencies were before my lifetime. In spite of their character flaws it was the things that their administrations directed that made major contributions toward the survival of the United States. For that we can all be grateful.

It can be argued that lack of redeeming character on the part of Bill Clinton is why Osama bin Laden survived to send his people to attack the United States on September 11th  2001. Regardless, I do not believe that it was the result of malicious intent on the part of the President. He was just too busy being too smart to being tricked into getting bogged down with the legal efforts required to keep Osama bin Laden locked up. He was too busy being nowhere to be found when a decision was required of him to take advantage of a window of opportunity to kill Osama bin Laden. It wasn’t due to malicious intent on the part of the President that our enemy was allowed at attack us on September 11th 2001. It was due to stupidity.

What my friend wants to know specifically is which of our former Presidents it is who is Trump’s equal in lack of redeeming character or malicious intent toward our fragile republic. Lack of redeeming character. Malicious intent. In order to make that kind of judgment I am going to have to rely on what it is that I have personally observed, not what I have read about. I could go back in time and discuss Presidents who lived and died before us but that will not be sufficient. I have to rely on my life experiences, my upbringing, my education, my beliefs and essentially who I am as a man in order to inform and compel my opinion.

I became a man while serving in Alpha Company, 3rd Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division. It was my upbringing, my education, my beliefs and essentially what I believed that a man should be that informed the decision that paved the way for me to become an Airborne Infantryman and get my most enduring lesson about the Evil we face today. I would say that began in the barracks on the evening of March 23rd 1983. President Reagan gave the much mocked and maligned “Star Wars Speech”. The President laid out a presentation of the threats we faced in the Cold War. Lots on interesting things were in that speech including an aerial photograph of what everyone in the barracks would be referring to as our Drop Zone 215 Days later. The biggest part of the speech was the introduction of the Strategic Defense Initiative. Though I could not recall the name of the island to which our future Drop Zone belonged the next day at morning formation and even though as Soldiers we were isolated from politics for the most part, I remember the ridicule of the President that followed that speech. I thought it was odd that anyone would be opposed to building a defense against Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Even then I knew that eventually such a defense system could be built and that we would need it. It seemed to me at the time that to oppose the pursuit of such an incredibly valuable defensive weapon system could only be born out of malicious motivations. It just didn’t make sense to oppose the building of the means to defend ourselves against ICBMs.

Given the way current events are playing out, we can all be grateful for the fact that the Strategic Defense Initiative survived the malicious attempts that were made to end it. I mean seriously, Ted Kennedy back channeled the Soviets with an offer to render assistance in containing Reagan’s ambitions on this and other issues. That’s a fairly malicious act at the height of the Cold War. In spite of his best efforts he was never elected to be President and we can all be thankful for that. I’m looking forward to a firepower demonstration of this epic defensive weapons system over the Sea of Japan sometime soon.

Months after the Star Wars Speech came Operation Urgent Fury. I got my eyes opened to what Evil really looks like. The stories that the Grenadian citizens shared with us about the brutality they endured have stuck with me over the years. I remember the moment when we got near the St. Georges area and were told to keep an eye out for dead civilians in the ditches and the bush who may have escaped the October 19th Massacre only to crawl off somewhere else and die later. I remember thinking at that time how good it was to deal with this away from the United States because a Communist Revolution inside the United States would be beyond brutal. It was at that moment that Communist Revolution in the United States became a fear of mine on par with the fear I had since my early childhood of all out Nuclear War. LBJ’s campaign ad known as “Daisy” and the movie Fail Safe scared the crap out of me as a kid about the reality we faced of nuclear annihilation in the Cold War. Starting in October of 1983 I began to carry fear for the day that a Communist Revolution should happen in the United States. I am sure that if I took the time to explain it in greater detail that anyone who would read it would know exactly why that is and thusly that Fear I speak of could not be considered an irrational one. It is based on one of my most profound life experiences.  

One of the things I brought home from Grenada was a little book of speeches by Fidel Castro and what made it such interesting reading is that at the time you could hear speeches with similar content being made among the legislative bodies in Washington, DC.

That too seemed very odd to me. Why was it happening? It really bothered me.

