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Nepotist Trump Picks Jared Kushner to Head Fascist New Office of American Innovation (to Carry on the Dream of Bill Clinton)

Monday, March 27, 2017 5:49
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(Before It's News)

by Scott Creighton

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In the wake of the “failure” of the “repeal and replace” pledge, the president has announced he has picked his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to head up a brand new government office in D.C. called the Office of American Innovation. According to the Washington Post it’s a new office “with sweeping authority to overhaul the federal bureaucracy and fulfill key campaign promises — such as reforming care for veterans (privatizing) and fighting opioid addiction — by harvesting ideas from the business world and, potentially, privatizing some government functions.

Kushner has been charged with meeting various heads of Big Business to get their ideas on what parts of Big Gubmint they want to bust off a piece of for themselves. It’s all about that old propaganda line “make government run like a business” which translates to “dismantle government on behalf of Big Business”

We all know The Donald wants to deregulate everything he can on behalf of Wall Street and Big Business. We all know he will eventually set in motion the end-game of the New Deal haters: the privatization of Social Security and the rest of the “entitlement” safety net. We all know his effort to “repeal and replace” was a dog and pony show they only dedicated 17 legislative days to before they threw up their hands and gave up, which ONLY serves the interests of Big Insurance. And since Big Insurance finances the reelection slush funds of BOTH Dems and Rethugs, it should be pretty obvious why they never even put it up for a vote in the House (can’t have Dem on record voting against Big Insurance, now can we?)

Deregulation, decreasing the tax burden on Big Business, imposing crippling austerity on the economy, massive reductions on government spending (except where the interests of Big Business are concerned) and the wholesale privatization of everything profitable in government. That’s Donald Trump’s agenda and we all know what that is called in the real world. Some idiots call this “liberty” but educated folks simply call it neoliberalism.

“extensive economic liberalization policies such as privatization, fiscal austerity, deregulation, free trade, and reductions in government spending in order to increase the role of the private sector in the economy and society.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9] These market-based ideas and the policies they inspired constitute a paradigm shift away from the post-war Keynesian consensus which lasted from 1945 to 1980.[10][11]  ” neoliberalism by definition

Neoliberalism is the economic ideology of Reagan and Thatcher as we all know but is also at the core of the policies of these folks as well:

“Since the presidency of Bill Clinton, Democrats have become increasingly anti-ideological (in word), opting instead for an approach cloaked in the garb of objectivity and pragmatism: No longer, for instance, would liberals favor, in principle, labor over business.

Simultaneously, however, despite liberals’ professed disdain for political doctrines, a new ideology arose in the place of the New Deal tradition, an ideology that would ultimately come to infect both of America’s major political parties: Neoliberalism

Bill Clinton, the embodiment of neoliberalism’s rise to prominence, insisted that it was necessary to end “the era of big government Common Dreams, Liberal Elites Hate the Left

Doing away with “big government” was the dream of Bill Clinton. A dream he worked hard at. Welfare Reform Act of 1996, NAFTA, repeal of Glass-Steagall, the Commodities Futures Modification Act of 2000 and the Telecommunications Act of 1996… and a host of other, lesser known neoliberal agenda items put forward by the fake progressive known as Bill Clinton.

In his State of the Union address in 1996, Bill Clinton (friend of Donald Trump) said “We have worked to give the American people a smaller, less bureaucratic government in Washington. And we have to give the American people one that lives within its means. The era of big government is over.”

It is not by coincidence that the Clinton’s inner party of neoliberal fake Dems back then, the Democratic Leadership Council, was partly funded by the Koch Brothers one of whom stuck with The Donald throughout his campaign.

Ironically, the presstitutes helping promote this fascist new office Trump has handed over to his son-in-law are reporting on it as some kind of “new idea” about how government should be run and they’re breathlessly praising the notion that some technocrats will be reshaping the government like some kind of heroic SWAT team or something. A SWAT team, I believe, is actually a good analogy. They’ll kick in the doors and plunder the household searching for what they consider to be violators.

“Viewed internally as a SWAT team of strategic consultants (technocrats), the office will be staffed by former business executives and is designed to infuse fresh thinking into Washington…” Washington Post

Fresh thinking. That’s funny. We first imposed neoliberal economic ideology on country in ’73 after we ran a coup in Chile to get rid of a left-leaning elected official. That economic plan was referred to as “the brick” and the resulting Miracle of Chile was a nightmare for the people of the country… that’s why the CIA chose a dictator to oversea their project. A man by the name of Augusto Pinochet.

Pinochet militarized the police, criminalized dissent and ended up disappearing thousands of Chileans over the course of his brutal rule.

