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Sunday’s Big Ankle News Brief

Sunday, March 19, 2017 5:03
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(Before It's News)

by Scott Creighton

Good morning.

On Friday evening I was looking at my phone crossing a parking lot when my left foot came across a mini-pothole. The edge was only about a half of an inch but that was enough to roll my ankle and send my goofy ass tumbling across the asphalt. Today my right knee is still skinned and stinging and my left ankle is swollen like Rachel Madcow’s ego (and bank account)

That’s why I didn’t post anything yesterday and why I’m just posting this today. It’s a good thing there’s not much happening in the neoliberalized world today.

related: my ankles are weak because way back when, I broke them, one after the other, playing pick-up and intramural basketball at VCU. Since I was poor back then, as I am now, I could not afford to get them looked after and I just sucked it up and they eventually “healed” on their own. But they were left weakened and these days (I sprained one and then broke the other a couple months ago) in their weakened state, I am always just a 1/2″ away from another embarrassing tumble.

Maybe one day we’ll have real universal healthcare, not the FascistCare that we have now and even poor kids can avoid a life-time of suffering for no apparent reason. But it looks like Ryan/DonaldCare will make sure we have a long wait til those days are here.

Tomorrow James Comey is going to go before congress and tell ’em some BS about Russian hacking and Obama spying on the Trump campaign right before the election of 2016. If you expect Comey to tell the truth about either of these topics, you need to have your head examined. He will deal in nuance and the ever present “national security” cloak of invincibility and he wont say anything but will say enough to let the complicit media continue with their destabilization campaign they are running against the Trump administration.

I always laugh when the Mockingbird press says things like “If Trump had evidence, he would share it with us, ergo it didn’t happen”

I laugh because they are taking advantage of Trump’s position. Keep in mind, after leading “lock her up” chants for months on end during the general election, The Donald sent a lawyer to court this past Monday to keep Judicial Watch from getting access to some of those missing emails Killary tried to delete after she left the State Department. The Donald sent the same lawyer to defend Killary that Obama sent months ago. What’s the takeaway from that?

Just like all presidents before him, Donald Trump does not wish to prosecute the crimes of the previous administration.

So of course he’s not going to release detailed information about President Obama’s administration Watergating his campaign headquarters. If he did, he would have to prosecute.

He tossed that statement out there a couple Saturdays ago because he either wasn’t thinking about what he was doing or… because it was part of a negotiation. Something to do with his reactionary healthcare “fix” bill? A threat regarding the Obama faction’s use of CIA assets illegally releasing transcripts of phone calls? I don’t know.

But I do know, he wont give up what he has, if he has anything, because he wont prosecute the former administration just like Obama didn’t prosecute “W” and Cheney for war-crimes. And I know that because he’s already defending Killary.

This weekend the 5 Eyes were crying because Larry Johnson told Fox News that in all likelihood, it was Britan’s GCHQ that spied on the Trump campaign, not the CIA.

Of course… Larry Johnson is former CIA so you can take that for what it’s worth.

The lame-stream media went off on this like someone called their mothers crack whores. “Breathless screeching” doesn’t quite do it justice. Bob Baer, yet another CIA guy, said this kind of reckless accusation “would get people killed”

Why is it that anything bad you say about our glorious intelligence agencies, true or not, always ends up “getting people killed”?

Baer said because of this, Britain and the rest of the 5 Eyes countries would be “less inclined” to share intel with us and that would end up “getting people killed”

Does anyone here remember the scene in Blazing Saddles when the sheriff shows up and has to take himself hostage in order to keep from being lynched by the raving racists? “One step closer and the n—-r gets it! … He means it”

That’s what Bob Baer is doing.

Of course GCHQ could have helped with the spying on the Trump campaign. That’s really what the 5 Eyes system is all about. Getting past constitutional protections so governments can spy on their own citizens without breaking the rules. They call it “information sharing” but we understand what that really means.

Larry Johnson is being raked over the coals today. They are talking about his claim that the former First Lady said something racist one time and that John Kerry raped some Vietnamese woman once a long time ago. Based on that they say he’s “crazy”

What they don’t tell you about Johnson is that a long time ago he was part of a group of former intelligence agents who opposed the manipulation of intel for political purposes. That group was called Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

Johnson also called for Carl Rove to be fired by Bush in 2005.

He also condemned the outing of Valerie Plame when she exposed the “yellow cake from Niger” lie back before the invasion of Iraq.

Say what you will about Larry Johnson, hero or CIA plant, who knows. But he is right about this. He also says pretty much the same thing I said earlier and that is Trump has all the evidence he needs to bury the previous administration for this new Watergate scandal, but he wont use it. Or, more specifically, he wont expose it. You can check out his blog here and judge for yourself.

This week they are going to try to pass DonaldCare in the House. He met with leading reactionary neoliberals on Friday and promised them some rather Dicksonian changes such as making recipients work for Medicaid.

Nice huh? You want healthcare? Are you sick and living in poverty? OK then. Go work for free at Walmart so the billionaires who own that shit can make even more profits. Meanwhile, the Donald, his family, his family’s family and all those voting for DonaldCare this week enjoy platinum level socialist healthcare paid for by the taxpayers who will be forced to work at Walmart for nothing.

Funny how that shit works, aint it?

Also funny is how so many Trump supporters are starting to take a closer look at universal single payer healthcare and saying “wait a minute. that’s not a bad idea”

TOO LATE DICKHEADS. There isn’t another election coming up for another 2 years and by then they’ll have you back to hating on the dreaded sooOOooOooOocialists.

Savage capitalism for us, glorious socialism for them. That’s the way it goes.

Thanks Obama for setting the stage for all of this.

So my ankle hurts even more now and I got to run. well, crawl is more like it.

Have a good Sunday. Feed a squirrel a peanut. Hug a homeless guy. Or vise versa depending on how he smells.

Take care of yourselves and I should be back at it tomorrow.


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