After the Cold War was over and the communication age was upon us, I began to correspond with Communist Revolutionaries and former members of the People’s Revolutionary Armed Forces of Grenada. Operation Urgent Fury has a rare historical distinction of being a battle where each of the opposing forces speak English. I began corresponding with them in April of 2000. I learned a lot about the history of the Grenadian Revolution. There was much ugliness. Without the insanity of Sir Eric Matthew Gairy, Maurice Bishop and Bernard Coard would have never been able to lead a successful Revolution. The ugliness that followed the March 1979 revolutionary coup got worse. It’s the typical stuff that happens in Communist Revolutions wherever they are found which is why the thought of something like that happening here is one of my two worst nightmares.

It is here that I get close to going astray. The conversation about Marxist Atheists with Law Degrees and Guns is also one I have written about at great length and you will be entirely exhausted by the end of this conversation to have any appetite for that one. No need to stray off into that subject. I won’t be providing links to any previous publications or informational websites. This is a conversation. Nobody reads linked stories anyway. They are usually too busy trying to argue. Ain’t nobody got no time for no readin’. I’m surprised that anyone is still reading this.

In spite of our highly efficient immigration system that precludes people who have taken part in Communist Revolutions from becoming such, the Revolutionaries I speak of are now U.S. Citizens who overwhelmingly immigrated to the Baltimore, New York and Boston metropolitan areas. Over the years we discussed more than just history. They love talking politics and a lot of that took place between us.

As the 2008 election campaign got underway, many of them got involved in campaigning for one candidate in particular. It was Senator Barack Obama. The guy came across as smooth as black velvet but the more I listened to him speak the more I realized how much he sounded like the Communist Revolutionaries with whom I had been corresponding for years. There could be no wondering why the people I speak of chose to do volunteer work for his election campaign. Lifelong Marxists do not swim outside of their own fish bowl. It was becoming clearer to me, listening to them speak about it, that Obama was one of their fellow travelers.

Then of course we began to learn who Obama is. It’s pretty much textbook. He’s the Son of two Marxist Revolutionaries who was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis. He has associated with known and unrepentant Communist Terrorists. His upbringing, education, life experiences, beliefs, the things that make him the man he is all indicated one thing to me back in 2007. The man is a straight up Marxist. Marxists have nothing but malicious intent for the United States.

Of course most Americans were unable to discern any of that until after the election. Most people were too caught up the feel good moment that was attributable to the historic nature of that election. Those who were paying attention and knew what they were looking at were few. What a horrible thing it was to be among those few.

Regardless of how anyone felt on the morning after the 2016 Presidential Election, few can only begin to imagine how I felt on the 25th Anniversary of the day that A-3/325 returned from Grenada, the day the American people elected a Marxist Revolutionary to the Presidency of the United States. The best way for someone to begin to grasp what that meant to me is by trying to imagine what a D-Day Veteran would feel like if 25 years after the end of World War Two the American people would have elected a Nazi as President. It was a horrible feeling. President Reagan explained that in the space of a generation Americans could lose their Country if they forget the lessons of history or fail to act on them. On that day it felt as if that fact was playing out before my very eyes.

My outlook for the future of the United States at that time was pretty dreary. Like I explained previously, Communist Revolution in the United States was something that I had a profound fear of since I was 18 years old. It is one of the greatest creators of Death and Destruction in modern history.

In November of 2008 I recall one of the things that sickened me the most was that in the years going forward that Americans were going to die in huge numbers as a result of the malicious intent of the President Elect. I wasn’t feeling like Michael Moore or anything. I did not believe that the extinction of the human race was going to occur as a result of the Obama Presidency. Nonetheless I did believe that a bunch of really bad things were going to happen as a direct result of the malicious intent directed against the United States by President Obama and I was confident enough in that to have written all that down at the time in a publication that has been featured here on more than one occasion. Eight years later I found that publication to be so informative that it caused me to issue the challenge I mentioned earlier here. I invited anyone who cared to take the time, to write down the things they believe will come to pass as a result of the Trump administration. It is my attempt to use the things I learned during the years of the Obama Administration to be of help to those who are now suffering the psychological effects of the Trump Administration.