In fact, we ALWAYS pick dictators to rule over our newly neoliberalized nations. We have to because pretty soon the citizenry of the countries come to understand what it is being done to them and as a result, they are ALWAYS expected to resist.

But don’t worry about the citizens of this country doing that. Jared Kushner has a new name for us: customers.

“The government should be run like a great American company,” Kushner said on Sunday. “Our hope is that we can achieve successes and efficiencies for our customers, who are the citizens.The Verge

Kushner also says the group of businessmen who make up his new gaggle of technocrats at this office will strive to be “non-ideological” which is an interestingly poignant little bit of code for those of you who are paying attention:

“In 2013, President Obama, speaking at a fundraiser in Medina, Washington — home to a small community of wealthy donors — expressed a sentiment that has become all too common among Democratic Party liberals.

I’m not a particularly ideological person,” the president said in a reassuring nod to those made anxious by Republican hysteria suggesting that Obama, despite his calm exterior, is in fact a raving revolutionary…

Since the presidency of Bill Clinton, Democrats have become increasingly anti-ideological (in word), opting instead for an approach cloaked in the garb of objectivity and pragmatism: No longer, for instance, would liberals favor, in principle, labor over business.” Common Dreams

Jimmy Dore rages almost daily about how the unDemocratic Party has turned it’s back on their constituents in favor of Big Business and their Big Business donors while Debbie over at the Sane Progressive rightly rants about how the “party of the people” hate real liberals and progressives in every video she does.

Code word cover like “non-ideological” and “anti-ideological” and “bi-partisan” and “centrist” find their way into our daily lives just like back in the day, the idea that “government should be run like a business” did. And for much the same reason.

Truth is, no one is more ideological than a neoliberal. They are rabid in their hatred of the left and you can see them coming a mile away.  And if you take just a second to reflect, you will remember you saw this coming as well:

“I also think that he is coming to this office with fewer set hard and fast policy prescriptions than a lot of other presidents might be arriving with. I don’t think he is ideological. I think ultimately, he’s pragmatic in that way…” Barack Obama,  Real Clear Politics

It should also be pointed out that Obama said Trump wouldn’t repeal and replace ObamaCare at the same time he said he wasn’t ideological. It’s almost like they are reading from the same script, isn’t it?

In keeping with the bi-partisan theme I got going here, the new Office of American Fascism has already announced some big players in the game, specifically a number of big financial Hillary Clinton supporters like Apple executive Tim Cook and globalist extraordinaire, Bill Gates.

“Obviously it has to be done with corresponding values and principles. We don’t agree on everything,” said Benioff, a Silicon Valley billionaire who raised money for Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaignWashington Post

You also have mega-rich Stephen Swartzman from the Blackstone group huddling up with the the technocrats helping them figure out how to “help” the American people by chopping up and selling off their government.

When government works at the behest of Big Business at the expense of the citizens (or should I call us “customers” now?), when government is so intertwined with Big Business you can’t tell one from the other, that’s fascism folks. At least, that’s what USED to be called fascism. Since fascism has been the objective these last few decades, “thought leaders” have been tasked with rewriting the definition.

To put fascism and this “new” project into perspective…

Andrew Liveris, chairman and chief executive of Dow Chemical, who has had meetings with the two previous administrations, said the environment under Trump is markedly different.

After he left a recent meeting of manufacturing chief executives with Trump, Liveris said, “Rather than entering a vacuum, I’m getting emails from the president’s team, if not every day, then every other day‘Here’s what we’re working on.’ ‘We need another meeting.’ ‘Can you get us more input on this?’ ” Washington Post

Not just a meeting every once and a while, but rather, daily communications asking for Dow Chemicals to help steer the Trump administration.

Does anyone know what Dow Chemical really is? It’s one of the most toxic U.S. corporations ever. They made Agent Orange, napalm, they don’t give a hoot about their own customers (citizens?), they screwed over the victims of the Union Carbide catastrophe while hiring private investigators to spy on Indian activists, they don’t give a rat’s behind about their workers (especially in neoliberalized nations) and if given enough corporate deregulation, they will find new ways to profit from turning the land around their processing plants into a literal wasteland.

Dow, Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs and globalist demi-God Bill Gates. That’s whose been given a free hand at the Office of American Fascism right alongside the entitled son-in-law of our new president.

It’s a glorious day for the fascists, is it not?

Yes Jimmy and Debbie, it is a one party system, the Business Party of Fascist America and The Donald is ushering in a brutal hyper-accelerated transition. But don’t worry, the Dems are focused on what really matters: Russia and the damn commies.


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