The lack of character argument that I have made toward other Presidents is not one that I would apply to President Obama. Although there is a certain lack of character that allows one to ascribe to Marxism, if that’s your character, then that’s your character. In that regard he does not lack in character.

As for malicious intent on the part of President Obama, I can make that argument. Not only that, I can do it without being ugly. Why would I be ugly anyway? I am having a conversation with a friend, someone for whom I have a great deal of respect. My friend is asking me what I think about something and as such there is no wrong answer. I am sure that my friend appreciates the fact that I expended this effort to be sure that I do my best in answering his question. This is just my opinion. Nobody has to agree with it and in fact I do not care if anyone does.

Here goes…

You cannot claim to love something that you think requires a fundamental transformation. Try that with a woman and see what happens. Trying to force fundamental change on to someone or something you claim to love does represent something of a maliciousness of spirit. It represents a desire to exert undue and unwanted control. It will ultimately result in destruction.

Why does it ultimately result in destruction? If something requires fundamental transformation, it is because it has somehow been judged to be fundamentally flawed. The things that cause these perceived flaws must be destroyed. President Obama was very clear about what he perceived these flaws to be… after he was elected. Of course there is that book the he wrote, Dreams of my Father. It was very insightful. When he took the Oath of Office he did so with malicious intent in his heart. Most of the actions he took as President were guided by his malicious attitude toward this Country.

It is at this point when I could easily go astray. Discussing these things often brings about a powerful thirst yet should this thirst be quenched in a familiar manner my writing will go downhill fast and I will get far away from the subject at hand. This effort will become a failure. This is too important to allow that to happen.

I am not going to re-live 8 years of the Obama Administration in a single publication. I am going to do my best to insure that the focus of my writing is not about Politics. To do either is an act of insanity. I’ve written plenty about either of those subjects over the years and it has accomplished absolutely nothing. I will not continue to do so now and expect a different result.

As for maliciousness of heart on the part of President Obama, I recall one of the earliest notable revelations of such was the controversy surrounding the arrest of Professor Gates up in Cambridge. The President chose to insert himself into that situation in a highly provocative and divisive manner. He displayed the malice in his heart that he has for Law Enforcement Officers, which is to be expected of a Marxist. Likewise it was the first time the President sought to inflame racial strife among the citizenry which is also to be expected of a Marxist. These things he did with malicious intent and it was a pattern of behavior that became easily predictable over the course of the Obama White House Years.  

Likewise it was with malicious intent that Attorney General Eric Holder, acting in accordance with the wishes of President Obama flew out to Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting in order to perpetuate the Lies that had been propagated in the wake of the shooting, to provide legitimacy to the rioters (many of whom were Marxist Revolutionaries) and to tell them to stay the course. It was with the same malicious intent that Law Enforcement Officers were told to stand down and let the Rioters run wild.

The malicious lies about the Michael Brown shooting that were perpetuated by the Obama Administration (that of course were later refuted in Federal Court but that would be much later when nobody was paying attention) gave rise to a movement that would engage in acts racially motivated terrorism that cost American lives. We all came to expect civil unrest in the wake of a Police Shooting, knowing that when all was said and done the shooting would be found to be justified but yet in the immediate aftermath violence and destruction fomented by the propagation and dissemination of Lies with malicious intent was to be expected and in several cases innocent people who made the mistake of being in the wrong place at the wrong time would be beaten to death.

Then of course there are the Police Officers who have been murdered by the acolytes of the Obama administration. “What do we want? Dead Cops. When do we want them? Now!” Two days later Officers Ramos and Liu were shot to death in Brooklyn by a member of the Nuwaubian Nation. Soon Police Officers all over the Country were being lured into ambushes or simply stalked and shot to death. Never in my life have I seen anything like it. It was with malicious intent that all of the racial strife, violence, destruction and murder were fomented. Law Enforcement as an institution is something that President Obama has had lifelong malice toward by way of his upbringing, education, life experiences, and beliefs. This was evident to many more people than myself. Just this past Christmas as I had conversations with Law Enforcement Officers I made a point of saying how happy I was that for the first time in several years that Police Officers were not being hunted down and shot during the holidays. By and large their response was to say how good it was to know that soon the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the land would once again have their backs.

Fundamental transformation requires the destruction of such institutions as Law Enforcement. Fundamental transformation requires lawlessness. It also requires a malicious use of the Law that fundamentally transforms how it is applied. It is a perversion of the Law. It is an adulteration of the Law. It is the method by which the letter of the Law is used to violate the spirit of the Law. This never happens by accident. It is only with intentions that are malicious to the Law itself that these machinations are put in place. It was with malicious intent that the minions of the Obama Administration directed legal persecution of the Little Sisters of the Poor. They were by no means the only organization who felt the might of the federal government as directed by the Obama Administration.

The Little Sisters of the Poor represent a particular problem for Marxist Revolutionaries. They don’t care what Laws or Regulations are applied against them. They know that they are accountable to God for the way they conduct themselves. It is his Law and his Law alone that is their chief concern. Jesus Christ explained that the most important things that we should do with our lives is to love the Lord God with all of our being and that we should love our neighbors as ourselves because in doing so we would naturally avoid a host of things that create nothing but misery among us. Jesus Christ also explained that his followers are to be as wise as serpents and as humble as doves because he sends us out as sheep among wolves. The Little Sisters of the Poor did all those things in obedience to the Laws of God, not the Laws of Man. Though they are sheep among wolves, they have always known that the Good Shepherd is who they rightly place their faith in. That whole concept is entirely offensive to Marxist Revolutionaries. It was with malicious intent that the Obama Administration set about to bring destruction against them. They were shown to be less effective in that endeavor than a South Georgia Fire Ant will ever be at biting ankles on Mars. Nonetheless their personal malice toward Christians, a characteristic known to Marxist Revolutionaries worldwide, forced them to try.  

It was also early on when we saw the Obama Administration embrace lawless factions within the United States when it embraced the Occupy Movement. What a bunch of clowns they were, evil clowns at that. They did accomplish a few things though. They directly contributed to an explosion in the rodent population wherever they were found in large numbers. Likewise they contributed to an explosion of sexually transmitted diseases in their rat infested camps. They also contributed to the crime rate by way of robberies, rapes, beatings and I think there was a Murder or two.

There was also something else that the Occupy Movement contributed to. It is their most enduring legacy. They were on the scene early to accelerate hostilities at the beginning of the Syrian Civil War. Factions of the Occupy Movement set up shop in Syria and started offering money to anyone who would take a shot at a Syrian Police Officer or Soldier. I think they were offering the equivalent of $300US a shot. A lot of unemployed people in Syria jumped on that offer without hesitation. We all know what has happened as a result. My friend does not want to return to Aleppo any time soon and that is a direct result of the malicious efforts of the Obama Administration. The latest news out of Syria is quite alarming but we would not be where we are today if the minions of the Progressive Movement, with the blessings of the Obama Administration had not helped to start this War to begin with. Nobody knows how it’s going to end but there isn’t a single person I know who thinks there can be a positive outcome.

Why did the Obama Administration embrace the Occupy Movement? It’s because anti-capitalist revolutionaries typically do embrace each other. They hold the same kind of malice in their hearts toward things they feel must be fundamentally transformed. President Obama saw that they could be useful idiots in the furtherance of Revolution both at home and abroad.

When we began to behold the wonder of the Arab Spring it was the President of the United States who compared the supporters of the Egyptian Revolution against Hosni Mubarak to, get this, the Wisconsin Teacher’s Union members who were on strike in Madison at the time. What? How did we get there? Was there some kind of synergy between union workers and the radical factions in Egypt who would go on to overthrow the Mubarak government? The video sent by AFL/CIO President Richard Trumka that was addressed to the Egyptian Revolutionaries expresses solidarity with their movement. What the hell was that all about? Some sort of international Marxist element to the Arab Spring? Whatever was going on there the Obama Administration was supporting the faction with the greatest hostility to the United States. That kind of thing happened so frequently during his administration that there is no way that it could be a coincidence. Those who have malice in their hearts toward the United States do tend to support each other in their causes. The first speech that President Obama gave overseas was at Cairo University and he insisted that the Muslim Brotherhood be present. Obviously there were things he had to say that he wanted them to hear.

The Arab Spring turned out to be a disaster for the United States and the world. We will be dealing with the effects of that disaster for some time. A more ruthless pursuit of our enemies will be instrumental in dealing with those effects. The 325th is over in the sand right now, preparing to annihilate ISIS. They are there because the Arab Spring that the Obama Administration gave such enthusiastic support to have resulted in vastly increased capabilities of our enemies. Without the efforts and support of the Obama Administration, ISIS wouldn’t exist.

Any lifelong Marxist Revolutionary carries a natural malice in their heart toward the United States military. This malice of heart first became evident in the way that President Obama failed to respond in a timely manner to requests from his Commanding General in Afghanistan in the early days of his administration. It was an intentional and malicious dereliction of his responsibilities. As the years went on malicious intent on the part of the President also became apparent in how he hobbled the efforts of the military with rules of engagement that were hostile to the mission. There is no way to know how many lives that cost us.

An amazing number of field grade military officers have been relieved of command and forced into retirement during the Obama years. Try to imagine the stupid things an enlisted man can do to get kicked out of the military nowadays. It’s as if extra duty or Article 15 NJP doesn’t exist anymore. I know a kid from the 508th who was kicked out of the Army after 4 months at his unit… for drinking in the barracks while under the age of 21. Back in our day drinking in the barracks was a team building exercise and it was the way the First Sergeant preferred that we do it because we were safe there. There was no opportunity to get a DUI while drinking in the barracks. Young Paratroopers are going to drink. Drinking in the barracks is the safest place for them to engage in that and it has the added benefit of enhancing adhesion between team members. To in any way impede that is a malicious act.

As an institution the military was further corrupted on orders from President Obama with this nonsense about women serving in the Infantry. That entire concept is as corrosive a thing that could ever happen to a combat unit and there is no point in elaborating here on Palm Sunday. We are Airborne Infantrymen and we know. There will be a whole lot more than just underage drinking going on in the barracks in a co-ed environment that will be extremely damaging to unit cohesion. We’ve got enlisted women going aboard Submarines now. My girlfriend is a Navy Veteran of Desert Storm. She worked in the engine room of a Sub Tender, maintaining electrical power throughout the ship. Have you ever had a Navy Girlfriend?  I must remember that it is Palm Sunday but insert Rick James musical track here. It seems to me that the President has done quite a lot of things to limit the ability of our military to kill our enemies. His orders have had malicious effect but as a Marxist with malice towards the U.S. Military in his heart there was no way that would not be the case.

The release of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, many of whom have rejoined the Jihad against the West has had a malicious effect that anyone could have predicted and thusly it is reasonable to assume that it was with malicious intent that it was done. The Bergdahl prisoner swap was a joke that nobody laughed at. We have yet to pay the price for those decisions here in the United States unless they kill a friend or family member in the military.

The thing that stands out to me as the biggest act of malicious intent against the United States by President Obama is how he provided material aid, comfort and support to the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world who has acted as an enemy of the United States since 1979. They have waged War against the United States since October 23rd 1983. They have killed Americans in the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan. They’ve had that Death to America thing going on for decades and it’s been more than just words.

Then it was explained to us by President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Kerry that if we lifted economic sanctions against Iran and released their financial assets that we held in frozen accounts that it might better enable them to kill Americans in the future. Nonetheless that is what the nuclear agreement that the Obama Administration made with Iran provided for and in order to satisfy the requirements of a long standing lawsuit the Obama Administration authorized an additional cash payment to Iran of $400 Million Dollars in various currencies along with wire transfers to total 1.3 Billion Dollars.

I don’t care how much sophistry is required to make an agreement to provide aid, comfort and support to an enemy of the United States, I have argued that it meets the legal threshold of Treason. Of course everyone knows that we aren’t at War with Iran. Ask the families of the Marines killed in Beirut if Iran is at War with us though. We enabled one of our enemies with piles and piles of cash. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen a President do and the only motivation that explains it is malice of heart against the United States. No, I take that back. It wasn’t dumb. It was a highly calculated and negotiated act. It was pure Evil. It was carried out with malicious intent.

When you express foreknowledge that the implementation of an agreement may result in malicious destruction against the United States and you decide to undertake those actions to support that agreement anyway, you have demonstrated malice of forethought and in making that agreement you have engaged in a malicious act. We have yet to pay the price for the support we have provided Iran but the price will be paid in the blood of American Citizens, Soldiers, Sailors Marines and more than likely Coast Guardsmen as well as Law Enforcement Officers.

I could go on but I’ve gone on long enough and see no further point to it. President Obama has malice in his heart toward the institutions that uphold peace, security, stability and prosperity here in the United States and it shows in the way he conducted business as President. So many things he did were done in secrecy. People only conduct business in secrecy when they have something to hide. Usually whatever they are hiding is of a malicious nature to those it is being hidden from. Of course we are finding out more and more by the day about things the Obama Administration did in secrecy that were of a malicious and perhaps illegal nature and it comes as absolutely no surprise to Millions of Americans. It’s what they do.

I am not going to re-play the entirety of the Obama Presidency to express my thoughts on which President it is who shows more lack of redeeming character or malicious intent against our fragile Republic than Donald Trump. Trump hasn’t had the chance to show us what he’s got yet. We are still early in Season One. Malicious intent requires a lot of scheming to carry out. I don’t see the sophistication required to carry out such schemes anywhere within the Trump Administration. Furthermore there is nothing in Donald Trump’s upbringing, education, life experiences or expressed beliefs that indicates lifelong malice toward our fragile Republic. This stands in stark contrast to the previous President.   

I put forth the argument that if the Donald Trump Presidency is as great a threat to the existence of the United States as many believe it to be, then that further supports my argument that the President with the least redeeming character and greatest malicious intent is President Obama. There would be no President Trump without President Obama. President Obama was the figurehead of the Progressive Movement in the United States. Norman Lear described Donald Trump as “America’s middle finger”. After 8 years of being subjected to the malicious intent of the Progressive Movement and seeing little chance of any change in that paradigm by voting for an establishment candidate, Millions of Americans from both political parties chose the middle finger and understandably so. 

I don’t think that many people are confused about the moral character of Donald J. Trump. He’s a smart ass New York Yankee. He is known to have been unfaithful in marriage. He is a self-confessed grabber of the female goodies. Ten years ago he shaved Vince McMahon’s head at WrestleMania 23. He has been in the public spotlight for decades. There’s not much that people didn’t know about Donald Trump when they chose to vote for him in November. If you anxiously await for many of your fellow Americans to realize a simple Truth; that there is no good in the man just know that many Americans knew that when they voted for the man because he was a more attractive choice than the alternative and spending another four, possible eight years with Marxist Progressives in the White House. The people who voted for Donald Trump were not in the mood for another nice guy who would finish last.

What else could possibly explain how someone who has never run for public office decides in his 70s to run for President of the United States against the largest electoral field in the history of the United States and he wins? Please tell me it’s because he’s a genius because that’s the only thing that can explain it unless people were so entirely pissed off about the previous eight years and the possibility of more status quo that they just could not stand another moment of it. It’s one of the two or a little of both. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about that but I am sure that most people aren’t going with the theory that he’s a genius.

If voting for Donald Trump was a stupid thing to do then it just proves how many Millions of Americans will choose Stupid over Evil. Likewise there are many Millions of Americans who will choose Evil over Stupid. That’s where we are today as a Nation. That’s not Donald Trump’s fault.

President Trump is a direct result of 8 years of President Obama. President Obama was the direct result of President George W. Bush. President Bush came about as a result of 8 years of the Clinton Administration and Bill Clinton was the flavor of choice after President George Herbert Walker Bush broke his word on a tax increase, who got his job as President by riding the coat tails of President Reagan who has elected due to public dissatisfaction with President Carter. It was President Ford who made Jimmy Carter look good enough to elect and Ford got his job thanks to President Nixon. For now we have President Trump and there should be no wondering how we got here.

Try to imagine who we are going to elect next. That exercise can provide days, weeks, months and perhaps years of entertainment. Dwayne Johnson said that he’s thinking about running for President. I don’t know what his views are. If he runs as “The Rock” that has right-wing religious connotations. If he runs as “The People’s Champion” then it is safe to assume that he is a Progressive. His previous association with the Nation of Domination will haunt him either way but at least he has no connections to Nikolai Volkoff or Ivan Koloff. That would be overly scandalous. Who knows what the next electoral freak show is going to produce but it’s going to be hard to get a bigger reaction out of the crowd than the last one. Eventually we will end up with President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, of that I am fully convinced.

I think that I have fully answered the question put to me by my friend in the best and most complete way that I can possibly muster. There are additional points to be made though. It isn’t the President of the United States who is going to save or destroy this Country. It will be we the people and we the people seem to act as though we are ready to go to War with each other more and more by the day. That is the biggest danger to the future of our fragile Republic. The American People have been put at each other’s throats due to the efforts of people who have nothing but malicious intent in their hearts. It is purely evil and it has been going on all my life and then some.

History records the arrival of the first Communist Revolutionaries into the United States around 1848. Following the failed Communist Revolutions of the European Spring they had to go find new places to live, not unlike their Grenadian counterparts did 135 years later. Many of them became highly influential after they arrived here, except of course for the Grenadians. One of them was a personal friend of Karl Marx and original publisher of Die Revolution here in the United States and he also helped to create the Republican Party. I even have a member of my own family who came over from Germany shortly after the Civil War. She was a Marxist Revolutionary who was a theater performer in New York City. I’ve probably got Communists from my own gene pool working in the theater up there to this day. Other Marxists came over and started Labor Unions. Others went into the field of Education. Some of them practiced Law. They promoted their ideology wherever they were by whatever means were at hand. They have continued to move the ball forward for their cause over the generations. The parts of the Country where the 1848 Revolutionaries first settled tend to be the more politically progressive parts of the Country to this day.

I thank God I’m mostly Scottish with a genetic contribution from an alcoholic gangster from Liverpool who could play a piano real good and sing like an angel but act like the Devil himself. He could walk in the rain and not get wet. That’s a sure sign that you’ve got the Devil in you, so said his Daughter, my Grandmother. The Austrian side of the family were Florida Crackers, farming in Florida since well before the Civil War. They were here well before the European Spring too.

I mention all that because my friend speaks of issues that go back a long time, even to the Civil War and some of them being unresolved. One of the issues that seems to be unresolved is that of Secession. California acts as if they want to be the first to try that move again. I wonder if the response from Washington D.C. will be to burn it to the ground. It’s on fire a lot of the time anyway so maybe they will burn themselves to the ground. Of course one of the reasons they want to secede is because of how the 2016 Presidential Election turned out. The prevailing mentality that exists in California is a bigger threat to this fragile Republic than Donald Trump ever thought about being. I’m going to have a lot of fun watching this.

The Secessionist Movement is stronger than it has ever been in our lifetime and getting stronger by the day. Witnessing the conduct of the so-called Deep State here of late only fuels their arguments. Prior to 2008 the Secessionist Movement had no real momentum anywhere. Except in the case of California, Donald Trump had nothing to do with that. I honestly believe that it is most likely that the United States will break up due to economic reasons, with or without the Secessionist Movement. What do I know? I’ve been wrong about a lot of things.

Marxists have been here for generations. For generations Progressives have been satisfied with an incrementalist approach to achieving their objectives. Things changed starting in 2009 when they were weaponized. Violence and destruction has been made the fashionable, predictable and expected method of operation with which they will engage those with whom they disagree. Of course what is to be expected of Marxists? That’s what they do. That is why they are a MUCH greater threat to this fragile Republic than Donald Trump.

I have to move on at this point. I can’t get bogged down in stuff that makes me sick. I think I’ve made my point on that particular subject

A little over Eight Years ago, animated by the pain and anguish of the outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election with great assistance from my own personal ego, I wrote down a list of things that I feared would happen as a result of the Obama Presidency. I recalled some of the bad things that actually did happen right here in response to the question that served as the catalyst of this publication. Most of the things that I feared and certainly the things I feared the worst never came to pass. Living in fear of them had an adverse impact on my life though. It affected how I looked at the world. It affected how I related to others. I worried about things I had no control over while failing to take charge of the things that actually were my responsibility and work them toward a positive outcome. Anxiety is an insidious thing. It can rob you of everything if you allow it to.

For years I was like my friend to whom I have been writing here, living with the anxiety that someone experiences when they see themselves as a watchman on the wall whose job it is to sound the alarm at the approach of danger. I’ve experienced the feeling of defeat and helplessness that comes when after years of raising an alarm that it went unnoticed until it was too late. I began to look at my fellow citizens who enabled the destruction that was surely to come upon us as ignorant imbeciles who are fully deserving of the destruction that they helped to create and I chose to isolate myself from them they best way I knew how.

After some of my more progressive family members got belligerent in the way they ran their mouths one Christmas years ago, on the following Valentine’s Day I spent nearly Four Hundred Dollars on a tactical Tomahawk so that it could accompany me to the next family Christmas Dinner. It’s always a great time to demonstrate throwing skills right about the time certain people start talking. It virtually eliminates the possibility that the conversation will go any further. That’s no way to be at Christmas but throwing a Tomahawk is very therapeutic. It helps one avoid using it in other ways.

My contempt for a lawless government manifested itself in lawless behavior on my part. It was time to stick it to The Man. Yes, running a highly technical criminal enterprise is a wonderful force multiplier of Anxiety. That always helps someone think more clearly. I decided to make my own rules, do my own thing and as long as I helped others with the money I made and prayed a lot everything would be cool, right? I almost lost everything as a result, including my life.

More than Eight Years after President Obama was elected to office, against everything that my life experiences, my upbringing, my education, my beliefs, essentially all of the things that made me who I was as a man had informed me and contrary to all the predictions that I made, my life is much better off today than it was on Election Day 2008.  No matter how strongly I insisted that it would be otherwise, my life made a radical change for the better between 2008 and 2016. Granted, things got rough and my life hit bottom about halfway through. It was due to self-inflicted damage that resulted from living in Fear.

Then I learned how it is that a man can stand tallest is when he’s on his knees.

I no longer live in Fear.

I learned to try to live more like the Little Sisters of the Poor.

My success or failure is not dependent on who the President of the United States is and neither is yours.

I am a child of God, Creator of the Cosmos, the Alpha and Omega. I was brought into this world according to his purposes. I have nothing to fear from politicians who run their mouths and very little else. I will attempt to be as wise as a Serpent and as harmless as a Dove as I go out into this world as a Sheep among Wolves under the protection of the Good Shepherd. I will do my best to love the Lord God with all of my being and love my neighbor as myself because in doing so it is the greatest contribution that I can make to our society. The survival of the United States of America has not been put under my jurisdiction and therefore I should not waste time and energy being concerned with things that are not my responsibility. I have been given a much smaller sphere of influence and every single day I pray that I may be a blessing to everyone I come in contact with. That is why the Word document I am writing for this publication is now 28 pages long. I pray that you will find some blessings here.

The only way we are going to survive these perilous times is to turn from people who have malice in their hearts, turn our hearts and minds toward God and love our neighbors as ourselves. Washington D.C. is a crooked place. That which is crooked cannot be made straight. They will not be of any assistance to us if it is our desire live in peace with our fellow citizens and have a future worth handing down to the generations who will know us only by what they read about us and what we left behind.

Martin Luther said that God is no less capable of dealing with our mistakes as he is in dealing with what we perceive to be our successes.

The future of our Country does not depend on the outcome of an Election. It depends on what we choose to do with our lives on a daily basis, moment by moment. It all depends on us and what we need to do is to learn to depend on God and his promises over any politician and anything they dare to promise.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you that this publication is NOT about Politics.

It’s about something that actually MATTERS!

Today is Palm Sunday. I hope that in the week ahead everyone who reads this will contemplate just how much God loves you. I hope that people will let go of the things that don’t really matter and grab on to the only thing that does. If you don’t know how to do that, please ask me to tell you about how it happened with me. I have been liberated from my worst nightmares.

The Love of God changes lives. Sharing his Love with others will change this Country. Each person you encounter needs the Love of God. Understand that every encounter that you have could be with someone who will not know the Love of God unless you share it with them. Be ever faithful to be about our Father’s business. He is eternally faithful to the promises he has made to us. Nothing can separate us from the Love of God, especially not the President of the United States.



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